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Part 45: Update 25

Update 25

This is it, guys. The last dungeon. The final battle....s. It's been a long time coming, let's do it! I'm posting this update for now without the videos (gifs only), as the boss videos ran extremely long (one of them is 20 minutes), so I'll edit the post and add in the videos once they're done rendering.

Here's the music that plays inside the Tower, I think it's really cool so it might be worth listening to as you read this update.

Hmph. What a miserable scene. How much blood has been spilt over the Manifest, without even knowing what it's capable of?

We really gotta bust our way through this mess? What a pain in the ass!

The place is engulfed in like, a sandstorm and it's kind of awesome.

There's a TON of enemies.

So the entire dungeon is basically a slow climb up a tower, except for the fact that there's huge blind spots and enemies literally everywhere and it sucks. I'm gonna be running from every fight here.

It goes on like this... for a while.

Save point.... boss time?


To bring smiles to the faces of children and to obtain inner peace, might I eviscerate you in a manner most comical?

Hey man, at least he asks.

He's back...

“Freak”? How is it that you know my mother's name? Aw well, whatever. Just die. I'll kill you all right here. And then it's Mathias next.

Which side are you on, exactly?

Certainly I am not on yours. Okay, yes. Battle time.

As usual, video and gifs below. This fight is a pain because his two helper things are MISERABLE to deal with. Also Hasta has a bunch of HP, and devastating moves. I had to use Holy Water a few times, which fully heals and revives my teammates. As much as the AI tries its best, it wasted most of my life bottles in this fight, so I have to run out and restock before moving on Also, the bit where I'm just sliding back and forth on him, I'm trying to get him to trigger his Mystic Arte.

Hasta Fight! Again!

Hahahahahahahaha! Hahahaha!

Damn, he's still moving...

Gotcha! Just a little bravado.

Just desserts, bastard! I hope you suffer!

Ow... I don't care anymore. The weak die. That's just how it goes.

Like I'd tell you!

Hasta la vista, baby...

That my friends, is localizing at its finest.

That's true... Really felt like he went all-out with his Avatar life.

He found joy in making other people suffer! He was nothing but trouble...

It would seem the soldiers have stormed the tower. We don't have time to deal with them, let's hurry.

The dungeon is the same, so let's keep going.

Aaaaand now boss number two for the Tower.

Ya hear somethin'?

...Something is approaching.

Something something metal gear joke.

I knew you were power-hungry, but man, you better lay off the snacks!

What do you hope to accomplish by defeating Mathias?

That's uh, a very impressive spin you just did?


How dare you desecrate his remains!! Don't think you'll leave here alive!

For all of Pig-wald's boasting, this fight is EXACTLY the same as all the other times we've fought metal gear (except it's harder). Not even a shiny mystic arte to warrant recording.

Good-bye, Oswald. Cook until well-done.

Sauteed pork, yeah?

That does not sound very appetizing.

With this, my brother can rest in peace.

...Let's move on.

This is it, the final cutscene. Who's ready??

Imbecile! You are the only one who can! Now hurry!

I cannot do it... you ask the impossible.

That girl's voice...

If you say that you love me, now is the time to prove it!

I... love you... but...

Seriously... yer' as cruel as they come...

All that Chitose wants it to be loved in return. Even if only by the tiniest bit...

What an outrageous demand. In that case, prove your feelings for me!

Incredible... do you have an ounce of humanity left in you? Why are you so intent on destroying the world!?

I do not need a reason!

I mean, it kinda feels like you do?

It would appear that discussion is meaningless.

Yeah, I totally agree. Sometimes you just gotta bust out a good ol-fashioned ass-kickin'.

….I'm really starting to feel sorry for you.

Hell yeah, Luca!

As long as you're here, Asura and Inanna can't rest in peace. I will defeat you and bring peace back to this world!

Right! I'm sick of all this past life crap, I'm kissing this nonsense goodbye!

Man, you really don't pull any punches, do you, Iria?

Heh, look at that! Vulcan's desire and Hartman's lessons ain't so different after all! Watch me from those green fields, Vulcan!

Oh, I have a good idea. When this is all over, we should all go get something good to eat. So everyone, promise me that you will not get hurt.

For the sake of the people of Devaloka and Naraka, we won't lose!

Final boss time! This is it folks, the final battle. I've actually cheated myself some life bottles so I didn't have to go all the way out of the dungeon and all the way back. I know it's not super professional, sorry about that. Even with those life bottles, this fight is TWENTY MINUTES LONG. At low levels she spams Meteor Storm and her mystic arte, both of which are not fun. She's tough, but we're tougher. As usual, gifs and video below. Enjoy!

Mathias Battle!

A lot of the fight is her spamming meteor storm.

Iria's right. If you're reborn, why not just enjoy your life?

Shut up! Shut... up! Shut.... up....


I will remain by your side... I am yours... eternally...


Stupid girl... there's no meaning in dying...

Maybe not to us, but her heart was always set on Asura. Perhaps she found happiness in her own way.

Wow that's kind of a fucked up thing to say dude.

I can't understand that...

It's still here.

So... what do you plan on doing?

Excuse me, Her?

J-jus' kiddin'!

