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Part 28: CH28: Wasting Time Here Won't Bite Us In The Ass Later

CH28: Wasting Time Here Won't Bite Us In The Ass Later

: They headed off to Fendel.

: We appreciate the help.
: (Riot Peak... A place where skilled fighters test their mettle and aspire to new heights...)
: What's wrong, Asbel?
: Huh? Oh, nothing. I'm fine. Let's go.

: Yes. It happened only recently. I have many questions. Such as, why does it only affect you, me, and Cheria?
: One day I must research the cause of this phenomenon.
: Always thinking ahead. You never fail to impress.
: Well, lately I've also been thinking about him.

: Captain Malik? Come on, you can't suspect him too!
He's been at the Knight Academy forever! I've known him since I was a boy!
: His fighting style is...unique. I would very much like to know where he learned it.
: Asbel? Pascal is feeling sick.
: She's sick?
: Hang in there, Pascal!

: Blaaaargh!
: Are you all right, Pascal?! Do you get seasick easily?
: She's not seasick. She just ate an entire bunch of bananas.
: Blaaaaaaaaaargh! ...Oh, man. All that wasted potassium...
: This is disgusting.
: Okaaay, I think I'm done horfing for a while.
Is Captain Malik sick too?
What's wrong? Did I gross you out? Or are you so sick you can't talk?
: ...Just reflecting on the past.
: Oh, tell me, tell me! I don't know anything about you, ya know? You musta done something before you were a sword fighting guy, right?
: Sorry, Pascal. I'd like to be left alone if you don't mind.
: ...Y'okay.
Geez, what a grump. Don't bother trying to cheer him up!
: I wonder what's wrong?
: What exactly are you hiding, Captain?

: I'm fine.
: Yeah, well I'm FREEZING! Come on, Sophie, you gotta help me warm up!
Spy: I tried to find the exact location of Fendel's valkines, but came up empty. According to rumors, however, it's somewhere near the capital, Zavhert.
: That's unfortunate. Zavhert is a long way from here. For now, let's head to the town of Velanik. It should be just ahead.
So yeah Fendel is Soviet Russia, complete with snow, an opressive military government, and more things we'll see later.

Fendel Soldier: I'm not hurting now, but soon enough I'll be discharged and such worries will come to my door.
With a bit of Juche thrown in. Military first!

Skit: Just Peachy

: Sophie, are you remembering something?
: No need to rush it. Just think carefully.
: Could Sophie be from Fendel?
: Well? Do you remember where you've seen them?
: Oh! I got it! Peaches look like little butts!
: Huh?!
: Especially Cheria's.
: Okay, time out! Sophie, we need to talk.
: But I just wanted to tell everyone...

Skit: Border Crossing

: Time to bust out the whuppin' stick?!
: That's not a good idea. No matter how worried I am, the fortifications here are very strong.
: You'll never win with that kinda attitude!
: These borders may contain smuggler's trails used for illegal crossings.
: Seeee?!
: But even if we do cross into Windor, it might be difficult to find our way back here.
: Actually, we should be able to take a ship from West Lhant Port to Warrior's Roost, and from there back to Fendel.
: Oh, really? Hmm, it sure would be nice to see Lhant again.

So you can get into Lhant from here by bribing a dude.

: Isn't this a terrible idea? Aren't they in a hurry?
: Well, Malik assented to it as long as they used Turtlez transports to make it fast. I'll detail later on the consequences of this.

Continuing the flower planting sidequest!

: "!" Ooo, that sounds kind of powerful.
Let's plant these amaryllis seeds. Amaryllis... What a pretty name!
Let's plant these lassamble seeds. After we plant them, if we wait a bit and come back, the flowers should bloom.
Let's plant these daphne seeds. Daphne, daphne, daphne...♪
Lot of flowers to go.

Inside Cheria's house.

