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Part 10: CH7: You tattlejerk!

CH7: You tattlejerk!

Skit: The Joy of Smokeshrooms

: Yeah. They're a famous delicacy around here.
: Do they taste good?
: Better than you might think. I hear they're especially good in stew.
: Hey, I love stew!
: What if you steamed them with garlic and butter? Would that be good?
: Sure sounds good to me!
: You could make cream of smokeshroom soup!
: What if they were wrapped in bacon?
: That would be amazing!
: Wow, Elize. I didn't realize you liked food so much.
: Oh, I... I just...
: She's having a growth spurt! Don't judge!

: Jiao was the only obstacle between them and Sharilton.

: We sure took the scenic route.
: And that big bearded meanie didn't follow us, did he?
: Don't worry. He'd never follow us into a place like this.

: Hey, check out this shop. It looks pretty interesting.

: Looks like antiques. They're very nice.
: Why do all the folks around here seem so tense?
Merchant: Word is foreign spies broke into a military laboratory in the capital.
The king sent his personal guards here. They're interrogating anyone who even looks at them funny.
Not very good for business, that's for sure.
: Uh, right, umm...

: Yeah, it's pretty all right. Pretty expensive! That's for sure.
Merchant: You have a good eye, young lady. That's a genuine Efreet-fired cup.
: Is that right? So this was hand made by Efreet?

: It looks like these patterns are far too wild. Efreet values order over all else.
: Hoho! Well, you talk as though you've had the honor of breaking bread with one of the Four Great Spirits.
Your observation is accurate. True Efreet-fired ceramics are known for their geometric precision.
That's odd. The stamp here says that this set was made over 18 years ago, I see.
Merchant: Yes, what about it?
: That's quite peculiar. If I'm not mistaken, mankind lost the ability to summon Efreet around 20 years ago.
Merchant: Err...
: Efreet didn't make it? What a shame, that's so disappointing.
: But even still, I think it's a lovely cup, so I'll take it.
Merchant: O-Of course. I'll even be happy to offer you a nice discount.
: Hehe. I got quite a good deal, thanks to your help.
I'm Driselle Sharil. Pleased to meet you.
: Oh wow. That town is named after her family isn't it?
: And I am the young madam's butler, Rowen. I'm happy to be at your service.
: Thanks again. You simply must join me for tea at my manor.
: Well, who are we to turn down a free lunch? Shall we swing by later?
: I live just south of the central plaza. I look forward to seeing you.
: Do we really have time for that?
: Well, I can think of several reasons we might want to take advantage of her hospitality.
: He's right actually. Staying at an inn could be risky with all these guards everywhere.
: Hm, very well then. We'll take time for some tea after we traverse the town.

Skit: Traces of the Toy Peddler

: Let's ask around town and find out if anyone's seen any talking stuffed animals.
: Wow! I'm so excited!

Trader: Those are just the feathers I was lookin' for. Would you be willin' to part with 'em?
System: Hand over the Jet Black Feathers? Yes/No
Trader: Here, I'll make you a deal.
These are Jet Black Feathers. They're a highly-valued item among... certain collectors.
If you can bring me a bunch of 'em, I'd be happy to exchange 'em for some equally valuable items of my own.
Merchant: Hey, did you hear? Dark Wing's been spotted again.
Trader: You mean that noble bandit who steals from the rich and gives to the poor?
Merchant: Noble?! He attacked a Larque Company cargo wagon!
They say he butchered everyone on it! That guy is seriously disturbed!
Trader: That's... That's horrible.
You be careful out there, you hear?

Now we have access to the Jet Black Feather trader, which can give us permanent stat increases, the highest-tier types of each shop upgrade material, as well as the Omega Elixer, which does what you'd expect based on its name. Full revive, full heal, full tp restore, full status cure for everyone in the party. It also refills your coffee and shines your shoes.

Also we're going to be coming back to this "Dark Wing" plot later. It's not nearly as long as the Abyss version.

