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Part 5: CH4: Old People and a Bad Dress Contest

CH4: Old People and a Bad Dress Contest

Skit Video: The Fundamentals of Combat

: Indeed. I feel that I fully understand the fundamentals.
The trick seems to be viewing the blade as an extension of my body, and swinging it intuitively.
: That's not one of the fundamentals. That's the final stage of mastery.
: Oh, is it?
: Well, I still get frightened every time I fight.
: You should use that fear to fuel your punches.
: I do. After all, it's either them or me.
: If you've taken that lesson to heart, then you're a true warrior in my book.
: Honestly, I don't know which one of you scares me more.

Skit Video: Team Player

: Agreed. If Jude hadn't been there to save us, it would not have ended well.
: You have my thanks.
: Sure. Don't worry about it.
: Even in the midst of combat, you really do look out for others.
: But taking your focus off your opponents like that could land you in an early grave.
: I... I guess it could.
: Of course, I wouldn't want to fight with someone who didn't give a damn about me, either.
: So keep up the good work, champ.
: Will do!
: So in other words, you only want to fight with people who are willing to die young.
: No, you got it all wrong. I only want to fight with people who are willing to help me die old!

: They arrived at the next point on their journey, the town of Hamil.

: The town possessed a "sunset clime" that made it seem to be always sunset.
: I'm having trouble figuring this out. This "sunset clime" is not in any way adjacent to the "night clime" of Fennmont?
: It has to do with how "light" is a kind of mana... or something. I saw a really pretty butterfly during his lecture on how that worked.

: Wow, that's an impressive amount of fruit.
: I'm catching a whiff of cider. They must have orchards here.
: Well, well, well! We don't get many visitors here!
: Do you live here, ma'am?
: I would hope so. I'm the mayor!
: Is this the right road to Nia Khera?
: Nia Khera? Now that's a name I haven't heard in ages.
: What do you mean?
: It's what people called a long-forgotten village. I don't even know if it still exists.
I heard tales of the village as a child. People claimed it lies beyond the Kijara Seafalls.
: Where can we find it?
: You'll need to cross some seriously rugged terrain to get there.
It won't be an easy journey.
: In that case, we should probably rest here before heading on.
: Agreed.
: I'm afraid our little village doesn't have an inn. Not much call for one.
But I've an extra room in my house. You're welcome to use it if you like.
: Thank you for your hospitality, ma'am.

Skit Video: The Perfect Catalyst

: Spirits are really just masses of mana. They can't interact with the temporal world in that state.
For a spirit to take physical form, it needs a catalyst of a corresponding element.
: As an example, the fire-spirit Efreet can take form as a blazing inferno.
: And as Maxwell, you can be any element, right?
: The human body contains all four elements, so it's the perfect catalyst for me to take a physical form.
: What would happen if you lost your catalyst?
: I would gather elements to make a new one. But I'd have to wait for it to grow up.
: Grow up? You mean, you start as a baby?
: It's time-consuming, but if you want to use a human form as a catalyst, you have to wait for the body to develop.
: So even the Lord of Spirits isn't omnipotent.
: Not in this human realm, anyway.
: Let's just be grateful she didn't go with the male model, eh?
: Wouldn't bother me.
: Oh? You swing both ways?
: That's not what I meant.

: They came across some kid looking at a shiny object lodged in a tree.

Kid: Nothing! Get lost!
: Wrong answer, squirt. Now we really want to know what you're looking at.

Kid: It's my shiny object! Finders, keepers!
: Yeah that didn't work out for him so much.
: Hmm. Looks like a puzzle.
A difficult one at that.
: How about this?
Kid: Whoa! What's happening?
: This looks like our letters, but different. More like ancient writing.

