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Part 37: The Man Who Meets

Part XXXVII: The Man Who Meets

Welcome to the third and final part of Overtime.

The first big event? The ending to the Illusionary Darkness. Once you've defeated all 18 bosses, after defeating the next PC Shadow, you'll warp to the final area.

Heroic Shadow


Well...a swordman who can call upon time distortions for attacks, and another who focuses a lot on fire sword attacks and aerial combos... I do believe we're talking about none other than Cless Alvein (sorry Namco, I absolutely refuse to call him Cress, and no earthly force can make me) and Stahn Aileron, protagonists of Tales of Phantasia and Destiny, respectively.

Fighting style-wise, I've heard Cless and Stahn compared to Ryu and Ken, and it's an apt comparison. Cless focuses on very basic, but effective techniques, and is a pretty grounded fighter. Meanwhile Stahn will be jumping around a lot and firing Fireballs or Demon Fangs from his sword, and he has plenty of moves that will throw him and a target into the air. Take advantage of Cless' attacks to punish him when he uses an arte like Sword Rain or Sword Rain: Alpha, something that'll leave him in place for a bit. Hopefully your buddies are keeping Stahn busy elsewhere. One critical thing is that Cless is weak to Light (strong against Darkness), whereas Stahn is weak to Water (strong against Fire). You can easily stunlock Stahn with Freezing Eruption, and you can pile on additional attacks while he's Stone'd. Now, if you're going to bring in the two oldest Tales protagonists, you're gonna need to do a little something if you want them to have Mystic Artes.

Why not bring back the oldest Tales Mystic Arte, a duo-Final Fury? Final Fury is in a ton of Tales games, and it started back in Tales of Destiny 1 (Cless first got to use it in the PSX port of Phantasia, via a button combination) as Stahn's Mystic Arte. Jude uses it in this game and Xillia 1 as his solo Mystic Arte. Now, Cless or Stahn obviously have to go into Over Limit to use it, just like everybody else, but they do NOT have to be linked with each other to throw it out. They will sometimes link with each other, but this is not necessary for it to get thrown out. It's pretty powerful, as you might expect, but at least it looks very nice.

But we can play the dual Mystic Arte game, too. Earlier in the fight, you might have seen a Ludger / Gaius Mystic Arte being thrown out. I will certainly get to explaining how I got that little number before this update is done.

One interesting trick Cless can throw out, and I only noticed this after watching the final video, is that, being a master of space-time thanks to his Eternal Sword, he can warp clear across the field to a new target, with an arte called Chaos Lunge. He also has an arte called Chaos Distortion Blade, where he'll do the same thing + Distortion Blade, where he creates a powerful sphere of energy with an upward slash, then comes back down. Area of effect arte, just like it was in Phantasia.

Once either Cless or Stahn goes down, the battle becomes considerably easier. The surviving protagonist can't use any Mystic Arte, and you've always got his elemental vulnerability to exploit at your leisure. Fight's basically over as soon as one goes down. I just threw out level 4 Chromatus usage (249 hit combo!) to get that sweet sweet bonus experience. We're gonna need it.

And yeah, you get a shit TON of gald for finishing this fight, and having either a Blue Sephira or Ludger / Leia's gald increasing skills activating or a meal like the Creamy Beef Bowl being used prior to battle. In any case, this fight in particular makes paying back all of your debt, if you haven't done it yet, painfully easy. The EXP's nice, too, I guess.

We've searched high and low, and there's no sign of the reason for this phenomena.

Perhaps not, but we do have a better understanding of at least a few things.

Like how this space is entirely shut off from the rest of the world.

Ergo, the shadows that reside within cannot pass to the outside world.

Well, if we're the only ones who can get in or out, then I suppose there's no problem just leaving this place alone for the time being?

Since nothing here can do any harm to the outside world? Very well, Ludger, let's report back to Vera.


To the Land of Canaan!

Elle is waiting for us!

Indeed she is...

Some time later...

I see. Understood. Then I pray for your success in Origin's Trial, Ludger Kresnik.

These humans possess an extraordinary strength of will.

