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Part 24: Update 14

Update 14

Before I get into the main update-- I did a ton of grinding off screen. Like, a TON. Not enough to warrant not updating in 2 weeks, but a lot nonetheless! Hopefully my tech troubles are through now so we can get to the main attraction, but man I did so much grinding. SO MUCH.

For example, we went from (according to the game) 40 hours of play time to OVER 100, and our GRADE increased from ~4000 to ~80,000. SO MUCH GRINDING.

We went from guild rank 2 to like 7, and we've also unlocked one of the secret styles-- Innocent Style! It's description is “High tension combatant”, and all of its skills pertain to the tension (overlimit) bar, raising it faster, keeping it longer, stuff like that. At level 10 of Innocence you unlock the “awakening” skill, which allows us to use our Mystic Arte. When each character unlocks their Innocent Style, they get a unique skit. I'm going to be releasing a video alongside this update explaining Styles in more detail, and showing off every character's mystic arte. Stay tuned!

Spada's skit:

Anyway, I feel great. Right now, it's like masterin' the sword is actually possible.

Is this the birth of Master Swordsman Spada Belforma?

Heh, you're too much. But that really might not be too far off.

I'm a swordsman, not a chef!

Well, uh, no way to tell unless I try...

...I wonder what happened to Spada. He really does seem to have gotten stronger, that's reassuring.

And here's Luca's skit.

Whoa, Luca! You're shaking like crazy! Are you feeling sick?

No... I just felt like Asura was calling out to me...



You must be exhausted. No surprise there, I guess.

Seriously Luca, you need to get more sleep.

I ain't gonna say it! Luca has a bright future ahead of him!

What are you talking about...? I've never done anything...

I haven't done anything weird, I'm serious!

Whoa, Luca's mad!

Yay, Luca has now unlocked Innocent style!

And now Ange's skit.

Did something happen?

I wanted to express my gratitude. A wonderful blessing has been bestowed upon me.

My, it seems I may be able to test out this new power immediately.

Hold it right there!

Hey Ange, go easy on her!

Iria's skit.

The hell? What's up with you?

Gyahahaha... Eheeeheee! Ahahahahaha!!

For real, what's up?

I just can't stop laughing! I'm really in top form!

You eat somethin' that's gone bad?

No such thing as bad food. I'm still alive, that's living proof!

I don't know how you're backin' up that theory, but you better rethink it.

How did we get on this subject anyway? Well, whatever. I just feel like I've unlocked a hidden power. Hehehehe...

Hermana's skit.

And lastly, Ricardo's skit!

Alright, that's all of them! I explain Mystic Artes and styles a little more in the extra video I'll be posting along side this update, check it out!

ANYWAY BACK TO PLOT! Let's uh, go back to that place we were at a while ago!

Head into Hartman's place to get the next plot device.

I'm admiring Hartman's collection of plates. They are very nice.

He also seems to have barrels just full of potatoes. That wacky Hartman!

Head over to the Naos Cathedral and let's advance the plot!

Why is it hidden?

Some of the literature contains divine oracles from Devaloka. They have been deemed unfit for public consumption.

Why y'all bein' so stingy?

Knowledge is only valuable when one has a monopoly on it.

That is one way to put it. Allow me to open it, please wait just a moment.


Serena, what's wrong?

The lever that is used to open the door was used recently...

I hope we aren't walking into a trap.

That is most unlikely, I cannot imagine anyone predicting our arrival.

You have a point.

Yikes, talk about musty.

Ain't nothing here but books! Kinda gives me the creeps.

Spada's worse weakness: BOOK

Kinda makes me wanna play hide an' seek.

Me too, me too.

That is enough, everyone, listen up.

Hey, Angie...

What is it?

I can't read, see?

I don't do books.


Except apparently guns?

...That will not be a problem.

There will be no shirking of responsibility, understand? Excellent, let us begin.

