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Part 67: CH63: SMT Called, They Want Their Dungeon Back

CH63: SMT Called, They Want Their Dungeon Back

: They'd made a daring escape, in the traditional fashion.

: Thanks, Richard.
: You're lucky you aren't dead.
: I agree. That was extremely foolish, my brother.
: Regardless, he's safe. But who was that girl?
: I don't know. But she feels somehow...familiar.
: Sophie? What is it?!
: Hurry, Pascal!
We're not safe yet!
: We're not?!

: That's the benefit of having a giant laser.

: There are flowers here as well.
: It reminds me of the meadow in Lhant.
: It's weird. These flowers... I don't know. It's like I'm looking at a painting or something.
: I know what you mean. We're surrounded by nature, and yet it feels very unnatural.
: How goes the shuttle? Think we can take off soon?
: Yeah, um, no. Psi's working on it, but it's gonna take a while.

: She's calling me.
She wants me to come this way.
: Are you still hearing voices?
: For what it's worth, I don't think she's imagining it.
: At this point almost half the party has heard the voice of a supernatural being in their head.
: Well, we've got some time. Let's take a look around while Psi works on the shuttle.

Skit: A Pitiful End

: And yet, even after everything, this was here all along.
: Looking back, Emeraude tried to merge with Lambda and gain his power in order to bring new life to Fodra.
: But Lambda refused her, despite her wishes.
: And her efforts were for naught, as new life had already taken hold.
: I feel sorry for Emeraude.
: Yeah...
: Have you forgotten that Emeraude planned for Sophie to sacrifice herself in order to destroy Lambda?
And that she was the main cause of Lambda's pain in the first place? How can you feel for her?!
: I do. I sympathize with her being forced into making such a cruel decision...
Maybe we can honor her memory by seeing this world through to a brighter future.
: So very Asbel.
: Yes, but that's what I lov-
: Um...
: Aw...

: You're right.
: But why is this area the only one covered in flowers?
: It's probably filled with concentrated eleth or something.
: Look at that.

: What's happening here?

: I am really good at sneaking up on people.

: You don't want to be alone, do you?
: Huh?

: It will be sad.

: "Help me!"
"I don't know what to do!"

: But we will soothe your troubled heart...forever.
: What?
: We...
All of us...
We will take the place...
of your pain.
Let us spend...
Let us spend eternity...
: ...Together?

: They're gone!
: ...The hell was that?
: Was it some kind of illusion?
: But it felt so real...

: I...know her...
: Huh?
: And she knew me, too...
Aaah... My head... it hurts...
: Take it easy, Sophie. Rest for a minute and then we'll head back.
: No. I have to see her again.

: Please, Asbel. I have to talk to her.
I can't stop thinking about what she said.
: ...All right. Let's go.

Dungeon Video Seriously don't watch this all the way through. Just skip around randomly. I couldn't bring myself to edit it.

Anyway, welcome to the worst dungeon.

That blurry thing between Sophie and the camera is a teleporter. This is a teleport dungeon.

One of the few landmarks in the maze of forest crap is this bear, who we have to give five special seeds to to get access to 3 treasure chests.

Skit: Aftermarket Upgrades

: Sophie, you want to grow bigger? I imagine Pascal might be able to help you with that.
: Really?
: Hey-o! You rang?
: Sophie wants to get bigger.
: Pfft! That's easy! You'll be like 50 feet tall by the time I'm done with you!
: Absolutely not!
: But it'd be so cool! Why not?
: She wouldn't fit into her clothes anymore!
: That is your reason?
: Fiiiiiine! You're soooo irritable, Cheria, geez. Howzabout I keep her small and just make her eyes fire laser beams?
: Are laser beams fun?
: Definitely sounds like fun to me.
: No laser beams either!
: Rocket punch?
: NO!
The other landmark is this flower. Anyway after 40 minutes or so (using a guide!) we clear the dungeon.

Skit: Keeper of the Lore

: I wonder, too. But more than that, I'm just eager to find out who it is...
: Maybe it's Conchaidus from the Flotillion!
:Conk.. Wait, what?
: Tch!
: He's a super-evil, super-scary, shell-man that controls humans with his electro-wave powers!
: And you know what, he's the boss of the Flotillion.
: Both of you, stop!
: What's wrong, Hubert?
: First of all, it isn't Conchaidus. It's Conchaider!
Secondly, in the Sunscreen Ranger universe, the villains are not "shell-men." They are "Shellions!"
: Oh, right! I forgot Little Bro is such a big fan of the Sunscreen Rangers!
: Conchaider is not "the boss" of the Flotillion! He's the boss of The Water Breakers, which is an affiliate of the Flotillion!
: I can't follow this at all...

: Of course I was waiting for them when they left, that's fairly obvious.

: How do you know me?
How do you know how I feel?
: The stars...
Bring life...

: Flowers bloom...

: And who disturbs that circle?

: Come, Child of Fodra.
Help us kill the humans.

: Sophie was actually seeming to consider it, but in retrospect she was mostly just confused.

This is actually a fairly tough fight on Chaos.

It seems ludicrously easy, but the number in the start lies. You're fighting ten of them.

They seem to rely mostly on kick attacks.

This is a variant of one of Richard's 4CC attacks, I think.

Also they can cast Vortex.

Oh, and here's Richard's lvl3 Mystic Arte.

If you're watching the video, you'll note that this isn't in there. That's because it's from one of my losses. As in, more than one. The fight is pretty hard when you get four of them out because they hit fast, hit hard, and have Mystic Artes of their own.

I've got a combination of damage guard titles, a casting speed title on Cheria, and an eleth burst growth up title on Richard. Also I've filled the Eleth bar a bit in hopes of getting to use the burst-length-doubling book twice, it uses a LOT of Eleth.

Gotta win fast.

This is stupidly useful, I used to think it just prevented spell interruption and therefor was bad.

Protip: Mystic Artes have a decent-sized AOE, so you can hit all three of them at once.

Three down, but four popped up.

the aoe.

Gotta get rid of them ASAP.

Trying to get an EB in before they do.

NOPE! Say hello to the Little Queens' Mystic Arte.

If we'd been more banged up for some reason, that'd be an instant game over.

One of us drops, triggering a food buff.

It is time to begin the ening.

Hey let it hit level 3 you dumb AI...

Oh well , I guess if it's that or not getting one this Burst...

Never not Arcane Bottle.

Surprisingly there was only Little Queen left when we hit Eleth Burst again.

Don't let the time there fool you, that was reasonably hard.

: Fighting fair is for suckers.
: Sophie, no! Come back!
: Come, child.
All of us...
We will ease your loneliness.
Stay with us.
An eternity...
Without sadness...
: Eternity without sadness...
: Sophie, no!

Honestly I don't like this part. They make it seem like Sophie might actually join up with the Little Queen, even after the whole adoption scene.
: Humans...
: Don't!
: Oh, this is bad.

: I didn't know it at the time, but all of them were totally fine. Now that we've gotten some more experience with sentient beings, it seems this sort of thing happens more often than you'd expect.

: It's Lambda.
: Lambda protected us?
: We await you, Child of Fodra.
: (She's waiting...)
: Come on, Sophie.

: ...O-Okay.

: What should we do now?
: I kinda wanna check out the data I took from the lab.
: Then perhaps we should return to Telos Astue.
: I think some rest will do us all a world of good.
: ...You must be tired too, right, Sophie? You should get some rest.
: R-Right. Let's go back to Telos Astue.