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Part 32: Tales of Déjà Vu

With Euclid behind us, we see that Hamel's truly gone now. Currently we've no reason to go to Lone Valley, and even doing so at the moment is counter-intuitive. This makes what remains of the journey to Venezia completely uninteresting.

In the future, Venezia starts to sell Kelp for some inexplicable reason. There's not many places you can actually buy it and it's used in two recipes which are both bizarrely good. It's also used for obtaining an item in the Venezia grocery store.

This guy wants food in exchange for a collectable card. He makes no reference to having no money to buy, say, bread which he could buy a full inventory of and still pay less money than it'd cost for 1 fucking melon.

Seriously, melons are retardedly expensive (3,000 gald each) because the only place you can buy them is at the Elven Village and
Elves are DicksTM. They're still not the most expensive ingredient, but there's a slightly better reason for the other one than "fuck you, got ours."

It's a good thing I planned ahead and bought a melon during that small timeframe I could otherwise we'd have to wait until after the next dungeon before we could get this. If I bought more than 1 melon then I could get more than 1 Green Card but just having the one proves that Cless is willing to do his part to improve the environment.

At the weapon store we can remember to buy a weapon upgrade for Cless that we could get for free in the next dungeon and wouldn't need to use a Rune Bottle for or anything. This is just poor planning on my part really.

In case you can't tell, it's better than the Moon Falx in everyway except Accuracy. This is countered by it being non-elemental and thus only a select few dickbags (and just about every boss) will have a chance to resist it. This is further countered by it costing 35,000 gald and becoming outdated really, really quickly. So quickly in fact, we could buy a spear or an axe from the same store that are technically better in some form but these are functionally worse by costing a little over 50,000 gald for the spear or, in the Hard Cleaver's case, being an axe.

In the Mayor's House we can find these little girl playing the piano. She's, uh, not very good to say the least.

Well, let's just go through since we came in through the wrong side like morons.

Chelsea: Don't talk to me right now.
: (She's not very good...)
Chelsea: Hmph! If you think you're so much better, then you teach me!
: That's... I...
Chelsea: Hmph! I figured you didn't know anything. Lady, you teach me then.
: Hm, me? Very well.
: Well then, let's start with some finger exercises...

This sidequest isn't particularly exciting for the most part; it's just running out of Venezia, running back here, talking to the kid again, having her improve a little, repeat a few more times. It does have one remotely interesting scene at least, near the end.

: Miss is a bit much...
Chelsea: I think I got a little better again!
: Wow, good for you.
Chelsea: Hmph!
: (Looks like she's still mad about that <<not very good>> comment I made before.)
Chelsea: Miss Mint, I'm going to keep doing my best!

If we leave and come back after this scene, we can finally finish it...

With something that actually makes sense, given the context of the scene.

No video for this, because it's purely auditory and a video wouldn't add anything to this one.

Chelsea: Thank you so much!
: Oh no...
: This is all because you're such a hard worker.

Chelsea: Say, Miss Mint... as thanks, I want you to have my precious collectible! This is a really rare item.

The statue and title are the only rewards for doing this; no awesome equipment this time, unfortunately (that's from other sidequests).

Skit: Sakuraba's Song

: The first time we heard her, I almost couldn't beleive how bad she sucked.
: I guess the lesson is that you should never underestimate the power of hard work.
: Wasn't that song the new song that Sakuraba was composing in the past?
: Yeah, it was. It must've become famous and been passed down through the ages.

Skit: Yet Another Stupid Fugue

: Give it up. It just doesn't suit someone like you.
: Who asked you to butt in anyway?
: What's wrong with speaking the truth?
: Nobody is asking you anything.
: That's why I'm offering my advice freely.
: You wouldn't know good music if it hit you upside the head anyway!
: Yeah, yeah, whatever you say.
: Argh! I hate that guy!

We've run out of things to do to put this off any longer; we can't even skip town and go through every other continent we explored before because Harrison's positioned to block that.

The ships don't work either, but that's more of a plot inconvenience than anything else.

: Is there any other way for us to travel?
: On your way here, did you happen to stop in Euclid? Actually, the state is running an under the table operation there. That is, a Magitech Research Institute.

