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Part 43: CH43: Recovery

CH43: Recovery

: The Research Center was fortunately still intact.
Dungeon Video

Skit: The Control Device

: ...That it's a retractable shutter. If that's the case, then there must be a device somewhere that controls it.
: Yes, let's find it.

Skit: What Are We Missing

: However, they look like elevators, so it's hard to imagine they're being controlled externally.
: The devices in front of the elevators don't seem to be active. Perhaps if we set something into them...

Those are some good batteries, to stay charged for a thousand years.

Along the way, we hit a sidequest.

: Ooo! Lemme see!
Yup, still ticking. You know a lot about these things, Little Bro?
: I studied them extensively in military school, among other subjects. I had to be at the top of my class.
: Is that 'cause you had to represent for the glasses-wearing crowd?
: Are you seriously making jokes about my eyewear? No, it's because I considered being anything other than #1 was utterly meaningless. Although...
: ...Yeah?
: When I think about it now, it's almost...funny.
: What is?
: At first, I worked hard to please my adoptive father. Later it was to get back at Lhant.
: Because they sent you off to be adopted?
: Exactly. I struggled to accept the truth of my adoption at first. But once I did, I was furious at Lhant. ...And my father. They were all I could think about.
: Ha! It's like they say, mother is the necessity of invention!
: Um...yes. However, I'm not quite sure that applies here. Though I admit to being quite shocked when I came back to Lhant.
: How come?
: Once I came into power, I saw just how difficult my father's job was. Lhant's political position has always been quite precarious, after all.
: So why didn't you quit?
: ...Honestly? I don't know. I guess I wanted to prove to the world that I could do the job.
: So you could have revenge and stuff?
: I don't think that was it... And I don't think it was because Lhant was my hometown, or that it was an important strategic point for Strahta. I think I was just testing my own heart.
: Hmm... Maybe it's something even more basic than that.
: Like what?
: Pfft! I can't tell you! That would totally ruin it.
: Why's that?
: You'll understand in time. Don't worry about it!
: ...If you say so.
This gives Hubert the "Lover of Lhant" title.

: They arrived at a large terminal.

: This looks just like that machine from the ruins beneath Wallbridge.
: This device preserves visual recordings of research targets.
: Lamb...da. Oh hey, there's that word again.
: What does it mean, anyway?
: ...Lambda. In our world, Lambda has come to mean "nightmare".
: Why is that?
: Lambda is a life form we discovered by accident while researching the Lastalia. When the institute's director, Professor Cornell, began to study it, it quickly became a nightmare for us all. The worst aspect of Lambda, and there are many, is an ability to hatch monsters from its body.
These monsters threw Fodra into chaos and eventually led to its destruction.

: It looks just like the one that appeared at World's Eye.
: After wreaking havoc here, Lambda fled to your world of Ephinea. We knew Lambda had to be stopped, so we created a humanoid capable of fighting it and initiated pursuit. That humanoid is Protos Heis. The one you call Sophie.
Unfortunately, Protos Heis was unable to destroy Lambda. After much discussion, we surviving Fodrans chose to seal off Ephinea in the hopes of containing Lambda there. But now, after so many years, the Ephineans have come to us...
: So you built Sophie and then sent her to our world so she could defeat Lambda... Does that mean Lambda is the one who created the cocoon?
: But, wait. That doesn't make sense. I mean, Richard made the cocoon. ...Right?
: Maybe Lambda knows how to disguise itself or something. Maybe it just looks like Richard.
: I refuse to believe that Richard and Lambda are the same. I know Richard.
He's not a monster. He can't be.
: Sophie's getting worse...
: We must hurry.
: I agree. Come on!

: As they left, things began to get worse.

: Protos Heis' particles are breaking down.
: Excuse me?
: Protos Heis is composed of individual particles that act in concert with each other.
These particles, tinier than a grain of sand, come together to form a human shape.
And while they act as one, the particles also possess the ability to separate from each other, which is what you see happening right now.

: H-Hey! What's going on you guys?!
: It's the result of a process called "distributive preservation".
Your friends must be completely synchronized with Protos Heis' particles.
: I don't understand.

: This is known as "particle preservation".
Distributive preservation, on the other hand, allows Protos Heis to implant its particles into one or more separate vessels.
Have you ever seen Protos Heis split into particles like this, anyone?

: But...the unit shouldn't actually engage that procedure.
The reason being distributed preservation makes it much more difficult for the particles to reform.
Failure could render reformation impossible. So why would Protos Heis have risked entering that state?
: Would her particles have any kind of effect on the vessels that they went into?
: Yes. In fact, while the particles prepare for reconstruction, they would repair any damaged areas of the vessel as well.
: So Sophie split herself into three parts and then used those parts to save Asbel, Cheria, and Little Bro!
: But then that means...Sophie didn't die after all. She was just...recuperating within us.
: It's amazing... She's been with us this whole time.
: I see. Then this would explain why we possess some of the same powers she has.
: Incredible.
: So what would happen if she underwent distributive preservation again in her current condition?
: Distributive preservation does not allow for reconstruction of the self. She would lose all elements of her current identity.
: Sophie! You risked your life for us.
: (Impossible...)
(Protos Heis was never designed for this kind of self-sacrifice.)
: I fear further particle breakdown could be disastrous. We must hurry.

