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Part 3: Feinne Interlude 1: The Mighty Maxwell

Interlude: The Mighty Maxwell

Every single part of me hurts.
I don’t see why you’re being such a baby about this.
You dropped me, I speared into the ground, and then I had to listen to your foolish lies about Lady Milla!
Excuse me?
You act as though that… that guy was driving the action when clearly it was all Lady Milla’s doing! Clearly I must set the record straight!
Fine, you do that.

First off, your story left out Lady Milla’s incredible entry into Fenmont.

Video- “Milla Intro”


I sense it up ahead.

You also left out her incredible entry into the facility!

…At which point everything was exactly the way I told it. Right?
W-Well, I suppose you were correct about the part after that guy showed up.

Uh, hi.
Just keep quiet, and I won’t need to hurt you.
Wait, why are you heading into the lab? What are you…
Hmph! Hmph!
That’s strange. What part of “keep quiet” didn’t you understand?
So? Ready to hold your tongue now?
So much noise. Could you try coughing quietly? What are you doing here, anyway?
Can I talk?
I dropped something. I was just picking it up. See?
What are you up to? The guards will be here any second.
That’s why I need to hurry, and you need to go home.
Before they arrest you for trespassing.

And here once again your story diverges from the facts, as you follow that fool when clearly Lady Milla entered the lab first!
If you know so much, why don’t you have any of what The Four said?
W-Well, that’s, um… Just shut up!

That power anomaly we felt when it happened… The one that absorbed the spirits. Its source is here.
Why do humans persist in seeking power that could destroy the world?
They don’t need spyrix to survive.
Hmm? Yes, it must be their work.
That’s my gut reaction, anyway. Mind you, it’s not just any gut reaction. It’s Maxwell’s instinct. Isn’t that enough?
Look, that’s enough talk for now.
Let’s find the spyrix.

The foolish guards attempted to detain Lady Milla.

Shh. No need to make a scene. Cooperate and I’ll go easy on you.
Guard: Intruder! You’re under arrest!

We get the general combat tutorial here. Milla’s normal attacks in this section are actually sort of strange, instead of swinging her sword she shoots out magic bullets.

She’s also got an air version, which is pretty cool. Though don’t get too excited because you won’t see this combat style again until Xillia 2.

I’m not going to particularly talk about Milla’s more prosaic artes this time, because we’ve got some crazy shit to play around with. Namely, The Four and a special arte I’ve got for having finished the game once (Overdrive). Efreet is the Great Spirit of Fire, and he makes a series of fire-based attacks in front of you. It hits a wide area and if something is hurt by fire it’s probably the strongest of the four attacks.

Undine shoots a jet of water out, it’s quite powerful but enemies can weasel around it at times.

Gnome spirals around you and hits targets, it’s kind of awkward to use because it’s easy to get hit out of it.

Sylph dives at targets in front of you and as I recall will launch things that survive the hit, which is pretty nice.

As I noted, Overdrive is a special Arte you get for completing the game. It’s a brutal charge forward for multiple hits.

After that first tutorial, we get a second brief one on Spirit Shifting, Milla’s unique mechanic. It’s pretty simple, any of her Spirit Artes can either be hard-cast by holding the button down or turned into an instant attack by tapping it. For example, this is her Fireball.

If we just tap, though, we get a melee-ranged attack called Flare Bomb.

After easily defeating the guards, Lady Milla infiltrated the lab.

And luckily for that guy, she heard his pathetic defeat at the hands of that lady in red.

Video- “Red”


It’s that girl.
Ah-a! So YOU’RE the visitor I heard about!
This guy’s no fun. I’ll kill you first.
I’ll rip that pretty face of yours to pieces!
I’d prefer you didn’t.

Of course, Lady Milla easily defeated her.

Okay I’m going to stop you there, because the entire rest of your story here is exactly the same as the one I told, right?
W-Well, not exactly…
If you take out all the insults leveled at Jude and fawning descriptions of Milla’s power, would it be the same?
Um, I suppose it might technically be the same under those very unreasonable conditions.
That’s what I thought.
Then I guess that’s it. But from this point on, I won’t let you spread your lies about Lady Milla any more!
I should have dropped you from higher up.