: Yada, yada, yada. More self promotion... Ah, here we go... "At last, I have reached terra incognita. But alas, I am unable to return home."
"I shall take my many treasures, seal them in arks, and scatter them about this land."
"It is my hope that they shall serve as beacons to those explorers who follow in my footsteps."
I like Alvin's delivery here.
: I'm impressed, Alvin.
Kid: But I still don't know what it means.
: I've heard of this Aifread. He's a legendary pirate. He raided cities all throughout Rieze Maxia ages ago.
He set off to find the end of the world and never returned, or so the legend goes.
: Nice of him to put his treasures in these boxes for us.
Kid: The pirate Aifread's treasures?! Ooh! Ooh! I wanna find them, too!
: Maybe you should learn to read first, young man.
Kid: Yeah... Good idea. You'll all wait for me, right?
And keep this Aifread treasure stuff between us!

: This place seems really idyllic. Is it going to get burned to the ground?
: I can see why you'd think that, but no. It's not going to be destroyed with electricity, light, or acid either.
: Wait, acid? Some universe has acid as an element?
: It gets worse. There was this one multiverse-thing where they had "Nature" artes, which could be acid, poison, wind, lightning, or even radiation!
: That place seemed really poorly thought out.

: Anyway they eventually took a night's sleep with the mayor.

: Morning. What are you up to?
: Watching people.
: Oookay.
: Say, Milla. Can I ask you something?
: Hmm?
: What's a spyrix?
Why were you trying to destroy that device in Fennmont?
: Spyrix technology is something humans were never meant to have. So, I must take it away from them.
: Why?
: That is none of your concern.
: So you don't trust me.
: That's not it.

: I'd probably snatch it away.
: And what would be your reason?
: Because it's dangerous. The baby doesn't know how to use a knife.
He could cut himself, or worse.
: There's your answer.
: What? But we're not babies!
If we understand what we're dealing with, and if we see the dangers, we can learn how to use it safely.
: So you say. But to me, you're no different than infants.

: ......
: I will do what I must to protect this world. If that means destroying the Lance of Kresnik, so be it.
It's my mission.
: I see.
: Don't worry, Jude. None of this will concern you once we reach Nia Khera.
: What's going on?

: It would seem we can't linger around here anymore.
: So they did follow us.
: I dunno, kid. They found us awfully fast considering this isn't their home turf.
: Well, it's not like we can ask them about it. Let's go before they find us.
: There's an exit in the western part of town. That must be the way to the Kijara Seafalls.

Skit Video: Echo

: So why not try it? You gotta do things like that while you're still young.
When you get to be my age, it can get a little embarrassing.
: Yeah, all right... Why not?
: (Echo echo echo echo.)
: Alvin.
: (Alvin Alvin Alvin Alvin.)
: And what you're doing now isn't embarrassing?
: (A little a little a little a little.)

: It didn't look like they could just walk out.

: The soldiers beat us here.
: Great. Now what?

: Right, and fast, before any more arrive!
: So that's your plan? Just charge through? I thought I was hot-headed.

: They'd get help from an unexpected source.
: What is it?
: Um... What are you doing?
: We're trying to figure out how to get past those soldiers.
: Way to cut to the chase.
: So those people... They're in your way?

: And by that I mean the weirdest toy I've ever met.

: Even Milla was a bit surprised.

Soldier: Aah!
: What in the world?
: How did you do that?

: Child! You know you're never to leave the shed!
: He was distracted by the whole "foreign army" thing though.
: Rashugal troops? Curse you! How dare you come here!
: Yeah those guys got flattened.

: Huh? Where's she going?

: Which way did she go?
: Toward the square.
What? No! She mustn't!
: You all must be outsiders. You should hurry and leave this place.
: I have no idea what just happened, but I ain't complaining. Things just got easier for us.
: Let's get out of here.

Skit Video: A Strange Girl

: The one with the weird doll thing? What about her?
: You didn't think that was odd?
: You can't waste your energy on other peoples' business. All part of growing up, kid.
: But she was controlling that doll, and shady people were chasing her. That doesn't bother you?
: Eh, plenty of that going around. Just look at ourselves.
: I think we have enough on our own plates. You really want more irregularities in life?
: ......
: Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, mind you.
: No one's got a bigger helping of weird than Milla, and she doesn't seem to mind.
: Well, that's certainly true.

