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by Dragonatrix

Part 3: A. Cless Alvein

In a parallel universe not too different from the one our characters reside in, lives a youth with a name fairly similar to the one we now know. Much like Cress, this youth has had a somewhat eventful journey through the forest near his village. He has learnt that the world he knows is a much crueller and tougher place than Cress'.

The journey of Cless Alvein is that of the PSX port and will be one filled with Hard mode antics and a few things in the PSX port that were removed will be covered also. It's not just for combat differences or anything like that; there is extra content in here too. And I don't just mean the skits. Script differences aren't important enough to warrant covering, unless something is much clearer in this translation so that's not what we'll be looking at.

In addition to gettig the stuffed doll of Cless from Ami (named the "Mascot" in this version for some reason) we get a free accessory for our troubles too. The Channeling allows some multiplayer capabilities. Equip this onto someone and set them to Semi-Auto control and a second player can control them. Aside from that, it has no use at all. It doesn't raise any stats or anything so for single player purposes, it is completely useless.

In the item store at Toltus, there's a room where you can get some free things. Apple Gummi is just a weird translation of the Apple Gel, and Spectacles enable you to see the stats of a "monster" you use it on. If you ever remember to use them at least.

Things not in this version: the scene in Maria's room.

In the forest there's a second item. It's just another Apple Gummi Gel but it's still a thing I guess.

The boss fight on Hard goes identical to how it does on Normal. Only it hits harder I guess. Also, its HP is doubled and its strength has gone up by like 5; it hasn't really changed at all. It can still be knocked into the corner and just whacked to death. Note that both Cless and Chester were level 1 coming into this fight and I hadn't upgraded any of their equipment hence the single digit damage.

All in all, the beginning doesn't go that much different in either version. There's just a handful of more items to be found in this one.