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Part 36: Update 20

Update 20

When we last left off, we had just beaten Metal Gear RE-- I mean, Gigantess Z. Sorry this update took so long but on the plus side, we're almost done with the game! Including the double header dungeon coming up in this update, we have around 4 dungeons left, and the secret guild dungeon. Stay tuned!

No. If Ricardo would mourn his loss, I am certain that he was a good person.

Gardel probably spent more time thinkin' about what was best for Naraka than any of us ever did...

…..Mamut has come... into view...

Oh, you're right.

We have to pass through the battlefield soon. The land route is going to be very tough.

We'll make it no matter what! Ricardo, you hang in there too!

Yeah, you got that right. Don't go croak on us now, old man.

Hmph... Underestimate me, will you? I'll beat the truth of the battlefield into you brats.

I hate tirin' stuff...

It'll be all right, Her.

This is why we don't let little girls on the battlefield.

Geez, lighten up will you?

Let's head for Mamut.

And here we are.

That's right. This city is on the border of Tenos and Regnum. Because of past disputes, an unwritten rule was established.

Really? I once heard that this city was a business powerhouse.

Since the city is independent, they don't have to worry about high taxes. As a result, the businesses thrive.

Man, enough talkin'... I'm starvin'!

Food isn't a bad idea, we should buy what we need while we're here.

To the north lies a battlefield. We have a long journey ahead of us. Let's make sure we have everything we need.

We're free to roam the town, I'm going to stock up on supplies and get some new equipment while I'm at it.

For a second there, I thought we'd never reach Tenos.

This is the last lead we have from the references. I only hope that we recall something about the Manifest.

We gotta hurry up and find that thing before we have to deal with any more of these annoyin' bastards.

Seriously. Can' take much more of this.

All right, let's get moving. We're the only ones who can restore peace to this world.

Bold words from Luca.

An' restore our peace of mind...

Anyway, let's go enter the next dungeon.

This must be Lemures Marsh. The battlefield is beyond here. Be sure to conserve your stamina.

Whoooo wants a double dungeon??

...What is this odd feeling?

Ange, is something wrong?

….It is nothing.

So here we are in a creepy marsh. The enemies here are all zombie soldiers-- very spooky!

Corpses are coming after us... impossible...

Luca isn't very genre savvy.

Judging by their uniforms, we can safely assume that these are soldiers who died in battle.

Guess that means the front is further north. This ain't lookin' good. This marsh is full of dead soldiers.

So this place is covered in the walkin' dead? What a downer.


I wonder if this is a result of the Fall... I have a bad feeling about this.

As usual, its a big maze full of enemies, but at least we know how to make yakisoba.

Save point means boss nearby! Eventually!

Stay on your guard...

The hell is this thing?!

T-the corpses are gathering together!

This is...

Serena, pay attention! It's coming!

Boss time!

Zombie Boss Fight

I'm a little bit overleveled for this fight, plus it's not super hard in the first place. First dungeon, down!

! Y-you must be...

Ruh roh.

It's still movin' get back, Ange!

No, please stay you hand.

These aren't Avatars?

No... by reaping human souls, Devaloka ensured that its cycle of rebirth would continue.

I ain' followin'. Ya' mean they ain' human?

Now go be at peace. The warm, beautiful land beyond awaits you.


It is as you say. Powerless though I may be, I will devote my all to your salvation, Lord Himmel. I have gained the favor of Commander Asura of the Sensus. I am considering proposing an alliance to him.

If you do something like that, you'll be branded a traitor! I won't allow it.

What are you saying?! Of what value is my pride in comparison to your life? I swear to you that I will return with Master Asura to save you.

Forgive me, Orifiel...


Hey, Ange! What's wrong?

Ah! N-nothing.

The souls returned to the land... why?

Maybe they didn't have anywhere else to go since Devaloka is gone.

So instead they descended to Naraka? That's conceivable...

Insert a Princess Bride joke here.

But didn't those corpses sound like they were still on Devaloka?

...Huh? Weird, I feel like I'm 'bout to remember somethin'... Devaloka... we're on Devaloka... no? But... mumble... mumble...

Her', why are you actually saying “mumble”?

I was tryin' to make it seem like I was thinkin' real hard.

Anyway, off to dungeon two.

Do you think the marsh is the only place that was affected?

Who knows? Anyway, let's keep movin'. We're crossin' a battlefield next, so heads up.

But that doesn't give you an excuse to be clueless. Be aware of your surroundings.

Now this dungeon is actually kinda fun, because you can walk straight out into the boss! There's no stupid maze shenanigans, just some extra items to pick up along the way.

The war on Devaloka went on for what seemed like ages. There was truly no end in sight.

Yup. 'Course, then Asura put an end to it. He was a good kid, that Asura.

It wasn't just me. Vrtra, Durandal, Inanna, Sakuya, even Orifiel played important roles.

God, it's like flashback central over here.

I decided to cast aside the Ratio and live together with Asura. This war will soon be at its end.

The people cast down to Naraka will return to Devaloka, as Asura wishes. I wish to remain by Asura's side, but at this rate...

Hmm, is there something wrong, Inanna? You look rather pale.

N-n-no, it is nothing you need concern yourself with.

You have my thanks. I had concerns that you were feeling down recently, but perhaps I was merely overthinking things.

Indeed, please focus your attention on the matters at hand.

W-w-w-what do you want, Dimwit Luca!?

Oh, um, that is... I was worried that you weren't feeling well again.

Oh, yeah, thank... Whatever! Quit worrying about me so much!

I-if you say so...

(….I feel like I'm about to remember something.)

Oh look, this asshole again.

Come one, come all! The show's about to start. With a resounding “Heeeeeere's Johnny”, our hero appears.

Heeeere's a reference!

Oh? I recall this vocal pattern and body odor... Might you be Ibra Himovic?

If his incorrect names are a reference to something, I don't know what it is.

That is totally and completely incorrect!


Why?!.. I... you... Augh!!

Iria, think of your blood pressure.

Ain' easy playin' the straight man, huh?

Hey, mush-for-brains! You're goin' down here and now!

Pardon me, dear! Your name escapes me. May I call you Stuttering Stan? Your banter could certainly use a touch of polish.

My patience wears thin. I suppose there's only one way to shut you up once and for all.

I have a debt to repay as well... I won't forgive you for what you did to me, Hasta!

My my my, what a bold, resounding curse. Unfortunately, your shoes and clothes don't match, so it's the gallows for you.

Oh no, how dreadful... And on a completely different note, let's get started. It's blood-feeding time.

Uh... okay?


I believe he's saying, “come fight me”.

That's more like it, you ain' leavin' here alive!!

And, let's fight Hasta again! This fight is actually kind of tough, I'm playing on Mania in an attempt to get him to use his Mystic Arte, but forgot he doesn't have one x.x This is kind of a tough fight, but I spammed my Mystic Artes and it wasn't so bad.

Hasta Fight, Again!

Dammit, you'll pay for... GAH!!!

This is the last time I'll have to see you.

Okay, time's up. Let's go home.

Damn it! I thought we finally had him!

Who was he referring to?

It has to be Oswald... he's up to something, and he's using Hasta to do it.

It seems we'll be forced to deal with him another day.

And that's the update, folks! I know it was a long wait for a short update but we're getting into endgame here, so the next few updates are gonna be full of tasty exposition! Remember to check out the update 20 skits, and thank you for tuning in!