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by Darth Numbers

Part 22: Update 13

Update 13

I hear if you put 2 mirrors next to eachother and yell “TALES OF INNOCENCE” three times, I get off my ass and finally update my LP. The truth is out there.When we last left off, we had just finished beating up the cleverly named Chien, who's name means “dog.” Very good Bamco, very good.

Look at Dog Boy trying to play it cool!

Bwahahaha! Pretty slick, Dog Boy!

Come now, that is not very nice. You should call him by his name. Dog Boy, what was your name again?

And off he runs.

Brats are all so noisy...

That include me?

Just pretend I was commenting on the dogs.

Oh shit, the sass.

Sounds like a plan.

Damn Mathias and her sneaky tricks! She won't get away with this.

In any case, we now know that the Manifest is something of considerable value.

Yeah, we better watch out asses with Arca on the move.

In the Devic Era, Ratio mobilized the entire populace in order to obtain the Manifest.

Man, what a pain.

You see Iria, this kind of negative attitude is why you were the love interest in your past life, and Luca gets to be a fucking demon lord.

Yeah, remember that plot point from a year ago? Me neither!

Still, I find it hard to imagine that everyone is hoping to use the Manifest to destroy the world.

Mathias will guide them to their Utopia, huh? I suspect that means she intends to use the Manifest.

Hey Ange, what did the Ratio want with the Manifest?

I cannot remember. Luca, do you know why Asura sought it?

No... but Asura did unify Devaloka, right? If he didn't want to use it to destroy the world, then why did he need it?

Comin' from a dog, who knows? Wouldn't give him too much credit, though.

Do you think maybe they're just trying to create Utopia just for Avatars?

Maybe. That might not be so bad...

For who?! Your parents wouldn't be there!

Avatars are those who remember our past lives... perhaps they intend to revive Devaloka?

I wanna cash in this mushroom. Let's go already.

I suppose there are still too many blanks in our memories. Let us go for now.

Anyway, let's go do that thing Hermana just said.

Nobody's here? Weird... They oughta be back here by now.

It's noisy outside... I hear kids.

Don't you mean brats?

!! No way!!

Rita! Mario! Y'all okay?

Let me go! I said, let me go!

I'm assuming you guys understand the joke here.

Let those kids go! You're hurting them!!

What have those children done wrong?!


Hey old man, what's gonna happen to those kids?

I'll just tell you exactly what we're going to do so you can follow us!

That's horrible! How can you do something so terrible?!

That “!?” or “?!” is called an 'Interrobang' and this game's writing really REALLY likes it, for some reason.

Don' move a muscle... Y'all ain't goin' nowhere with those kids.

Yer' gonna get hurt, you hear?

I'll make you eat those words!

That's the “bodyguard”, I'm using this as my standard “bad man NPC” portrait.

And now we get to demo Hermana. Her fighting style was gone into extensively in the thread by RelentlessImp (who has really cool analysis of this game!), but she's super fun to play. Too bad we can only have 3 people at once

This is my favorite of her starting moves. You just throw someone, what's not to love??

Yeah, maybe trying to fight the Ex-Dragon was a bad idea.

I would certainly like to know what you mean by that.

Did these guy major in “telling the good guys their plan” or something?

In other words, you are trying to sell these children illegally into slavery. Are there any problems with my understanding of the situation?

I love Ricardo's delivery.


And on top of that, you intend to take them abroad? The burden of your crime is incredible. Shall I lighten your load?

Ricardo-- not afraid to just fucking pull out his gun in broad daylight.

An Avatar huh? Whatcha after?

Ma'am, I owe Lady Vrtra a great deal.

No worries... Anyway, how 'bout lettin' them kids go?

And while you're at it, can you look after them for us?

You can sell this mushroom if ya' need the money. It oughta be enough to raise the kids up while I'm gone... If ya' wanna thank me, how's that sound?

Ma'am, I will protect these kids even if it costs me my life.

Her', are we leaving?

The character's name is Rita, so I'm using Rita from Tales of Vesperia as her image. Nyuck nyuck.

This guy has a scary face! Her', say here!

But hey, take a close look at this guy's face. Ain' it kinda funny?

Her', don't go!

See, I got a kid already.


Since 'fore I was born, there was this big baby named Asura I was always lookin' after.


Once I make sure that kid's alright, I'll be back for sure! I promise.

See you soon...

See you soon.

You have to come back!

I'll be lonely, but I won't cry.


Why are YOU crying?

C'mon. Let's go, 'fore I start regrettin' this.

If you're worried about the kids, it's okay for you to stay...

Hold up! Ya gonna make me say it? Yer in worse shape than these kids.


Yup, so I'm comin'. Seriously, use yer' head... Now let's get goin'!

Hey, are you ready for a TON OF DIALOGUE? I HOPE SO

What about memory circles? You think there are others?

In that case, I suggest we pay a visit to the Naos Grand Cathedral.

Don't they disappear when you touch them? Is that one still there?

Let me ask you a question. What do both the cavern and Naos Grand Cathedral have in common?

They're both places!



Oh, I see.

I get it!

Wait, don't say it!

There a prize if I guess right?

We are short on time, so you are disqualified. Luca, would you mind explaining?


The Cathedral and the caverns are both places of worship, right?

Yes, that is correct.

Man, these questions are too hard.

Yes, but what we need right now is information.


What a pain...

Iria, Spada, you are personally involved, yes? Show some interest in learning more about yourselves!


This sucks.

I couldn't agree more.

Ricardo, did you say something?

What is it, Her'?

Can I ask a favor? It's uh... about that hug.

Sure, come here.

I did good, right?

You did great. I'm proud of you for not crying.



T-t-t-hat's all folks! I'm gonna be striving for a more frequent update schedule, so we'll see what happens. Hopefully we can do things in the next update! Make sure to check out the Update 13 skits, and have a nice day!