That much is certain, even without taking over these bodies. Bisley's faculties are quite remarkable as well. If he can get past Origin's Trila, then who knows what will become of humans and spirits.

We must believe in Ludger. That is why we tested him to begin with, is it not?

I suppose you are correct. In any case, we have achieved what we set out to. We should relinquish control of these girls' bodies.

This young girl believes so strongly in you. Ludger. It was a pleasure being one with her spirit for a time...

You'll meet the child again one day. Assuming Ludger and his friends successfully complete Origin's Trial.

Indeed. Good luck, Ludger. Oh, and Maxwell... We entrust Origin and Chronos to you.

So that's the truth... Shadow was watching us all along, along with, I believe, Verius, the Spirit of Heart who showed up in Symphonia. There you go. Upon completing the Darkness...

You also get Milla's Stahn Outfit, Stahn's Haircut, and the Verius Tail / Shadow accessories. Jude's Cless outfit / Milla's Stahn outfit were actually pre-order bonuses for Xillia 1, so if you didn't pre-order that game, you never got the chance to get them again. Until today. That was real nice of Namco, actually.

So a few more notes. This is the Ancient Bell shop in the Darkness. It's kinda sparse right now, but the first time you come here, you could buy a bunch of character model-altering skins from here. Like...

As well as Elle, Ivar, Wingul, Jiao, Presa, Vera, Cless, Mint, Stahn, Rutee, and Bruiser from Tales of Destiny. These will entirely change the character's appearance, altered only accessories. So if you want Elle to be a hardcore badass assassin, you can change Gaius' appearance to the Elle skin and the Sunglasses, and she'd still hold the sword in the same way and keeps the same voice. It's really up to you. It also leads to ridiculous images like these...

Now, after finishing the Darkness, you've taken an important step forward to getting the second joke ending. But there's an additional step that needs to be done.

There's also a "Money Lover" who wants a single Unicorn Horn, in Fennmont. Accept and complete that job, too.

Thank you so much! It must've been very difficult for you to find.

Your smile makes any effort worthwhile, Milady.

Aw, how sweet of you!

Is the lens a present for a friend of yours?

It is. I have a friend who's a really passionate lens hunter. Thanks to you all, she'll be very happy!

I know who she's referring to, but that could also refer to any of the female protagonists of Tales of Eternia. Lens hunting was the big, ugly collectathon in that game. Eternia is a good, but very odd game.

How nice of you to go to such trouble for your friends!

Yaaaaaaay! Friendship!

Of course! When you're in a bind, that's what friends are for, right? Well then, until we meet again!

Indeed... *Mint leaves*

I still can't believe how calm and kind she is!

I could really get used to her!

She may be innocent and ladylike, but I can tell there's a real fire deep inside her. Some real strength behind those sweet smiles... She's a remarkable young damsel, that one. I don't think most women her age have half the courage she has.

You're probably right.

No matter what anyone says, a person's gotta have a strong backbone, some tough skin, and a whole lotta guts if they wanna survive in this world!

Aw, Teepo... You're all soft and squishy though! Do you have ANY of those things?

I'll tell you, at my age, I wish I had some of that "squishiness" in my joints.

Hm... Well, I guess you gotta have some squishy too then!


So, as regular Tales players might now, Mint Adnade was the main heroine of Tales of Phantasia and the third party member (Cless' friend Chester was the second), who joins early in the game and stays until the end of the game. Her story is that early on in the adventure, Cless was arrested and tossed into prison by an unwitting dupe of Dhaos, Lord Mars. His escape was made possible by taking a sword out of Meryl Adnade, Mint's mother, which unfortunately caused her death (she had, obviously, been badly wounded by the whole big piece of metal jutting into her chest). Mint was in the same prison as her mother, but didn't directly witness any of this. For a very long time, Cless lies to Mint about what happened to her mother, and she only eventually discovers the truth well into the adventure.

