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Part 11: CH8: Smells Like Lesser Spirit

CH8: Smells Like Lesser Spirit

So this is the last of the footage I recorded before the thread pointed out the problem. I'd have re-recorded this, but it doesn't bother me that much and I don't want to make it any later.

Skit Video: The Loyal Butler

: I too counseled him against it, but as you can see, he can be quite stubborn.
: Hey! Stop saying mean things about Driselle's brother!
: Cline is a good man.
: He most certainly is. Never have I met a lord who cares more deeply for his subjects.
: Indeed, he was kind and gentle long before he was a lord at all.
: Two years ago, when I had nowhere else to go, he was gracious enough to hire me on as his butler.
: Sounds like he's really important to you.
: Very much so.
: And he's so cool! Way cooler than Alvin!
: I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch that.
: Alvin! Let me go!
: I'm sure Cline is still safe.
: Of that, I have no doubt. No harm will befall him on my watch.

Skit Video: Eye of the Beholder

: Because we're best friends!
: And because Teepo's so cute!
: Uh, really?
: What? Of course he's cute!
: Don'tcha think?
: Well, I... Uh... He certainly isn't not cute! In a way that I can't, er, quite put my finger on.
: How can you not know? It's Teepo!
: Oh! It's... It's his little horns! Those are super cute!
: Those are ears!
: For shame! You're terrible with kids!
: I'm sorry.

Skit Video: Nachtigal's Consolidation of Power

: I do not know. The Nachtigal of old would have fought on the front lines instead of dealing with intrigue behind the scenes.
: Is that right?
: Nachtigal's a blueblood, but he didn't shy away from combat as he climbed the military chain of command.
: Although lately it looks like he's been more busy with political fights for power.
: A pity to see him change so greatly.
: What was that?
: Ah, please disregard my ramblings. Regardless, Lord Cline is a great threat to Nachtigal.
Nothing is more threatening to a dictator than another individual with both wealth and growing popularity.

Skit Video: When Elize Grows Up

: Not really.
: Elly doesn't want to grow up!
: Oh? Why is that?
: If I grow up, people will laugh at me for holding Teepo.
: We wouldn't laugh. After all, Teepo's your friend.
: He's right. Go ahead and grow up! You've got nothing to worry about.
: Really?
: Cross my heart.
: That's great, Elly!
: Now you can grow up and get married like you wanted!
: Shhh! That's a secret!
: Oh? Who do you want to marry?
: Ahem!
: Ahem!
: N-Nobody!
: And there she goes.

Skit Video: Dinner with Rowen

: The soup was quite satisfying.
: Yes. The flavor was deep and refined.
: Really? You didn't think it was a little bland?
: Forgive me for saying so, Alvin, but your palate is too crude to appreciate such a delicate balance of flavors.
: My my. Aren't you the expert.
: It must have taken a great deal of effort for the chef to create such a layered flavor profile.
: Wow, you're really particular about food.
: Indeed I am. Cooking is something of a hobby of mine.
: I would love to try one of your dishes.
: It would be an honor to serve you! But the problem is...
: I use only the finest ingredients, which I insist on growing or raising myself. Naturally, I blend my own seasonings.
: And all of my recipes incorporate appropriate seasonal ingredients arranged in perfect harmony.
: But due to my relentless quest for culinary perfection... I have yet to actually complete my first dish.
: Sounds like quite the pursuit.

: I just KNOW I'm messing up the timeline of these events, but I feel like they went to Aladhi Seahaven about now to check on Teepo's "family."

Hawker: Take a look at our marvelous, stupendous, world-exclusive talking dolls!
: Hello!
My name is Hoppo! Will you all be my friends?
Children and Parents: Whoa...
Parent: How are you doing that? Is it ventriloquism?
Hawker: Not at all. As you can see...
We can talk at the same time.
: We can talk at the same time.
Children and Parents: Whoa...
Boy: That's amazing! I want one!
Girl: Mommy, I want one too!
Mohter: I'm sorry, we can't. It's just too expensive.
: Don't say that! Go on and buy me! I'll get you a discount!
Hawker: Hey, you're not authorized to do that!
But I guess it's too late to take it back now. All right everyone, I'll be selling the dolls at a special price, today only!
Mother: Oh, really? Then maybe I will take one.
Man: Over here! I'll take two!
: Thank you!
Other Man: I think I'll get one too.
: Look, they're just like Teepo!
: They might really be my family!
: I'm not so sure about this.
: Let's wait and see what happens.

