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Part 14: Update 9

I'm not dead! I swear!

Update 9

Sorry this took so long! Finally home and unpacked... My bad for the radio silence, just a lot going on!

When we last left off, we were mooching off of Spada's ex-butler.

: Yeah. We gotta go save the Holy Maiden, Ange.

: We don't have any guarantee that she'll be an ally, do we? I mean, she destroyed the cathedral...

: But she doesn't sound like a bad person.

: That's true... but... I mean...

: What's the problem? We can sort out the details when we actually meet her. Let's get goin'.

: Enough with the young master thing already!

: Gimme a break. What do I care about my parents?

: I don't give a damn about being a knight...

: Yeah, we'll be back, later.

: See you around.

: Thanks for everything.

As we leave the city, we get this skit.

: *Sigh*

: What's wrong, Luca? Why so serious?

Iria was actually the first actor to audition for the role of the Joker in The Dark Knight, but had to turn down the role when she was offered the role of lead romantic interest in the prestigious Tales of Innocence.

: I was just thinking about my parents.

Luca was gonna be batman in the same film, but Christian Bale had the better audition.

: I wonder if they're even worried about me.

: I'm sure they are. I mean as far as they know, you ran away from hone, right?

: Iria, don't you want to go back home?

: Mmm... I'm not going back.

: Why not?

: Isn't it obvious?! There's no way I'm gonna let these memories ruin my life!

: B-but don't you think it's hard to live this way?

: Are you crazy? Our only choices are submitting to Arca or being used as pawns in wars until we die! I'll take this path any day, I'm gonna keep pressing onward. I won't let anybody get in my way.

: You're talking about running from governments... religious organizations... I don't think we can handle that alone. Ever since I started remembering my past life, it's been nothing but endless battles. It's not like this is fun...

: So what? Why don't you just go home, then?! I... I can't go home. Even if I wanted to.

: …....

: It's my fault you got caught up in all this. I'm sorry, Luca. I'm really sorry... I never meant for any of this to happen.

: Like you said, we're up against governments and religions, right? If you go back, they'll catch you in the blink of an eye. If we're gonna get caught, you might as well try stickin' it out a little longer.

: If I go home, they'll catch me?

: No doubt about it. I bet they're already watchin' the house.

: Spada, aren't you worried about anyone back home?

: Yeah, right. I'm sure they're thrilled to have me outta the way. I haven't been home for over a year, I don't really give a damn.

: So I'm the only one with a place to return to...

: Well, if you wanna go back, I ain't stoppin' you.

: Luca, you gotta choose. It's your life. You gotta be the one to decide if you're gonna turn back or keep goin'. Nobody's gonna force you. Choose the just path you wanna follow. “Walk justly the just path” is one of our five pillars, after all.

: ….I'm sorry, Iria.

: It's okay... take care.

: T-that's not what I mean! I'm not going back.

: ...Really?

: I got to talk to you about the Devic Era. I made a friend who shared these memories of the past.

: Idiot... for such a smart kid, you really are dumb...

: You may be right about that... I'm not used to being called an idiot though, so it's a bit of a shock... Now that I've done something so stupid, I'll be an idiot to the end. So... please don't cry, okay? I'm sorry for making you sad...

: …....!! Idiot, I'm not crying! I-I got something stuck in my eye! Idiot idiot idiot! Luca you dimwit! Let's go. Dimwit Luca.


: No prob. Just know... this is the point of no return. Ain't no turnin' back now. You start whinin' about leavin' after this and you'll pay for it, got it?

I wonder if Spada get's taxed on how many G's he has in any given sentence, which is why he talks like that.

: I-I got it!

Geez. Can we get to gameplay already? After this angst-fest filled with emotions and fortune cookie wisdom from Spada-turned-Yoda, we can finally control ourselves. We're supposed to go West and find the Naos base, but I'm gonna grind guild quests before then. I won't have that in this update though, so from your point of view this paragraph is pointless!

Here we are.

Luca has figured out that the people who made Innocence are lazy and didn't make many different looking areas.

: Odds are, we'll find other captured Avatars here.

: They're probably planning on turning them into soldiers too... How can they do this?