Mint's whole existence is based on her dedication to preserving the World Tree, which was dead in Cless' own time but alive when Cless and Mint were sent back several hundred years to save the World Tree and defeat Dhaos in an alternate timeline created by the party's actions. She goes to considerable lengths to accomplish this end, and the last thing the party does in the Past section of Tales of Phantasia, before returning to the Present. She's basically the conscience of Phantasia's party.

And now only one more step...

Mm...but hold up a minute! If you were able to get that Unicorn Horn, then that means just one thing... YOU'RE A VIRGIN!

Um, what?


Okay, on second thought, nevermind! If we keep going down this road, I may hear things I don't wanna know... Later!

Now hold on a sec! We haven't named our price yet! You specifically said you're willing to pay a "handsome sum" to whoever brought you that horn, right?

I sure did! And you know what that means! It means you'll get the best-looking gald I have! Too bad we have such ugly currency though, am I right?


I hardly think this is a time for semantics, you little cheat.

Hey, you're supposed to be the adult here, right? You should've been smart enough to read between the lines, Mister. Look, people, did I ever specify an actual amount? Nope. Did you inquire beforehand? Nope. My fault? Nope!


This is all sort of a technicality, don't you think?

Hey, everyone makes mistakes Ya learn from them, ya move on. That's life! You should be thanking me, right? Now, you'll be more cautious in the future! You're lucky I'm not charging YOU for this lesson!

Oh, well, I guess when you put it that way...

Whoa, whoa! So we're actually letting this happen?!

Apparently so! Glad we could sort this all out! I guess that about "sums" everything up, eh? "Handsomely". (Ugh! When'd I start doing puns?! That's not me! I need some new friends.)

Well, I mean, the job is worth 8000 gald, so that's something I guess. Not that I need more money, of course.

Rutee's story is, admittedly, not one I'm overly familiar with. She was the main heroine of Tales of Destiny, and in-between Destiny and Destiny 2, married and had a kid with Stahn, who ended up becoming the protagonist of Destiny 2. Stahn and her are still around in Destiny 2, thankfully.

Now, once you've completed the Illusionary Darkness, and those two quests, the cameo battle, and the second joke ending, are open to you. So far, we've met Cless, Stahn, Mint, and Rutee, and if you've guessed these are your enemies in the cameo battle, you'd be right. The way you get to that throne is simple: defeat the Elite Party Battle. Once the final enemies in the Elite Party Battle have fallen, the music will change one final time, then the cameo characters will start appearing. We'll...get to that.

We will certainly get to that. For now, though, this little sidequest that I've mentioned once or twice, the Hassles at the Tatalian Abyss. Throughout the game, and upon completion of the final one, I think there's seven, this request will show up. Simple enough, just bring your party to the Xialen Woods Temple. Be prepared for a fight, however. It's also good to have Leia somewhere in the party, because the boss has a nice stealable item.

I...may have forgotten to take someone's special skin off... But hey, they never DID recover Jiao's body after the Elympios bombing of the Fezebel Marsh at the end of the first act of Xillia 1. I cannot say one way or another what happened to the ogre.

Who are these two?

These are the shrine maidens, Tess and Patel.

These two were also involved in the major collection quest in the first game, where you had to collect a large number of mysterious orbs to...face a bonus boss at this very location. How 'bout that?

Maxwell! I knew you'd come to us.

Welcome to the Shrine of Eternity.

And where would be the threat we must dispose of?

Didn't you say you were being attacked by the Great Spirit of Eternity?

And you must be the scion of Kresnik.

Why do you expect you'll stand a chance against Chronos, the ruler of space and time?


Do you understand?

If the soul purification process is interrupted, all will plunge into the Underworld!

A dark, twisted world, from which they will never escape.


How do you know all this?

Well, maybe we should explain...

We are the...Great Spirit of Eternity!

Impossible! Maxwell sealed you away long ago!

Possible. And plausible. You see, we could have broken that seal any time we wished. No power can hold us!

We went along with the charade for a little bit, while it amused us, but no more! You rabble don't look like you're good for very much, I have to admit.

They'll make excellent practice for our upcoming battle with Chronos.

I agree. I guess great minds think alike.

Watch out! They're no ordinary foe...

