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Part 39: Debtor's Release

Part XXXVIII: Debtor's Release

So while work continues apace on the latest "real" update, why don't I give you all an overdue Christmas present, in the form of the Repayment Ending? Simple enough, just pay back all of your loan. However...

Yeah, Nova will tell you to come to the front of the Spirius Corp to pay the last 100 of the long, long payment process. Off we go... Also, don't worry about saving. Once you watch the ending / credits, you'll be allowed to save, and you'll be dumped off just outside the Spirius Corporation, where you paid Nova, off to complete whatever tasks remain for you. Let's just skip on over to our first real ending...

I can't believe it!


Ludger, quite a laconic man. After paying back 20,000,000 gald, that's it?

I...I think I'm gonna cry! Oh, and Ludger! I want to give you something to celebrate going outta debt! How about going to a hot spring...with me!



Now just a minute, Nova! You said you were taking ME to that hot spring. Was this whole thing intended to be a gift to Ludger from the start?

Uh huh! And you're coming too! We're gonna have a blast! This sorta thing calls for a huge celebration! Everybody's coming! The more the merrier!

Yeah. That sounds real "merry" all right.

Hey, congratulations, Ludger!

I heard you got your debt paid off!

What great timing! I was just about to call everyone together! We're all gonna have a big party to celebrate Ludger getting out of debt! I'm taking everyone to the Celestial Hot Springs! Pets and dolls are welcome too! Are you guys excited?!

A hot spring trip? At a time like this? On second thought, it's not a bad idea. It can be very beneficial to restore one's energy and wash away the aches and pains of battle.

That's true... And Ludger deserves a little reward for his hard work!


Um, Ludger? I've never actually been to a hot spring before.

So let me get this straight... Hot water just keeps flowing out of the ground?! How have we not done this sooner?!

Perhaps I'll use this opportunity to teach you the proper way a man washes one's back, Ludger.

And I'll bring everything we need for some pillow fights and truth or dare!

I think Ludger her's more excited about the prospect of co-ed bathing, isn't that right?


Ah, this must be one of those "naked bonding experiences" which people always speak of. Very well then, I will partake in the hot spring experience with everyone. Let us engage in naked merriment and become better companions.

Well put!

Seems like a rather brazen way of putting it though...

Yeah, well, it's Milla.

Hey, this is a party! I say, go brazen...or go home!

Y'hear that, Ludger?

All right, gang, let's go put the "hot" in "hot springs"!

Alright, so...this is a really funny ending, and text doesn't even come close to communicating it. So I'm not going to bother. There's really no way to experience this ending other than seeing it, so drink, and be merry. Link to the ending is in the screenshot below.

Debt Ending Credits