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Part 22: DEATH

: ...
: Haha, finally all of the actors have appeared on stage.
: Jestona, just what are you after?
: The first wave of the war will be coming soon, I just thought I'd come say hello. It will be most pleasing to Lord Dhaos if I just take your lives right here and now!
: Why you!!
: Don't move!

: You bastard!
: I'll have you kill yourselves! You, Morrison, and those three over there!
: Everyone, I want you to watch carefully...

: B, bastard!!

: Stay back! If I could just expand upon this, the ability to travel through time would be within my grasp...
: Hahaha, you're finished!!
: Augh! My only regret... is that I won't get to finish this research myself... Hahaha! Don't try this at home now...
: W, what are you doing!?

So, um... Edward's kinda dead now. It wasn't just the stabbing or just the travelling through time that did him in; it was both. The thing there though is, uh, only Edward dead. Jestona is still alive wherever he ended up. I'm sure that will never have any repercussions in whichever time period he landed in. It does, however, have an affect here: in the time we originally came from, Edward was the one to deal the final blow to Dhaos (y'know, before he ran to the future to get sealed by Miguel, Maria, Meryl and... Trinicus). So with Edward dead before the war has actually begun, history has irreversibly changed.

Oh, and the other three people who were in the fight against Dhaos are only named in supplementary materials; namely, a drama CD of all things. Alan Albane, Carol Adenade and Winona Bigford are only mentioned in the opening of the game, only seen in the opening of the game and aside from being referenced as the reason Edward was travelling are never brought up again. You can't even find them just chilling in a random town either. Kinda disappointing.

And a last piece of trivia about Jestona; as you might (not?) have been able to tell from his sprite he's kind of a naga. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a big deal since it's just mythical thing #227 but here that makes Jestona unique. Nothing else in all of Aselia is a naga. Makes you wonder where he came from, huh?

: Morrison...
: Arche, do you still have doubts about Dhaos' true intentions?
: You were watching, right!?
: He would stop at nothing to kill us!
: I know... I won't mention it again.
: Cless... History is...
: It's beginning to deviate from what was written in that book.
: The Morrisons... They've saved our lives twice now.
: I've had enough!

: Then... Then we'll put an end to all of this!!

I hope you're prepared for the war at this point. There's one last chance to prepare for it before it begins in earnest but given that is literally for last minute preparations...

: Dhaos' Castle is located on a small island to the northeast of here.

: If we are to succeed, we must take control of and maintain this strategic position. Therefore, the primary objective of our operations will be to secure that bridge at all costs. Midgard's army will make its way toward the battlefront, infiltrating the Valhalla Plains and advancing toward the bridge.

: However, in five days time, it will already be too late to prevent the enemy from crossing the bridge.

Threeson: So their job is to halt the enemy's initial advance?
: Correct. The risk involved in these operations is extraordinary. However, should you succeed, our victory is assured. I will now name the commanders of the Special Forces Units. Special Forces Unit 1 Commander Ones! Special Forces Unit 2 Commander Twosun! Special Forces Unit 3 Commander Threeson!

Threeson: Lord Raizen! Do you really think it wise to entrust one of our most vital operations to a mercenary unit?
: Silence. I fully understand the weight of my decision.The right to decide is mine and mine alone. All except the four men I named are now dismissed. I will explain the details of our classified strategy for driving back the main force of the enemy army.
: For now, all of you should go to the city and make sure that our equipment is battle-ready. This looks like it could take a while.

So this is our last minute chance to prepare for the Valhalla War. Let's do that by buying all of the Rune Bottles!

...Wait, THAT's what the ?Rod I was still carrying around was? I thought it was the basic Rod from Euclid still. Well, shit now I feel silly. This is a massive weapon upgrade for Mint.

Like, nearly doubles her offensive capabilities massive.

I think this is enough preparation. Or, it would be if I had 10 more Lemon Gels and 14 more Pineapple Gels but the cost of Rune Bottles kinda made that not happen.

Oh well, this'll be good enough!

: Klaus, the meeting is over?
: Yeah, we just finished up a bit ago.
: How was it?
: It's going to be dangerous, but our role is absolutely essential. This is something I would want to entrust to anyone else, so I don't blame the other commanders for reacting like they did.
: Who really cares what they think anyway?
: Exactly. Once they see our true power, that'll shut them up.

Engineer: We're fully operational.
: Excellent, with it on our side, we have nothing to fear from Dhaos. Hahaha...

Hey, you. Yeah, you reading this. You should totally watch the video of this sequence.

At the end there, "day?" got cut off. Presumably this is due to text limitations in how much could be written there.