Correct! The Great Spirit of Eternity...and the Lord of the Underworld.

I am...Pluto.

Spirit of the Underworld

So, you remember that weird Otulp boss, from Gaius' fractured dimension story where we defeated the Four Chimeriad? Welcome to the real deal. Now, in Xillia 1, that orb sidquest also ended in a fight here, but only against those red and blue centaur thingies. It was a difficult fight in its own right, but this not difficult. Allow me to explain.

It's all about levels / equipment. I am so ridiculously more powerful than any of these losers this fight really poses no threat at all. But were this a real fight, I would mention Pluto can replace any of his fallen pals, but only once. So you can pretyt quickly get him down helpless status pretty soon if you focus your fire, but that's not what I tend to do. What this means is it's pretty smart to focus on Pluto first, and have your buddies keep the riffraff busy.

Pluto gets knocked down a lot for such a big dude, so it's pretty easy to give Leia plenty of chances to steal from him. He can cough up a Laurel Crown, which nixes all negative status effects, physical and magical. Ultimately, you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly if either the friendly or enemy AI decides not to cooperate, but at higher levels, there's virtually no challenge to this fight.

He has two major attacks: a large swing with his staff, which admittedly can be pretty dangerous if you're at mid-range from him, and a flamethrower that sprays in an arc. Also pretty dangerous, but he's actually fairly helpless as close range. Both attacks will miss if you're pretty close to him.

Buck up. Pluto is a very rare sight in the Tales series. The bonus boss I mentioned in Phantasia's Depths of Moria was Pluto. He was off on a side-path, even though the final real boss was a griffon-thing guarding some ancient dwarven ruins (who were not mentioned anywhere else in the game, naturally). Actually, I forgot about the second hidden boss in the Depths, a summon spirit called Gremlin Lair. Now that guy's a rare sight.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! Take 'er easy there. Okay, that got WAY too real right now...

I know, right?! I thought we were gonna die. I told you we should take those brats more seriously.


Oh, whatever. Look, I don't know if it was really THAT serious... I mean, the Lord of the friggin' UNDERWORLD can't die!

Whoa, what happened? Is this the same person from before?

Duh! Your'e a little slow, aren'tcha, toots? Try to keep up.

Will someone explain what's goin' on here?

What is it you're after, Pluto?

Hey-hey! Long time no see, Maxwell! Geez, SOMEONE got reborn into a real hottie with the body! Maybe if you didn't eat so much, WE could look like that!

Shut up, you!

Answer me! Why'd you attack us?

Y'know how that brat Chronos is trying to break into this world, right? Well, I thought I'd-I mean, WE'D- go to Canaan and give him a piece of your mind! My mind!

Pluto vs. Chronos...interesting. That is, if Chronos played fair and didn't use time reversal. I confess I don't know how that fight would turn out.

Are you saying you want to protect this world?

You betcha!

Er, I dunno, on second thought I might just leave all to you guys!

Say what now?!

She's a little capricious, don't you think?

Honey, I dunno WHAT that means, but if you're saying I'm the most laidback Great Spirit, then you're correct!

Yeah...laidback. You'd think we'd have better things to do with our immortality...but we don't.

So why is it you care so much about this world?

Isn't it obvious? Because it's so much fun! Duh!

War between humans and spirits? It's a hoot!

How can you be so selfish?!

Moi? Selfish?! Everyone's selfish, little boy. Everyone involved in this war! That's why it's so entertaining! I've been watching it unfold for thousands of years. Do you know how much popcorn we've gone through?


Look, you guys just keep on keepin' on. Do your thing, and if you stumble, well, maybe i'll come play with you again! But next time, we'll do it in MY world. And we won't stop until I say so.

Ugh, what a goon!

*Blithe Something Awful reference goes here*

She is right though.

Indeed. I can see how an outsider might view this war as a farce.

But WE aren't in the audience.

Agreed. Whether it's a comedy or tragedy, it's the state of the world, and that's that.

Life is so short that we need to learn to enjoy what we have and get by however we can.

