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Part 18: Update 11

Update 11

And back to Naos!

: Hmm. It may not be a good idea.

: We can lay low at Hartman's place.

: Good idea!

: Young Master, huh?

: Right, around here he's the Young Master. Make sure to call him that.

: Shut it!

: Now then, who asked you to find me?

: Normally, I don't reveal my client's information. But I'll make an exception. It was a Tenos noble named Albert, do you know him?

: I do not recognize the name.

: Tenos is in the north, right? Maybe a noble fell in love with you.

: Surely not...

: It would seem it's because you're an Avatar.

: He's gathering Avatars?

: Just like Mathias...

: Hey, just who is Mathias anyway?

: Part of the Arca leadership, I guess? Somewhere in the upper ranks of it, in any case.

: Why would this Albert guy be looking for Avatars?

: He's probably searching for the Manifest as well.

: …

: Iria, are you okay?

: My head just started hurting, but I'm fine now...

: The Manifest?

I like how no one cares about Iria.

: Now that you mention it, Albert did ask me if I knew anything about a Manifest when he realized I was an Avatar. What is it?

: It sounds familiar...

: I feel like I've heard of it, but I can't remember... I've got a bad feeling about this.

Zoinks, scoob!!

: I see...

: ...The Manifest! It was what destroyed Devaloka! This is horrible, we have to stop them!

: Are you... sure about that?

: A-actually, she might be right.

: It has the power... to destroy the world?

: Why is it on Naraka?!

: Maybe because Devaloka collapsed.

: That Mathias... she attacked my village for this?

: The real question is why Albert is searching for the Manifest. Perhaps he intends to use it for war.

: Man, if that happened... Naraka itself could bite the dust...

: One could easily take the whole world hostage.

: Then we gotta get it before Arca or Tenos can!

: Arca... they're backed by the Privy Council.

: Privy what now?

: Long ago, the council was occupied by clergymen. But those days are long past...

: What does that mean?

: So Mathias wants the Manifest to restore the church to power?

: I wonder.

: So Arca has pretty much taken over the church.

: Things do seem to be heading in that direction.

: Does that include salvation for Avatars?

: Whatever! Who cares what Arca is thinking?!

: Man, I'm beat. And my head hurts.

: Would you care to rest your head in my lap?

: C-Can I?

: Why don't I assist you, “young master”?

: Ack!

: You know, since we're short on leads, we should probably head to Regnum.

: Regnum? Hmm...

Anyway, off to Regnum! Hope you enjoyed A THOUSAND PAGES OF EXPOSITION.

: …..

: Is something wrong?

: Are you still worrying about before? It'll be fine.

I know, I just can't help but be anxious about things at home.

So what's the problem?


Don't want to admit it, huh? If you want to play it cool, you'll have to find someone else to play along.


I'm not trying to play it cool. So what if I want to see my parents? I've got my own reasons.

Oh really...

Come on, you've heard about the Forced Rehabilitation Program. We were captured by them.

I see. Then I guess you're out of luck, you can't go back. Even if you want to.

Oh my. That must be hard on you, Luca.

I'm fine. I know that complaining won't change anything.



Iria, you still need my power, right? Just knowing that is enough for me to see things through.

What a sap.

Right Spada?

Wow... you're really something.


I mean, you've really grown. All right, lets head to Regnum!

Anyway, off to Regnum. For real this time.

As we near the bridge leading back to Regnum, we have this cutscene. A flash sideways? This is happening somewhere else, at any rate.

Sorry for this barrage of screenshots! These guys don't have skit profiles, so there's no real way for me to do it, other than just screenshotting.

Cold war, Tales Of style?

Poor Bradly

Anyway, back to us.

Hello Regnum!

Anyway, that's the end of this update. It was a small one, but hey, you know what they say: Sometimes the updates are small. I don't know who says that, but someone probably does. Make sure to check out the update 11 skits, as there's about A BILLION of them!