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Sword of the Stars 2

by Aethernet

Part 14: Turns 100-112

The Galaxy at Turn 100

The plans we set down decades ago for our Customer invasion are proving successful. Continued raids around their perimeter while we prepare for the enslaving of Earth should provide the manpower we need to build the next generation of Zuul warships. We have yet to research any new weapons since the Great Expansion began, our existing arsenal proving more than sufficient to meet any challenge we have encountered. When we turn our attention to the other races, we expect that they will provide us with whatever weapons we could possibly desire. For now, the Internet and Publisher frontiers are guarded, with every vulnerable system having a fleet and a ring of Shoeless.

Turn 102

Fulton's Folly is understood, and a fine prize is revealed:

This technology has the potential to greatly lower the damage our forces receive from incoming laser fire. In particular, our death robots will greatly benefit from a much reduced vulnerability to point defence weapons. This will be researched immediately. Immediately, that is, after Greatfather turns our attention to our first new weapon of the age:

Apparently our previous Ultraviolet lasers were not searing the flesh of critical humans to quite the level of perfection desired.

The bounty of Flinx is dropped off at W'Kanda, which we recently colonised in the wake of our Hardy Zuul drive.

Turn 105

A scout fleet probing near the frontier of the Internet comes across one of their peculiar structures hanging in orbit around the star Trantor.

It does not respond to being shot at, except by exploding.

We acquire a full understanding of X-ray lasers and Greatfather instructs the Inquisitors aboard the star base orbiting Kaprica to start work on this new shiny coating. They fall over themselves in their eagerness to prove the investment was worthwhile.

My research penalty for industrial techs is now only -3%!

Turn 106

Our Scavenger Fleet exits the node tunnel at Prism just behind the Human colony, catching them unawares.

The planet falls rapidly, indicating that it is a newer colony than the presence of a naval station would imply.

The station is then easily dealt with.

In the ruins, a single surviving human provides our Inquisitors with the outlines of Project Shoggoth. This particular human's predilection for terrifying tales from his civilisation's youth is the source of endless amusement, and a popular theatrical production called What Elder Thing Will We Make Him See Next? In response to this show, the Greatfather deigns that Project Shoggoth will be the next subject of investigation when Shiny Armour is fully understood.

Turn 111

Project Shoggoth turns out to be another example of Shiny Armour which our Inquisitors failed to identify as such because Shiny Armour was not yet finished. Every actor in WETWWMHSN? is summarily executed by being beaten to death with a mirror. Greatfather is confident that in their next lives they'll recognise reflective surfaces.

Turn 112

You know, this is turning out to be a really tedious set of turns -