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Part 32: The Woman Who Sings

Part XXXII: The Woman Who Sings

Well met, all. As of the beginning of this update, I've wrapped up Leia's, Elize's, and Jude's character chapters, but we have five more to go through. Since we have eight comrades, that means we've still got a lot of work to be done. We start in Trigleph today.

The truth is out

In other news, today's costume line-up is in Julius' memory. A morose look for Julius' reluctant killer, dark colors + appropriate accessories for everyone else. Gaius' final chapter, however, starts just outside Trigleph's only inn. Or, at least, the only one we can use.

Hey. I just arrived myself.

You guys worried about Kyle, too?

It's been a while since I heard anything from him. I only hope this dread I'm feeling is just my imagination.

Well, let's go check it out (inside the inn).

Good day, Erston. I'd offer you a drink, but we're in the middle of an interrogation here. Not that you seem to care.

Tanner, Kyle, are you unhurt?


You beat up these children?

Oh, please. It's not that bad. We simply taught these punks to respect the law. After all, they were obstructing a murder investigation.


Plenty of witnesses were there. They all saw what happened. They watched Kyle shove and kill that soldier.

No way...

I... I blew it, Big E... But that soldier started it! He was harassing me even though I didn't do squat. He treated me like a criminal!

That Rieze Maxian started the whole thing!

I'm sorry, Big E... I'm so sorry...

I'm...not the one you need to apologize to.

Oh, that reminds me, Erston. There are some folks I would like for you to meet. Hey, let 'em in!


This man and woman are none other than the grieving parents of the murdered Rieze Maxian soldier.

Is this the kid who killed my son, detective?

Oh hey, Cam Clarke again. Aside from this game, he has two other Tales dub roles. He's definitely most well-known in this series as the voice of Kratos Aurion in Symphonia / DotNW / Vesperia, but he also voiced Will, the first (sorta...) party member you meet in Legendia.

Of course, all of those roles pale in comparison to his turn as Liquid Snake in the MGS series.

Allegedly. The case isn't closed yet.

Tell me why. Why did you do it? Why did you kill our son?!


So what do you think? Do you still insist on protecting this man, "Erston"? It can't be easy when one of the subjects you've sworn to protect wails for her dead son.

Huh? What are you talking about?

Open your eyes! This man is no run-of-the-mill Rieze Maxian! He's King Gaius of Rieze Maxia. Heh, did you really think he was some Joe Schmo in your little gang?

Big E... C'mon. Say it ain't so.


He's right.


The scene of the crime was Marksburg, which is under the joint jurisdiction of both countries. That means RIeze Maxia is in a unique position to demand custody of the subject.

Is... Is that true?

I could do that. However...

However, that sort of thing would cause one heck of an international incident, I bet. The Rieze Maxians would be up in arms and out for blood over the incident. It might even poison the current negotiations on tariff autonomy that are so very important to Rieze Maxia.

I know.

Big E...

Just think about it, Kyle. Who do you really believe is on your side here? The Rieze Maxian king who's been pretending to be your friend this whole time? Or me, a fellow Elympion?

I don't know what to tell you.

I'll talk.

Your Majesty. My boss' boss' boss is waiting at the Marksburg Inn. If you'd be so kind as to come and meet with my superior, I'm sure the both of you could discuss more than a few words in private.

With Rieze Maxia's cabinet ministers, I imagine.

Yes. Exactly. You imagine right.

The sheriff takes his leave...


I know. It's true I could use my powers to protect Kyle from prosecution. But then I would fail as a king. I wouldn't be able to face my people.

And now we've got to stop in at Marksburg's Elym Harbor's Inn to wrap things up...

But not before we find a cat we should have found long ago.

The king's wish

Everyone is assembled in the conference room. If you would follow me, please.

*nod* Ludger, what are you thoughts on Kyle's crime?

