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Part 30: Update 17

Update 17

When we last left our heroes, we beat up a spear with a sword. Let's see what happens next!

Ricardo, finish him off.

As you wish. Don't move a muscle, understand?

Okay, listen up kiddies. How does this sound?

Lalalalala! I can't hear you! Come on, do it already.

Iria, have you lost your mind too?

Jus' bein' near him makes my head hurt... do it already!

Looks like the girls have rejected your proposal. Looks like there's no hope of it passing!

Hey, wait! According to the council in my head, we still have majority. Voter fraud! Stuffing the ballot box!

Uh... okay?

Enough! Ricardo, if you won't pull the trigger, I'll do it!

Sure, go for it.

When you hear this, you'll change your minds just like that.

Iria, Ricardo, are you loaded?

Fully loaded.

Wait!! Time out!! I'll tell you, I'll tell you!!

Huh? Me?

Listen closely, boy. This is the sound of a blade tearing through flesh...

I think that's the best way to stab someone. “Hey man, wanna hear what it sounds like when you get stabbed?”



You bastard!!

Forget me not, okay? Hay, cotton. I'm looking forward to our next amusing bloodbath.

Aaaand, he just fucking jumps off the cliff. Okay?

Don' care, don' care! That don' matter at all! Is Lu gonna be alright!?

This is... horrible.

We need to treat him right away! Let's carry him to the city.

Belforma! Save your regrets for later! I'm making a stretcher, so lend me a hand!

…..A-all right! Luca, you're gonna be okay!

Obviously! Now, search for some wood.

Luca leaves our party for a bit, and we have to walk back to the beginning of the dungeon. But I'll spare you that.

Forget about him!! Call a doctor!

Someone's injured? Carry them to the inn! Leave the doctor to me.

Oh hey, we haven't had a flashback recently enough, right?


The unification of Devaloka... That was the trial you imposed upon me, was it not? I have come to claim my prize.

What? Are you saying that I am still not fit to receive it!?

That is not my concern.

Shut down.



How to use it? What does that mean?

…...Very well. I have what I was promised.

I can't fucking stand how cute they made this guy.

(A new world? Really?)

A world with no inequality... the world as it was meant to be... With this power, I can change the world...

Asura studied at the Mithos school of thought.

(Not destroy it?)

The Awesome power to create a new world! In the wrong hands, this power could very well destroy all that we know...

(Destroy it? Destruction...)




Luca!! You're finally awake!!


Spada, calm down! You're hurting poor Luca. Please remember that you are dealing with an injured person.

….How long was I out?

Three full days. We were really assuming the worst for a while there. Thank goodness you recovered...

3 days?? We gotta find Kaz! Where's Ocelot??

Nothing to see here... just heterosexual men doing heterosexual things.

Spada!! What did I just finish telling you!

It's okay... this won't kill me...!

do you get it? Like cause they have past lives? Get it?

Who gives a damn about our past lives?!

Literally everyone else, apparently.

Just seein' you open your eyes makes me so damn... happy...


(This is the first time anyone has said anything like that to me... is this the warmth of a friend?)

Man, seriously, I'm so happy! How 'bout one more hug?


Then how about I hug you...



Oh... good morning!

Good morning my ass! It's already past noon, you really have no sense at all.

Now Iria, there really is no need to speak like that...



Hey, I got a secret to tell ya'.


'Ria was cryin' the whole time.

Yeah, I'm not angry. That's just Iria for you.

Yeah, you're strong...

Ehehehehe... Lu, thanks for wakin' up.

I've already arranged our passage to Galpos.

Did you plan on leaving Luca behind if he failed to wake up on time?

I planned on taking him along even if I had to carry him the whole way.

Are you sure? You have only just recovered...

…....I had a dream about the Devic Era. Apparently the will of the Primeval Giant is within the Manifest.

I can't say for sure, but it looks like it really can be used to create a new world.

….I think I better lie down, after all...

Would you like to rest across the way, then? I can get a bed ready.

As long as you ain't getting seasick, you mean.

There are still too many holes in our memories. In any case, let's head for Galpos.

…..............I'll deal with it later.

And that's all for this update, folks! Sorry-- I know it's a mighty short one, had a lot of stuff going on and I didn't want to come back empty handed, with regards to an update. Next time we'll get some gameplay in. Don't forget to check out the update 17 skits (there's a bunch of 'em!) and thanks for tuning in!