*everyone nods*


Our penultimate business involves getting everyone to level 10 affection. You'll get skits for everyone upon getting them to level 9 affection (nothing for 10 or max affection): Jude, Milla, Alvin, Elize, Rowen, Leia, Gaius, Muzet. A number of events will also show up. Let's start in Marksburg.

I made this for you. Hope you like it!

Hm! It looks good on you.

Meaningless choice, but I'm going with L1. I could show R1, but...nope. My typical LP policy is I always live a little something uncovered, just so everyone has something to discover themselves when they play.

You bet they do! That's the idea, isn't it? I wante da design that symbolizes our dream: a world where humans and spirits live together in peace. But I'm sensing from the way you said it, you aren't entirely thrilled with them?

*shakes head*

It's a good thing we only had 35 design meetings then! Why don't you see if they grow on you, and The Four and I will get to work on another style!


Huh? Did I say something funny?

*shakes head*

Well, anyways, I'm glad you like them!

Well, those meetings paid off. Love the Milla outfit. Can never go wrong with blue, white, and a gold trim.

It's a present.


Already wearing Muzet's duds, so no screenshot.


Well, oh my! Don't YOU look handsome!

L1 again.

What do you mean "actually"?! What were you expecting?! I have good taste, I'll have you know! Don't you like the color of the shirt? That's not something you can buy in stores, you know... I had to boil Ribbit flesh and juice a whole Treant by hand to create that dye!


And I'd tell you where the necktie material came from, but let's just say that's a little more..."private". I've been scrubbing my hands non-stop for the past three days to get the smells out, and I did it all for you, you special little guy, you!


See?! That's how you know real class when it hits you... It leaves you speechless! Ludger, you're such a shy little boy, aren't you? You wanna know a little secret though? I kinda think shy boys are cute... Teehee.

Moving on...


Please allow me to present this to you, as a symbol of our undying friendship.

I pray they are to your liking?

Straight black? Ludger's not a villain! Or intimidating, for that matter.

Why, that's precisely the idea! I was hoping to garb you in something that might give your silhouette some much-needed chutzpah! Nine out of ten battles are decided before the first blow is struck, lad. Fear is what determines the victor! Strike fear into your enemies' hearts, and you've already won, without even drawing your weapon. Why waste the effort, right? You'll understand that when you get to be my age. In the meantime, let's see what you've got! Give me your best shot!

Right... I don't think fear is quite the emotion you were conveying there. Once more, from the top!

My boy, Ludger, you are such a polite, young man. I don't find so many good listeners in my old age... Your friendship means so very much to me.

And the last one...

I got a vintage Fissmauge brand shirt and necktie for you! Here, try 'em on!


You don't have to thank me. It's a present! From me to you! Because, y'know, I owe you one.

I mean, a real man is only as good as the label he wears, right? Just trust me on this one...

R1 for a change.

Well, it did set me back a pretty penny, but don't you worry about that. You don't owe me a thing! But actually, while we're on the subject... I've been meaning to ask you something.


Well, y'see, there's a huge demand for child actors here in Elympios. I've been wanting to get a piece of the action myself, know what I mean? Fire up a studio, book some gigs... What say you let me make Elle into a star? She'll be a hit! You got nothin' to worry about, my friend. She's a natural! Elle's got something that most girls her age dream of! She's got "it"! Don't you see it?


Of course you do! So it's settled? Right! I'll write up a contract for us all then! And we'll just deduct the cost of those clothes from your agent fee. How's that sound?


Oh, don't worry! It may take a while to pay it off, but I don't mind. You're okay with the usual 0.01% cut of the profits, right? Excellent!

Well, I mean, if you weren't a silent protagonist, Ludger, this kind of stuff wouldn't have happened. That wraps up the alternate costumes, but what about the other four?

And that's why this place is such a pinkist hotspot!

You know, Ludger, as a pinksit...looking out at that sky... I have something I need to confess. For a long time now, I've...I've...wanted to you...if... Could we rename our linked mystic arte to something a little more pinkist?!


Well, damn, we have to change.

"Blessed Arte the Pink"... I think that's the perfect name!