Well, if you want to know which choice Gaius would approve of, you have to consider Gaius' position here. He can't be seen bending the rules when it comes to someone he knows committing a crime. So, we have no choice: blood must be answered appropriately. Though, it seems we're long past questioning Kyle's guilt.

You make it sound so simple. Such clarity comes from having a strong sense of morality. You've helped me accept what I must do, and I am grateful for it.

Gaius checks out, and a fade to black...

What will happen to Kyle?

I agreed to extradite him to Elympios.

Did you win a concession on the tariffs in return?

*nod* The ministers are thrilled. They said the life of one soldier was a small price to pay.

R1 will increase the king's affection, because we definitely need to know if he thinks the life of one is worth it. I suspect he'll say yes, but might as well get into his head.

In my position, personal feelings are irrelevant. Were I just a normal friend, perhaps I might have tried to save Kyle from being arrested.

That must've been hard.

It is my duty.

Wise decision, Your Majesty. You allowed Elympios to save face, but it also brought a great boon to your people. To be completely honest, I didn't think you had it in you! I wish I were as good at my job as you are. Well then, I'll be off. Until next time.

I would have perferred it if he were openly insulting.

Elympios is the one that holds the upper hand when it comes to negotiations between the two countries. That man probably set this whole thing up. He knew full well I wouldn't act against the interests of Rieze Maxia.

Gaius takes something out of his pocket, and...

Pardon me. Would you mind throwing this away for me?

Are you sure, sir?


Gaius...more sentimental than usual today. We should remind him what that camera means and see if we can't talk him out of this. Attempting to do so will raise his affection.

It was a gift for a man named Erston. A gift from his friends. I have no right keeping it.

But it's proof that you had any friends at all. People who actually wanted to spend time with you. As a normal man. As Erston. I think that humans and spirits alike all need people who will accept them for who they truly are.


What'll it be?

I'll hold onto it. Ludger...

And that's it for Gaius. His special weapon is the Festival Paddle, which is another weapon that's merely okay stat-wise, but has some nice passive benefits. I also got Gaius' next affection skit, and am pleased to announce there is an epilogue of sorts to this chapter.

Well, I'll be honest and say I don't particularly care for the epilogue, but you can judge for yourself when we get there. Next up is today's main event: Milla's last chapter. We begin in Hamil.

Family history

Sylph picked a porange, icky like feet!

Gnome picked a porange, juicy and sweet!

They cut it into halves, and each had a treat!

Heh heh. What a sweet little song.

It's a pornage-picking song!

The more you sing it, the sweeter the fruit!

Shy little porange, sitting in a tree.

The idols tykes run off...

Humans certainly put a lot of meaning into music.

I guess that's true. Reminds me how Victor sang when he passed away. I wonder what song that was?


Your choice here is completely inconsequential, and both ones more or less say the same thing. Honestly, not sure why there's even a choice here. I'm going with R1, however.

The same "Hymn of Proof" passed down in your family? Perhaps Victor wanted to pass it down to Elle.

I think it went like this. *hums a bit*

Yes, that sounds about right.

Catchy song. It really sticks in your head.

I will agree with "catchy". Obviously, the Hymn of Proof is just this game's theme song, Ayumi Hamasaki's Song 4 U. Between the three version of that song I have on my iPod, I have 211 plays of the song.

The Tales series has an interesting of incorporating theme songs into the game, often in cameo roles. The first instance I can recall is in Tales of Symphonia. The original GameCube version's OP was Starry Heavens (by the band day after tomorrow, who lead singer went on to sing the OP to Dawn of the New World), and in Symphonia's hot springs, an easily-missed minor event has the game's female cast singing the first few lines to the song. Before I knew the translation for the song, I had no idea what they were saying. Those lines were updated in the PS2 / PS3 versions to reflect the new OP, The Thing I Could Do Then, appropriately enough. An instrumental version of the OP was also in one of the game's climactic boss fights.

