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Part 54: Arsia's Manor (1/2)

Okay, so, I kinda underestimated how long this sidequest actually is, so here's the first half. This starts just after getting the rings fixed by Origin while trying to get Luna, so that's why there's no Arche etc. in the first scene.

Also to the best of my knowledge, this sidequest only exists in the SNES and GBA versions of the game. Conveniently I opted to use the latter for all the other stuff not in the PSX one anyway so that's nice.

: I'm sorry, but that would be impossible. I can mend items with a magical power, like Pact Rings but the slate simply returns things to their original form. That bow was created by a normal person right? Therefore it's original form was a stave of wood. In other words, if it's broken, simply fix it. A skilled bowsmith should be up to the task. It's that simple.
: Cless... What's so special about that bow, anyway?
: It's something I have to return to a very special friend.

That's the cliffnotes version, since it's just stuff we've done already. Have to take the bow to the guy in the weapon store at Heimdall like usual. The difference with it here is that rather than wait until we can come back much later, we can do it almost immediately.

Brambard is much like Rhea-Arche, in that he's considered a party member but not usable in battle. In his case it doesn't make much sense since he's an elf and thus able to cast spells effectively and he even has a bow so he can handle himself in combat just fine.

Anyway, when we get back to Heimdall, Arche gets captured, her mom steps in to save her, we get thrown out blahblahblah. But what if we try and go back in?

Klaus and Arche are stuck waiting outside but we can go see the weapon store bowyer anyway. How nice.

Bowyer: A bow?
: Yes. This one here.

Bowyer: Well, I think it could be fixed but it really is broken something awful, isn't it? You'd probably have to rebuild the whole darn thing.
: Do you think we'll ever be able to use it again?
Bowyer: There is a special method I know if you really need the bow that bad. Exit Ymir Forest and head east. You should come across a small manor.

Just like that, we've finally got where this sidequest diverges from the one we've seen already.

Because perspective on the world map is kinda fucked, it's hard to tell that this is supposed to be Arsia's Manor.

: Hey, Cless! Look at this! This statue looks real!

: Someone might be here. Let's go have a look.

It's a safe bet to assume that they are, and won't be going anywhere for a while so let's go take a quick look at those statues first.

Yep, sure is a statue. Highly doubt it's a fake but y'never know these days. I guess.

: Is there somebody here?
: I guess...there's nobody home.
???: Yes?
: Huh?
: Did you just hear a woman's voice? Arsia...are you here?
???: Yes, hang on and I'll open the door.

: Yes, did you need something from me?
: Actually...

: I see. I'll give it a try, if you want.
: Really!?
: Yes... However, there's one condition.
: Condition?
: Dont' worry, it's extremely simple.
: Well, let's listen anyway. Depending on the details, we may have to reconsider our next action.
: ...I want you to bring a certain person here.

: You should be able to find him deep in Ymir Forest...
: Brambard... You mean the Lord of the Elves?
: ...Okay, that was unexpected.
: Well, I bet Brambard would be willing to help out!

: I can't believe you actually know him. That speeds things up. Please, bring him to me.
: Let's go pay Brambard a visit!
: Wait, please. There's one...condition.

...Another one?

: One of you must remain here. As collateral... As collateral to make sure you bring him to me.
: You a hostage?
: That's right.

: What!?
: You're kidding! You want us to let you turn one of us into A STATUE? You're crazy if you think we'd let you do that!
: It's okay, I promise you that they will not die. You do want me to fix your bow regardless of the cost, right? Well... Bring him back to me.

: Is the bow really all that important? We don't have much time anyway. Let's give up on it.
: You can't be serious...
: No!
: That bow...
: Please, we just have to fix that bow...!

It's pretty obviously got to be Arche. We shouldn't even need to think about this decision if we're actually following through with it; there's no alternative here. We can't get to speak with Brambard if we take Arche with us, so we'd be two people down when running through Ymir. Path of least resistance and such.

: If you can't decide among yourselves, I'll pick someone for you.

: Wait! I'll stay instead!
: No. I've already made up my mind. Come here, into this light...

It's pretty odd going from one translation which actually has the characters saying some fairly minor stuff uncensored to seeing "goddamn" replaced with a couple of polygons.

: Bring him back with you, just like you promised.

We can't drag the Arche statue with us anywhere, and there's nothing to loot in this place so let's just go pick up Brambard and get back here ASAP.

: What might that be?
: Do you know someone by the name of Arsia?
: Yes, but what do you all have to do with her?
: Please come with us! Arche has...!
: Now hold on a second; are you telling me that you've met with her?
: That's right.
: And she asked that we bring you to her.
: I see. Very well, let's go! I don't want to cause you any further trouble.

Just a quick walk back to the mansion and we can get this over and done with, right?

: ...It's cold outside, isn't it? Why don't you come in?

: it's suddenly really cold in here.
: They sure are taking their sweet time...
: I just hope she turns Arche back to normal.
: It's my fault for saying I wanted to fix that bow.
: Don't sweat it. That bow is really important, right?
: Don't worry about it, I'm sure she'll fix it good as new.

: Are you sure? But... I love you so much...
: Arsia...
: No! This can't be happening... I can't take it! If you won't stay here with me...

: What!? But you promised!
: Please, you've got to turn her back!
: I know how you feel, Arsia... I'm the one who drove you to this... I can't let any more innocent people be hurt anymore.

: Once I'm a statue, they won't bring me back to the forest. The way you are now... You'd be satisfied with me as a statue, right? So, I'm ready. Turn me into a stone if that's what you want!
: There's no reason for you to go that far!
: No... If I can spend my life for her...

: Half-Elves are fobidden from entering Ymir Forest... The Elves have chosen a path of cohesion as a people.
: As the Lord of the Elves, there is no way I could be together with her... I'm the one who forced you people into this... And her as well. It's all my fault!
: I have no other choice, do I?

: Stay away! Please, just let me be.
: Alright, let's come back after she settles down a bit.
: It's frustrating, but there's nothing we can do right now...
: I just hope you have a change of heart!

I knew we were forgetting something!

...(Half) Elves are dicks.