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Part 29: Dhaosing the Flames

As you'd imagine, this update also comes entirely in video too.

: I still haven't told Mint about what happened to you.
: Please watch over this tree. This tree, the very foundation of the world, which Mint saved.
: I have to go see off Arche and Klaus, but once things have settled down, I'll be back.
: Please wait until then.
: Goodbye for now...

Whilst the game doesn't come out and say it, it's pretty apparent that this is Meryl's grave. That makes this a pretty shitty way for Mint to find out that her mother died ages ago.

The Summoner Klaus
The Sorceress Arche
The two companions who had shared in both joy and sorrow. At last, it was time to say goodbye...

: Yeah...
: From here, we'll travel on our own to Thor.
: You'd better not ever forget about us...
: Because I'm never going to forget any of you as long as I live!
: So never forget...

: Mint, don't cry. After all, had history run its normal course,
: none of us should have ever met in the first place...
: But we met in spite of that.
: Rather than feeling down, we should rejoice that we ever had this opportunity at all.

It's perfectly possible for them to have met Arche assuming history didn't deviate as it was wont to do. She'd still be alive now, courtesy of being half-Elven. He's still half right at the very least.

: Yes...
: Klaus... Arche... Both of you, take care.
: Yeah, the same to you two.
: Well, bye-bye then.

Hard to convey if you don't watch the video version but the screen shakes just before this.

: Guys, look up there!!

A whole bunch of meteors crash into the ground. If they were going for a simple meteor shower, they missed the mark by quite a large distance...

: I, it seems like it's over for now...
: What the hell was that!?

: This is definitely Trinix D. Morrison's house.
: Just now, that was the light of time travel... Just who are you?
: My name is Harrison. I have come from 50 years in the future at the command of the King of Alvanista.
: What did you say? From the future!?

If you've been paying attention, you'll know that Dhaos is already so fucking dead that there isn't even a corpse to bury. We saw it at the underground crypt, and he never got out of there so the player knows he's totally completely irreversibly dead. Assuming it's the real Dhaos, then it would mean that the one from Klaus and Arche's time went much further into the future than the one from the original version of history. As far as our party knows though, he didn't necessarily die after the last fight. So, yes, the game isn't actually over yet. There's at least either one more Dhaos to murderise or there's a very impressive faker out there.

: Our world is on the verge of destruction. We've exhausted all of our options, which is why we've come to you.
: Then, those meteors just now were Dhaos' doing!?
: So as I feared, you were attacked? Dhaos must have been worried that I would travel to the past and return with you to our time.
: I can't believe it...
: How did Dhaos manage to survive!?
: If that's how it is, there's only one choice.
: It would appear that it's still too soon for us to be saying our goodbyes.
: Let's go! To the future!
: Yes!
: It would seem this time around, I'm the one who would be the burden. I'll be waiting for you. When you return, I'll tell you all about the days I spent together with your parents. So... be sure that you return, without fail.
: We will! Chester, come with us.
: Yeah!

: What!?
: Say whatever you want, but it doesn't change the fact that you're weak.
: Who the hell do you think you are!?
: That's enough, Chester.
: Both of you, please don't fight.
: Fine, I got it.
: Try not to fall too far behind. Got it, new guy?
: Don't worry about what she said. Arche, you too. We don't need any of that.

Well, we need to go to the future and we did cause the ancient city of Thor to be raised back as an island again. Assuming it didn't sink again in the past 102 years, it should still be north of Venezia, so...

OS: <<Main system initializing BioROM check.>>
: Oh, this is...

I'm sure you remember roughly what the process here is, so let's just skip to the important stuff.

: Our objective is time travel!
: The target era is exactly 50 years from now...
: The destination is the future Totis Village.
OS: <<Please move all crew members into position.>>
: Let's go everyone!!

So now we're off to the future. I wonder how little everything has changed in 50 years.