The OP for Tales of the Abyss, Karma, is definitely one of the more memorable OPs (though it's not great without the lyrics), and many boss fight themes in the final act of the game were named after lines from Karma, with an instrumental remix of the song playing over one of the boss fights. However, it is definitely true that this game has the most severe case of the OP playing a role in the story.

There's something about it. It's almost...nostalgic.


*phone call*

Department of Dimensional Affairs here. We've detected a new fractured dimension. However, we haven't been able to pinpoint where it leads. The coordinates are highly unstable as well, so please be careful.

That sounded serious. What's going on?

*fade to black, for some reason*

So basically, they have no idea where this fractured dimension will take us?

That's odd. They've never had this problem with the coordinates before.

Maybe it's just a glitch in the system?

Or perhaps the location doesn't exist in this world. Do you intend to take the assignment, Ludger?


Then we're here to help as always. This mission's a real wild card. We'd better be ready for anything.

I've got something exciting to announce. This is the last fractured dimension of the game! Muzet's last chapter takes place entirely inside Prime Marksburg, and Alvin's last is a couple short cutscenes. Appropriately enough, this is also a really cool fractured dimension. Prepare for the last dive...

Ah, the Temporal Crossroads. Basically the only major Xillia 1 location we haven't been to, up to now. This was the final dungeon of the first game, as its grandiose appearance would suggest. Going into here, the party got separated, and Jude and Milla had their separate duels with Gaius and Muzet, respectively, before the party reunited to throw down with Wingul. After which they got separated again, and one party member after another, aside from Jude and Milla, to throw down with Gaius and Muzet.

It was really cool, too. Everyone entered by using their Mystic Arte, and had a short little exchange with Gaius before they formally rejoined the party to lend their support. I'm a huge fan of Xillia 1's final battle. Back to this game, however, we have a highly amusing skit where you can raise Jude or Milla's affection (L1 for Milla, R1 for Jude), and learn more of Milla's charming vocabulary.

There's four different enemies here, one for each of the main four elements. They have a 0% drop rate, so don't be concerned if you're having bad luck getting drops from them. The only real reason to fight here at all is to get their entries in the bestiary. Otherwise, it's basically a complete straight shot to the end of the dungeon.

Just a little Muzet getting...sentimental, and...

We reach the end of the dungeon. These three blue portal-things offer some very nice treats for investigating them. From left to right: all the Life Bottles you can carry, all the Apple Gels you can carry, and finally, all the Orange Gels you can carry. Not bad. Not bad, not bad at all.

The Old One

Another uninvited guest?

Meet...the old Maxwell. Or if you're coming from Xillia 1, say hello again. Maxwell here is voiced by Michael McConnohie, who has been a go-to villain voice in JRPGs for quite a while. Maxwell's actual status as a villain is debatable, however. However, none can argue his turn as Vandesdelca Musto Fende in Abyss was not a villainous role.

For a little history, Maxwell's history in the Tales series goes all the way back to the start. He was the fifth spirit you could contract with in Phantasia, where he was supposedly quite powerful but in gameplay never came across quite as such. His appearance, like everyone's, has varied over the course of the series, but an old guy with a white beard is usually the starting point.

Milla. Tell me. What are you doing here?

It has been a while, Maxwell. Although perhaps not from your perspective. I hope you are willing to talk to me. I have a question for you.

How laughable. Come now. What makes you think that I will suffer your foolishness again?

This is far from foolishness. It's important.

Silence, human! Who do you think forced me to unmake Milla in the first place?

Unmake Milla? So unlike our reality, she was eliminated in this world.

I don't know how you've managed to return to life, but you will fare no better this time. Those who stray from their path, who lose sight of their duty, must be unmade. No exceptions.

Please. If there's anyone who has never lost sight of their path, it's Milla Maxwell, pal. Keeping this in mind will raise Milla's affection.

I will not entertain objections from the very humans who led her astray!

But you don't understand.

