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Tales of Phantasia

by Dragonatrix

Part 44: E. The Future Of The Past

The last few skits that only occur whenever you leave Dhaos' Castle and return to the world map. Insofar as I'm aware, there's none left after these so that's kinda nice, I guess.

Skit: A Request

: With his power, even what would seem to be impossible becomes quite possible.
: Everyone, to save this world, this future, I ask you, please lend me your strength.
: Of course. everyone is counting on us to defeat Dhaos.
: Thank you very much.
: Then shall we be going?
: I admit I'm starting to feel a little homesick.

Skit: Goodbye Meryl

: That's true... I think I'll go on a grave visit.
: Huh?
: I still haven't said farewellto my mother. So...
: I see... That's true.
: Um... Would you like to come with me? I'm sure that my mother would like that as well.
: Yeah, of course!

Skit: The Joys of Idiocy

: Do you have fun every day?
: Of course. Can't you tell I'm having fun?
: Someone toldme that you always look happy but that you are an idiot.
: A, an idiot!?
: Yo! You having some secret discussions over here?
: Hey! It was you! You're the one telling this kid weird things!
: Uh oh! I'm outta here!
: Stop right there! I'm gonna magic you into the sky!
: Hahaha... Oh, I laughed just now.

Skit: Dreams For The Future

: Hm, let's see...
: I'll carry on the Alvein School in dad's place. I think I'll get married and some day teach my children the sword just as...
: W, what!? What am I talking about!?
: That's a really wonderful dream...
: W, well, anyway, for now, let's just focus on defeating Dhaos, okay?

Skit: Revenge, Spirit of The Summoner

: Oh, let's see...
: First, revenge.
: Huh?
: I'll pay a little visit to all the academics who laughed at my Summoning research. Origin will let them feel regret with every atom of their swollen heads. Oh, sweet, sweet revenge... Muahahahahaha.
: H, hold on!
: That's a joke. I'm going to take life slowly, makea record of everything we've experienced so far.

Skit: The Laziest Archer

: I won't really do anything.
: Nothing?
: You really don't have anything you want to do?
: It's not like that...It's just that I'm still me. For me, things will be the same as always.
: But... your little sister...
: Don't say it. Well, I'd be lying if I said that I'm not going to be lonely.

Skit: The Modest Narrator Continues

: With his friend, the great archer, by his side, he bravely faces the final battle.
: Together they will fight to sever the chains of fate that have bound them!
: Like I said, don't just add in your own narration.
: It's fine, just let it go.

Skit: Alone In The Future?

: Yeah...
: Things will be rather lonely.
: I'll definitely come see you, so just hang in there, okay?
: But Half-Elves cannot enter the Ymir Forest...
: Ugh, that's right...
: It's fine, I'll just have to fly there.
: I swear we'll meet again.
: Yes. I will be waiting.

Skit: Purification

: Purification.
: What?
: Since I can finally live without seeing your face, my purification can begin.
: I see...
: Wha... Oh, may, maybe I went a little too far, huh?
: Idiot! You're so gullible. I'm the one who's going to be enjoying inner peace!
: You, you idiot! I can't wait to beat Dhaos and return to the past!

Skit: The End

: The path here has been so long...
: It's still too early to start getting nostalgic.
: When we're together, not even Dhaos has a chance.
: All we have to do is to believe in our power.
: Let us go! To Dhaos' Castle!