Skit Video: Rashugal and Auj Oule

: Why are you so interested in them?
: Because they say the Auj Oule military hires based on ability, regardless of status.
: That's certainly not how it works in Rashugal.
: Is that right?
: Yeah. All of Rashugal's officials are descended from nobility.
: Traditions are lovely and all, but that doesn't leave a lot of juicy gigs for mercenaries like myself.
: But I wouldn't want to live in Auj Oule. The clans are always fighting amongst themselves.
There's no way I'd be able to concentrate on my studies.
: Hmm. Different humans have such different priorities.
: And here you sit, above it all.
: Correct. I don't intervene in the affairs of human society.

So now that we've talked to the kid, we can find Aifreed's treasures in the wilds. Almost every zone has one or two in one or two of its maps. This one I've actually never gotten before it seems.

Some of them are just gald though.

: Nothing came for them until they reached the Kijara Seafalls.

: Once we cross the Kijara Seafalls, we'll reach Nia Khera, the village of the spirits.
At least the soldiers didn't come after us.
: I hope we didn't make trouble for those villagers.
They were so kind to us, too.
: What else could we do but run? Rashugal's troops showed up.
: The villagers picked the fight, not us.
: How can you talk like that? Maybe they were trying to protect us?
: If you're worried about them, then maybe you should go back.
: It was a pleasure knowing you, Jude. Thank you for all of your help.
: How can you be so cold?
: You'd rather I get emotional?
I'm afraid I don't have that luxury. What is it you humans say...
"I've no time for waxing sentimental."
: Because of your mission?
: Precisely.
: So you think your emotions would prevent you from doing what you have to do?
: Can a person still fulfill their duty if they become emotional?
: Only one way to find out. You'd have to try and see.
: Well then, you should take your own advice.
: Huh?
: Just be yourself, and do what you have to do.
Maybe then you'll have your answer.
: I suppose.
: Don't go thinking you have to act like the great Lord Maxwell here.
You're only human.
: Hey, are you on a mission, too?

: Huh?
: I don't wanna make you feel like the odd one out now.
: ......
: So, what're you gonna do, kid? Go back to the village?
There's a distinct pause here, where Jude looks at Milla.
: No.
: All right, then let's go.

Nothing like leveling up the shops.

Dungeon Video

Since this is a pretty short and sharp dungeon, I figured I'd make a video of it.

I've already put this on Milla, since I'd inherited fashion items. It's my favorite accessory for her.

: Is it a nice place?
: Hmm, yes. I'm very fond of it.
It has a certain kind of serenity. When I meditate there, it feels like my power is concentrated.
: Wow.
: Let's take five. All those rocks were murder on my feet.
: We can rest once we reach the village.

: Right? Rest a while.
: Oh, sure. Hey, I won't argue with that.
Thanks, Alvin. You're a pretty considerate guy, aren't you?
: Well, I do have to admit you had me worried, kid, trying to act all tough like that.
: Oh yeah, is it really that obvious?
: Anyway, I really am fine. And I've found that I'm pretty good at pushing all the complicated stuff out of my brain.
: Is that right?
: At that point they noticed something going on in the area where Milla had wandered off.

: Just so we're clear, I'm pretty sure that the tail's a magic thing that's part of her outfit. I could be wrong though.
: Who are you?

: You like her? Is she the one who caught your eye?
: All right, let her go.
I could care less what you're here for, but she's my employer right now.
: Then stay back. Unless you want me to kill your golden goose.

: Alvin, look. Up there.
That rock to the right. Can you hit it?
Take a look. It could be the key to saving Milla.
: All right. You ready?
: Hmm?
: Oh, you're just going to watch her die then? With friends like that...

: What's the expression? "Out of the frying pan"?

: It's charging!

OK so I was wrong and this is also the chain tutorial, rather than the previous required fight. Whatever.

