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Part 40: Update 22

Update 22

TWO UPDATES IN ONE DAY?? Don't worry, the world isn't ending, they're just small updates.
And we're back! I took the liberty of not making you see me navigate out of that dungeon, and across the map back to town.

They're most likely in the munitions factory in the heart of the city.

Then let's get goin' already.

So now we gotta go find Ange and Albert and do a whole dungeon without our healer.

The munitions factory looks suspiciously like a hotel.

That doesn't make it any less creepy, though. No matter how you cut it, these weapons are tools of death.

Says the girl with 2 guns?

Let's hurry on.

So other than some rad music, this dungeon is nothing special. We've basically done the same thing at all the other bases.

As always, save point marks the boss battle.

It's an airship. As the name implies, it's a flying ship. Hard to imagine a thing is even possible...

Ricardo you and all your friends are reincarnations of literal GODS from another life who have magic powers, is it really all that unbelievable?

Let's hurry.


For this next fight, I'm gonna be using the OG Fallen party-- Spada, Luca, and Iria. For old times sake.


Haha. You seem intent on standing between the two of us.

Are you another of Mathias's underlings?

Mathias? Oh, you mean that child with delusions of grandeur? A messiah? The Overlord?

You plan to destroy the world?

I'm afraid I don't understand the point of your question. Of course, if I wished it to be destroyed, it would be.

Devaloka collapsed because the user wished for it.

Hope Dragonball doesn't sue.

In the Devic era, Himmel sought the unification of Devaloka and Naraka.

Simple, Orifiel. I wish to cast aside both the Sensus and the people of Naraka.

A plague on both your houses!

Oh, nevermind. Just a plague on one house.


Now look at what has become of us. The foolish people of Naraka are consumed by their foolish wars.

I-I-I cannot believe my ears.

And of course, the Sensus who sought to return Naraka to Devaloka were no less foolish. I shall resurrect the Ratio by the power of Himmel the Divine.

Please reconsider, Lord Himmel!

It would appear that we are not of one mind.

“Two shall stand before me in devotion and faith, yet a single soul shall inherit my power.” Unless you desire the same thing, you can't use the Manifest!

I wonder about that. The Manifest and Ange. These two things are all I require to fulfill my wish.

What does that mean?


I was told that the user must sacrifice the one he or she loves the most.

Dreadful... How very like the savage Sensus... Ah, no... I apologize.

Hmph. Pay it no mind. Just as you say, it is a savage method. It seems no wish can be fulfilled without sacrifice.

I believe that I now understand the source of your worries. It would be quite impossible for you to sacrifice her.

I think my favorite part of this game is that Asura, the giant demon dude with a big sword, hangs out with the tactician from the rival side, and they talk about ~~girls~~.

Indeed. It's absurd... I cannot even imagine losing her. Even if she were to die, I would chase her to the depths of hell and retrieve her spirit from the wheel of rebirth.

Is that... is that hyperbole? That seems a little uh, specific.

That's right! You savage Sensus did only two things right. The first was allowing Orifiel to live, the second was teaching me another way to invoke the Manifest!

Let me just tell you right now, I'm gonna kill you. I just thought I'd let you know that it's in my plans. To kill you. Still friends?

Yeah, we're takin' her back.

I have a contract with Serena, and I intend to see it through to the end.


Why?! Angie, yer' gonna die, hear? I don't want that!!

Ange please... step aside!

So I need to explain something here. Albert has a Mystic Arte that I wanted to show off, but unfortunately they only do their Mystic Artes on the higher difficulties, and I locked myself into doing this fight on Mania mode, but on Mania mode this fight is almost impossible. Not only does Ange heal herself once you get her low enough, even though I'm fairly leveled, my party members were constantly being one hit KO'd, as Mania mode is intended to be on your second playthrough. Because of this, I've turned on infinite life for this one battle. Unprofessional I know, but I wanted to be able to show off his Mystic Arte, and also actually complete the battle. Sorry about that! Below are a few gifs. I decided not to upload a full video of the boss fight (because it's INCREDIBLY long due to Ange's heals), and besides the Mystic Arte, it's nothing we haven't been seeing all along because I prefer to play as Ange anyway. My apologies for all the confusion about this, it's a boring and annoying bossfight.

The one thing I will say, when you kill Ange in this fight she says the same quote she does if she dies in battle when you play as her, which I think is neat.

Ange, why are you defending him?

I could not protect him in my past life. That is the sin that I have shouldered since I was born.

I will not allow him to be killed again...


On this journey, I have been able to change. I destroyed the cathedral and was abandoned by my believers, but my heart is no longer as weak as it once was.

….Change me?

Listen... Himmel, no... Albert...

In this life, you have authority. You can stand above the people and make their power work for you. It is a role that you have been chosen for.

Naraka can be saved by your very will, if only you wish it to be. Saved without having to sacrifice any innocent lives....

What! That's the name of the game! Innocent!

I... I...

Do not rely upon the Manifest. You have more freedom than Himmel did. Let us free ourselves from its curse.

Lofty words from the girl who just betrayed us “BECAUSE PAST LIFE”





Are we gonna ignore that?? Do we have to kinkshame Albert?

I was happy that you stood in front of me... and protected me.

There you go, well said!

Good stuff. I was all worried I was gonna have to buy somethin' to wear to Angie's funeral.

Let's snag it before Mathias can!

How unfortunate.



I shall await you at the Sky Castle, Asura!

W-what do we do? She's gonna beat us to the punch!

Oh, good thing we beat the friendship into him, huh?


Do not concern yourself with me. Now go!

This entire scene strikes on a really weird tone, did he just not decide that he was gonna do this?

Anyway, we have an airship now. Yay for a good way to travel! Unfortunately, the only option is to go to the Sky Castle, no fast travel for us yet, plot stuff first

This is actually where I'm gonna cut the update, because next update has a lot of plot heavy stuff, and I know this one was short, but I want to have them be separated. Thanks for tuning in, and check out the skits for this update! Two dungeons to go!