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Part 12: Update 8

Update 8

I just wanna take a moment to show off our characters here, cause I did some grinding.

For Spada, you can see we have a bunch of moves unlocked. I won't get into their specifics, but rest assured we're ever growing stronger.

In terms of Styles, all 3 of our current characters are on that Advance style, and they all have the exact same special skills equipped.

Under friendship, we can see that we're becoming BFFs with our party members, nice!

Anyway, off to Naos! A healer awaits us.

Stealin' this dude's map again so I can show you where we're heading, off to Naos!

After some navigating of this game's awful world map system, we've arrived at the holy city of Naos! How exciting.

: Oh, so this is Naos?

Luca apparently missed the giant banner telling us that yes, this is Naos.

: What a beautiful place... it's so peaceful.

: So where's that Avatar?

: Who knows? I don't have a clue.

: Huh? You don't?

: I told you, I've only heard rumors. There's supposed to be a miracle worker known as the Holy Maiden here.

: You came all this way here for a rumor? Was it really worth getting' caught and desertin' the army?

: Hey! Shut up!

: Good thinkin', brains! Let's check out the city a bit!

There are many things you could call Luca. Brains would not be on the top of my list.

: Agreed!

Time to explore the city!

Uh oh. That can't be good.

We're just going around and talking to NPCs.

Oh? Looks like we're on the right track.

So we're getting the impression that the holy city of Naos ain't doing so well.


Yeah... this definitely isn't good.

Anyway we interrupt your regularly scheduled plot for something NON PLOT RELATED! If you don't care, skip this: It's just an explanation of guilds (remember how I mentioned them 6 updates ago?). A word of advice, if you plan on doing guilds in this game (Which you should, they're super useful), don't wait until the end of the game to do them like I did my first playthrough. You can only do guild missions in your guild rank, and until the higher ranks, each guild mission gives you like 2 points, so it takes a really long time to actually get anywhere if you save it for later. Just a word of advice!

: Yes, that's right...

: An organization that adventurers join and help eachother in, right?

: Can we make requests for work?

: Nope.

: But we're not just traveling for fun... our situation is a bit complicated...

: Now you're speakin' my language.

: I'm all fired up!

: Sounds interesting, let's do it!

We'll be careful.

: Pretty generous of you.

: Hah! We always finish what we start.

So that's guilds. I'll be grinding them behind the scenes on 4x speed later. I know, I know. I'm a cheater :P

Anyway, back to finding out plot.

Walk far enough forward and you'll trigger this cutscene.

: This is supposed to be the heart of Naos, the Grand Cathedral...

: The place is trashed. What the hell happened here?

: I don't think we'll learn anything here. What do we do now?

: “What should we do now?” Isn't that obvious? Didn't we say we were going to talk to everyone we could?

: I guess you're right, let's do that.

So yeah, let's keep doing that.

As we're about to check out some more stuff, a wild tutorial appears! Feel free to skip if you don't care, it's a tutorial on weapon customization.

: What's that?

: Oh, you don't know? Guess I have to teach ya'!

: Sure, what do we do first?

: Sometimes?

: You can use up to two materials at once.

: Does that mean using more materials is better?

: If you use two, there's no guarantee you'll get all the effects you want. It could even make the weapon harder to use.

: It really is a gamble...

: Ain't no harm in takin' a few risks. Some rare materials have effects as well.

: I see...

: If you don't like how it turned out, you can always redo it. You just gotta be patient and stick with it.

Yay! Customizing weapons is actually really useful, you can add all sorts of cool effects, like chance to poison, chance to petrify, restore hp, etc. They can also add skills to your weapons that you usually only get through Styles, which is pretty neat.

Anyway, I bought new weapons and armor for our heroes. I would have customized stuff, but we have nothing good enough to use at the moment.

I guess the game decided we walked around too much.

: There has to be somebody we haven't talk to yet! Let's see...

Hoo boy.

: Wha-?

: “Young master”?


: You're a rich kid?!


: No wonder your name sounded familiar...

: Shut up! Sorry for being a no-good redneck!

: Hold on! Who are you calling a servant!? I'll have you know my dad is a mayor!

: Gah!! Now I'm pissed!!

: Hartman, watch yourself! These are my friends you're talkin' to!

: We've had a long journey. Get us to the inn. A cheap one is fine.

: That's fine. And watch what you say to my friends.

: Young master, huh?

: Shut it! Let's get a move on already.

: Could you drop the Young Master bit already?

: How am I supposed to run the damn ceremony when I'm on the run?

: Anyway, this is Luca. The noisy one is Iria, and the small thing is Coda.

: I'm Luca Milda. Thank you for your hospitality, I hope we won't be too much trouble for you.

Oh? Will we finally learn what Luca's business he was supposed to take over was?

: Yes... my father is the president.

: Um, I'm Iria. Iria Animi.

: Sorry, but we're starvin'

: Not really. Not with this power, anyway.

: “To think that one of the Fallen would be found in House Belforma... The house has never known such shame!” ...I thought you'd say somethin' like that.

: Really?

: We saw it... it looked trashed.

: The Holy Maiden destroyed it?

: That refers to the turning point, where the church lost their authority, right?

: The people called them miracles... and Devic Artes.

: Because... she was one of the Fallen?

: I see...

: Pisses me off just hearin' about it.

: I heard about that... A fallen girl transformed into a giant and crushed a den of thieves.

: What the hell?! Wasn't there anyone to stop them?

: Mr. Hartman, are you not afraid of us? We are Fallen after all...

: Man, you're embarrassing me...

: T-thanks... Do you know where they may have taken the Holy Maiden?

: All right! After we rest up, that's our destination.

: Leave it to us.

: …

: Thats, uh...

: “The heart's blade shall be thy companion's shield. Order in the right hand, pride in the left.”

: The five pillars of House Belforma. I'll forget my own name before I forget what it means to be a knight.

: Let's hit the road!

: Already? (I just want to go home...)

: Don't start whining on me now.

: Nah, let's take it easy. We have to rest a bit before we head out. Hartman, you got a place for us to crash?

And fade to black. That's the end of this update, folks! Make sure to tune in for the next one, and check out the update 8 skits after reading this update!