Hey, remember the main villain of this game? Hahah, me neither.

Okay, I'll start. It seems that the god of the forge has been worshiped within Garam's Kelm Volcano for ages.

The mines in the area have attracted many smiths. The belief may have been developed around him as a god of industry.

There's also Ashihara. Given their distinct, ancient culture, we should probably search for clues there.

It sounds like it is worth looking into. We will need to visit Galpos and Tenos. Ricardo, did you find anything?

No, nothing...

Is that right? By the way... did you sleep well?

Ricardo is literally my favorite person. Gotta search for shit? NAH SON LETS NAP INSTEAD

I was worried you were gonna wake the dead with that snorin'.

Her', you should really wipe all that drool off your chin.

...We need to decide where to go next.

Ashihara, Tenos, Garam, or Galpos? Sounds like we're going to be making a world tour...

The whole world's at war. Tenos and Garam are at least on the same continent, but how are we gonna cross the ocean?

I wonder if there are ships running right now. What should we do?

Ricardo apparently has connections?


Hmph. I know that nothing will come of leaving it to you brats. I'm just doing what I can.

Ricardo sure acts cool for someone who just fell asleep at a fucking library.

Well you clearly can't do any research, so it's good you can do something.


Oh dear, that was rather uncalled for. Ricardo, can we ask you to arrange the boat for us?

Yeah, I'll go now. I'll wait for you at the harbor.

For now, let us leave this place before we fall asleep like a certain someone.

Gosh, leave it alone!

Maybe he'll actually be there this time...

Sounds like a good plan. We can't let Her' leave without hearing “Young Master”, can we?

Are they ever gonna leave that alone?

Now I'm havin' second thoughts...

Now we can walk around a bit, there's a few treasures to pick up.

Miracle Water is super useful-- it revives and fully heals your entire party. I already had one, but it's always nice to have another!

Somethin' got you worried?

Really? Wonder if they're after Ange...

Not that asshole!

Oswald was that fat-ass from the lab, right? What did he come here for?

From the secret library? The entrance should have been hidden... Did they hear about the secret underground room from someone related to the church?

At least we know they aren't after Ange. Say, Ange. Did you notice any books missing?

No, it would be impossible to not notice any missing, because there are so many. There was never a catalog made either...

Sorry Hartman, we got a boat to catch. It's gonna be a long trip, so we just came to say goodbye.

Later gramps. We'll visit again!

Anyway, head to the harbor.

We have 2 options here, let's try asking nicely first.

Who was that just now?

….He was selling us boat tickets. He tried overcharge us, so I told him to get lost.

Oh, really? He looked a little flustered, so I thought I'd ask...


Well I guess it's fine.

In any case, I secured us passage.

If we pick the other option, this happens.

Hmm... Did that guy run away when he saw us?

You worry too much. He was just a ticket vendor. He tried to overcharge us, so I told him to get lost.

Really? He didn't give you any trouble, did he?

Your concern is unnecessary.

If that's it, I guess it's okay.

Not too interesting, but hey. Both versions end with him saying he secured passage for us, so let's move on.

We all set then?

Where is our first destination?

There were some issues, but for now we can go as far as Ashihara.

Nice! We better get on board.

So you have to talk to this guy to get on the boat. You would think walking onto the boat would get you onto the boat, but not so! You gotta talk to this guy first.

Anyway, meanwhile in another place.

I love that not even the bad guys have any fucking clue what Mathias is talking about.

Let the bad guy do whatever she wants? This couldn't possibly go wrong!

Nothing creepy going on here!

Anyway, we're back on our ship. I love the music they use on the ship ride, so I recorded it for you guys. And check it out, It's in HD! Lookin' good!

If you hate videos, don't worry! Just imagine badly rendered boat graphics going over badly animated ocean, set to an upbeat tune. Good job!

And now we're in the land to the east, not-japan! Here's a map for reference.

Need some water?

