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Part 8: Feinne Interlude 2: The Mighty Maxwell Strikes Back

Interlude: The Mighty Maxwell Strikes Back

Once again I must check the terrible lies you pass as facts!
Oh, are you still there? I was kind of hoping maybe you’d saved us some trouble and gone home, or died, or something.
Absolutely not! Otherwise, who would prevent you from spreading horrible misinformation?
Please just get whatever you are planning to say over with so I can go back to acting like you don’t exist.
A-Ahem, very well. Firstly, your shameful focus upon that fool Jude caused you to miss a very important scene with Lady Milla!

Video- “At the Seafalls”

Watch (full scene included for context)

You sure you even want to tell this part? I mean isn’t it super embarrassing how she got easily captured by some poorly-dressed loser?
Lies! She was merely biding her time!

But anyway-
Going to stop you there before you start like describing in creepy detail the lady’s ridiculous outfit. We’re cutting right from the wide shot to her dialogue.
What, but… Okay, fine.

You must be tired. That was way too easy.
Who are you?
Hehe. I’m not telling.

That was when-
Also no detailed description about how she groped her while searching for the key.
Are you going to let me tell this or not?

Where could it be hiding? That little treasure of yours?

Luckily, she didn’t even know what the object of her search looked like.
Wait, she seriously found it and threw it away?

Come now, give it up.
Not a chance!
Oh, have I found your limit?
You should know…
Maybe I just don’t have it anymore.

What’s wrong? Does that hurt? Come clean and I’ll make the pain stop.
Do what you want. I don’t really care. Pain means nothing to me.
Very well. I’ll have to take you with me.

Which is where Jude and Alvin showed up. I assume you agree with my telling of events from that point on?
I suppose they were mostly accurate. Now let’s move to Nia Khera, where you seem to have badly misrepresented a very devoted-
No, I think you’re supposed to talk about what happened while Jude was talking to that little girl next.
But, I was going to… Very well, I will file my objections until later. So, scene. Hamil, Elder’s house.

Video- Back at Hamil


Scram? What happened to the down-home hospitality you showed us when we got here?
Elder: Hmph.
Worry not. We’ll soon be on our way.
But if you keep acting like that, we just might have to stay here longer.
Elder: What do you want from me?
I want to know what happened to Rashugal’s forces.
Have they left?
Elder: Hmph. Chief Jiao drove them off.
Chief Jiao?
Lemme guess. Big guy? Funky beard?
Elder: Yes. Things could’ve gotten a lot worse if not for him.
Huh. So what happened to this Chief Jiao of yours?
Elder: Don’t ask me. We’ve been living a nightmare here ever since he brought that accursed girl with him.
He should have taken her with him when he left.
In any case, we’re through with outsiders here.

So, going back to my point from earlier-
Sorry, that’s all the time we have for you right now.
What? But that’s not fair!
Whoops, and there we are. I guess you’ll just have to wait until another day.
Oh, I will. I will not forget this, you witch!