This guy isn't so tough.

His main deal is the water jet. He charges it up...

...and fires it in a arc. Would be right at home in WoW.

Also sends tentacles through the "ground" to get you.

And a headbutt charge.

Oh, and it can grab you.

Can't forget that.

I used EXP food, everyone gains two levels.

: So you spotted that monster camouflaged as a boulder? Good eyes, kid.
: Did you ever consider what would've happened if the creature charged at you instead of that woman?
: It wouldn't have mattered either way.
Alvin still would've gotten into that woman's blind spot.
: You thought of all the angles that quickly? What are you, a tactical genius?
: Genius is a good word. Not many people can think that fast.
: Hey, it was nothing.
: Thank you, Jude. You too, Alvin.
: Hey, where'd that woman go?
: Hold your horses, Mr. Honors Student. We're not gonna get anywhere if we spend all day worrying about the bad guys.
Come on, let's get moving.

Skit Video: A Monster That Size

: Monsters who experience a mutation in their mana lobes can expand to massive sizes.
: You read that in a book?
: Yep.
: Sheesh. Not much gets a rise out of you, does it? You're no fun at all.
: You didn't seem particularly surprised yourself.
: Well, that wasn't anything I haven't seen before.
: You've traveled around the world and seen all sorts of things, huh?
: All true, but I've never seen anyone pick a fight with a monster that big before.
: Well, I'm glad that we were able to show you a new experience.
: Mmm. Lucky me!

OK accessory.

: Nothing else accosted them on their way out.
: So any idea who that woman was?
: No clue, although she did seem to know me.
: I imagine you mercenaries make a lot of enemies in your line of work.
: Although, I have to admit, she was really pretty.
: I never pegged you for the bad-girl type, kid. Or maybe you just like older women.
: I don't know. Maybe?
: I'm pretty sure he just likes women that are taller than him.

: It was a straight shot to Nia Khera.

: We've arrived.
: So this is Nia Khera.
: Huh. I thought it would be fancier.
: Excuse me. Where's Ivar?
: Hmm? He went off to find Lord Maxwell and...
L-Lord Maxwell?!
: Yes. I have returned.
: I-I can't believe you deign to speak to me? I am unworthy!
: I guess she's the real deal.
: She's something, all right.
: Not everyone gets to road-trip with a major deity. I had my doubts.
: Please, relax. No need for formalities.
You say Ivar isn't here?
: Yes, but he should have returned by now. We're worried about him.

During the conversation, villagers come along to bow to us. An interesting touch is that when you're walking around as Milla, the villagers will stop what they're doing to bow to you.
: Please, return to your work.
: I need to perform the ritual to resummon the Four at my shrine.
But it would seem my handmaid is away. Would you mind lending a hand?
: What? You mean we can help you?
: I'm not exactly a religious scholar.
: It's nothing difficult.
The village has four altars, each with a temporal stone.
: So you want us to bring those to the shrine you mentioned?
: Precisely.
: Why not just ask the villagers for help?
: You saw what just happened.
Except for my handmaid, I don't really fraternize with the villagers.
They can barely look at me, let alone hold a conversation.
: Ah, the trials of godhood. Well, I guess a little physical labor won't kill us. Right, kid?
: We can handle it.
: Don't worry, Jude. I'll explain your predicament to the villagers after the ceremony.
Please be patient for just a little longer.
: Ah, sure.
: Okay, let's get hunting for those temporal stones. You said they were in the village?
: Yes. Gather the stones and bring them to the shrine. It lies beyond the village.

Skit Video: Milla's Hometown

: Isn't it nice? It's so quiet here.
: Yeah. It sure is.
: Pretty weak, huh? I was expecting something freaky.
: Hey, come on.
: Did you say something?
: Oh, I was just wondering if your parents were around.
: Spirits don't have parents.
: Then how were you born?
: I took this form twenty years ago. I appeared, along with the Four, in the village shrine.
: Why?
: You seem to have a lot of questions about me.
: Just trying to keep Jude entertained! He was complaining about how boring the village was.
: Jude, do you crave chaos that much?
: What?! I… I didn't say anything like that!