If you insist on coming back from death, then I will simply remove your souls from the cycle of life forever.

He's not in a cooperative mood.

Honestly, I wish I could have said the Lord of Spirits gave it his best effort, but I'd be a heinous fool and liar for doing so. Basically, Maxwell's gimmick is he can shift his elemental strengths and vulnerabilities around, but he also acquires new artes and spells depending on what element form he's in. No form should bother you in the slightest at this point, and Maxwell has such a huge hitbox that he won't be able to get an attack in edgewise. As things happened, he lasted just over 2 minutes.

In the alternate choice video, I included my Alt Maxwell fight, to show you more of what he can do and his Mystic Arte.

The eternal story

Now answer me this. What happened between you and the human, Milla Kresnik? Did it have anything to do with the creation of the schism?

Where'd you hear that name?

It's become ingrained in Nia Khera folklore, but the story's details have been lost to time.

Ah, interesting. I see now. You must be one of her descendants. That would explain the wealth of your power.

I want you to tell us everything. Did you name me after her? After Milla Kresnik?

And why would you want to know the answer? That's irrelevant to the mission I assigned you.

Is it wrong to ask? I want to know about myself. I want to know what went through your mind before I was given birth.

You "want to know". Perhaps naming youa fter her led to that as well.

So Milla's name was derived from Milla Kresnik. Is that a safe assumption?

*nod* That woman pestered me incessantly with her constant questions. Why this? How that? She wanted to know it all. The voraciousness of human curiosity seems to have no boundaries or limitations. I must say, it never ceases to amaze me.

In many ways, it could be defined as one of humanity's most intriguing traits. Humans never halt their quest for knowledge, even if it means risking their own destruction.They're always looking to see what's ahead. The strength of their curiosity is stunning.

In striving to understand spiritkind, she represented more than just human beings. She was hope.


She devoted all of her energy to the benefit of spirits and humanity alike. Truly a magnificent sight. It was a slow process, but one that showed promise. In time, humans who wished to coexist with spirits flocked to her side. Thus began the Kresnik clan.

And yet, I understand that Chronos didn't think much of her.

Chronos did not think much of any humans. At the end of the day, he found them inadequate beings who needed to prove their worth.

I get it now. So that's the reason for the Origin's Trial.

Well, the subject is Milla Kresnik, and I bet Milla wants to know the full story.

She was driven to her death by the humans who were the members of her own clan.

You couldn't save her from her demise?

No. I never saw it coming. Unbeknownst to me, the Kresnik clan had become poisoned by a faction seeking to exploit spirits for profit.

Milla would naturally not allow that. Therefore, they conspired to kill her.

I concluded that schism was the only solution. I would divide the world and bring over select humans on the ark. But unlike what I expected, Milla refused my invitation. Instead of coming aboard the ark, she chose to stand with the humans who had turned against her.

And you saw her actions to stay behind as a betrayal.

Of course! Milla had thrown in with those would rather pursue their own selfish desires. What else was I supposed to believe? That was a rude, but much needed awakening for me. When presented with great power, humans cannot control themselves.

And you spoke with Milla about her intentions?

There was no need.

Or were you perhaps afraid to ask hear her answer? Afraid to find out her motivations. Her intentions. And what she truly meant to you.

The power of the Four!

Get away from Lord Maxwell. Now! You filthy vermin.

Muzet commands the Four here?

Tee hee hee. Aren't they nice? I salvaged them from the remains of their former master.

So Muzet killed the Milla of this world.

She's the catalyst.

I'll kill anyone who dares defy Lord Maxwell!

Because that is my sole mission!


You remember back when we fought Muzet on the Nia Khera Hallowmont? This fight is basically made of the exact same stuff, except for Muzet being able to use The Four in-battle (though, she doesn't have Undine's healing spell, thank Christ). Other than that, that same thing where her Emergency Warp makes the fight a lot harder than it has any right to be applies here.