: We won't let them. Come on. Let's search for the Holy Maiden, Ange.

I took this screenshot right as this man was attempting to introduce my face to his weapon.

Anyway, lot'sa dudes here. Let's move on.

Two choices over here, stairs or room. You can see there's a skit the game wants me to see-- I keep trying to watch it, but I keep getting attacked, which resets the skit for a few seconds. It's annoying!

Up the stairs we're rewarded with... absolutely nothing!

Another branching path, let's take the stairs first.

I'd like to point out, in most of these screenshot's there's a large man in front of me. That's just a randomly spawning enemy, the enemies spawn constantly in here so it's hard to get a screenshot without 'em!

We're rewarded for our troubles with a stun guard. This reduces the chance of being stunned by 20%, and I'll be putting it on Spada.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand absolutely nothing!

And nothing down here either.

Something I haven't been showing as much-- you can see I've been grinding our styles. We're stylin'. Stylish. Anyway, as you can see, we've reached level 16 on Advance style with Spada (and 17 with Ruca and Iria). One of the hidden styles you get is unlocked with getting at least level 15 on all 4 starting styles, and then getting to a certain gameplay point, so I'm going to change the styles and start grinding that so we won't have to when the time comes. One last note, while each of the special skills carry over when equipped regardless of what style you're on, the stat bonuses you get for each specific styles go away when you switch styles.

Up on another stairwell we get a recipe. I'm going to be ignoring the cooking in this game for the most point, but rad!

In the next room, we see. Uh. Whatever this is...

Wow, all these people sure do look exactly the same!

: The hell is this?!

: People... they must be Avatars...

: This is horrible... what gives them the right to treat people like this, just because they're Avatars?!

: Is there no place for us in this world?

Onto the next room we go.

In the background we can see... METAL GEAR!?



: Thing's huge. It's got a seat, so you ride it, right?

: It doesn't seem to be steam-driven... how does it move?

: Do you think it's some kind of weapon?

: Looks like it, check out those huge guns. Standard soldier wouldn't last a minute against this thing.

: Do you think it's an anti-Avatar weapon?

: Could be. Hope we ain't gonna find out.

: (Bag her?)

Anyway, let's go destroy the Shagohod-- I mean, rescue the Holy Maiden.

Save point means boss!

Whuh oh.

: It's that thing from before!

Ah yes, my waifu.

: Huh?

: Here it comes!

The Gigantess doesn't have many moves.

: It stopped...

: Ain't over yet, though. Thing might blow any second.

Mah waifu.

: Hey, are you okay? Still alive?

: S-sensus?

: No doubt about it, she's an Avatar.

: We're Avatars. We heard the Holy Maiden, Ange was brought here.

: Do you know anything about her?

: Bingo! Let's hurry up and bust outta here! We have a few things we need to ask you.

Uh oh, smackdown over here.

: You messed up in the head or somethin'?


: So just cause you got this power, you're gonna let someone else decide the rest of your life? To hell with that, what's the point in livin' like that?!

: But before that, you helped countless people, right? Do you think those people have forgotten what you did for them?

: Even now, you can use your power to help others.

: But... I still remember the scorn and fear in their eyes when I was captured...

: Who cares? Forget 'em.

: I cannot do that.

: You gonna let that power control your life?! You got no reason to be ashamed!

: Right! You're a good person!

These pep talks.

: So what if you got captured by that rehabilitation program?!

: We're here for you. We're all in this together, so don't give up on us.

: What reassuring words... this is true... perhaps I had allowed myself to be swallowed by sorrow.

: Lemme ask you again, you comin' with us?

: Very well. I will go.

: Alrighty! That's that!! I'm Iria Animi. I was Inanna in my past life.

: The name's Spada Belforma. I was a sword named Durandal in my past life.

Spada's the name, sword's my game!

: I was Asura. I'm Luca Milda now.

: You... were Asura of the Sensus?

And we fade to black for another flashback to Asura's super happy fun time. Sorry to cut it off here, I know it's kind of awkward, but hey. Thanks for tuning in, make sure to tune in next time to figure out who Ange was in her past life, and check out the Update 9 skits!