Skit: Cornel's Legacy

: Interesting. Cornell used those as part of his research.
: Cornell? Was he related to this facility?
: Correct. Cornell was a foremost researcher of humanoid development, a key mind in the field of biotechnology.
: Um, is this Cornell person still alive?
: I'm afraid not. From my understanding, Cornell died before the great war began in Fodra.
However, his research lived on, and was the foundation for many spectacular breakthroughs.
It truly is a shame that such an accomplished individual such as he would lead such a short-lived life.
: Asbel. Cheria. We should move on.
: Yes, of course.
: ......
: She's hiding something.

Dungeon Video Part 2

Ice Pops aren't the most effective healing item.

Skit: Merely Old Junk

: That's...Tarlow-X! I can't believe it's still here after all this time.
: Is this a humanoid as well?
: N-No... This is merely old junk.
: Hey, you're hiding something. C'mon, spit it out!
: This is the first android I ever built, back when I was just getting started at the institute.
I never thought I'd see it again. This brings back memories... Really, Cornell should have just thrown it out.
: Sounds like everyone has something they're embarassed about. Right, "Tiger Festival?"
: Hahaha.

Skit: The Origin of the Amarcians

:What is it, Pascal? You sound like an owl.
: It's these machines. They're a bit different from the ones I'm familiar with, but once I fiddle around with 'em, they seem simple enough.
: Fascinating. Adaptation is the hallmark of an exceptional engineer.
: Emeraude, if you don't mind me asking, who are the Amarcians?
: If you are so curious to ask, they were a group of engineers who maintained the technologies of Fodra.
I myself used to be counted among their number.
: Wait, you're an Amarcian as well? If that's the case, is it possible that you and Pascal are distant relatives?
: Relatives? No, I fear you have misunderstood me.
"Amarcia" was just the name for a coalition of research engineers. Though bonds were strong, none shared any blood ties.
: WHAAAAT?! We're not all in the same family?! That means I have to return the money I borrowed from Poisson...
: Don't borrow money from children!

: It was time to fix things.

: Please set Protos Heis down here, if you will.
I will begin the procedure.

: Damage isolated. Initiating particle restoration...

: Zero... 10... 40... 70... 90...

: Sophie!
: Hang on!
: Sophie? Can you hear us?
: Hang in there. You're not alone. We're right here.
: Urgh...
: What's wrong!?
: It'll be okay, Sophie. I promise.
: The particles that comprise its mind are beginning to flow backward into the repair system!
: Sophie!

: What the...?
: Is that Sophie and Pascal?
: What's happening here?
: Don't look at me! How should I know?!
: Some of the particles that flowed into the system have assembled themselves into visual form.

: If this is a visual form of Sophie's mind, does it mean that...that we're actually seeing her feelings?

: You guys, they're harmless! Come and take a look!

: Sophie...

: Why is Richard the only one she's attacking?
: Well, I can't say I blame her. He is the one who stabbed her after all.
: Maybe, but still...

: This can't be... It's Lambda!
: I...must destroy him...
: Everyone, get out! Right now!

: Sophie's memory of Lambda was a fierce opponent, but nowhere near the real thing.

Dude's weaknesses are pretty easy to hit, so we're getting the "all weaknesses hit in a combo" bonus basically all the time.

He mostly attacks by raising black goo out of the floor. He has no Mystic Arte.

OK, see these combos?

Each of them is...

...a completely seperate "all weak points hit" combo. Dude's easy to build combos like that on.

Around this point he started hitting harder and faster.

Of course he has Nova Barrier.

This is one of Hubert's B-Artes.

Lambda has a few artes of his own.

It's basically a darkness version of Malik's Blazing Hearts.

This shit hurts.



Chaos gives you a ton of XP/SP.

: Sophie!
: You're awake!
: We did it!
: You're...all here.
: Sophie, can you see us?!
: How do you feel? Is everything okay?
: Yes, I...I think so.
: Oh, Sophie. I'm so glad you're alright.
: You all...saved me. Thank you.
: It seems you have failed to eliminate Lambda, Protos Heis.
: The mission I have to complete...
: Not all was well though.

: Sophie?!
: How odd. I was sure the particle reconstruction was a complete success.
Life maintenance functions appear to be fully restored... But I do see some problems with the information integration. Would you mind returning to the machine we used earlier? I'd like to make some final adjustments.
: That's fine. Can you make it, Sophie?
: Y-Yes...
: Very well. Let's go back.