This kid's got moxie, I tell you!

Ludger, you might what it takes to be a pro pinkist one day!

If you ever want in, just lemme know! I'll write a letter of recommendation to the Pinkist Society.


Aw, Ludger... My new partner in crime! We'll paint the town pink, you and I! Elle's so lucky to have you!


Yep, for Elize, Jude, Gaius, and Leia, you can change the name of their joint Mystic Arte. You'll get a dual Mystic Arte with every character at level 9 affection, and an additional skill tome for level 10 affection. I opted to change the name of each. Note, to use the dual Mystic Arte, you need to turn on the skill "Special Linked Mystic Arte" for each partner character (costs 40 SP), and hold R2 while you're using a Linked Arte. Other than that, the activation is exactly the same.

Once you've seen these scenes, however, you can change the Mystic Arte's name to whatever you desire, just by talking to them again.

When I was younger, Wingul, the others, and I took over this land and united Auj Oule. I was in my prime back then... All I cared about was crushing my enemies.

I see...

In those days, Wingul and I had a special arte we'd use together. It was called "Sound and Fury". I lost count of how many tribe leaders we crushed with it.

Is that...right?

I have a request to ask, Ludger. I'd like to change our linked mystic arte's name to "Sound and Fury", if that's all right with you.

Seems reasonable.

D-Did you just say "don't worry"?! How'd you know our battle-jingle?!

Well, I...

I should've known! Surely, it's legendary by now! Every kid probably learns it in school!


I haven't felt this excited in years! Take it away, Ludger! Verse number two!

Because I'm needing to save space to cover more essential stuff, let's just say I also changed the name of Jude and Leia's Linked MAs. We've got quite a formidable arsenal, I'll have you know.

While we're on the subject of wrapping things up, here's Bisley in the coliseum. However, once again recording problems (no audio, embarrassingly enough) mean no video, but we already saw Bisley in action, didn't we? Yeah, it's basically the same thing here.

Other business including the prices at the hidden herb shop in Sapstrath Deepwood. Just for the record, y'know.

Other concerns include the Curious Case of the Tales Weapons. Everyone on my team is using a Tales Weapon, and getting these weapons in the first place is quite the accomplishment. To make the Crusader of Rebirth, you need all these ingredients.

Vorpal Sword: Vorpal Knife - (making this the one Tales weapon you can get permanently locked out of getting. This weapon, as I mentioned, is found in Thor) 3 Aquatic Jellies, 1 Mystic Symbol, and 1 Blue Cape. Sonic Edge - 1 Harpy Edge, 3 Fragrant Silver Scales, 1 Shock Charm, and 2 Blue Jasmines. Black Sunfire - 1 Cursebreaker, 3 Libavius Ores (this is the ore that created the Last Fencer, Reid's best sword in Eternia, and making occasional cameos in other Tales games), 1 Blood Charm, and 2 Omega Elixirs.

THEN you can make the Crusader of Rebirth. All of those second ingredients are from monster drops in the Darkness, and also require a lot of kitties gathering the right materials... It's pretty damn tedious, which I just glossed over it entirely and gave myself the Tales weapons after beating the Elite Tag Battle. The Tales Weapons are the bane of any item completitionist of Tales of Xillia 2. Well, I guess the weapon you can get from the Driselle Time Capsule might be even worse, since you need to beat the game twice, then get up to that point a third time to get all three special weapons from that event.

Point is, it's tedious, and no one wants to do it. But to really stand a chance against the cameo team, you'll need the Tales weapons, at the very least. Nothing else is gonna cut it, or at least cut it with a reasonable chance of success. But you'll thank me for ignoring all this grinding, because man is it uninteresting.

But what do they do?