There are a couple work-arounds. One is you can knock Muzet into the air, where I don't believe she's able to warp as long as she's under attack, and Milla's Bind ability. She can't escape from that, so you have a few free seconds of ass-kicking. Other than that, it's simply a matter of dodging Muzet's spells and healing considerably, since Muzet will be throwing out spells and artes like there's no tomorrow. She has a surprisingly large amount of health, so this fight's gonna take a while.

Still, don't sweat it. Not the hardest fight in the game, that's for sure.

You even bested Muzet. Milla... You have seen enough now to grasp the hubris and cruelty that humanity is capable of possessing. And yet you still side with them?

It is the duty that I, as Milla Maxwell, must fulfill.

Interesting. You have defined your own duty, have you?

I have. And in the mission... I am not alone.

So you too have chosen to part ways with me.


Go and live wherever you wish. It's no longer my decision.

This is no cause for sadness, Maxwell. Even when separated, the bonds that tie us together cannot be so easily broken. *hums Song 4 U*

This melody...

It just popped into my head, like a feeling I couldn't put into words. I can only hope Maxwell understood what I meant by it. Thank you, Ludger. Because of you, I understand my predecessor's side of the story now. Although I didn't learn the whole truth about Milla Kresnik.

She couldn't stand the thought of abandoning those left in Elympios to die. That's why Milla Kresnik wouldn't go with Maxwell to Rieze Maxia.

How so?

Because the world Milla Kresnik dreamed of long ago, is the same one we wish to create now.

She couldn't flee to a world that offered salvation for only a select few.

*nod* But, in reality, I'm sure Milla Kresnik wanted to ultimately be with Maxwell, too. So they could make their perfect world together. We've learned that our dream isn't a new one. People and spirits have been seeking it for ages. We have to make it come true!

You're right, for Milla Kresnik's sake as well as our own.

It's the lab. I better take this.

You might not know it, but you're already walking ahead of me, Jude...

Well, he does have a year's head start on you, but cheer up, Mila. It's the effort that counts, and her affection will increase if you keep that in mind.

That much is certainly true. But I know that I won't be around to see everything Jude will accomplish. I realize that's just the way it is, but don't have to like it.

Sorry. You okay?

Yes. Is everything okay at work?

Yeah, it should be fine. I guess it's up to us to carry the torch passed by Maxwell and Milla Kresnik.

We will put an end to Origin's Trial, once and for all.

And that's that for the fractured dimensions! The ones the game will let us take care of, that is. Now, you do get Milla's "joke" weapon, the Fangirl (and 50,000 gald) from completing that story, but don't leave Hamil too soon...

This, friends, is the Conqueror's Blade. The same weapon Gaius used in the final battle in Xillia 1, pulled out of the body of Maxwell himself. A katana radiating the Lord of Spirits' power. The reasons it is appropriately kickass are threefold. It has a P. ATK stat of 1207 and an A. ATK of 1122, making it a huge improvement over anything else Gaius can get at this point in the game. Next, it hits with all four base elements with every swing. And finally, its passive benefits are it restores HP and TP at regular intervals, AND it has a chance to revive Gaius. Not a great one, but hey. Can't keep a good king down.

This thing is bleeding awesome and only one other "normal" katana can even begin to compare to this thing. You're gonna keep Gaius using this thing for a long time. Also, you get Gaius' final boss costume, haircut, and Gaius' crest, for all your final boss needs.

Now, the next thing I did was look for the kitty I missed at the Brauner Highroad. Eventually I got bored and decided to stop off at Fort Gandala, because at some point in the past it opened, and we've got some quick business to attend to.

This was a dungeon in Xillia 1, but it's been significantly shrunk in this title. It's just as well, honestly. It was not the most exciting dungeon in the history of the Tales series (for the record, I think Phantasia had, on average, the best dungeons of the Tales games I've played), and I don't think anyone was really weeping this place is a total afterthought in this game.