We also turn in that package to the Inn that even I have almost forgotten about.
Inkeeper: Not another one. My parents keep sending me these.
They're nothing but portfolios of men they want me to marry.
I keep telling them I don't want to get married yet, but they won't shut up about grandchildren!
But of course, that's not your problem. Thanks for taking the time to deliver this.
We get Sunglasses, which aren't quite as cool as the Aviators.

Merchant: Getting my shipments through the military checkpoints is hard enough. If I have to deal with monster attacks too, I don't know how I'm gonna get by!
I wish I could get someone to wipe out the highroad monsters for me, but who'd want a job like that?
System: Accept the request? Yes/No
Merchant: You'll do it?! That's great!
I've heard the monsters live in the north branch of the Sapstrath Highroad.
Good luck. And in case you get killed, you should know that I can't afford to pay for your funerals.

Hey that kid has a sidequest mark, let's talk to him.

Boy: Hey, are you...
: Hm? Can we help you?
Boy: Uh... N-Never mind.
: If you have something to say, you should say it loud and clear.
Boy: You, uh...
: I can't hear you. You need to speak more clearly!
: Wait! He might be--
Boy: Okay!
You look just like the criminals on the wanted posters!
: ......
: I was afraid of that.
: You actually recognized us from those awful posters?!
: I can't believe it.
: You can get over it later! Run!
Yeah. There's dialog for talking to him again apparently, but I didn't do it.


Hey! I know you!
Hey! I know you too!
Not again?!
You were on that poster! The one for bad people!
It's called a "wanted poster".
Yeah, that poster!
Can we skip the vocabulary lesson and run away now?
But why are children the only ones recognizing us?
Children are still pure and innocent. You can't fool them so easily.
You make it sound like I'm some kind of monster disguised as a human.
We don't have time to argue about this!
I don't recall being able to talk to him again, so this may or may not actually be in the game.

: They took a small side-trip to try to find Teepo's "family" before meeting Driselle.

Girl: Whoa, a talking doll! It's just like the other ones I saw!
: Where did you see them?
Girl: A toy merchant was selling them here not too long ago.
: Where can we see this person?
Girl: I don't think he's here anymore.
He said he was going to some seahaven next.
: Do you remember which one?
Girl: Hmm... Uhh...
: This sure is taking a lotta time.
Girl: Oh, that's it! It was Alotta Seahaven!
: Can't say I recognize that.
Oh wait, you mean Aladhi Seahaven.
: Wah-hey! Nice work, me!
Girl: Gosh, I'm so jealous. I wish my parents had bought me one of those.
: Teepo's not for sale!

Old Merchant: Did you come here from Auj Oule?
: We did. We came in through Sapstrath Seahaven.
Old Merchant: Well, good on you for making it all this way. I bet going through that checkpoint wasn't much fun.
: Ah, it wasn't that bad.
Fat Merchant: We used to be able to trade with Auj Oule freely.
But now with all these new regulations, it's almost impossible to do business.
Thin Merchant: I've heard things are getting weird at Fort Gandala too.
I hear they're working on some kind of big-time spirit arte.
Fat Merchant: You think it's for war?
Old Merchant: It could well be.
: Between Rashugal and Auj Oule? But why?
Old Merchant: I'm sure you've seen how the King of Rashugal has been consolidating power around himself.
While on the other hand, the King of Auj Oule is some great hero who united all of the tribes by force.
Two strong rulers in two neighboring countries. It's only natural they'd start bumping against each other.
Fat Merchant: There have been skirmishes, but we haven't had open war since the Battle of Fezebel twenty years ago.
Thin Merchant: Hey, this could be the business opportunity of a lifetime!
Fat Merchant: I'm sure it's possible.
Old Merchant: But, the people who got greedy during the last war were the first ones to die.
Thin Merchant: Yeah, you're right. These new inspections have been pretty devastating to our business already.
Fat Merchant: Hey, don't let it get you down. War isn't a certainty yet.
: War, huh...

One of the in-town conversations was kind of good.
: Milla? Are you nervous about something?
: No one's ever asked me over for tea before. It seems I'm a bit excited.

: It was tea time.

: We've been waiting for you.

