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Part 9: CH6: Full Party At Last

CH6: Full Party at Last

Going to knock out a sidequest real fast before I advance the plot.
Client: More monsters have taken up residence at the lake west of this seahaven.
I asked a local mercenary to take care of them, but I'm afraid the monsters got to her.
Could you go to the lake and rescue her, please?


Mercenary: Thank you, yet again.
Thanks. A little longer and I would've been dinner.
You guys look like you know how to fight. Just don't let your guard down like I did.

Client: You rescued her! Thank you!

: In retrospect, the next obstacle they faced should have been pretty obvious.

Sailor: I'm afraid the Rashugal government has blockaded the capital and its surrounding regions.
That means all scheduled voyages to Fennmont have been canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience.
: Are any ships sailing?
Sailor: Sorry, ma'am. Ah, but the route to Sapstrath Seahaven is still open.
Would you like a ticket to Sapstrath Seahaven?
There's a menu, I hit "yes" to advance the plot.
Sailor: Very well. Please board the ship and await departure.

: That's not something you see every day. You get your mail by carrier pigeon?
: Something like that.
It's how I keep in touch with someone special from afar. I told her a beautiful woman has appeared in my life.
: Hey, I didn't know you were married.
: Heh. Do I look like the marrying type to you, Mr. Honors Student?
: Huh? You mean you're not?
: Who knows?
: Oh, looks like we're about to depart.
: Yeah.

: I've never seen the sea before.
: Impressive, huh?
: Just what was that girl doing in the village?
: Wasn't she being held captive?
: Maybe it was the other way around. Maybe she was being protected.
: Eek!
: Elize?!
: Haha. Teepo, look!
: Wah-hey! Check out that water! You'd die if you fell in!
: She's not a bad girl.
: It doesn't seem that way.
: I wonder if we'll find someone who'll take her in.
: That's your responsibility. You'll have to find someone on your own.
: Right.
I guess she really is mad.
: Hmm. Isn't she always like that?
To be honest, I thought for sure she was gonna shoot down your idea to bring the girl along.
: Why?
: She's just so single-minded. I bet she'd kick a puppy if it got in the way of her mission.
: Come on, Milla isn't that cold-blooded.
: I wonder.
Speaking of her mission, I hear you two had a rough time at that lab in Fennmont.
: Did Milla tell you about it?
: She must've swiped something big from there, huh, kid? Some juicy national secret that got the army all riled up?
: I don't know. You'd have to ask her.
: Don't play coy, kid. I'll find out eventually.
Why not just tell me now? It'll be our little secret.
: I'm sorry. I really don't know.
: Wow, I guess she really doesn't trust us.
: No, that's not true.
Wait here. I'll go ask her.
: No, no. If you really don't know about it, then forget I asked.
I mean that. I'm not trying to give you a hard time.
: But...
: I doubt she'd take kindly to me poking my nose in her business.
So don't tell her I asked, okay?
: All right. Got it.
: Holy crap. Jude is just naive.
: Yup.

Milla Half posted:

Thanks Feinne!
: I've still got the key, but how much time does it buy me?
: Milla?
: You see something?
: No, I was just thinking.
Elize, what are you going to do now?
: I... I don't know.
: Hmm, what exactly do you know?
: We know Jude and Milla and Alvin are our pals!
: That's not the sort of thing I meant.
What is Teepo, for instance? How can a doll talk?
What do you mean, what's Teepo?! You're lookin' at him! I'm Teepo! I'm Elly's pal!
: Having a conversation with you is quite difficult. We don't seem to be on the same page.

: Hey, we better get our stuff.
: You're right. Looks like we're almost there.
: I wonder how tight Rashugal's security is right now.
: Milla! Milla's our pal!
: ......
: Hahaha... Looks like everyone's getting along, at least.
: Don't worry. Everything will work out.

: Soldiers are still patrolling though. We'll have to be careful.

: Strange, what changed? They were deploying soldiers across the border to find us before.
: Maybe they found something more important to do than chase after us.
: I'm not complaining. Let's avoid the soldiers and head to Fennmont.
: Hang in there, Elize. It'll just be a little while longer till we reach the city.
Then I'm sure we'll find the perfect person to take you in.
: What? But, I--
: Take us in?! What the hay are you talking about?!
: That could've gone better. He just told the little lady he's unloading her on a perfect stranger.
That's news to her. No wonder she looks surprised.
: And he thinks I'm inconsiderate.
: He's just a kid.
: Hmm?
: Nothing.

