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Tales of Innocence

by Darth Numbers

Part 1: Prologue

(Hey guys-- just FYI, Tales of Innocence has a lot of strange translation stuff, the script I'm working off of uses some different terms than the in game screenshots will. In general, every time you see the word "Devaloka" pop up, that means "heaven", and the word "Naraka", that means earth. Also, there might be some shenanigans with 'Ruca/Luca', and 'Asras/Asura', I'll do my best to make this not confusing, but just keep it in mind!)

Let's start a new game.

That's the demon lord, Asura. He's pretty neat.

Sensus Soldier: Lord Asura! Hurry and... retreat!! Argghhhh...!!!

Uh oh.

Who's this dude?

Looks like that wasn't the right thing to say.

: To think that a thief would tell me how to wage war... You never fail to make me laugh!

: Naught but a single obstacle remains... Without their commander, there will be nothing to fear from your forces.

: Now then, let us bring this chaos to fruition!

: Your strategy is indeed admirable. However, you made one fatal oversight...

: You underestimated my sword by daring to challenge me alone.

: You're the one underestimating me! Fear not. The reaper shall claim your life and guide your soul to the world beyond.

: What entertainment. In deference to such a bold claim, I'll play with you for a little while.

Do these guys ever shut up?

Here is the first battle of the game. It's kind of an on rails battle, you can't open up the menu screen at all, so go beat the crap out of Hypnos. Make sure to switch it to 720p for those sweet, sweet pixels.

Hypnos Fight

I wanted to show off some of Hypnos's moves, but sadly he doesn't have any! So I just killed him.

That's "heaven", like I mentioned.

: Without me... without me... Devaloka will...

: Fear not, all will be made right with the unification of Devaloka and Naraka.

Oh, looks like he's a good guy after all!

: Rest in peace, and be content to watch over this world.

: ......

: Very well... When I am reborn... when we meet again, I will judge this future of yours and hold you... respon... ible...

And he just teleports out. What an ass.

: Men, hear me! Ratio's brave General Hypnos has fallen!

: What have we to fear from the remnants of the enemy?!


Fade to black. That's the end of the prologue! Thanks for joining me.