: We villagers alone can no longer contain them. Will you help us?
System: Accept the request?
: The monsters appear in a flock in the northeast region of the Nia Khera Spiritway.

Kid: I just think she's beautiful.

These aren't hard to find. One for each element.

Devotee: Could I ask you to help me find some more? They can be difficult to find.
The offering I like to leave is quite hard to come by. Would you be willing to help me find one?
System: Accept the request?
Devotee: I need an Insect Husk to leave as an offering.
It symbolizes the transition between life and death.
Please try to bring the rarest and best-shaped one that you can find.

You can talk to either another elder or the same one again, I'm not sure.

: I'm glad to see you're all well.
: All thanks to you, Lord Maxwell.
: Wow, so people really do worship Milla!
: It's pretty rare to find Maxwell worshipers these days. But apparently they used to be quite common.
: Faith in the spirits seems to have fallen dramatically all over the world, although I couldn't tell that from here.
: The more spirit artes progress, the more spirits are seen as simply another facet of nature.
: So they used to be a bigger deal back then?
: Yeah. Legends say that it was the Spirit Maxwell who created Rieze Maxia to begin with.
And the first human to follow him, Kresnik, came to be known as the Genesis Sage.
: Correct. And the people of this village are Kresnik's descendants.
: Heh heh. Yeah, you get crazy origin stories like that in all these rustic towns.
: How dare you! Twenty years ago I personally witnessed the advent of Lord Maxwell and the Four Great Spirits!

: This miracle is proof that our legends were true!
: Wanna tell this geezer about the time Milla collapsed from hunger?
: Just leave him alone.
Come to think of it, the Six Ruling Houses of Rashugal are all a part of that legend too.
Their founders were supposed to be the six disciples of Maxwell and Kresnik, right?
: Now that is the truly absurd origin story. Those fools have no clue about the true secrets of this world!
: ......
: I should never have said that. Please, forgive me.
: What just happened?
: Nothing. Don't worry about it.

Kid: It was so good! I really want you to have one too, Lord Maxwell.
If only someone could go get one for me.
System: Accept the request?
: Hmm... You want us to find a napple and bring it to you, so you can give it right back to me?
That doesn't seem very efficient.
Kid: But my mom won't let me go outside the village!
And there aren't any napples here.
: Come on, Milla. Let's just find a napple for him.
Kid: They're really good, you know. I'm sure you're gonna love it!
We have a napple I picked up in the last town, so we turn this in right now.
Kid: Yay, you brought me a napple! Thanks, Lord Maxwell.
These are so good! You won't even believe it.
: It does look quite appetizing.
Kid: They're really good. Really, truly, incredibly good.
So, so good.
: Milla.
: Mmm... Yes, you're right.
Here. I want you to have this.
Kid: B-But I got it for you.
: And I'm sure it tastes wonderful, but it's okay.
Kid: Thanks, Lord Maxwell!
Here, you can have this instead!
He gives us an accessory instead.

Skit Video: The Silencing

: Yeah, not since the Silencing twenty years ago.
The power of the Four disappeared overnight, causing a worldwide panic.
: And when did Milla take human form again?
: Twenty years ago.
: Wait, are the two related?
: Yes. That was me.
I reserved the Four for my personal use.
: Seriously?
: I have no reason to deceive you.
: Of course, even I can't summon them now, so you'll have to take my word for it.

There's a short overworld area between Milla's place and the village.

: Milla's house wasn't exactly a "happening" kind of place.

: Is this your house?
: My house? I've never really thought about it like that, but I suppose so.
: Boy, you're really in the sticks. What do you do for fun out here?
: My mission is not to entertain myself.
I do spend time reading books written by humans, if you must know.
: Sounds fun.
: Let's perform the ceremony.

: So is this okay?