: Those wanted posters... Is that Jude and Milla?!
: Wow, you both look so evil!
: That's supposed to be Jude and I?
: Well this is lucky. If that's what they're looking for, there's no way they'll ever catch us.
: These are awful!
: Oh, I'm sure this can't be fun at your age. Kids can be so self-conscious.
: No! I don't care about me, but Milla looks terrible.
: He's right. This is quite unfortunate.
The whole reason I assumed this form is because its appearance is effective against men. Half the human population.
But if I'm as ugly as I appear in that poster, I need to fundamentally reevaluate my strategy.
: Wow, that is diabolical. I had no idea.
: Jude, be honest with me. Am I attractive from a male perspective?
: Uh, well...
You're beautiful in my opinion.
: And sexy! Elly says she wants to look just like you!
: Teepo!
: You have nothing to worry about, Milla.
: So, what would you say are her finest features?
: Oh, maybe how good she smells or those amazing curves...
: Yes, I see. Thank you for your invaluable opinion.
: My my, our little Jude is becoming a man.
: I-I was just speaking objectively!
: Hah! Kid's going to get broken out of his shell pretty soon at this rate.

Skit: The Softest Beds in Town

: You focus on the strangest things.
: All right! I'm checkin' in!
: Can we really afford to relax like this?
These are our first Sub-type skits, which let us know that there are sub-events afoot and we should hit them up pronto. Much nicer than the way, say, Vesperia handled it. Still not perfect though.

Skit: The Suspicious Sailor

: Oh, I didn't notice anything.
: We might just be overthinking things, but he might know something. Maybe we should chat him up.

Sailor: Aw, shoot. I forgot to have this package shipped out!
Hey, if you all are headed west, do you think you could deliver this for me?
System: Accept the request? Accept
Sailor: Great. Please take this to the inn at Sharilton.

: That sailor just couldn't stop staring at Elize. Or at least that's the way it seemed.

Sailor: Oh, sorry. I just couldn't help but notice that stuffed doll she's got.
: You want a piece of Teepo, pal?
Sailor: Aha, I knew it! This one talks too!
: You mean you've seen a talking doll like this before?
Sailor: Oh yeah, they looked just like that one.
: That might be Teepo's family!
: Where did you see it?
Sailor: A traveling merchant was selling them here a little while ago. He said he was heading west.
: That must be Sharilton.
: So there might be other Teepos besides Teepo?
: That is a possibility.
: I want to meet my family!
Sailor: Wow, these new toys are so impressive.
Now I wish I'd bought one for my daughter!

: Of course, that wasn't the only trouble they ran into.
Katte: Please, I'm in a hurry!

: Hm?
: What is it?
: That woman...
Quite a looker, eh? What do you think?
: Ugh, this again?

Man: Now come with us, or else.
Katte: N-Never mind. Just cancel my reservation.

: ......
: Alvin?
Man: I can't believe we fell for your pathetic lies!
Katte: Please, I beg you! Let me go! Please! You don't understand!
Man: Who are you working for? Tell us!
Katte: Urgh...
ManHey! What are you doing?!

Man: Mind your own business! You don't know what she's done!
: ......

Man: Damn it, he's got friends. Let's get out of here.
: Katte, was it? That's an unusual name.
Katte: Why did you help me?! You don't know what they'll do to you!
: Well, how do I put this?
: He can't help it. Alvin's always had a weakness for pretty faces.
: Ha ha ha. That's my Jude! Always kidding around!
Now, how about you take her back to the inn and tend to her wounds?
: As you command, sir.
: She couldn't be one of them, could she?
: The next morning...
: Oh, hey. Have you seen Katte today?
: She left before dawn.
Sailor: Hey! Over here!
: What's going on?

: Katte?!
Sailor: Did you know her? I'm sorry, but she's already gone.
: What happened? Was it those two men from yesterday?!
: No, it wasn't them.
: Do you know who did this?
: Hey, could you give us a moment here? It won't take long.
She never came out and said so, but I suspect Katte was a member of the Rats.
: The Rats?
: That's what they call the female spy organization that works for the Aktau clan. They're one of the shadier tribes in Auj Oule.
The Rats use women to gather intelligence. As their name implies, they sneak in anywhere, like rodents.
They're pretty well known in Auj Oule.
: I can't believe it.
: I don't think those thugs from yesterday had caught on to her real identity.
They must have been from the group she was spying on. They wouldn't have gone this far.
: Then who?
: Other Rats. With her cover blown, she became a liability.
I had a hunch that she might have been a spy, but this might be my fault.
: No, this isn't your fault.
Sailor: Are you guys done?
: Yeah. Thanks for that.
: You okay?
: Yeah. These things happen. You just have to put it out of your mind.
You can't save everyone, kid.