: Rashugal soldiers!
: Wait.
: Nobody had noticed them yet.

: They departed without noticing the party.
: Who was that?
: Have our guests departed?
: Welcome back. Brought your friends, I see.
: Cline! Let me introduce you.
Oh. Um, I never got their names.
: I hear you came to my sister's aid.
I'm Cline Sharil. I'm Driselle's older brother, as you've no doubt guessed.
: Lord Cline is the governor here in Sharilton.
: Really?
: How rude of us to keep you waiting outside. Please, let's continue our conversation in comfort.

: It's not worthless! Besides, I got a good deal and made some new friends in the bargain.
: Wah-hey!
: Hahaha...

: Rowen, please look after our guests.
: It would be my pleasure, sir.
: I have some matters to attend to. If you will excuse me.
: I've gotta run, too.
: Huh?
: Nature calls. I better leave now before things get messy.
: So you're on some great journey, right? You simply must tell me all about your travels!
: Well... Um...
: I've never even been out of this town. I want to hear all about the faraway places you've been.
: I've never been outside either... But then...
: Elly became pals with Jude and everyone!
We crossed mighty oceans and explored forbidden forests! We saw giant waves and toadstools that made everyone cry!
: You actually sailed across the sea, Elly? I've never even seen the sea before! What was it like?
: It's vast and wild, teeming with dangerous creatures. There are giant octopuses pretending to be rocks.
: Rock octopuses?! You don't say!
: And fish and eels and clams.
: Oh, I've seen clams! The shells, anyway. They sell shell jewelry in the shops in the plaza! It's all so gorgeous!
: That sounds really nice.
: I'll give you one of my favorite pieces as a present next time.
As a token of our friendship.
: Icky clams turned into pretty jewelry? This I gotta see!
: So giving presents is a way to establish friendship?
: Uh, why, yes. To the giver, a present is a symbol of trust. To the receiver, a present serves as a warm reminder of our friendship.
: And getting stuff for free doesn't stink, either!
: I see.
: Hoho! It would appear my young mistress has made some very good friends.
Make yourselves at home. Help yourself to tea and treats.

After this we can look around and have some optional conversations.

: No, not particularly.
I'm simply fascinated by the illogical proclivity of humans to apply an abstract concept like beauty to everyday objects.
: That's, uh... pretty deep.
: I've also been thinking about our current predicament.
There's something to be said for hiding in plain sight, but we should not tarry here for long.
: Yeah, we shouldn't overextend our stay. They've been so good to us already.

I think this might be a different conversation for Milla's side. Feinne?


Hmm? You certainly seem in good spirits.
I am. Look how happy Elize is.
It's a real relief. She's been through so much lately.
So have you, especially considering how much you obsess over the well-being of others.
I'm feeling pretty good.
We've finally gotten a little downtime. And the refreshments were great.
I see. I'm glad to hear it.
But we can't get too comfortable, I suppose.
Correct. If he's the governor, that makes him nobility. His manor isn't the smartest place to relax.
I feel sorry for Elize, but we can't stay here long.

: He is a fine ruler despite his youth. He believes in freedom and equality for his people.
If he has any real flaw, it's that he spoils Lady Driselle too much.

: Unfortunately, when Jude approached the front door...

: I am afraid I can't permit you to leave just yet... that I know it was you who infiltrated the laboratory in Fennmont.
: What are you talking about?
: Save your denials. Alvin told me everything.
: He did what?!
: Now what? Will you hand us over to the military?
: No. I want to know what you saw in that facility.
Rashugal has undergone dramatic changes, ever since Nachtigal acceded the throne.
Even those of us in the Six Ruling Houses are not told of his activities.
: The military is holding people captive and draining their mana to develop a new weapon.
: Human experimentation? He would go that far?!
I'd like to believe you're lying, but all the pieces fit.
: So Nachtigal is the man behind the experiments? The King of Rashugal?
: He would have to be.
: ......
: It's hardly hospitable to keep Driselle's friends captive in our home.
But you must leave this city at once.
: Thank you, Lord Cline.