A... Magitech Research Institute? I thought the people in this game were smart for JRPG NPCs but since they didn't learn that using magitech was a bad idea 150 years ago what with the whole "pissing Dhaos off to the point where he destroyed entire towns for it" thing I'm beginning to see a fair few giant holes in my blind optimism.

: If the sea is out, we'll just take to the sky.
: The sky... you mean fly!?
: Let's head to the State Science Academy, you can get the full explanation there.

: He has spent his life researching flying machines.
: Flying machines?
: Allow me to explain that. First, take a look behind you.

: If supplied with enough magical energy, those machines are capable of manned flight. I've named them <<Rhea-Birds>>. Although we're still in the midst of researching them, we've progressed to the point that we're ready for live tests. And since you're doing all of this in order to take down Dhaos, I'm willing to hand them over to you at no cost. However, as I was about to tell Harrison here, in their current state, these things can't take you as far as the Kingdom of Alvanista. The Rhea-Birds just don't have the power they need for that kind of trip.
: Aren't you supposed to be the world's authority on aviation and aeronautics? Isn't there any way we can give them more power?
: Who do you think you're talking to? I've already looked into doing it, there's just one little problem.
: Please, if there's anything we can do, tell us!
: The primary fuel for the Rhea-Birds is electricity. That is, the power of thunder.

: Though I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news; you're out of luck if you're hoping to meet any Summoners around here...
: Then, I'll be that Summoner.
: Oh...

I can't help but imagine him sounding terribly depressed here just from the way that's written. He can actually perfect technology that he's been working on his entire career; you'd think he'd be happier about that.

: Say, if we do get a hold of this power, could be power up my broom for long flights too?
: Since the broom also flies by having magical energy poured into it,the additional power from Volt certainly could have that effect.
: Well, in any case, let's get a move on.
: Hold on just a second. You need a ring in order to form a Summoning Pact, don't you? Here, take this with you.
: Why do you have a Pact Ring?
: The exploration team from Alvanista discovered it in in Moria and I later managed to get a hold of it for research purposes.

We cleared out all of Moria and there was only three pact rings there. Maybe that ring we left behind because Klaus thought it wasn't a pact ring actually was after all.

: Is it really okay for us to take it?
: Yeah, don't worry about it. You'll make much better use of it than I can hope to, so take it.

: According to rumor, Volt can be found in a cave to the southwest of Miguel. Supposedly, parts of the cave contain machinery from the age of the Ancient Civilizations, so be prepared to face some technological obstacles.

Skit: Rhea-Birds of a Feather

: Yeah, I've have never thought they could really fly.
: It's hard to believe, but they've already been tested.
: What are you talking about? My broom can fly too.
: That's the most unbelievable thing of all.

I'm not even going to pretend I don't have any ulterior motives for it this time.

: Nothing much.
: You say nothing much... but it's the middle of the night.
: What I do is my own business.
: So just because I called you weak, you let it get to you.
: That's got nothing to do wth it.
: Then what is it?
: Didn't I just say it was nothing!? If you don't need anything, just get out of here.
: Fine... I'm leaving.
: Wait... Do you think...
: I've gotten a little stronger?
: I... I want to say I'm sorry.
: DId you say something?
: Not a thing!
: I'll only say this once, don't go catching a cold out here!
: You'd be holding us all back.
: Says the one who stuffed herself so full at dinner that we thought she was going to burst!
: Mind your own business!
: Good night.

From this excursion, he gained less levels than last time since he gained another set amount of EXP; perhaps even the same as before, but I haven't got any fixed numbers to confirm/deny that.

Since he hit level 30, he gained this title out of it.

He also gained another arte. Heaven's Quiver looks good on paper, and being non-elemental gives it an advantage over Roaring Thunder at first. It's not good for what it seems designed for though, and that's crowd control. It's incredibly prone to missing what you actually want to hit with it, and the only things its really effective at hitting are large targets.

Skit: Volt, Spirit of Thunder

: Yeah, we have to hurry and form the pact.
: Hey, where does Volt live anyway?
: In a cave southwest of the City of Miguel.
: Weren't you listening at all?
: S, shut up. It doesn't matter anyway...

[i]Since Volt's the spirit of thunder and all picking up these things will help a bunch I believe (had to use a Miracle Charm to afford them both though).

And Volt's conveniently located right next to Morrison's house. I told you the cave would have a use later.