: It should have been a simple task for their Lord to call the Four.

: No such luck.

: Milla!
: ...
: And this is where my "friend" over there enters the story.

: Oh, is that you, Ivar?
: Lady Milla! I was worried sick!
This looks like the rite of the Four's Advent... Why would you perform such a ritual?
Wait, what's going on here?
Efreet, where are you?! Undine, come out!
Lady Milla, what has happened?
: So they explained.
: I cannot believe it.
: So, why do you think you can't summon the spirits? Are they dead or something?
: Idiot! A Great Spirit cannot die!
: Was I supposed to know that?
: Just like a lesser spirit, a Great Spirit becomes a fossil when it passes away. Yet its power transfers into the next Great Spirit!
: At least, that's what they say. Nobody's ever seen it happen.
: Ah, so I've heard.
: That's blasphemy! Spirits are undying beings that dwell in the spirit world! It's beyond your understanding!
: Hm...
Well, maybe that device captured the Four Great Spirits instead of killing them.
: Impossible! Mere humans could never capture the Great Four!
: But, the Four Great Spirits aren't answering their lord's summons.
If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
: If you leave an egg in a box, and somehow that egg should get crushed, the cause must lie within the egg itself.
Good ol' Howe's Egg Principle. You really are an honors student.
: A spyrix advanced enough to capture even the Four.
When that happened...
I then lost my power as Maxwell.
: Milla.

: Ivar, please leave, as well. You can go home.
: Huh?!
: Let me see. How should I put this?
You're annoying.
: Huh?!
: It's pretty hard to find someone with the patience to put up with him if the immortal lord of spirits can't do it.

Milla route posted:

I'm going to need this in order to be able to save the Four. Yes.
: The woman at Kijara Seafalls and the Rashugal soldiers at Hamil...
This must be what they're all after.
I have to face them as I am now.

: For the love of Maxwell! I knew I should never have left her side!
: Milla wasn't kidding about his short fuse.

: Uh, yeah. I mean... Huh?
: Hmph!
Heed my words! Henceforth, only I shall serve the Lady Milla! Interfere at your peril!

Ivar stalks off.
: You gonna stick around?
: Yeah.
: Okay. I'll be back at the village.
: I have to figure out what I can do.
: Oh, what's wrong? I thought you were going to rest.
: I would say the same to you. You didn't go back to the village?
: No.
: Well then, let's go set you up with the villagers.
What's wrong? Worried you won't fit in?
: No, that's not it.
So, what are you going to do now?
Will you return to Fennmont to destroy the Lance of Kresnik?
: Yes.
When you consider that the Lance drained mana from the Four, along with the other people there...
We can assume the mana serves as some kind of fuel. The Lance must gather mana before it can be used as a weapon.
I doubt it will be ready immediately. I suspect their mana-gathering activities will continue.
: Are you planning to go alone?
: Stop beating around the bush. If you want to tell me something, just say it.
: I want to know, how come you're so brave?
: You've taken an interest in me, haven't you?
: ......
: Bravery. That's not really it.
I have a task to perform.
And I do whatever it takes to complete the task. It's that simple.
: But you're only human now. Isn't this mission too big for just one person?
I mean, you could die!
: That changes nothing. The task must be completed.
: You really are brave.
: Any other questions? Then let's go back.
: Hey!
: Yes?
: Can I come, too? With you?
: Your whole life was turned upside down because you got involved with me.
You don't regret it?
: Well, sure... A little bit.
But it's too late to cry about it now. It's not like I can turn back time.
Now that I'm neck-deep in this, I want to help you, if I can.
: You really are a do-gooder, aren't you?
: Y-You think so?
: I didn't stay behind in the shrine to rest; I was hoping to sneak off without dragging you into things again.
: Really?
: Yes. Consideration for others was something I learned on our little journey together.
: It's not as easy as I thought.
: Anyway, let's head to the village.
Now that you found me, I suppose I'm in no rush to leave anymore.
: Okay.