I'm fine... let's go.

Wow, you're hopeless!

Iria, you can barely stand yourself.

Whatever, I'm fine.

Every year, more and more of this island sinks into the sea. Ashihara was once a vast empire, but this is all that's left.

I didn't know it was this bad...

Hey, ain' we gonna check out the city? I wanna see it.

Okay, shall we?

So now we can walk around in what's basically Japan. Very subtle, Bamco.

Something I really like about this is they made the city actually sinking into the water. I think that's really neat.

Now, guess we better get serious 'bout gatherin' info.

We'll meet up again at the harbor, understand?


Let's go walk around Japan because we're fucking weaboos.


Um... so... well...


What are you going on about?!

Well... I thought... maybe we could enjoy seeing the sights together or something...

Excuse me? Here's a better idea, go by yourself.

Shit, that's a burn.


Coda, come on.


Let's walk around aimlessly!

Oh, this is where I was born.

Ah... I'm glad to see you again, I really am.

I had also hoped we would see eachother again.

A+ flirting.

Shall we sit down?

No, of course not. You must have come in with the girl, right?

I'm alone. For now, at least.

Hehe, I'm happy to hear that. It has been a long time since we were alone together.

Huh? Were we ever along?

I treasure the time we spent together, Lord Asura.

She wants the D(emon lord).

Are... are you...


That's right. The unification of Devaloka and Naraka is meaningless without it.


Hmph. I admire your dedication. However, I require no self-sacrifice from those who serve me. I have no intention of treating a healthy young girl girl as a tool.

Good Guy Asura.

Sucks to be her.


Do you remember me now, Lord Asura?

So that's who you were...

Even now, I wish to honor the pledge that I made to Lord Asura in the Devic Era. It is all that I am.

T-thank you...

Please, come with me. Join Arca. They will keep you safe.

But... I...

Why do you object? Lady Mathias is a wonderful person and the believers are such good people.

But Iria said they're the ones who attacked her village!

It... must have been essential to their plan. I am sure of it.

That's true... but I...

Lady Mathias is working to save the world.

In other parts of the world, the land rages, calamities befall the people, and the wars cause food shortages.

Then you intend to reverse the effects of The Fall using the Manifest?

Of course. Our Utopia will be a place where all can find salvation.

You have only heard one side of the story from that girl. She is pushing her feelings on you. Can she really prove that what she says is--

That's enough! You may respect Mathias, but.... but I don't! I've seen what she's capable of myself.

You misunderstand... please try to understand...

Just who the heck is Mathias?

Luca was brought up too well to swear.

Someone you know quite well... The ruler of all Sensus, the Overlord...

The Overlord... I don't know who that is... Is it just that I haven't remembered him?

Is there no way to convince you to join Arca?

No, I'm sorry.

I understand... I will withdraw. However, I offer you a word of caution... You should not put your faith in that girl.

Why? What makes you hate her so much?

Do you truly not remember? Or perhaps... No. Never mind. One day, you will come to understand.

Oh, hi Iria.

You... okay there?

So what is it then?

This city is her hometown. She just happened to return here from the western front. Something like that...

I. See.

So, how did the information gathering go?

Well, while you were busy on your date, I was actually working. It's already time, so let's head back.

I'm sorry... Let's go to the harbor then.

My, I wasn't the one goofing off. That would be our dear Luca.

S-so, did you find anything?

We did. It seems that ancestor worship is quite common here. The dead are deified and worshiped.

When you die, you ascend to heaven and dwell with the gods. That's proof of the land's connection with Devaloka.

That sounds like a place to find a circle of memory. Let's check it out!

Sounds like a good plan. FOR NEXT UPDATE! Thanks for tuning in, make sure to check out not only the Update 14 Skits, AND the Skits And Mystic Artes Explained video (which is currently rendering and will be released probably Monday), which I have laboured to make for you guys! Super cool stuff, check it out.