No video for this because there's no voicing.
: While there, they met a storyteller that was pretty cool but totally not important at all.

: Sorry, we're kind of in a hurry. Some other time, all right?
Storyteller: Come now, don't be like that. Linger a moment, and bring an old man some joy.
: What kind of story?
: You don't want to go there, Jude. Give this guy an inch and he'll take a mile.
Storyteller: Don't worry, young man. I promise this story will be worth your time.
Why, it might even save your life!
: Sounds interesting. Tell us your story.
Storyteller: That's more like it. Now, hear my tale of monsters.
Many years ago, a young man named Trille lived among a northern tribe.
Trille had a talent for controlling monsters. An unusual gift that gave him the ability to draw out a monster's hidden powers.
But Trille's genius was not easily sated, and he began to dabble in forbidden artes.
By tampering with monsters' mana lobes, he sought to create a monster that would grow stronger with every battle.
: Tampering with mana lobes? But that's not--
Storyteller: Possible? No. But Trille did it all the same. After over twenty years of research, he successfully created six new monsters.
These creatures, with their hyper-enlarged mana lobes, could cast new spirit artes out of pure instinct.
Each of the six monsters had a weapon growing out of its body, as if each was a living incarnation of the weapon itself.
These weapons were dubbed "Devil's Arms," and the monsters themselves, "Devil's Beasts".
: In all my years as a mercenary, I've never heard a story like that.
Storyteller: Heh heh heh... Of course you haven't, young man.
Twenty years ago, Trille took his six Devil's Beasts and led them into a great war.
: Sounds like a lot of stuff happened twenty years ago. I'm making a count.
Storyteller: But a huge tsunami hit the battlefield, and washed everything away, including Trille.
And thus the secret knowledge needed to create these monsters was lost.
: That's it? Thanks for wasting our time, old fella.
Storyteller: Ah, but the story's not over yet. You see, the Devil's Beasts didn't die that day.
Trille's death released them, and to this day, they still roam free somewhere in the world.
: And you said these Devil's Beasts get stronger with every fight?
Storyteller: I did. And now that they've been fighting for over twenty years. I can't even imagine how strong they must've become.
So listen well: If you see a monster with a weapon growing out of its body, do not attempt to fight it!
That, my friends, is the moral of my little story, and the secret to a long life.

I'm considering not showing meh sidequests unless there's something funny in the intro or outro for them. Like this guy.

Bounty Hunter: How would you folks like to help me with a little job?
If you help me, I'll tell you why people call me "The Amazing Bounty Hunter".
System:Accept the request?
Bounty Hunter: Your mission is to eliminate the monsters attacking travelers on the highroad.
My sources indicate they have a nest in the Sapstrath Deepwood. Now go get 'em!
Don't worry. If things turn hairy, my Amazing self will be right there to help you.

Skit: They Could Make Another

: Hmm. Does this sort of thing actually work?
: You tore it down?
: Yes. But I can't imagine a poster like this will give us any trouble.
: Do humans have a different sense of aesthetics than I do?
: Well, anyway, Milla tore it down, so we should be safe here, right?
: That'll never work. Keep tearin' them down, and they'll keep puttin' them right back up.

: Milla?
: It's nothing. Alvin's right. Even with this terrible likeness, we can't afford to take chances. We should move on.
: All right.
: Given enough time, they might manage to make a replacement key as well.
We need to hurry.

: Getting to Sharilton wouldn't be that easy.

: I knew things were too easy.
: What'll we do?
: Wah-hey! What's over yonder?

: If we can hike our way through there, we'll come out right near Sharilton.
: Then our path is clear.
: It won't be easy going. What about Elize?
: You knew she'd face risks on this journey.
: ......
: I'm fine. Really. I can go with you.
: Don't argue, you guys. You're pals, remember?
: Elize...
: The girl has agreed, so this matter is no longer open to debate.
: ......

: They entered the spoooookey forest.

: Let's try to stick together, okay?

: ...Eek.
: What was that?
: Was it warning us, maybe?
: Well, Milla certainly seems unfazed.

: Great. Even the spud is getting gutsy. Let's go.

