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Part 2: Waking Up

Waking Up
Update 2. In which we get hot dogs, and then lose hot dogs. Also, Luca sucks at soccer. Sorry it's so screenshot heavy-- a lot of these NPCs don't have anything I can use as a portrait. I spent the better part of 2 hours doing a giant update, but decided to take pity on your eyes and split it into a few updated. Next part is coming as soon as I put the screenshots in!

Oh, guess that whole giant demon king thing was just a dream. Back to your regularly scheduled protagonist!

: That dream again... I commanded the Sensus...

: We were at war with the Ratio and I... was called Asura.

: Bold and resolute, just an upright, a true man...

: The complete opposite of me...

Well, glad to see he has the power of self esteem.

: I can smell Mom's cheese soup... I guess it's breakfast time...

And finally we can walk around! Lets go see about that cheese soup.

As you know, bob.

: Yeah...

: Good... morning.

: Yeah, thank you.

Screw breakfast, lets talk about WAR!

: Hmm...



: Yeah...

No, not the CFRP! Wait, what's a fallen? Quick, some NPC, tell us!


I'm sure we'll do our best.

: Yeah...

: (The Fallen?)

: (That's just make-believe stuff... It's like something out of a dream...)

Nonsense, this kid can't have any friends.

: Okay...

: It's fine, I can do it myself.

I'm a JRPG protagonist mom, leave my hair alone!

And now we can move again! You can talk to your mom or dad, but all they say is stuff about you inheriting the family business of... whatever they do.

These guys don't seem like very good friends.

: Even if I go, I won't be any help. You know how bad I am at sports, right?

: A-all right... *sigh*...

Time to go play soccer... I guess...?

Whoa, skit time! As you may know, most Tales Of games have little dialogue skits outside of main dialogue. I'll be doing my best to show them off, but some of them are stupid, so I won't show those.

: They're always dragging me along just to pick on me, plus they always copy my homework!

I wonder what they're going to make me do today. It's depressing to think about...

Skit over.

Anyway, time to go play soccer!

I literally walked around aimlessly until you hit the random spot for the cutscene to trigger.

: If only I were fast and strong, like in my dreams...

Me too, buddy.

Remember what that one dude said about spacing out? Time to do that!

That's "earth", again.

: Naraka was once part of Devaloka. I must reunite Naraka with Devaloka once again.


: And yet, we rely on those same scoundrels to maintain Devaloka.

: Without the prayers of the humans, the world would be thrown out of balance. However, prayer isn't enough...

: Look at us now. We have been reduced to stealing the souls of humans to maintain our existence...

Yay for exposition!

: There is nothing to fear. Stay by my side and believe in me. That is all I ask.

Flashback over.

: Y-you said all I had to do was stand there...

Apparently soccer losses = hot dogs. Good to know.

This seems vaguely illegal?

Time to go get hot dogs.

Never mind! Plot intervenes, just as we almost had to buy some nerds hot dogs.

It's that thing we mentioned earlier!

He was just dragged off? Is that powerful?

Whatever. Hot dog time.

Mission is a success!

Gosh. Would you quit walking into obvious love interests?

: Hey hold on, what happened? Is something wrong? Hey!

: It's too late...

And now we meet my least favorite character.

: Whaaaat?! Too late? Hey, hang in there! Don't die!

Why does she have a monkey? WHY NOT?

: So... hungry...

Uh. Our hot dogs.

: I do have these hot dogs... you want them?

No Luca, don't!