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Part 43: Update 24

Update 24

We left kind of the middle of things, so let's get back into the saddle. Fair warning, this update is a whole lotta nothin', mostly just plot and exposition. Sorry about that! The next one or two updates will be the final dungeon and final bosses of the game. I just want to mention that there is an optional dungeon in this game, but it's 99 floors of randomly generated enemies and then a recolored version of the final boss, so I won't be doing it, as it's kind of pointless.

They played us like a damn fiddle!!!!

Doing it. Now then, nameless gents! Welcome to the carnival of meat!


How can I ever make up for this?

I was happy. I had friends who needed me. Friends from my past life..

No Luca... You possess something that not even the great Overlord Asura himself could ever obtain.

What is it?


My.... friendships.....

…..The world.... the world that I live in....

That's right... everyone is waiting for me. Father and Mother, even Eddy and Nino...

Remember those people from a bunch of updates ago?

Iria and the others too...

Where am I?

Sania... Iria's hometown...

We need to treat your wounds too... come with me!

If this were a cooler game, we'd be able to play as Chien during this time. But we can't, so it's just Luca



I- I've done something terrible... Because I destroyed Devaloka, now Naraka is in danger. Even worse, it's my fault that Avatars were reborn on Naraka. When I realized all this suffering was my fault, I lost it.

No, that's not right. At that moment, I was afraid to look everyone in the eye. Everyone knew I was to blame. I was certain I'd die of shock if I had to see the looks on your faces...

That's when I realized that... that I couldn't stand to lose any of you. Not my parents, not my friends, not Spada, not Ange, not Ricardo, not Hermana, not Coda, and... and certainly not you, Iria.


Inanna may have betrayed Asura, but I've never betrayed you. And you know, nobody blames you for anything.

But... I have to apologize!

You're Luca, aren't you? What have you done that you need to apologize for?


Now come on, we're going to my house. Everybody's waiting.

So now we're in Iria's hometown, Sania. We have more plot to go through before we can do whatever we want, though.




Listen here, Mr. “let's leave Luca to die”...

Luca, you...

I'm back...

That Chien behind ya?

He carried me out of Sky Castle. He's injured. Is everyone... all right?

No problems here.

We allowed the Manifest to fall into Mathias's hands...

The village is in bad shape too.

Did something happen?

They passed by the village on the way here.

They didn't pass by! They stopped in and plundered whatever they wanted from the village! Unbelievable!

I see...

I'm sure those bastards on the Privy Council want to steal back the Manifest from Mathias. The more important question is what we're going to do.

There's nothing to discuss. We're going to take back the Manifest!

Right! Who cares about what anyone else has planned!?

Yes, I agree. That is our best course of action.

Arca's headquarters is at the Tower of Dawn. It's southeast of this village.

How helpful!

All right, let's go everyone!

Cool, cutscene over. Let's go outside! OH NO ANOTHER ONE

This is my house. Feel free to rest here as long as you want.

Thanks for savin' our Lu.


Hehe, looks like we're gonna have to teach ya how to depend on others.

Cool, cutscene over. Can I please do stuff now?


Hey, is the airship out of commission, or what?

No, there should be no problems with it.

Right, well, we should get... Hold up. I jus' remembered somethin' important I forgot.

What is it, Her?

Devaloka ain' gone or nothin'. It's reunited with Naraka, see?


How're you just gonna casually drop that on us!?

Her... is that really true?

Let's hear her out.

Well Vrtra, she saw a ton of souls fallin' to Naraka, right?

It didn' disappear, it headed for Naraka. I'm guessin' they were tryin' to unite.

Could that have been... because Inanna wished for it?

Oh! By sacrificing Asura's life, she invoked the Manifest?

And Asura also killed Inanna... which means that he also fulfilled the conditions as well.

In other words... Asura and Inanna both had their wishes granted at the same time, right?

Ya think that's the real reason everythin' got all messed up?

That's awkward.

Devaloka became a part of Naraka, but they are not connected... That is why our world is such a mess.

An incomplete world, huh?

Aw man... I knew it was my fault. If only I hadn't tried to settle things on my own...

Let me pass along some good advice that I heard earlier. You're Iria, aren't you? What have you done that's worth apologizing over?

The Iria I know would be more like... “What's that got to do with anything?!”

I have to agree. I cannot imagine you taking responsibility for anything, Iria.


Despite all this suffering, we can do something about it. We are blessed with the Devic Artes, and the memories of our past lives. What a waste it would be if we did nothing.

Damn right! We still got one job left to do. Takin' back the Manifest!

With our past lives, we have two lifetimes worth of failures to learn from. Animi, pick yourself up and walk forward!

It's time for us to settle this.

You better watch out, Mathias and Oswald!

Let's go!

Okay, NOW can I control my character... please...

Anyway, now we have an airship, and can travel anywhere we want. The game would like us to go do the final boss, but I'm actually going to go back to Tenos, to buy some extra shit.

So basically, GRADE is a currency you get every time you win a battle, or finish a guild quest. GRADE can be used to buy extra supplies, weapons, armor, and other stuff at the guild shops. Mostly they're used for buying new game + stuff, but since we're not doing NG+ (and I have a TON of GRADE), I just bought some of the best armor and weapons in the game for our main party.

I also thought that since we're at endgame, I'd show off the status page of all our playable characters, as well as our current friendship rating.

Now that we're all decked out in the coolest new gear, we'll go fight some people.... in the next update! Anyway, a whole lot of nothing happened in this update, which I apologize for! In the next update, we'll storm the Tower of Dawn. Make sure to check out the update 24 skits, and have a nice day!