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by Dragonatrix

Part 13: Clauser than Wanted

: Whew... that's everyone.
: Now then, let's find the prince's room. Everyone stay quiet...

Well, now that we're in the Alvanistan castle we kinda can't leave until we're done. Fortunately, you can't screw yourself over here by saving in the middle of the area only to find out you can't beat the boss. Unfortunately...

It's an extremely difficult and painful stealth section. The door on the right here is where we want to go but the one guard here next to it is fucking psychic and can see you if he's got his backturned and is off-screen. There's only two guards but this one requires you to be damn near perfect with the extremely vaguely defined stealth rules imposed upon you. It's not impossible, but it takes far longer than it should.

: You're Prince Leiard?
: Intruders!!!
: Shit!
: The guards are coming!
: Hahaha! The guards will be here any second. What're you going to do?
: What should we do? This is bad!
: Whatever is controlling him has to be around here somewhere... Hm!?
: Is that a parakeet?
: That's it!

: But even if I said that, you'll never be seeing the light of day again. I was only planning on having you arrested for a little entertainment, but I've changed my mind. Here I come!

Jamir decides that fairplay isn't wanted around these parts and decides to bring some lackeys with her.

Also if given the chance, she will summon Satan to wreck you.

Incidentally, her lackeys are not only unique to this fight... but actually stronger than she is too!

They don't even have a weakness for us to exploit (even if Holy is one we can't actually do anything with still). Seems pretty odd really.

Anyway, the fight itself... it's actually the first potentially challenging fight in my opinion. If Jamir gets a chance to do pretty much anything, she will not play around. The Arc Knights make exceptionally good meatshields and if you don't get any multi-hit spells off you won't get through them in time to stop Jamir from using spells of some kind. Cyclone is more than good enough at keeping the Arc Knights at bay but the charge time makes it inconsistent, especially since if Arche gets hit she'll stop charging the spell. Also Jamir is annoying in that even if you do manage to trap her in the corner, or just get within melee range at all, she can get out of it any time just by putting up a forcefield around herself that keeps her protected and will stunlock anyone it hits. She doesn't have much HP so when everyone focuses on her, she's not going to last long at least.

: W, what? Who are you!?
: We're-
: Intruders!!!
: Huh?

: I'm fine. More importantly, seize those people at once!!
Sentinel: Yes sir!!
: There's nothing we can do. They're not going to hear us out in a situation like this,
: so let's just go along quietly for now.
: What!? No way! Are we going to have to eat that rotten prison food?
: I'm sure the king's chief advisers were aware of the situation, so don't worry.
: Then you think they'll release us when they realize that the prince has returned to normal?
: Right.
: Boo...
Sentinel: What the hell are you blathering about!? Surrender quietly!
: Yeah, yeah...

: Don't worry about it. As soon as they realize the prince is back to normal, we'll be freed.
: Aw, man!! If I'm stuck here much longer,
: it'll damage by beautiful skin.
???: I'll be taking these people to the audience chamber. Please show them due respect.

: Please forgive me for not providing more information, but His Majesty would like to address you personally. Please, follow me to the audience chamber.
: Just like you said!

It's almost like Klaus knows what he's talking about. Amazing, isn't it?

: We came here to save the prince.
: W, what kind of idiocy...
: Leiard, you speak in ignorance. Be silent.
: We are currently on a journey seeking powerful magic. That search brought us all the way from Euclid to Alvanista.
: Why do you seek magic?
: We have heard that our foe can be harmed only by magic. In short, our goal is to defeat Dhaos.
: What? Is that the truth!? So rather than being thieves who saved Leiard by mere chance... from the beginning, your very reason for coming here was to save him? I now understand your intentions and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
: I was being controlled by Dhaos? Father, is that really true?
: In order to prevent us from joining in the upcoming war, the entire kingdom was being held hostage. This was all part of Dhaos' grand design.
: Has the war begun?

: Reports state that our ally, Midgard, is on the verge of war with Dhaos' forces.
: I can clearly see that in your search for magic, you have all gained great strength. That being the case I wish to ask you to lend us your strength in this coming battle.
: Gladly.
: We found several things on the demon that you exterminated. Please accept them. First this...
: This is one of the tomes of the dark arts!
: Is it really okay to accept this?
: I'm sure that this will serve well in your hands. It was also found on the body of the demon.
: Is this...!?
: The Gungnir...

: If there's any way that we can assist you, please don't hesitate to ask.
: Thank you very much! In that case,
: we need to explore the Moria Mine as soon as possible, so we would like to request a permit.
: Why do you need to go there? I assume that this is no ordinary treasure hunt?
: We believe that the ring needed to form the pact with Luna can be found there.
: I understand. Be sure to visit the Adventurer's Guild in the city later to pick it up.

The Celaeno Fragments are a downgrade for Klaus, so we won't be using them. The Gungnir is an amazing spear for Cless but it's awful for dealing Slash damage. The Fame Face is fundamentally better in that sense, but the Gungnir is non-elemental and thus isn't as likely to be resisted. The Garnet reduces fire elemental damage to Klaus, so that makes the Spirit that goes with it fairly apparent. We're going to need him and the Spirit for the Aquamarine before we can finish the Moria Mine. We also need to be told where the latter is in order to get her, so we need to find someone who can tell us that.