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Part 38: Update 21

Update 21

Last we left off, we beat up hasta! …again!

We are here at last. First, we should gather as much information as we can about the city.

Be careful, Serena. Don't forget that Albert was after you. He has the home field advantage in Tenos.

Oh, my, you are quite right. I had almost forgotten.

Ah-ah-achoo!! S-so cold...

Damn, I wish I'd brought a coat.

Okay, so this implies they have other clothes. I know its JRPG stuff that they wear the same clothes every day, but can you imagine poor Hermana freezing to death over here? I guess Ricardo's got layers on layers, so he should be alright.

Sure is a lively city for such a cold place. Wonder what foods they got to eat 'round here!

This city is on the cutting edge of steam engine technology. It's home to many engineers and the coal is plentiful.

I don't care 'bout all that stuff. Jus' tell me 'bout the food already!

The local stews are famous for being the best thing to warm you up after coming in from the bitter cold.

Is there a drinking age in Tales of Innocence? Is it for some reason the same as in Japan? This raises so many questions, do they card in Innocence? Does Hermana have some sort of ID? Considering they're all on the run, and Hermana's an orphan, she probably doesn't have an ID right? Ricardo probably has some sort of military identification, Ange probably has some church thing, Spada and Luca are rich so I can see how they'd have Ids I guess? Why is there a drinking age??

I knew Angie'd know what's what. Ya ain' our champion eater for nothin'.

Hmm? Really? I always thought you were the champion, Her.

It's Ange, right?

Yeah, it's Ange.

A-a-ahahahaha. Well, you know the old saying, “Food is it's own reward.”

I've never heard that, who said it?

I have said it for the past five years or so...

Is this an appropriate time for the “japan” emoticon?

We're looking for an Altar, or a stone monument, or anything related to an ancient place of worship.

So now we're in Tenos, which like all cold places in video games, is probably just Russia. Also, one of the NPCs calls us out on our clothing.

As soon as we walk any further though, we're ambushed by cutscene.

In other words, they're searching for something.

It was east of the city, right? Should we check it out?

It's a good thing our cast has super human hearing to be able to hear this plot clue. Either that, or they were just shouting to eachother?

Wasn't Albert the one after Ange? Ain't that kinda risky?

Then we simply need to ensure that we are not caught. If we go now, we should be able to investigate the ruins first.

All right, we'll depart at once.

Anyway, we got some communists over here at the guild.

Communists aside, let's go do plot stuff.

Inside we go.

Was this really a worship center? It doesn't really look like it... Somehow it feels really... sad.

It seems this place is known as the Celestial Garden.

We ain't got time to stand around, right? Albert could be here any minute.

That's true, let's start searching the area.

This dungeon isn't actually too bad, thank god.

aaaand save point means we're done here, cutscene time.

I guess you're right, but we still can't say for sure if he's searching for the Manifest.

But it does seem consistent with our information.

It's hard for me to imagine him hiring you to find someone he had never met if he wasn't looking for the Manifest, I guess.



It would appear our hardheaded elders still have yet to realize how essential that is, Orifiel.

Please be patient... I swear on my good name that I will save you.

I will wait. I can do nothing else, given the situation.

...What right have we to subject the Divine to such conditions?

Haha. Unable to kill me, no doubt this is all they can do.

Hahaha fun times! I'm immortal!

Human belief... souls... we're the ones not taking whatever we like. How exactly do we have the gall to call them greedy?

Have we learned nothing from the mistakes we made with Naraka?

Utopia, is it? Haha. The more I think about it, the more disillusioned I become with the idea.

Lord Himmel...

We require allies... Allies who can share in our dream.

Way to do the LP for me, Spada.

All right! First!

That was the Overlord using the Manifest, right? When he said “the two of us”, who was the second person?

...Oh! That's it! The Sky Castle!

Hey, Her, what did you just...

Hey, Luca, translate for us.

...Let's see... In other words, Vrtra watched as Devaloka collapsed. However, the Sky Castle didn't fall, and remains in the sky.


And that means... that the Manifest is still there too?

But we're talking about the Sky Castle here. How are we supposed to get there?

It's floating in the sky, right? We don't exactly know where...


Seriously, that's why I was sayin' we needed to keep movin'...... in my heart.

Her, why not try saying important things out loud next time?


Oh, uh, we got lost...?

That's right! We lost the path in the snow and struggled through the cold....

Excuse me?

The hell?!

Whoops, my bad...

I come from a long line of Tenos's royalty. I am called Albert. A pleasure to make your acquaintances.

You're Albert? What are you doing here?

First, I'd like to have you answer my questions. What were you doing here?

We never said that...

Definitely never said that...


That would be me.

Don't misunderstand. I didn't bring her here for your sake.

Yes, I remember your letter of contractual annulment and the penalty payment.

If I may ask, what exactly is your business with me? I believe this is our first meeting.

Then... you must be Himmel.

Correct. I have longed to see you.

D-don't go!

Serena! Our business isn't finished. Come back here.



So uh, there goes my healer.

If you ain't gonna move, we'll move through you!

There's a scripted fight here. I didn't think it was worth gifing, so just imagine me beating the shit out of them.

I know Ricardo is referring to Ange and Albert, but I like to think he means the dead bodies of the soldiers we just murdered.

Why... did she go with him?

Angie's gotta have a reason. We ain' gonna get nowhere standin' 'round here. Let's go take her back.

And of course, we have to walk our way back! Because yay Tales of Innocence! Thanks for tuning in to Update 21, make sure to check out the skits (which will be posted in a few minutes!) for this update!