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Part 6: CH4B: New Artes

CH4B: New Artes

Grave stabs the ground, a set of rock blades from it.

Here's the spell version of it, Rock Trine.

Hell Pyre is a link arte combining Milla's Fireball and Alvin's Tiger Blade.

In addition to fiery sword stabbing, there's fiery ball throwing.

Splash is the spell version of Milla's water arte.

Aqua Protection is kind of weird because instead of attacking an enemy, it summons a floating ball of water that will damage an enemy if it runs into it.

Igneous Crush is a link arte combining Milla's Grave and Jude's Cerberus Strike.

Soaring Vortex is kind of hard to use. You charge it up...

...and then launch them. I have a tendency to get hit during step one.

Cerberus Strike is a fancy spinning kick.

Incidentally, here's how you use skills. Once you get them, you can turn them on if you have enough SP. It's possible through various means to have enough to turn all of them on at once, but some of them have drawbacks.

Demonic Chaos is made of Alvin's Demon Fang and Jude's Demon Fist. It's basically firing off both at once.

Guardian Field hits enemies for water damage and heals everyone in it.

Milla's got some moves! Flame Sphere is Flame Ring + Jude's Steel.

Flame Ring is the first intermediate-level spell I've gotten. It's kind of hard to cast because it's got a low range. Bosses love it though If you spirit-shift it into Flare Bomb, you do more damage and spend Flame Ring's TP cost instead of Fireball's.

Shimmer Spin is one of Milla's light-elemental attacks. She spins around with her sword out and lifts off like a helicopter, giving the enemies nearby a taste of prop-in-the-face. It's fun against groups and you can use it a few times in a row to hit multiple enemies.

Spirit Spiral combines Shimmer Spin with Jude's Healer. Milla spins in a circle around Jude dealing damage, while he heals all allies in the radius.

Jude's Steel buffs his attack while simultaneously smacking all enemies nearby.

Alvin's Sonic Thrust isn't nearly as impressive looking compared to those two.