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Part 28: Update 16

Update 16

Sorry guys, my computer gained sentience and I had to defeat it in a tron (the original, not the daft punk one-- though I do have a love for daft punk) style montage. It was pretty cool, but it didn't leave a whole lot of time for Tales of Innocence, so let's get back into it!
Anyway, we had just finished beating up Chitose, which is fun times. Onward!

I'm fine but...

H-Hah. Hahahaha...

What are you talking about?!

Haha! Hahahaha....

Yeah, she just kind of floats up the screen.


Anyway, we have to walk all the rest of the way out of the dungeon, but I'll spare you guys that.




T-That sure was strange. Asura and Inanna seemed to be arguing about the Manifest...

Swing and a miss.

Sorry... I'll be fine in a bit. Just give me a minute...

Then how 'bout grabbin' somethin' to eat? Treat me to somethin' nice, hear?

Huh?! Why!?

It's almost time for the ship to depart. We need to get moving.

So where we headed next?

We're a long way from Galpos and it won't be easy to find a ship to Tenos, given the current state of affairs.

That only leaves Garam, correct?


You mean we seriously have no time!? Come on, let's go!

Aw man, an' here I thought we'd get to take it easy.

Seriously? Can we get food there?

S-sure... Probably.

You could have at least pretended to be happy about it...

Off to Garam we go!

Don't you know what a volcano is?

'Course I do. That's when magma comes burstin' outta the mountain from deep underground, yeah?

You really do know!

Lu' told me 'bout it on the ride here. 'Course, this is my first time seein' one. Looks pretty cool, huh?

You always seem to know so much about so many different places.

You're overestimating my knowledge. I just happen to have lived longer than you have.

But I can't imagine someone like me becoming like you, Ricardo.

I-I wonder about that...

Continuing where we left off...

Since ancient times, this has been a city of craftsmen. And where there are excellent weapons, there will be master of martial arts. The volcano is a famed training ground.

Heh, now that's more my style.

The volcano is deified in the worship of the forge.

Heh, now that ain't my style at all.

While nature worship is not uncommon, this belief system is rather unique. The Church adopted many of the local traditions when it was introduced here. Blacksmiths rely upon fire for their livelihood, and Vulcan is the god of fire.

Vulcan, the god of the forge...

We better get going before Her starts running wild.

After you walk far enough around, we trigger this skit.

The town is a frenzy. Thankfully, it does not appear to have anything to do with us.

Hmph. It appears something of great importance has happened.

Let us through, old man.

You aren't from around here, are you? This isn't a place for sightseeing. Go back to the city. Right now, Hasta the Savage is through here.


So go back to the city. Got it?

Oh, that nonsensical guy we met at the western battlefield?

I thought I had finished him off, but it looks like he had the gall to keep on living.

I wonder what we should do now. I suppose our only choice is to return to the city.

We can at least get some info from the townsfolk, right?

So let's go do that.

After you talk to these people, Hermana decides let's go back and advance the plot.

The volcano's up there at the top of the city, yeah? Ain' that the last place to check? We already heard most of the story from the townsfolk.

That bastard... it's weird, I can't shake the feelin' that I met him somewhere before.

You said something like that last time too.

A super creeper, huh? So, what's the plan?

I have an idea... if we volunteer to chase out Hasta, we should be able to enter the volcano.

I can't imagine anyone else in the city is capable of doing battle with him.

Now you're talkin'! I'm gonna teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

Whoa, Ria, that's dirty... Well ya do whatcha gotta do, right?

That wouldn't be right! We would be betraying the hopes of the townspeople.

Luca is right. You have to keep your promises.

Well, whatever...

You don't?!

We have to keep our priorities straight. Capturing the killer is important, but the memory circle comes first.

Even if we were unable to defeat him, I doubt anyone would blame us.

Wow Angie, ya sure got a way with words.

I would expect no less from my employer. It seems they don't call the clergy sly for nothing.

If only it were possible to get through life without resorting to lies...

Fine by me!

I... want to find him. For some reason, I feel like I gotta defeat him, no matter what.

I also bare some responsibility. While I would like to put an end to him, that is a secondary objective.

Yeah... I got it.

Somehow I doubt a bunch of tourists could stand up to him.

I'm telling you, we'll be fine!

Seriously. We're strong, hear?

Little girls, it isn't safe. Please stand back.

We've met him before, we're aware of his power. We really will be fine. We also have a mercenary who used to serve in his unit traveling with us.

Then you get it, right? Once he starts fighting, he won't stop until his opponent is dead.

That's incorrect. As you can see, I am quite alive. Next time, he won't escape with his life.

Well, if you insist. I won't stop you. Go on in.

Thanks, I guess. Finally we get into the dungeon! It has pretty rockin' music.

Garam Volcano Music

Ack! It smells like rotten eggs!

Seriously... if ya ripped a big one in here, no one would know!

