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Original Thread: Synaesthete.


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"Sorta like a dream, isn't it?" "No, better."

Freeware Game: Click here to download.
(Or here, if the Digipen site is slow.)

Released in October 2007, Synaesthete is a freeware game developed by four students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, winning the prize for Best Student Game of 2008. With its masterful fusion of electronic music and Smash TV-meets-Beatmania style gameplay, it is frequently praised for its visionary take on how the medium should be experienced. To quote Wikipedia:

Wikipedia posted:

Synaesthete is a marriage of arcade-style music games such as Dance Dance Revolution and PC role-playing games such as Diablo II. At first glance, the feel of the game will be similar to an action RPG, but with several key differences. First, there is no inventory management, so players do not collect or equip items. Second, player actions such as attacking monsters and casting spells must occur synchronously with the music in order to be effective. Third, the game is not story-driven, and there are no friendly NPCs. The focus of the player is to explore a music-driven environment, where the music that is playing changes the world, and reaching different parts of the world changes the music, as well as character advancement, which is accomplished by killing enemies and reacting synchronously to the music.

You control an avatar named the Zaikman, named after the team's producer Zach Aikman. The Zaikman is referred to as a defense mechanism for the collective unconscious, and you use him to destroy enemies and progress through various levels.

And an extra paragraph from the website:

Rolling Without Slipping posted:

It is known as a 'hybrid' game, where the key is multitasking. The player controls a small character (The Zaikman) on screen who dodges enemies and fires back with lasers; but to do so, the player must hit the note patterns they see on screen to the music. The interaction goes deeper, still. Destroying enemies unlocks new areas and visuals, which unlock new patterns and songs, changing the dynamic of combat. This symbiotic relationship of music, gameplay, and evolution is what gives Synaesthete its name."

So here's how this is going down: I'm going to take you on an intellectual journey into this mindblowing game with my best analytical subtitles. Although the game itself is extremely short, the implications and underlying importance of each level are painfully dense; therefore, I will only be posting one level per video (at approximately 5 minutes per level), but with one video posted every day. The videos will be available on Youtube immediately, as well as direct download from our site, and then, upon completion of each world, there will be a single video containing that whole world available on blip.

The universe is in flux. The professor, master of this journey, has deceived you, for he too is in flux - for I am not one, but indeed I am many. With each facet of my personality comes a different epiphany, delivered unto you under a different name. Keep this inconsistency in mind as you travel deeper into yourself, for none of us know the way back home better than you do.


Level 1-1 - A Preamble, by CeciltronYouTube
Level 1-2 - A Discourse in the Mental Evolution of Mankind, by A Wooden PalisadeYouTube
Level 1-3 - An Exploration in the Freedom of the Mind, by PoorWeatherYouTube
Level 2-1 - A Study in the Predestination of a Warrior, by General IronicusYouTube
Level 2-2 - A Lecture on the Construction of Peace and Personality, by FlamedrakeYouTube
Level 2-3 - A Dissection of Mankind's Predisposition Toward Greed, by peachifruitYouTube
Level 3-1 - A History of the Seven Swords: A Descent into Madness, by Blueberry ShadeYouTube
Level 3-2 - A Memoir of a Baby's Journey to Manhood and the Inevitability of Cyberbabyhood, by Chip CheezumYouTube
Level 3-3 - An Essay on the Analysis of Synaesthete as a Bildungsroman, by RiiYouTube
Level 4-1 - A Reflection on the Inner and Outer Perceptions of the Self, by medibotYouTube
Credits - A Closing Statement, by CeciltronYouTube

Bonus Videos

The Dangers of Audiosurf - A deep look into the dangerous psychological aspects of a seemingly benign game, by
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - A study in the predominately feminine desire to have fun, by
Polynomial - A Journey Through Videogames as Art (feat. Kanye West), by
A Peaceful Chat About Procreation - An angry but learned look at the dangers of procreation and uniqueness, by Psychedelic EyeballBaldurdash
Synaesthete - An Interpretive Performance, by dirtysammichesViddler

A Wooden Palisade posted:

Crito, we ought to offer a cock to Slowbeef. See to it, and don't forget.

Chip Cheezum


Soft Construction With Rendered Polygons: Premonition of an Internet War

Not In Charleston

PlasmaMan posted:

"Quisnam est unus quisnam votum ruina plurimus? Verum, is est vestri."

Blessings be upon this LP.

flamedrake posted:

Flame Q. Drake
Let's Play Synaesthete 201
25 October 2010

How does one define humor? Human beings have been debating this for thou-
sands of years. Social scientists have studied tirelessly to determine the
factors which make a joke work and how to directly apply it to the benefit of
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patience, it is impossible to create a humor piece which will appeal to every-
A person's sense of humor is largely defined during one's youth. It is
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Someone's general attitude is also extremely likely to influence what
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ger is directed towards a specific target or is more generalized, they are
much more receptive to coarser, more focused humor, whereas a more roundabout
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Additionally, a consumer may not be have the time or patience to discover
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if they have personally not seen the work. It's up to the creator to sort the
genuine complaints from the white noise.

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