: Cheria, Master Asbel... I'm afraid I committed a grave error in judgment.
: What's wrong, Grandpa?
: I have misplaced the handkerchief Lord Aston so kindly gave to me. I've searched high and low, but it's simply nowhere to be found.
: How could you lose something like that?!
: I'm so sorry, Master Asbel!
: It's all right, Frederic. Just calm down and think. Where did you last see the handkerchief?
: ...Barona? ...Yes, that's it! It was when I was buying supplies at Barona's item shop!
: Barona. Got it. I'll go look for it.
: Young master, no! I couldn't possibly ask such of you!
: It's no problem, Frederic. I'll find the handkerchief and bring it back.
: Just post it to the requests list, and we'll bring it there once we find it, okay?
: Yes, very good. Now hurry up and go along with Master Asbel, Cheria!
: Wh-Why are you telling me that?
: Duh.

: Are you asking me for help?
: It's fine if you don't know. I just thought-
: Why do you need it?
: The sailors at Oul Raye asked me to acquire one.
: Oh, all right. Mom?
: Well, I do have an old friend who works as a trade inspector in Barona... Perhaps you could try speaking to him?
: I see. Thank you for your assistance.
: Hey, Hubert, come on...
: It's fine, Asbel. Just...look after him, all right?
I gotta say I like the Lhant family interactions. They're pretty good.

They already told you that Richard drained the Valkines, but "pics or gtfo" as they say.

: Actually, we're looking for a lost item.
Woman: Oh? Well, no need to be shy. What was it?
: It's a silk handkerchief. I don't suppose you've seen it? A friend of ours thinks he might have left it here.
Woman: Hmm... I think someone turned in a handkerchief the other day? Hold on one moment.
Is this it?
: "F.B." ...Frederic Barnes. That's it!
Woman: I'm glad you showed up to claim it. It's such a nice handkerchief! I couldn't bear to throw it out.
: Thank you very much for your help.
Woman: Yes, yes. Now, if you don't mind me asking... Are you two an...item? ♥

: "He's not my boyfriend."
Woman: Oh? What a shame. You seem like such a nice couple. Well, regardless, I think you should check out our special pair accessories!
: I...I wouldn't mind seeing some new accessories...
Woman: Pair accessories are all the rage here in Barona! And I've got a number of the most popular ones right here! For example...
: Um, I'm don't mean to interrupt, but we're kind of in a hurry.

Couldn't be arsed to animate him actually grabbing her hand for an unvoiced sidequest eh?
: You didn't have to drag me out of there, you know! Sheesh...

: She lures customers in with sweet talk, then suckers them into buying overpriced trinkets.
: Oh... were just looking out for me?
: Well, yeah. I mean, I'd feel bad for Frederic if his request for a favor got his granddaughter swindled.
: How can you be such a big dumb jerk?!
: Wha?! H-Hey, what did I do now?!

: We've recently heard reports of strange disturbances at Wallbridge. Earthquakes and tremors and such... Some have even reported hearing things collapse. Yet no one knows why.
: Wait, isn't this guy part of Richard's government? He saw them attacking Richard in Lhant.
: Yeah, but he also saw Richard suck the Valkines dry and figured out what's what. Honestly he was a lot smarter than all of us.
: And because the information is unconfirmed, you're hesitant to send anyone to investigate, correct? So you decided to ask us instead.
: I know this is a request of the most selfish type.
: I agree wholeheartedly.
: Hubert!
: It's all right. My request is quite unreasonable. However, I would ask it of you nonetheless.
: It's okay, Duke Dalen. We accept.
: Thank you. I've registered the request with the innkeeper. You can find the details there. Good luck. I'll be in Barona Castle when you're finished.

: In the Inn, they met a boy who I can only describe as strange. Also hot. Not in that way, don't look at me like that.

: Is that you, Annie?! I've been looking for you everywhere!
: ...Who?
: ...Oh dear. You're not Annie, are you?
: I'm Sophie.
: Please forgive me!
: It's all right. Who are you?
: My name's Fiery Joe. I'm searching for my lost brother and sister.
: Fiery?
: Yes. I can set fire to eleth to produce flame. If you will permit me to demonstrate...

: Whoa.
: Yeah.

: *Cough!* *Hack!* ...D-Don't worry. I'm okay.
: How can this be? You should be dead! ...Or at least grievously wounded. No, this cannot stand. I insist that you punish me for this transgression.