Skit: The Reason Why

: You said Protos Heis has no memories from before a certain point in time, correct?
: When we first met her, Sophie had lost her memories. That was about seven years ago.
: I don't know what transpired before that point, but the missing parts surely include memories of how Protos Heis came to Ephinea.
: Do you think you'll be able to recover them?
: I will not actually be restoring memories. But I will assist Protos Heis in recalling the reason it was sent to Ephinea.
: The reason she came to our world...

: Emeraude was going to upload Sophie's mission into her.

Now, please look at this.

: Lambda! I must destroy Lambda!

It shows up really poorly in screenshots but the control panel overloads here.

: It seems the procedure was a success.
: What are you talking about?!
: Protos Heis is a weapon created to destroy Lambda. This information however, had become confused, so I simply reaffirmed what she needed to know.
: Next time...I will destroy him. I will finish this!

???: Lambda...
: The overload caused the machine to play back whatever seemed relevant to the conversation.

: Playing with your blocks again, are you?

If so, then you should smile, like this.

: Ha ha ha!
: Unfortunately, it was all fragmented.
: A body may influence a soul, just as a soul can shape a body. Just look at the child. Every day he becomes more and more human.
Do you have any idea at all why I put so much effort into raising him as a human being?! It's because I...
: Okay, what was that?
: I think he said the word "Lambda".
: It's what he called that little kid. Emeraude, is Lambda...human?
: No, of course not. He is a monster that infects and feeds off other life forms.
: Just like a parasite...
: So perhaps Richard has been infected.
: The concept of "posession" was completely foreign to the Ephineans, they simply could not understand it.
: Does that mean we have to fight Richard in order to defeat Lambda?
: No. That can't be.
Are you okay?
: Perhaps that's as far as it can go...
: Is she still sick?
: Some minor data confusion remains, but it is nothing to worry about.
: I must...destroy... Lambda... But...Lambda is...
: Asbel, tell me... What is Lambda?
: Well, how do I explain this?
: Protos Heis, you exist to destroy Lambda. This is your sole reason for existence.
The form Lambda takes makes no difference. This time, you must destroy it no matter what the cost.
: Wait. Hold on.
Sophie doesn't want to fight Lambda because of Richard.
I share the same sentiment. We all do.
Emeraude, there must be something you can do!
: *Shakes head*
: Wait, we aren't sure that Richard has been taken over completely. Which means we can't give up!
: Yeah! And it might be possible to communicate with Lambda, too! It's way too soon to give up!
: Are you planning to parlay with Lambda?
: Not just Lambda. Richard, too.
: Asbel...
: This is a problem that affects all of us, Sophie. We got into this together, and we'll solve it together.
: Together... as one.
: Wait. What's happening?
: Our power is resonating.
: What does that mean?
: Your powers come from me. I am their...source.
: That's how you saved us before, right? By sharing your power?
: No. It's you who saved me. You gave me the power to change who I was.
: So you saved our lives... And then we managed to save you.
: This light connects us together.
: Wow, okay! Now I'm super jealous.
: Indeed.
: Pascal... Captain...
: Aw, don't worry about it. Let's just get back home, smash that cocoon, and find Richard!
: I'm afraid that even the power of Protos Heis will not be enough to breech the cocoon.
: Oh, come on! There's gotta be a way!
: Well, I suppose you could reinforce your shuttle and then attempt to break through.
: Then let's do that.
: We need a specific attachment to break through the cocoon. But it's available only at a military facility known as Bathus Citadel. Assuming you can find it, we can make the necessary repairs.
: Is the citadel far from here?
: *Shakes head*
: All right, then. We have our plan.
: We can stop at the citadel on our way back to Telos Astue.
: Perfect. Let's go.

: A quick break was taken at the exit.

: I'll be careful.
: If you feel faint, just have Asbel carry you again. Even if he's not very good at it...
: Just make sure you don't drop her.
: Man... Sharing that power must be what makes them so close.
: I think there's more to it than that.
: I wish I had magical powers...
: Hey, Sophie! Can you make it so the Captain and me are all zippy zappy like you guys?
: I don't think so.
: Aw, nuts!
: We may learn something that can help you at Bathus Citadel.
: For seriously?!
: Indeed. It was our main research center regarding the abilities of Protos Heis.
: Oh, heck yeah! Come on guys, let's goooo!

Skit: Sophie's Parents

: I'm a humanoid that was created to destroy Lambda. That's my purpose.
: Please, don't talk like that, Sophie.
: But it's true. It's reality.
: So if this Cornell guy is the one who was responsible for raising Lambda, then who were Sophie's parents?
: What are you suggesting?
: Emeraude said that Cornell was some big-shot humanoid researcher, yeah? So was there someone else capable of making Sophie?
: Hmm...