Our only business here is getting the cat Lazy from this console in the sole side room of the dungeon, and...that's it. Now to find that cat in the Highroad.

First of all, make your way to the SW Branch of the Highroad. Unfortunately, there's a lot of ground to cover in the area, so you have to know where to look. But with me telling you where...anyway. Climb up those vines, and look for a cave to your left just as soon as you get to the top. The cat, Cannon, is in there. It has an unusual color scheme, but it's not a reference to anything that I'm familiar with. That wraps up this corner of the world in Kitty Kollecting

Turning in Brauner-related jobs, I also turned in Fruit Yakisoba from a Kannono. Now, this client gives you Sealed World, which made me look into Cannon a bit more. The name is too similar for it not to draw my attention...

I'm quite sure that cat was based on the girl in the middle, who is from the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology sub-series. Interestingly, the co-protagonists of all the Mythology games are named Kannono, it's just they all have different seasonal motifs, like the Kannono of the third game has an "Autumn" motif.

I could have picked a better piece of fan art to illustrate my point, but 'tis the season, right? I also took a job called "Balan's Plea", which asks us to pick up some meat on a store counter in Fennmont and bring it to Balan in Helioborg. Sounds simple enough, but apparently it weighs...50 kgs, so... Well, we'll save it for next time. Next update will have only two character chapters, so I need to do a little padding for it. I want everything from the start of Canaan to the end to be more or less an unbroken series of events.

This is really something I should taken care of long ago. The video this screenshot is from is 3 hours long, so you'd think I'd want to get rid of it quickly. But anyway, here are all the rewards you get from the three NPCs with affection levels. First up is Elle's letter / weapon.

Ludger, I'm giving you my daddy's sword as an apology to you for breaking my promise. If any bad guys come for you, take them out with this. I don't want you to disappear! I hope that both you and Rollo will be well forever and ever. It was nice knowing you. Bye bye. - Elle

Dammit, Elle. It's not over yet. Elle gives you the Pollux Twins, which has the passive bonuses of increasing character affinity by more with the use of Linked Artes, higher critical hit rate, and has a chance to stun. However, stat-wise they're not particularly impressive, and they have the same appearance as Ludger's starting swords. Speaking of special sword sets, the blades Ludger is currently using in my game is the Castor Twins, which you got after you resumed control post-Julius' death. Let's see what the boss man has for us.

Ludger, as a reward for assuming the position of Vice President at my illustrious company, I would like to send you our latest equipment. There is no longer a need for you to handle the trial, but I assure you this company has many enemies besides the spirits. In such an event that I do not return from the Land of Canaan, I should ask you to dispose of them for me. Your role is and always has been to guide my people, the humans, and make their future a tangible reality. Given your resolve and strength, I know I needn't worry. I pray that we will be mutually successful in this endeavor. Sincerely, -Bisley Bakur

Yeah, we ain't finished, either. Bisley gives you the Spirius Surrender, a hammer whose sole passive benefit is to raise character affinity in battle. Next up...

Sorry, Ludger. I wasn't able to send you something to congratulate you on landing your job. I don't think that this in any way makes up for it, but please accept it. I had a hand in its development. It's tailored specifically to you, but be careful when you use it. Sorry, I can't seem to help lecturing. Don't laugh though: I am your older brother, after all. I hope these pistols will at least be of some use in helping you realize your ideals. Wishing you the best, -Julius

Julius He gives you the Spirius Model-4304, because they were, evidently, commissioned in the year 4304. Interesting. What's not interesting is the passive benefit, which is the exact same as the Spirius Surrender. Now that that's done...

Now, I did take another job called "The Veywind Eye Strikes Back!", which gives you a double trouble team of Elite Monsters in the Torbalan Highroad, just waiting for extermination. Again. Let's school these fools.