: I think I can guess...

Partner: Come on, the boat's leaving soon!
: Yeah, you'll probably want to get onboard before those people find out you duped them.
Hawker: What do you all want?
: Duped? What do you mean?
: You're using echore to make the dolls talk, aren't you?
: Record the script ahead of time so you can play it back and reel in your customers.
: Simple and effective, and also quite underhanded.
: But that means...
: They're not really my family.
Partner: Hey, they still make sound. We're not duping anybody!
: Spoken like a true con man.
: We know echore can only be used once, and that it loses its sound in a few hours.
Hawker: So what if it does!
Does it make you feel heroic to hassle merchants over stupid trifles like this?
: Stupid trifles? Those kids trusted you, and you cheated them!
Even Elize.
: It's okay.
: Please just stop!
: Elize...

: I'm sorry.
: No, I'm just glad you cared that much about me.
: Everyone, thank you for trying to find my family.
: Don't worry about it.
: That's what friends are for.
: That's so nice. And so unlike you!
: It wasn't all bad.
I was happy to see how much everyone wanted dolls like Teepo.
It just goes to show how cute he really is!
: Great point!
: Uh... Well...
: Y-Yeah, that must be it.

: Aaaaand... they dropped in on Ivar. I'm going to have to go back after this and check on this. Pooh. I hate not telling a story right.
: Actually Lady Milla...
: Quiet! Like I would rely on your brain.
: What are you doing?
: Can't you tell? I was giving this chicken advice about its problems.
: You were what?
: Ivar can speak with monsters and animals.
: Lady Milla entrusted me with the sacred duty of protecting all who live in this village.
And be it man or chicken, that's exactly what I'll do!
Hmm, I see, I see...
Another chicken stole your territory and now you're too stressed to lay eggs?
I know exactly how you feel!
: He's actually talking with it.
: It's some kind of fancy spirit arte. I think they call it beastcraft or something.
Lots of people in Auj Oule can command monsters, but even here, conversing with them is a rare skill.
: Hmph. It's not merely conversing, mind you. With this power, I can control monsters and animals like the back of my hand!
: Wow, that's really impressive.
: Damn it, why aren't you more jealous?
: Come to think of it, Ivar, you were the one who asked Alvin to accompany us.
I wanted to thank you for that.
: I did? I asked Alvin to do what now?
: Hm?
: Hey, handmaid! I think this chicken's about to lay an egg!
: Curses!
Lady Milla, I'm afraid I must hurry to intervene before the chicken turf war escalates further!
Rest assured, no disturbance to the peace of Nia Khera will be tolerated so long as Ivar is here!
: He certainly takes his work seriously.
: Guess so. Wish I could say the same about myself.
: ......

: On the way back from that, they stopped in Elize's old room to show it to Milla.

: How long were you in here?
: Um... I'm not sure.
: Really long! Or kinda short... It was a blur!
: What would have happened to you if we hadn't come along?
: The big man always used to say that I should try and get along with the villagers.
So that maybe I could live here one day.
: I'm sure he meant well by that.
But you can't just ask a kid to live alone in some strange town.
: There sure are a lot of barrels here.
: Don't drink from those! They're full of strange juice that makes you dizzy!
: This is porange wine. It's a type of liquor that glows in the dark.
The longer it ferments, the mellower the taste and glow.
After ten years, it'll shimmer like the moon. That's why they call the top-shelf version "Moonlight".
: You sure know a lot about it.
: Naturally.
: Mmm. This flavor certainly is deep and rich. This may be one of the best things I've had.
: Hey, that's stealing!
: Don't worry!
Something like this won't faze me.

: But it just did.
: I just said it makes you dizzy!
: It went straight to her legs.
: I never would've guessed that was Maxwell's weakness.
: The hell?

Woman: I can't believe soldiers would come here!
Man: I knew we should have never kept that strange girl here!
Woman: No child that age should be able to use spirit artes like that. It's not normal!
Mayor: It doesn't matter. We couldn't refuse Chief Jiao's requests after he forgave our tribute debts during the famine.
Man: That may be, but he's an outsider too! They're nothing but trouble.
Woman: Don't you remember when they stole our prized napples and poranges?
And to add insult to injury, we found out they were growing them outside without our permission.
Man: Our ancestors built this village from nothing, without help from anybody else.
The only people we can trust are each other.
Mayor: Exactly right.
: ......
: Elize, you shouldn't listen to them.
: Why? Those were their true feelings.
: ......
: But, that lady used to add an egg in my porridge.
: And that man patched up the holes in the shed that we stayed in.
: I think you could count those as their true feelings too.
: Agreed. If they didn't truly believe in helping others, it would be difficult for them to survive way out here.
: Then why did they chase Elize out?
: Sometimes you have to cut off outsiders to protect the people on the inside.
Staying alive isn't always pretty.
: It's a matter of priorities, I suppose.
: ......
: ......