It really is hot in here, even the ground temperature is incredible.

There's no doubt that this is the land of the god of the forge. Only a smith could tolerate this heat.

The god of the forge...

Thankfully, we don't need a Zora tunic in order to survive here >.>

I personally hate this dungeon. In fact, apparently it hates me too, because my avi file for the dungeon crawling here got corrupted. Rest assured, it is a lot of walking into dead ends and killing enemies.

Eventually we get this dialogue tree:

So hot... I can barely walk...

Are you okay, Her? Want me to carry you?

Listen Lu... it's the thought that counts, but you don't look too good yourself, hear?


Yes ma'am...

Hot!! Man, I quit! Luca, get over here and fan me!

Won't that just move around the hot air?

Ange, are you alright?

As a bodyguard, I have every intention of protecting my employer, and I go to great lenghts to do so...

Angie, if it's that bad, maybe ya oughta think 'bout a diet, hear?

(I was born.. forged in this inferno...)

Where... am I? Who are you?

Why was I born?

I am a sword, not a suit of armor. How can a sword save anyone?

Why was wishing to create an excellent weapon a mistake?

I do not understand.... I know only penetrating shields, smashing armor, breaking spirits. Have you mistaken me for armor?


What is that spear's name?

What's wrong, Spada?

Nothin'. I was just thinkin' back on some stuff. Hey Ange, wrap it up already!

Very well...

Man, I thought it was never gonna end...

Why did Hasta enter the volcano?

Who knows? Try askin' him yourself.

I'd rather avoid talking to him...

Spada? Hey, Spada...

Then I am soon to begin my work. You seem... displeased. The time has come for the sword you crafted to appear in battle. Is this not a blacksmiths greatest joy?

There is one thing I would ask of you. Why did this war begin? Ratio and Sensus, why do they fight?

Does this mean the Sensus are accepting and generous?

Then... who is right?

I shall look forward to that.

Spada? Hey! Are you listening?

Huh? Yeah...

Were you remembering something?

Shut up...

A bad memory?

It ain't that... never mind, it's nothin'.

It just seems like ever since we came in here, you've been off in your own little world.

Y-yeah, the heat is really taking it out of me, but we have to keep going.

Yeah, but don't worry. You start fallin' behind and I'll get your ass in gear.

After no small amount of walking, we can finally fight the boss. The boss video includes the pre-fight cutscene, with the voiced dialogue. I recommend checking this one in particular out, because the boss's voice is REALLY cool! Screenshots of the prefight cutscene and boss battle below, if videos aren't your thang.

Hasta Fight

Bastard, what are you going on about? Did escaping death finally cause you to snap?

Heavens, no. Behold, I remain one-hundred percent super normal.

Ugh.. I can't deal with this guy at all. Listen, we already met you once! Remember, the western battlefield?

West. M'yes. The direction the sun travels, no?

When I see the oils on your noses, my primal desires burn over. Pop. Now, shall we have fun? Enjoy!

What a vulgar individual... Worse than I had imagined.

My dear, you need more imagination. And if you don't ask what my primal desires are, the conversation dies.

This is my fault. I forgot to put a bullet in his skull last time.


Oh, he jus' walked into the circle, didn' he?


You don't have the stomach for it, worm. Now, hurry up and die.

I will rend your very soul! Never again shall you know life!

Hmm? Now who might you be? Oh, are you perhaps, Mister Duran-dull?


That's enough! I'm sick of listenin' to your crap! Don't you dare call us family.

Overjoyed though I was at our reunion, how quickly did I fall into despair...

You're a weapon that can't enjoy taking life. Quite a serious illness...

Do I need to make the Sailor Moon joke?

I can't believe a guy like this is an Avatar...

Sir Ricardo, I must thank you for helping me to discover my true self.

And at last the truth of my want for blood has set me free.

Pigwald? Are you talking about Oswald?

Pig-wald! Or something wald! Well... who really cares? Strain your ears and listen to the land... do you hear it?

I'm already tired of listening to you.

This guy really wears on ya, huh?

Well said, Her. You mustn't play along, you'll surely lose brain cells.

Spada, let's do this.

Your death will be a fabulous tribute. Coming, dear!

A word about this fight, it's fucking miserable on mania (The hardest difficulty). I originally recorded it on Mania in the hopes that Hasta would use his Mystic Arte (they don't use them on normal, and sometimes on hard) but as far as I know he doesn't have one in this fight in the DS version. So the take I've uploaded is the fight done on normal mode, because the mania run was incredibly long-- with me constantly healing and using life bottles. If anyone wants to see the mania run I can upload it, but it shortens the video considerable with just uploading the normal run.

And that's a wrap on the Hasta fight, folks! Tune in next time (which will be earlier than an entire month from now, I swear!) to see my personal favorite line in the game, as well as some other nifty stuff. Don't forget to check out the Update 16 skits, and have a nice day, thanks for tuning in!