Overall, not a whole lot to say about this fight. Both monsters are basically identical to the previous battles with them, except they're much better stat-wise in every way. However, this does not mean the fight is particularly difficult in any sense of the word. Both monsters are still pretty slow, easy to heavy stun, and have a ton of weaknesses. Basically, it's a grind, but an enjoyable one. Just fun to have punching bags, y'know?

However, it IS good for 60k gald and 15k rank points, which is vastly out of proportion for how difficult the fight is, but oh well! Today's last part brings us to Xian Du for one of my favorite character chapters in the game.

Gone drinkin'

Got big news about your next job!

Leia grabs the phone away... Sounds like she's planning something.

Sorry, Nova. Ludger's tied up at the moment.

What? Hey, wait a minute.

*hangs up*

Pretty messed up the team keeps treating Nova so poorly. Just sayin'...

Just tracked 'em down. Yep, we'll be right over. Just hang tight.

They want us to hurry?

Pretty much. Ludger, you've been such a big help to us. It's only fair you come see our big announcement... No, let's, it a celebration.

After all we've been through, going out for a drink sounds good to me (although, I'm not ashamed to admit I am a complete teetotaler. Haven't had an alcoholic drink in nearly 26 years of existence) R1 it is, and that'll increase Alvin's affection, as well.

I knew you'd pick up what I was putting down.

And as the only journalist invited...I'll be coming alone to document the whole thing.

We expect big things from you, snoops. We've booked the bar in Duval, so we better get moving.

Duval? Way over there? I thought I'd be rubbing shoulders with a who's who of Xian Du!

I'm not made of moolah. Believe me, I checked out some of the options... My wallet hurts just thinkin' about it.

Ouch. Alrighty... But you owe me one, okay? Better start saving!

Fair enough. Let's just call this the pre-party.

Alright! Drinking party. Let's get moving.

Three cheers

Hey! You started without me?

Well, you never said not to. Right?


What's the story?

Let's just say it involves a sloppy young Alfred and a humiliating confession.

Never happened. Stop making stuff up!

Ah ha ha ha!

Excuse me, can I get anyone a drink?

Napple Juice, please!

Whatever they're having. You?

Oh man, ball's in our court. I think if it were a mandatory choice, Ludger would totally bore everyone, but he knows Alvin's a drinking kinda man, and that'll raise his affection. It's a party, after all.

Yeah, that's the spirit, buddy. Ahem. I'll start with the big news. We need to unload all the merchandise we'd been planning to sell to you-know-who.

The Skylark Exchange, which led to Yurgen and Alvin's previous falling-out.

You okay with this?

Apparently, it's just how you break into the business world in Elympios.

Exactly right. Going after them now wouldn't accomplish anything at this point.

Huh... Because that would just make things worse.

Fortunately, we're not alone. Balan had our back on this one.

Eh, I know some people.

So you taking that job they offered?

Turned 'em down. I'm business partners with Yurgen now. There's absolutely no way I'm just tossing that away.

Very well said. I mean, you even came to me for help.

Hey... So are you really okay with this?

We talked this over already. It's all good. I'm fine.

I really am glad I got into business with you. Thank you.

This was a real learning experience for me. I'm not the world's best businessman. It's pretty clear that I need someone like you around.

C'mon. I wouldn't even have known where to start without you.

Listen to that! They're the perfect team!


There's no need to patronize us.

The perfect team, huh... Gotta say, I'm looking forward to the future.

Ooh! Ooh! Final question! So, the two of you got into business to build a bridge between the two nations. And do you still think that's possible at this point?

The two countries certainly have radically different values. But that just makes for a challenge worth meeting.

Sometimes there's more important things in business than simple profit. Now that I've finally learned that lesson, I'd like to try my luck at it again.

Hmm... I think I have the makings of a great story here!

From the top?

Okay, let's do this.

We can't ruin the moment here! Just choose which one you like better. Hurry!

Thanks pal, for all your help.

If this is to end in fire, then we shall all burn together...

Update 32 alternate choice compilation
Update 32 victory compilation