: OK so I know what the next bit that's important is, they were travelling with Rowan to rescue that guy. I know where we are in the order of event's now. I'm not dumb!
: Don't look at me like that, you're scaring the hell out of me.

: We've no time for this. Clear the way!

So we're in one of the final tutorial battles. I'm not sure if there are any more after this, might be one more.

Best feature of Xillia right here. We can swap anyone in our party for anyone on our bench. Removing it is the worst part of Xillia 2, although I sort of get why they did it.

Dungeon Video! I don't think this is technically a dungeon, but it doesn't really go anywhere normal people would want to go.

: They had arrived at Bermia Gorge, where they captives were said to be held.

: I've never seen anything like this.
: This is one of the few liminal regions in Rashugal.
: You don't expect us to climb this, do you? I don't even have hands!

: Look out!

: The military?
: I suppose they don't want people seeing what they're up to here.
Can you handle it?

: I can't. I'm pinned down.
: Aaah! Superpals, do something!
: We need a distraction.
: I'll draw the shooter's attention. You take care of the rest.
: You're going to be the bait? That's quite dangerous.
; It'll be fine. Trust me.
: Very well. We'll leave this to you.
: Thanks.

: It was completely crazy.

: That kid is just so good at doding. So good. Mmmmm.
: Uh.
: Sorry! Back to what I was saying.
Archer: How the hell did he dodge that?!
Ugh! What?!

: Milla's slash sent the shot wide.
: Ha!
Archer: Uwaaa!
: Thank you.
: Sudden dramatic saves are my specialty. It's a mercenary thing.

: As if the archer wasn't enough, they got additional confirmation that they were in the right spot.
: That feeling again... The same one from Fennmont.

: What?

: Lord Cline! So they were performing experiments on humans.

: Stop! It'll tear your hand right off.
: This device is just like the one that killed Professor Haus in the laboratory!
: Are they trying to build a spyrix weapon here, too?
They shouldn't be so easy to make.

: Milla?
: So this is why they gave up the search for us. A bit of knowledge is a big danger to these people.
: The channeling circle being generated here isn't a closed type.
I would assume the surplus spirit energy is flowing out from the top.
If we enter the cavern from the top of the gorge and destroy the core producing the spirit artes...
: Then we can save everyone.
: Let's go.

Skit Video: The Power of Tea Time

: Yes ma'am.
: How about we take a break? Would anyone care for tea?
: This is hardly the time for tea!
: Whatever do you mean? Here, I've steeped some of my finest blend.
: Well, a moment's rest, then. But stay vigilant.
: This is good!
: It tastes like sunshine!
: It's wonderful. Not just the flavor, but the aroma too.
: It's my own special mix. The aroma comes from dried fruit peels.
: That's peculiar. After just one cup, I feel completely energized.
: I'm better than ever!
: Such is the magic of good tea and idle conversation.

Skit Video: Elder Care

: Your back hurts? Want me to give you a little therapeutic massage?
: Oh. That's very generous of you.
: Don't coddle the elderly, kid. It never ends well.
: He'd know.
: But he's in pain.
: I am grateful for the sentiment, Jude, but I worry that your hands might not be strong enough.
: Perhaps a massage from a nubile young woman would be more effective.
: You mean me? Hmm... If I had the Four, I'd have Efreet bathe your back in flame to increase blood flow.
: Then have Gnome send tremors up and down your spine. That would clear it right up.
: But I suppose I could still do most of that with my own artes. Go ahead, show me where it hurts.
: Err, I'm fine, really -- aches and pains are old friends to a man my age! Let's be moving on, then.
: Huh? You don't want the massage?
: See what I mean?
: Yeah... No more coddling.

Dungeon Video! This dungeon is a little unique because it's so vertical. Thank goodness the map has a slider so you can adjust the height it's showing you.

