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Original Thread: Weapon Jammed, PSI Low, Pants Shat: Let's Play System Shock 2! [VLP]


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In 1994, Looking Glass Technologies began what would become a trend of coming out with a great game at a horrible time.

System Shock was arguably one of the most innovative games of its time, however, as an FPS (a narrow and limiting definition) it regrettably disappeared within the shadow cast by the earlier release of Doom II. Though it offered true 3D and a deep story with fresh mechanics, the game simply didn't sell. The story of a rogue artificial intelligence being thwarted by the efforts of a courageous hacker simply went unheard.

In 1999, Looking Glass and Irrational Games tried again, and developed an entirely new story in the same universe as their last game, and carried on the spirit of a genre-spanning adventure with System Shock 2.

Once again, the game was preceded by another popular First Person Shooter, this time it was Half-Life. Critics hailed the game as revolutionary, and even today it holds a secure spot on the top of many peoples' lists of all time favorite games. However, the game did not catch on until it was too late, and it never became what could be considered a financial success.

Of course, those who have spent any time at all on the games forum could have told you all that, and I'm sure you didn't come here for a history lesson. Let's get to the point:

System Shock 2 is an FPS, but to leave it at that would be an inadequate description. The game implements elements of survival horror (scarce ammo, puzzles, frightening sequences, inventory system), RPGs (character stat growth, customization, skill trees, spell systems) and hell even platformers(The Many, )! I hope to show you all of these various facets, and by the end I hope you'll understand just how big of an injustice it is that this game didn't sell. I envy those of you who haven't played this game yet, for you have quite an experience still waiting for you, if you should seek it.

This will be a VLP, with updates consisting of videos of about 20-25 minutes in length. The first few updates will be full of vital information about this game's various mechanics and features, and all of them will include any relevant text that would be hard to read at a glance in the videos. This includes weapons profiles and research findings. I will try to update twice a week, and to stick to this schedule I will be about five videos ahead. What this means is that interactivity will be limited, but you will get a consistent schedule. My first thoughts were to make this a participation-heavy LP, but frankly, I think I know the best way to present this game in the fullest way possible for the enjoyment of veteran and novice of this game alike. However, I will take suggestions for seeing certain weapons or talents activated earlier if possible, so if you're very interested in seeing something in particular, let me know.

I have prepared an intro video to ease you into the universe of System Shock 2, I recommend you watch the linked opening cinematic first, as my version of the game does not have cinematics and I've had to be a little creative in implementing them. This is only an issue in three parts of the game, and this is the only time I will make you go to youtube.

The game begins in 2114, forty-two years after the events of System Shock one. The future is one in which corporations have become the true players in human technological development. We will explore this world through the eyes of a new recruit to the Unified National Nominate, as he enlists to participate in an escort mission for the Von Braun, a corporate starship that has become the first vessel capable of faster than light travel.

Videos (the in-character stuff stops by hydroponics):

Intro CinematicYouTube
Medical BayViddler
Medical SubsectionViddler
Crew QuartersViddler
Engineering Pt. 2Viddler
Engineering Pt. 3Viddler
Hydroponics pt. 1Viddler
Hydroponics pt. 2Viddler
Recreation pt. 1Viddler
Recreation pt. 2Viddler
Recreation pt. 3Viddler
Recreation pt. 4Viddler
Operations pt. 1Viddler
Operations pt. 2Viddler
Operations pt. 3Viddler
Rickenbacker pt. 1Viddler
Rickenbacker pt. 2Viddler
Body of the ManyViddler
The EndViddler

Bonus Videos

Ending VideoViddler
New ModsViddler
The Basketball Easter EggViddler
MFD Games DemoViddler
Research ScrambleViddler
Hallway of DeathViddler

Co-op Vids, Co-starring Dsage the Inefficient

Vid 1: Mall to CommandViddler
Vid 2: CommandViddler
Vid 3: Shuttle BayViddler
Vid 4: RickenbackerViddler
Vid 5: Rickenbacker/The ManyViddler
Vid 6: The Many/Where am I?Viddler

Oh, one more thing. This video is being done with the rebirth and shtup mods. This means reskins for all enemies. I personally find it great, however I wanna hear what you guys have to say. Don't just one word post a vote, but if you're posting anyway and want to put your two cents in please do. The first five or so videos will be with the reskins, however there sre two other options which can be gone with if the audience seems to want them. The first is to turn rebirth off, no reskins whatsoever. I'm keeping the resolution and textures for the environments because come on, but the enemies will be made vanilla. The second option is to use a new skin for the cyber midwife, who is pictured in one of the SS2 pics I have up there. It will turn her into a more classic looking midwife, and everything else will be as it is. So please let me know how you feel!

Enjoy, and always know that I'm open to suggestions for improvement. None of us are long as we're human.

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