: Go on... Spank me! Only the firm hand of discipline can hope to change my errant ways!
: ...Are you sure?
: Yes. I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

: Yeah it weirds me out too, but it happened and I can't ignore that fact, no matter how much I want to.
: Like Ratotax or whatever his name was. Woo! Managed to almost forget his name.
: You're even stronger than my brother. It's like the stars themselves came down from the sky to strike my behind!
But now, I must be off to find Annie and Kaz. I pray we meet again...someday!
: Um...okay?
: Hee hee hee!

: So anyway, our heroes visited Wallbridge to stop the tremors, guessing it was coming from the underground...

: Is that what's been causing the earthquakes?
: I imagine so. I'd heard rumors of such a creature... They say it likes to hide in old ruins and collect antiques.
: I'm sorry, but did you just say this monster...collects antiques?
: I find that rather implausible myself.
: If it's old, the creature wants it. And it will destroy walls, ceilings, or anything else to get at it.
: I guess that explains all the rumbling.
: Well then! Perhaps we should take action instead of standing here musing. If we don't act, it will doubtless destroy the ruins, and Wallbridge besides.
Oh, and it also appears to have noticed us. ...Fantastic.

You might have noticed there's no video of this fight. That's because the whole thing is kind of sad.

Instead let's talk about Hubert's Artes some more. By the way, it seems I forgot to record the Tiger Blade to M. S. Thrust line I'll get it later.

Thunder fang hits with the dualblade, then a lightning bolt.

Whirlwind Slash is a whole bunch of spins in the vertical plane.

Thunder Bringer hits with the dualblade...

...and then the power of Thor!

Oh and I guess we killed a monster.

: It's...over.
What is it, Captain?
: A material I've never seen before. There's something... different about it.
It's just the item we turn in at the end to get credit.
: Yes, yes. Now will you please secure the proof so we can finish this infernal job?
: What's wrong, Hubert?
: I can't believe they simply let that monster run around unabated. Had we not acted, it would have led to disaster!
: But we did, and it didn't, so everything's okay. ...Right?
: Once again, you fail to grasp the true problem.

: As the exited Wallbridge, they ran into a maid with a gaggle of children.

OK I'm sure you can spot that four of them are in reference costumes (Katz, Presea, Anise, Patty). I'm not sure if the other four are and it's just more subtle or if those are just normal children. I'm leaning towards the latter.
Maid: Beg pardon, but could I possibly convince you to play a little hide-and-seek with this lot?
: Um...
Child: Come oooooon! I wanna play more hide-and-seek!
Maid: Young master, I... Please, I'm begging you! I can't...take it...anymore...
Child: Wanna play moooooore!
Maid: So...tired... Legs...falling off...
Select: Play hide-and-seek? Yes No
: Okay. I'll play with them for a while.
Maid: Oh, thank you! ♥ You're saving my poor feet, you are!
Here's how to play: All eight children will hide somewhere in Wallbridge. Once you find them all, come let me know. Okay, are you ready?
: Wait, are we starting right now?
Maid: Goooo!

So this sidequest is kind of a pain. Some of the kids are just hidden, some of them you have to make soldiers move out of your way.

Windor Soldier: Oh, man, I'm so hosed. I lost the government's money...
Think you could lend me some cash while I get it back?
Select: Lend him money? Yes No
Windor Soldier: Thanks, pal! I'll never forget this!
This wipes out your gold, but you have to do it.

This child is "just" hidden.

Windor Soldier: I'm down to my last 500 gald for the month...

If you have less than 500 gald he'll realize he's a moron and leave, opening the way. The last child is right behind him, you can sort of see the blonde hair at the top of the dresser.
Windor Soldier: Huh? You mean you actually have less gald than me? Well in that case, I guess I can't stand around complaining, now can I? All right, time to get back to work!

Windor Soldier: I sold a bunch of stuff to the Turtlez and made back my money.
Here's what I owe you. Thanks again for the help!
And all our gald is back now.