Should we seal it away? That's another option.

That might be a good idea.

So we should return the world to it's original form.

Sorry, what was that Lloyd Irving?

That was what Asura wanted to do too.

I have been thinking... “Two shall stand before me in devotion and faith, yet a single soul shall inherit my power.”


The Giant was lonely. I believe he created the world to become an enjoyable, lively place.

Oh... I like that. Hearin' that makes the Primeval Giant seem a bit cuter.

In other words, Luca's wish is the Giant's wish. Given that, I'm sure no one will object.

Well then, what are we waiting for?


Here's the part where friendship actually matters! Whoever you have the most friendship with, Luca will pick here. I'm going to showcase everyone's scene, starting with Ange, who I had highest friendship with my first playthrough. The cutscene after this one is the same regardless of who you pick, so I'm going to show off all the possibilities here before moving on.


Yeah, it has to be you, Ange. You were always there, kindly watching over me.

Mmm... I am truly happy. Now, I believe you needed my assistance, correct?

You have become someone I can truly depend on. I really am happy.


You sure? I might end up betraying you again...

Come on, cut that out! There's no one I'd rather be standing with.

Well, if that's not like you, I don't know what is.

Well, then... I'll just say it right out. I-I, um... I lov--

What? Huh? Speak up dimwit, I can't hear you!!


Just heterosexual men doing heterosexual things.

Of course. There's no one I have more faith in than you.

I'm honored. Once as your sword, now as your shield, together we saved the world.


How about one tweak? The world's greatest knight!

Hahaha! Spada, you're the world's greatest friend!


Very well. Let's put an end to this.

Come on... shouldn't we do this with more grace and reverence?

Really? Then I'll just have to help teach you what it means to have a heart again, from now on.

Haha... whatever you say...


Right on! I'm up, yeah?

Ahahaha. You don't have to get that excited over it, Her.

Course I'm excited! I mean, Lu, ya chose me.

There's nobody I can depend on like you, Her.

Ehehe... man, Really, this's like... ya know...

And now onto the final cutscenes, which don't care about who you 'romanced'.

Hey! The Manifest is gone!

That is how it should be. The will of the Giant, the Manifest, has become one with our world.

Did we really restore the world?

Again, Lloyd should sue.

Looks like it, see for yourself.


It appears our Devic Artes are gone as well.

So what's everyone plannin' to do now?

You all have places to return to, right?

Where should we go?

Isn't your village closer?

It's fine. After all, Regnum's where I first met you, Dimwit Luca.

Let's all go then! All together!

It's strange... somehow I thought we would all be together forever.

Hmph. You can travel whenever you'd like. Life is merely a series of endless journey... Life's little destinations are always changing, as are the people who will accompany you.

So, what's everybody's plan now?

I'm worried about the Grigori bunch. With Gardel gone and no one to lead them, I'm sure they're in a panic. I want to set them free of their duties... something like that.

Hah. I wouldn't expect brats to understand the joy in fulfilling one's job.

Ricardo, we are truly blessed to have had you in our employ. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So what about you, Her?

Guess first I gotta check up on the kids I was carin' for.

That's my secret base. You better take good care of it!

Oh? Where do you plan on going?

Ain' decided yet. I wanna send those kids to school, but first I gotta earn some money.

Send them to my school once I build it! Free of charge.

Well... I'm outta here. Lu, ya ain' that strong, so don' push yerself too hard, hear?

Haha, I'll be alright.

I get it already...

Ya still make me worry... Well, I'm outta here. Later!

Now then, I really must return to Naos and work to rebuild the Grand Cathedral. I was the one who destroyed it, after all.

Do you have that kind of money?

uh hi there

All right! That takes care of that!

(Shh!! Iria!)

In my past life, when I was captured, I was about to cause an enormous disaster. Were it not for you, who knows what might have happened... so please allow me to return the favor. Will you return to Tenos with me?

I would be honored to join you in Tenos.

Ange sure is lucky...

Man, she really knows how to work it!

That's it?!

L-let's talk longer!

Oh yeah

Oh yeah, that's right. My house is in the residential district, so come hang out any time.

Yeah, tomorrow even. Iria, we have a lot in common. It's been fun. I'm still no match for you when it comes to messin' with Luca.

Hehe, later.


Well, I guess I should go. I have to help rebuild my village.


Become a great doctor, Luca. You can do anything you set your mind to, I just know it. Goodbye...


And now we end the game as we started it, alone, in Regnum. Talking to some NPCs reveals that the Fallen Rehabilitation Program was disbanded, since no one has powers anymore. It's been a long time coming, let's go home.

Were you... waiting for me?

I see... Well, thanks for coming to welcome me!

I don't mind helping, but I expect you to treat me to something for it.

Aww yeah, lookit that character development.

Now then, what should I say to Mother and Father?

I'm sorry I made you worry.

I'm home...

And now, an epilogue.

There are so many more important things.

I discovered myself.

I regained myself.

In this magnificent world, our journey continues.

Credits roll.

And that my friends, is the end of Tales of Innocence for the Nintendo DS. Thank you all so very much for being here with me, I have a followup post with some questions for you guys in a second.