: It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that there were plants that move around and attack people in the forest.
: I saw a plant move around and attack a continent once.
: Really? Wow!
: I was attached to it while it drained energy from me, unable to do anything about it.
: Awww that sounds lame. Wouldn't it be fun if you could have controlled it though?
: No.

: Urgh!
: That thing's got reach. It can hit all of us with ease.
: This could pose a problem.

: And of course the sillies looked away from it to talk to Elize.
: We can't look after you and fight at the same time. Stay back!
: Jude!

: Urgh...
: Damn it.
: I... I can help!

Pixie Circle is Elize's most basic healing spell. It heals a small AoE around the target.
: You... You healed us?!
:Heh! Glad you brought us along now, huh?!

Pow Hammer has been with Tales since the beginning. Elize tosses a hammer. It doesn't seem like much, but...'s got some nifty link combos.

: Imagine, a little girl wielding artes like that.
: Elize, you saved us.

: It's okay, Elize. There's nothing to be scared of anymore.
: That's not it...
: You two need to make up! Pals need to stick together!
: I promise I won't get in your way again. Honest!
: You heard the little lady. Now make nice with Jude here, for Elize's sake.
: Make nice? It's not like I'm angry or anything.
: That's not how it looks to me. You were getting along better before!
: I'll do my best, okay?
: Why do I suddenly feel like the villain here? Heh. Fine. All is forgiven.
: And hey, don't you have something to say to Elize?
: Sorry for making you worry. And thank you.
: This is some serious friendship stuff right here! Level 99 on the friendship meter!
: Elize's artes could really help us in a pinch, don't you think so?
: Agreed. Thank you Elize. I'm counting on you.
: Sally forth, pals!
: Heh. What luck. Never expected a channeler like her to be along for the ride.

Skit: Crowning Glory

: I wonder if Milla gets bitten a lot in that outfit.
: You didn't know? She swats the bugs away with her hair!
: Wow, like the tail of a cow!
: Don't compare my crowning glory to the tail of a cow.
: Crowning glory?! I didn't expect such vanity from the Lord of Spirits!
: Sylph styled my hair for me.
: He said, "You're in human form, so you need to take care of your appearance."
: You had the Great Spirit of wind style your hair? That's incredible.
: Yes. I'm quite fond of it.
If I swing it around quickly, I can distract a foe between attacks.
: So you do swish it like a cow!

So this is Elize's partner ability, Teepo Drain. It sucks TP out of enemies and provides it to Elize and her link leader. "Sharing is caring!"

One Pow Hammer is kind of lame. A dozen is kind of dangerous. Hammer Rain is from Milla's Wind Lance and Elize's Pow Hammer.

Teepo Launcher. You can see the bullet off to the right.

I think this is actually part of her attack combo.

Back to the Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter: You did great, rookies! I'm just sorry that you didn't get a chance to see me take a turn.
But a deal's a deal. Here's why they call me "The Amazing Bounty Hunter":
Because I'm from a quaint little village called Amazing!
It's strange how everyone I tell that to has the exact same reaction.
Wait a sec. Now that I think about it, I swear I've seen you all somewhere before.
Well, never mind. Amazing men like myself pay no heed to minor details. Ha ha ha!
One important thing about the quest: it's where you get the Aviators! Good thing it's unmissable and hard to miss.

Another quest.
Shady Woman: I have a request that I need kept secret. Can I trust you?
Accept the request?
I want you to find me a Poison Stinger. Please don't ask what it's for.

Shady Woman: A Poison Stinger. That's it! I finally have it!
I can't tell you what it's for.
After all, if it got out that I needed it for a charm to get a boy to like me.
Then all the other girls who like him would steal my idea!

Dungeon Video

: You see those pot-looking things? DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Seriously. It's icky.

: Everyone okay?

: This smoke... What is it?
: Urgh, my eyes. This ain't smoke. Some kind of spore, more likely.
: I bet these are smokeshroom spores.
Once the spores get in your eyes or nose... You can't stop crying.
: It doesn't bother me. What a bunch of crybabies!
: That's because... whoops! Shouldn't tell that!

: Of course you can't enter a narrow set of passages while people are out to get you like that without having a showdown! I won't permit it.

: We meet again.
: They don't look ready to turn tail and run this time.
: Get along, little doggies!

: I sure wasn't expecting him.
: What are you doing here?
: Good dogs. Thank you for telling me of these intruders.
: I thought Ivar was the only one who could talk with animals.
: You're Jiao, right?
: Hmm? I don't remember introducing myself.
: We heard your name from the people of Hamil. What do you want?
: Is that not obvious? Come, child. We're returning to the village.