Child: Yaaaay! Hide-and- seek is awesome!
Child: We'll play again someday, okay?
Child: Hey, let's play hide-and-seek!
Maid: Uh, well, you see...
Child: I wanna play moooore!
Maid: *Sniff...* Please tell me you're gonna come back...
Noooooooo! Say you'll come back!
: O-Okay, I'll...probably come back...
Maid: You can't leave yet.
: B-But, I have things to take care of besides-
Maid: Doesn't matter! I'll give you an important position that you wouldn't dare abandon. From now on, your job is "Hide-and-Seek Honcho"!
Yes that's a title.
: H-Hey! I don't want that job!
Maid: Too late! Now you have to play with them until they all grow up!

Skit: War Games

: I'll have to discuss this at a later point.
: When Richard drains all the eleth out of Fendel's Valkines?
: Actually I'm referring to something else.
: But everyone had fun, right? Didn't you have fun, Cheria?
: Yeah. I had a lot of fun. But more than that...
: Hm?
: It's just nice to see Windor at peace like this. I mean, I know the world remains in terrible danger, but still...
: At peace.
: Captain?
: ...Ah, forget it. A little game every now and then can't hurt.
: Hee hee!
: Ha ha!

: So they ran into Joe, as well as...

: Y-Yes, Annie... *Urp!*

: Isn't that Fiery Joe?
: That voice... It's my angel!
: Hey, you're that weird kid we met at the Gralesyde inn.
: Is he all right? Maybe we should get him to a doctor.
: He's fine! Little Joey here just couldn't take how delicious my cooking was.
: Sorry, who are you?
: Annie. I'm Joey's sister, and a professional chef. Joey here just can't stop gushing about how yummy my cooking is. The kid's been eating it this whole time.
: She looks a little like Raine... I hope...
: Um, is there something you'd like to tell us, Joey?
: A-Annie's the
: Aw, Joey. You must still be hungry!
: It's heeeeeeeavenly!

: Dude, I think he just passed out.
: Silly boy! My food was so good, it sent him off to paradise. ♥ Come now! I insist you all have some of my cooking before you go.
: Um...
: I'll whip up a new batch right away.

: Thanks!
: Yes...thank you.
: *Chomp, crunch, munch...*
: Uh, why do I suddenly taste something?
: ...This tastes like the sole of my boot. Wh-What's happening...? I c-can't stop sh-sh-shaking...
: Shhh! Annie will hear you!
: Bleeeeechhh!
: Sophie! Don't spit it out!
: I guess you weren't hungry, huh? Maybe I shouldn't have made all that food...
: N-No, it's fine. We...should have said something earlier.
: ...Wah-hah! Wh-Where am I?
: (Poor kid doesn't even remember...)
: Oh, hello Joey. You're up early today.
: I can't believe how much of her food that kid choked down!
: No wonder he saw paradise...
: Oh my, look at the time. Come now, Joey, it's time to eat.
: M-More food...? Um...
: Oh, and I packed lunches for the rest of you. It's some of my best work yet!
We get three Salisbury Steaks, which are a real food item and actually totally fine.
: Yeah sorry about that, I thought you could take it.
: Well I can *ugh*, but it's nice to warn people of stuff like that.
: Sorry, "social norms" isn't my strong suit. Even for whatever social norms pass between... us.

Inspector: Master Asbel, I presume? And this must be Master Hubert! I know exactly why you're here.
: You do?
Inspector: I do. Lady Kerri herself informed me you would be coming. Here is the item you requested.
You know, I never thought I would get to meet Lord Aston's sons.
: You knew our father?
Inspector: Young lad, your father is my personal hero!
: Your...hero?
Inspector: Indeed! It was his bravery and cunning that saved fair Windor from disaster.
You seem confused. Please allow me to explain. I shall tell you exactly what I saw...

: ...I'm afraid so.
I will not invite Strahta to just waltz into our country.
: Perhaps I have not explained myself. This plan would be mutually beneficial for both parties.
: I gave you my answer, sir. Please do not make me repeat myself.
: Hmph. How long will you cling to your childish ideals? I advise you to think carefully about what is in the best interests of your people. ...And yourself.
: I will never betray His Highness. Do not forget that.
: ......
Inspector: After that day, trade restrictions for Lhant became impossibly strict as they sought to squeeze your father. Lord Aston knew this would happen, yet he never once betrayed his ideals by supporting conspiracy against the king.
: ......
: I never knew. My own father and I had no idea...
: This isn't the time to beat yourself up over it, Asbel.
: You're right. We'll just have to fight harder so Dad's efforts don't go to waste.
Inspector: I'm sure you'll be successful in your endeavors. You two are the sons of a hero, after all!
: ...That has nothing to do with me.
: Hey, come on.