Ludger: Ardent Vesperia (Increases PSY and Over Limit Gauge fill rate. Chance to stun)

Leia: Bestower of Graces (increases AGI / P.DEF, reduces casting time), Fandom's Beacon (increases VIT / critical hit rate. Reduces TP consumption. This one is a reference to the Tales of Fandom games)

Milla: Destiny Bringer (increases STR / PSY, more Gald after battle. Also is strong against all 6 elements. Amazing weapon), Crusader of Rebirth (increases STR / INT. Reduces casting time. Definitely worse, but the better name)

Alvin: Shining Legendia (reduces TP consumption, higher critical hit rate, and chance to stun), Tempest Unbound (increases VIT / AGI / Over Limit fill rate)

Jude: Phantasia Restored (more chance to get more elemental orbs, reduces TP cost, restores TP at regular intervals), Seraphic Hearts (increases PSY, Over Limit fill rate, Over Limit time increase)

Elize: Brave World (increases max HP, restores HP at intervals, chance to revive user), Abyssal Ruin (increases Over Limit fill rate, reduces casting time / TP consumption. Not too sure what this is a reference to, because Gaius has Sealed Abyss Beta is also a reference to Tales of the Abyss. I also forget where you get the sealed version of this weapon... It's a weird situation)

Rowen: Light of Symphonia (increases Over Limit time, reduces casting time and TP consumption. Definitely Rowen's best-looking weapon, and most useful), Champion of Destiny (2, it should be stated. Increases STR / PSY / Over Limit gauge fill)

Gaius: Eternia's Promise (increases PSY / Over Limit fill rate, reduces TP consumption), Abyssal Radiance (increases Over Limit time / resistance to ailments. Chance to revive user. Less nice-looking than Eternia's Promise, but definitely more useful)

Muzet: Paragon of Xillia (increases Over Limit fill, reduces casting time, increases all (elemental) resistances. It also hits for all four elements with every attack. *Very, very* handy), Gem of the New World (reduces TP consumption. Restores HP with every enemy defeated / regular intervals. Crap compared to Paragon)

And that's about all the random silliness I wanted to cover. Next time, the cameo battle, and its unexpected conclusion!

Jude, Leia, Muzet, Elize, Rowen Linked Mystic Artes

Late Edit: please enjoy McTimmy's second plot analysis, covering something the game only barely gets into.

McTimmy posted:

Now that everything's on the table (at least I'm pretty sure none of this gets brought up in the endings), let's have a rousing round of the the true story of Millia Kresnik and why Chronos is a fucking moron.

-Milla Kresnik uses the Hymn of Proof to make contact with Maxwell.
-When Elympios begins making spyrixes, Milla Krenik becomes Maxwell's representative in warning them of the dangers spyrixes represent. Her and Maxwell's declaration goes unheeded and spyrix production continues.
-The Three Primordial Spirits: Maxwell, Chronos, and Origin, discuss their response to spyrix creation. Chronos wants to exterminate them, Maxwell wants... whatever and Origin comes up with the Trial.
-Maxwell, with no faith left in humans, creates the schism and Rieze Maxia. He invites Milla Kresnik and her clan to come with him, but she, and a number of her clanmates refuse. Milla Kresnik hasn't given up on humanity yet.
-The Kresnik Clan begins warring with each other over the Wish that's a reward of the Trial. In addition to the fact that Chromatus L4 is needed and that's best brought out by combat.
-Milla Kresnik eventually succumbs to Catalyzation and forms the First Fractured Dimension. Here, Maxwell didn't leave her and the clan didn't devolve into infighting so they work together to collect the Waymarkers.
-It takes way too long, but Milla Kresnik collects four of the Waymarkers. The only one left is the L4 Chromatus. Which belongs to Millia Kresnik's grandson.
-The grandson's wife takes it from him, so Millia and the wife—Lara Lara Travis, summon Chronos and demand passage to Canaan to end this nonsense.
-Chronos asks for proof—and Lara Lara Travis takes this as murder and fatally wounds Milla Kresnik.
-Milla Kresnik remembers this is a Fractured World and those can't reach Canaan so her whole life has been pointless.
-Lara Lara Travis's fetus becomes the next Dimensional Catalyst Host.

Chronos could have easily ended the Trial and Origin's suffering almost 2,000 years prior but didn't. Chronos full and welly cheats when it comes to punishing humans . He had the choice of Origin's safety or winning and he choose the latter. Choose the latter repeatedly.