: Urgh...
: Do you have any idea how the villagers treated Elize when you left her alone?
: I am truly sorry about that.
: What exactly is Elize to you?
: Let's just say, I know where she used to live.
Where she grew up.
: So will you take her back to her home?
Or, are you planning to lock her up in Hamil again?
: That is my business, and mine alone! You will hand the girl over.
: Like hell they would.

: The bigger they are, right?

Boss time!

Jiao is earth-elemental, but...

...the pets are the reverse! I got Earth Guard (30% resistance to Earth damage) on a person in each link, so his damage output is being nerfed to hell.

Although that doesn't look like an Earth attack.

This is the big deal.

Such beautiful RESIST!s. Devil's Maw can seriously hurt if you aren't ready for it.

Rending Quake has an odd little ending.

Release four summon spells labeled one, two, three, and five into a hall... Actually there are only two. One of them summons more wind-plant-wolf things and the other summons some birds.

Covering your fist in hard rock to smack them seems like a thing that'd hurt a lot.

These are the birds in question.

Maybe I ground too much before the fight? It felt a little easy.

: Even after all that, the big guy was still in the fight.

: Why must you remain with these people? They will bring you nothing but trouble. I'm sure of it.
: I want to stay with them because they made me their friend!
: And friends don't leave friends alone!
: Elize.

: Milla! Alvin!
: If it were up to me...
I would not bring her back. I'm not doing this by choice.

: Just put that away.

: What?!
: Cover your mouths up!

: You don't want to be alone, huh?

Skit: Lilium in Bloom

: Where did you get yours?
: I'm not sure. One day, I just noticed it was inside Teepo.
: I found it on the ground! It was so pretty, I couldn't help myself!
: You ate it?!
: Let's be glad Teepo did. She wouldn't stand a chance out here without it.
: For a tool of battle, it really is quite beautiful.
: The humans who designed it did quite a fine job.
: A marvel born of the same human ingenuity that has spawned so many horrors.
: Well said. Perhaps it's that very duality that defines humans.

Skit: Smokeshrooms

: It got all smoky. What was that?
: Those are smokeshroom spores.
Clever monsters will wait until their prey gets near one.
Then they'll hit the smokeshroom with a rock, and take down the prey while its eyes and nose are clouded with spores.
And for its part, the smokeshroom gets to spread its spores over a wider area.
When life forms help each other like that, it's called "symbiosis".
: Oh... Okay.
: You're so smart! Like one of those monsters you talked about!
: So does that mean people and spirits have symbiosis too?
: That's right. Humans give mana to the spirits, and the spirits use artes to help people.
: It's a perfect example of symbiosis. Well done, Elize!
: Thank you.
: That's incredible! Elly's the smartest of all!

Skit: A Treasure Like Elize

: I'm... I'm sorry.
It's my fault that the big man attacked you.
: Don't be mad at Elly!
: He was the one who picked the fight. There's nothing for you to apologize for.
Don't worry. We'll protect you.
: Thank you.
: You're a real pal, Alvin!
: It ain't every day a treasure like you falls into my lap.
: Huh?
: Because you're such a gifted channeler, I mean. You know. So you'll be a big help to me too.

Skit: A Nice Juicy Mana Lobe

: That's not true.
: But it is! Bet you wish yours was, too!
: I certainly do.
: Must be nice to have such a powerful mana lobe when you're channeling, huh?
: I guess? I really don't think about it.
: Well, you should, since the mana lobe is inside your brain.
: Wait, really?
: I hear that sometimes, the spirits will help themselves to a nice chunk of brain along with the mana.
So don't channel too much, or that pretty little skull of yours'll end up as hollow as a coconut.
: Ahhhh!
: I don't want that to happen!
: Come on, Alvin. Don't scare her like that.

Skit: The Secret Arte of Monster Control

: Ivar has some ability to control monsters, but it's nowhere near that level.
: I've heard there's a clan in Auj Oule that knows the secret arte of monster control.
: I wonder how it works.
: Monsters are a pain. They should just learn to talk like I can!
: Come now, isn't it easier this way? Would you really want to kill a talking monster?
: I guess not.
: I would crush them with witty repartee!
: That's true. If we could negotiate with monsters, we wouldn't need to fight them all.
: But even if they could talk, they'd all be speaking monsterese!
: So hire an interpreter who's fluent in this language.
: Haha, and then it turns out that's exactly what the secret arte is.
: Whoa.
: Whoa!
: Whoa...