Time to hand in some of these.

: Beg pardon, Duke Dalen, but do you really hope to maintain order merely by creating laws and running a military?
: Hubert!
: Peace, Asbel. Your brother wields a sharp tongue, but in this matter, at least, he is correct.
: Even so, you surely have more pressing matters to worry about. ...King Richard, for example.
: So you know.
: We do.
: We're currently doing everything in our power to track him down.
: I don't suppose you'd leave him to us?
: ...To you?
: You can best serve your people by assuring that no further harm comes to them.
: We can take care of bringing Richard back. I promise!
: Mmm...
Very well. I will focus on matters closer to home while you pursue His Highness. But hear me well: Justice will be swift and severe if you fail to make good on your promise. Do remember that. Understood?
: Understood.
: ...Asbel. Please help His Highness...
: ...We will, Duke Dalen. Count on it.

: Thank you, Master Asbel! Thank you, Cheria!
: Honestly, Grandpa, you can be so absent-minded sometimes.
: All right, Frederic. We'll see you later.
: Do take care out there, Young Master.
Cheria, wait.
: I want you to have this.
: ...What is it?
: It has a long and distinguished history in our family. And I think you will put it to better use than I ever could.
: Oh, Grandpa... Thank you.
: Oh, and one more thing. I don't wish to overstep my bounds with this next comment, but...
: G-Grandpa?
: Sometimes you need to express your feelings in words if you want them to be understood.
: Wh-What are you talking about?!
: I'm talking about your happiness.
: Grandpa, Asbel and I are just...
H-Hey! Was this whole handkerchief thing just a ploy to get us together?!
: Lord Aston would be most displeased with me over this matter...
: Of course he would!!
Stay out of my business!
: Ah, young love...
: Indeed. That reminds me, I need to go see someone after we're done here. Her future husband is about to be born.
: Oh great, you have time travel here.
: Not that much.

Anyway, the quest gives us the Charbroiler, which lets us create these knives. I'll try to get a good screenshot of them next update.

: Sorry about that, Joey. But you know me: I go where I want, when I want! If you don't like it, I'll give you a good spanking!
: Eee!
: Now, Kaz. It's not nice to bully your brother.
: Oh, hello everyone. Are you visiting Strahta too?
: That's right. And that must be your brother, huh? I'm glad you found him.
: And just who are you?
: We're...acquaintances of your siblings.
: Hey, I can see wings on your back.

: That's right... Like this!

He does a little boxing shuffle with his feet, and jabs with both hands.
: And now the final touch... P-P-P-POOOOOW!

: Hey! What's the big idea? You just cleaned his clock!
: Haw haw haw! Look at him fly!
: Oh, Kaz! You just got a new idea, didn't you!
: That unusual blade you hold has given me inspiration.

: Y-You did it, Kaz... I could...
: Are you okay?
: My angel... I'm see you... here on the ground...
: All right, Joey, we need to make preparations!
: Y-Yes sir...
: Thank you for your help, winged one.
Yeah Malik gets a title here. Sophie also gets the "Heavenly Emissary" title somewhere in here.
: Move it, Joey!
: What the heck was that about?
: I have no idea...
: I'm eight thousand years old, more if you count soul-years, and even I don't understand this crap.

I think the bird stuck in Kaz's 'fro might be a reference to a character from FF13, but I'm not sure.

: Okay, sure. Take your time...
: I'll be back soon.
: ...Oh, crud. We didn't agree on a place to meet. I'd better catch up before he gets away.