Skit Video: Making Friends

: Looks like some of them are your age. Why not try to talk to them?

: Elize approached some children as she left the mansion.

Girl: Super cute!
Girl: I've never seen anything so pink before!
Girl: Super never!
: What is it?
: I was just wondering...
: What the heck are they talking about?!
: You don't have to be scared. They're just children. Go on and ask them.
: Um, excuse me? What's the cute pink thing you're talking about?
Girl: You were spying on us! We have nothing to say to spies.
Girl: Super nothing.
: Just give us a quick peek!
Girl: Whoa! That weird thing talked! What is it?!
Girl: Like, super weird!
: He's not weird. He's Teepo.
Girl: Teepo?
Well, whatever. I'm still not going to show the cute pink thing to someone like you.
: Fine...
: Ah, phooey...
Girl: But, if you can show us that you love the color pink...
And prove you're a true pinkist, I may consider it.
: Prove I'm a pinkist? How?
Girl: By bringing us super rare things that are pink!
For example, start with a Peachberry Blossom. Bring us one of those, then we'll talk.
Girl: We'll super talk!

: Of course, that wasn't exactly the main event.

: Hey.
: Don't "hey" us!
: Alvin! You tattletale! You jerk! You, you... tattlejerk!
: How much did Cline pay you to sell us out?
: Sell you out? Such an ugly phrase. Money isn't the only currency, you know.
It's no secret that Lord Cline is unhappy with the current government.
If we want info, we have to give some in return. It's called a trade.
I told him what I know, and he gave you some juicy info in return, right?
: King Nachtigal of Rashugal is the man responsible for everything.
So long as he remains alive, he could construct a second or third Lance of Kresnik.
: You're going to assassinate the king?
: What choice do I have? I can't allow him to continue, even if his death throws your country into chaos.
: I suppose it's the lesser of two evils. We can't let him keep sacrificing innocent people for their mana.
Soldier: Hey! You're the people from the wanted poster!
: Whoops. I suppose strolling about wasn't the smartest idea.

: What are you doing here?
: Please, allow me to handle this.
Soldier: Hey, gramps! Step out of the way before you break a hip.

: The soldiers were underestimating him so badly that none of them noticed what he'd done.
: Oh, dear me. What a fearsome trio.
: A bit on the sloppy side, though. You two in the rear: Isn't your formation a little wide?
If you stand so far apart, how will you help your comrades in a moment of crisis?

: They were taking it, though.
: And you, good sir. Aren't you standing a little too far forward?
From there, you might be able to catch me, but the good people behind me, on the other hand...
Soldier: Hmph.
: There's a good soldier.

: Now, if you'll excuse me.
: Everyone, please follow me.

: Rowen! That was awesome! You sure showed those meanies!
: Dear me. You misuse the word "awesome". It was merely a delay tactic.
: Whatever it was, you saved us, uh, Mr. Rowen.
: Just Rowen is fine.
: What do you need from us?
: My, you get right to the point.
Indeed, I have a favor to ask of you.
: Of us notorious criminals? This can't be good.
: The King of Rashugal came to the manor earlier and ordered our citizens be drafted into service.
: What? Nachtigal was here?
: Yes. The man you saw leaving by carriage earlier was King Nachtigal himself.
: So he's the King of Rashugal.
: Why's he forcing people into his service?
: Maybe he needs more experimental subjects?
: My master couldn't abide seeing his people in danger. He set off to rescue them.
But Nachtigal is not one who takes disobedience lightly.
: Is Driselle's brother in danger?
: Undoubtedly, and I wish to rescue him. Will you assist me?
: Any brother of a pal is a brother of mine! Right, Elly?
: We can't turn a blind eye at this point. We should help!
: Here we go again. For an honors student, you sure are lousy at learning lessons.
: It's settled.
: We cannot allow Nachtigal to proceed with any plan that involves using that weapon.
: There's your answer.
: You have my thanks.
The people were taken to Bermia Gorge. We must make haste!

And now we have five party members. Next update I'll show you how this game deals with extra party members.