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Part 10: Update 7

Update 7

We were in the middle of Chitose being creepy last time we left off, so let's get back into it! Just as a note, I've been cutting out the majority of Coda's dialogue. This is because literally (no hyperbole) 90% of his dialogue right now is some variation on, “Hey, let's go eat!”. So if you're confused why he's in frame but not speaking, that's why.

: (I will no longer watch from the shadows.)

Speaking of being creepy.

: H-hey! We need to get out of here! Come on, you know, we're busy with things, right? A lot of things!

: Good call. Let's head back and rest up.

: Let us return to base and give you a chance to relax.

: What do you want!?

: I'm sorry. You were completely right.

: Huh?

: There was something wrong with me. I've admired Asura for so long... I was just happy to have become him. My body grew strong, my sword techniques because masterful. I started liking the feeling of defeating my enemies.

: R-right, that...

: I wasn't thinking clearly. I won't say things like that anymore.

: ….........H-hmph. At least you're honest. Be careful from now on! Ready to go, Luca?

Anyway, let's head back.

Fuck. Who left the microwave on?

Just so you understand what's happening here, Spada literally just deflected a bullet with his sword. I LOVE THIS GUY.

: What's going on?

Hey, I'm Spada. And I run towards snipers.

: Heh, you still wanna go?

: Stop right there!

Let's go beat up the sniper! He's technically not a boss, but I decided not to record it.


: This guy's strong! Maybe even strong than us...

: You're...

: He's Hypnos! Hypnos the Reaper! Luca, you remember him?

: Uh, I...

: So. You're Asura...

: I-I once defeated you upon a battlefield just like this one...

: Don't get the wrong idea. I'm only here to complete my job.

: Job? Killing us?

: The contract had no conditions about chasing any brats or little girls away from the battlefield . Stay out of my way.

: Wait, wait!! So you aren't waving that gun around because of some grudge from you past life? In that case, could you hear us out?

: Not interested. I've already explained that babysitting brats wasn't part of the job description. I'm very serious about my work.

: Just listen for a second! We're traveling around looking for people with memories of their past lives. How about coming with us...

: …..

: ….or not. You know, either way...

Yup, you read that correctly. This random person who just interrupted our conversation was listed as, “weirdo”.

: Who is this guy? A friend of yours?

I think Hasta is like, a proto-Zagi.

: You're a disgrace to mercenaries everywhere. Very well, in place of a military tribunal, I'll pass judgment.

: Luca you idiot! Stay out of it!

: Go, brats.

: Uh... right, thank you! B-Bye!

: We gotta be far enough away now...

: What was up with that guy?

: Which guy? Ricardo?

: No!! That creepy bastard! He gave me goosebumps.

: For some reason, I feel like I've met that Hasta guy before...

: Really? I doubt I could forget someone that flamboyant, no matter how much I tried.

: Try looking in the mirror sometime. Maybe you'll see a familiar face.


Just for reference, I meant to capture Chitose sneaking up, but she literally just fucking appears out of no where.

: Must you leave?

: Yes... this is our only chance to escape.

: I see... I will miss you.

: Will you... come with us?

: (No way!)

: (Off in their own little world again... that chick ain't bad though...)

: No... I'm sorry.

: (Oh?)

: Boooooring!

: I see... I'm sorry to hear that.

She wants the D.

: (Whaaaaaaaaaat?)

: (On the cheek, huh? Weak...)

Spada pls

: …..!!

: We will meet again, I am sure of it.

: ….......

: Hey. It's all the same to me. Let's get goin' already.

: Um, Luca, dear? Are you sure you would not prefer to chase after your lady friend?

So we have 2 options here. I'm going to be going with the second option first.


: A-are you actually jealous?

: Excuse me?!

: Damn, you just stepped on a land mine...

She kicked our asses.

: (She's way too angry...) Hey Luca, Iria ain't watchin' anymore.

: Ehehehehehe... oh man, I can't stop smiling! That's the first time I've ever been kissed by a girl...

: I can tell. Now pull yourself together and lets get goin'!

: Where are we going next, anyway? I'm pretty worn out...

Now, let's see what happens when we >>>EXPLAIN THAT IT WASN'T A BIG DEAL

: That's right! Totally normal! Even if you and Spada did it, I'd think nothing of it!

Poor Spada.

: Ugh...

The rest of the scene ends the same way as the other option. Except for some bizarre reason, doing this option gets us 25 friendship points with each character. Social link, go!

Anyway, time to leave the battlefield.

And on that happy note, let's call it for today. Thanks for tuning in, make sure to check out the Update 7 Skits after you've read today's update!