Researcher: We did all we could, but there's simply no precedent. Nothing else has even come close to this case. The most likely explanation is that it's somehow connected to eleth, but... It's damned peculiar is all. I mean, who ever heard of light shooting out of someone's hands?
: I'm aware of the peculiarities of this condition.
Yes, well, thank you for trying. You may go now.
Researcher: Thank you, sir.
: Something I can do for you, Asbel?
: There you are! ...Were you just meeting with someone?
: It's none of your concern.
There's an alternate version of this scene that comes up if you do this further along, where he does open up to you that he's researching the Sophie-given light powers he has.
: ...Come on. Let's get going.
: It's so easy to tell when he's hiding something.
Researcher: Aw, damn. I must have missed him!
I forgot to give him the report! Now what am I supposed to do?
: Um, excuse me... Aren't you the gal I saw talking to Hubert earlier?
Researcher: What's it to you?
: I'm Hubert's brother. I can give him that report if you like?
Researcher: Oh, really? Aw, thanks, pal! That'd be swell!
Just make sure you hand it to him directly. Don't go peeking inside, for the love of clams!
: (So Hubert's got a secret, eh? I suppose I could just... Nah, I'd better not.)

: But, Kaz... I'm pretty sure I'll die if I jump from there.
: Aw, come on, you'll be fine! ...Most likely. Now get with the program! I need me some inspiration! Pow! Pop pop, pa-pooooow!
: Hit me in the rear. Make it a good one!
Oh, look who's here! Hi guys!
: Still up to your old tricks, I see.
: Fantastic! With you here, I think I can be inspired anew!
: Joey! Kaz! Dinner is ready! Today I tried cooking with a variety of famous spices from this region.
: Hello, Annie.
: Well, hello there! Good to see you all again.
: So you're still cooking, huh?
: Of course! Cooking is my one true love. ...Speaking of which, why don't you join us for dinner?!
: Oh! Um...yeah, we're really...busy...
: Don't be silly! I found an old kitchen in that house over there and I've been slaving away all day!
: Aaaand, there goes Sophie.
: Hold it right there.
: N-No! Don't make me eat her food! Please, Asbel...
:Sorry, Sophie. It would be rude to say no...
: Cheria!
: I'm sorry, Sophie...
: H-Help me...
: Don't worry, my angel. Annie's cooking has gotten much better.

: Mmmm... It looks...delicious!♪
: Nice try, Cheria. ...All right, stomach, let's do this! *Chomp, crunch, munch...*
: Bleeeeechhh!
: Sophie! Don't spit it out!
: ...Joe, wait!
: Wh-What's going on?! My b-body won't stop sh-shaking...
: My throat is rejecting it... I can't swallow...
: Shh! Annie will hear you.
: Eeeek!
: Um, I think Kaz is...
: Something's happening to him!
: He's gone heeeeeeeavenly.

: N-No! The fault is ours. We should have told you...before...
: Hey, boys! I know it's yummy, but don't go overeating, okay?
: (He's not waking up this time. ...Lucky stiff.)
: Don't worry. I'll take him back to his room.
Oh, and I almost forgot! I packed lunches for you all. And it's some of my best work, if I may say so myself
We get 3 Pork Curry, which are once again a normal food item that is totally edible.

: But, Kaz, I don't know how to play the piano...
: Ya know what I do to guys who say that?!
: Heeeeeeeavenly!
: Well, hello again!
: Oh. Um...nice to see you?
: Did Joey just go flying off again...?
: Poor Kaz is in a bit of a pickle. His well of inspiration has run dry.
: What's he trying to get all inspired about, anyway?
: Kaz is a blacksmith, and Joey is helping him create a new weapon.
: ...You call that helping?
: Oh, most definitely!
: AHA! That's it! I see wings on this piano! Joeeeeeeey! Come back, Joeeeeeey!
: Oh look. He's inspired again! How wonderful.♪
: Are you ready?
: Yes, sir!
: Are you set?
Then give me FIRE!

: I'm trying, sir!
: Wow. This is some serious business.
: Um, yeah...
: I don't think we're needed here.
: How about a nice home-cooked meal before you go?
: Oh, geez. I, um... No.
: Oh, you're full again. What a pity.

: Hoorah, sir!
: This is it! The sword I've always dreamed of making!
: Isn't that just a regular Battle Sword?
: It sure does look like one. Excellent work, there!
: Fine, then! Why don't you just take it?!
: H-Hey! Careful with that thing!
: Come on, you two. We're outta here!
: I'm dreading hearing more from them.

OK, to make it up to you for putting you through that, a couple of funny conversations.