Skit Video: Milla's Reward

: Yeah. I don't even worry about enemy spirit artes anymore.
I really should have done more of a "here's what Rowen can do" but I don't seem to have recorded that. OOPS!
: Oh, I'm just honored that my old geezer tricks could be of use to you.
: You really are one handy geezer! I feel like we young'uns ought to be bowing our heads in thanks.
: Oh. We should!
: Thank you, honored elder!
: Oh my... No need for that. This is getting a little embarrassing.
: Very well then. I'll simply pat you on the head.
You did good.
: Uh, Milla? Rowen isn't a child.
: Oh, that takes me back to my youth. Such happy memories.
: I'll keep doing my best!
: What?! It's actually working?!

: As predicted, there was a giant plume of energy coming out of the top.

: Ugh…
The core is active now, but what can we do up here?
: Grow wings?
: Good thinking. I shall cast a channeling circle on the erupting spirit energy.
We may be able to ride it down safely, but only if we can maintain control.
: So, are we going to dive in?
: I should've kept my mouth shut. We're only gonna get one chance to hit the core.
: ......
...What are we waiting for? We have to save those citizens.
: Right. There's no other way.
: Hoho. Your mettle is inspiring.
: Oh, thanks.
: Young lady, will you wait here, please?
: *Shakes head*
: All right then, hold on tight, okay?
This might be a turbulent flight.

: This ride is too rough.

: Much obliged.

: The core getting destroyed made the machines shut down and the doors open. I guess that's what Jude calls a "failsafe."
: There's Master Cline!

: Are you all right?
: Forgive me. I dashed off again without heeding your warnings and I shouldn't have.
: I am just glad that you're safe.
: Do you know if Nachtigal is still here?
: I came here to demand answers about all of this, but his personal guard took me captive.
: I see.
: Oh, I just hate, hate, hate this place! Let's skedaddle!
: The spud's right. I'm getting bad vibes here.

: Watch out! Get back!

: Trouble.
: Oh, no! What's that?!
: We're about to find out!

Ok so this fight can really suck if you don't know what's coming. And by that I mean status ailments.

Its tendency to fly up in the air makes it hard to get lots of damage in, it'll fly right out of the area of most spells faster than they can go off, and a lot of things plain can't hit it that high up. I really need to get Milla setup to do more aerial combo stuff, but it'll probably have to wait a bit.

Arrivederci is the mid-tier Wind spell and this thing can cast it pretty fast.

This mist (called Poison Snow apparently) can carpet-bomb you with statuses. Lots of Seal Charms on the party to prevent Arteseal and Skillseal (the butterflies in the Bermia Gorge dungeon itself hand out the same status effects, just to make sure you know what's coming).

This is the other big danger, as a light spell Shimmering Toll can cause confusion which is basically equivalent to SMT charm, making the confused character swap teams. That is very bad.

Angel Light is another big confuse-applier.

Here I'm trying to get an aerial combo on him but I'm just not able to get high enough. SHAMEFUL.

Sometimes it'll grab and chew on you a bit.

I gotta admit I died a lot here. I'm not good at dealing with timing stuff on non-humanoid bosses and I have a tendency to be super-aggressive.

Elize saves Jude's XP gain. Go Elize!

: Aaaaaah!

: What do you think you're doing?!
: Wait, can't you feel it?
: What?!
: They're lesser spirits!

: Oh, how wonderful!
: Wowie kazowie!

: Thank you, Jude.
: Huh?
: I forgot myself and nearly destroyed those lesser spirits.
: Oh... Um...
: Then, shall we return to Sharilton?
These people had intolerable amounts of mana extracted from them.

Skit Video: A Show of Spirit

: I've never seen one before until now.
: I've encountered some during my time, but not the numbers we just witnessed.
: Then you're just like us!
: Indeed I am.
: Rowen, thank you for taking my hand when we jumped.
: You needn't thank me at all. I merely did what I'd do for any of my friends.
: That's right. We're friends.
: Yay! I never thought we'd make friends with someone much older!
: You're very good with children.
: No, not at all. I just know how to treat a lady.
: And such a charmer as well.
: I do get that a lot.
: I bet you do.

Skit Video: A Home for Elize

: It's okay.
: You don't need to say that! We're friends now!
: Are you sure? Even I get freaked out traveling with Milla sometimes.
: You and me both.
: Hey, Elize.
I bet we can find someplace nice and quiet for you to live around here. You'd be away from all this danger.
: But, I don't want to leave.
: This is out of the blue. You got a line on someone who'd be willing to take her?
: Well, not yet.
: Don't go making promises you can't keep!
: So what's the plan, kid?
: I'll figure something out. I promised Milla I would.
: For Milla, huh?