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Part 12: CH9: The Sleepover Before the Storm

CH9: The Sleepover Before the Storm

Skit Video: Milla's Friends

: We heard from Jude.
: Friends? Oh, you mean the Four.
: They're not your friends?
: Well, in a sense, they do help me accomplish the things I need to do.
: Then they're your friends! Just like us!
: We'll help you too.
: Everybody get a hand in!
: Hehe, to think I'd find myself on the receiving end of encouragement.

We got a few new artes off the XP for that last boss.

Whirling Assault for Milla is a series of sword slashes.

I actually never really used it, it's non-elemental and doesn't seem to have any special properties.

We also have a whole new character I probably should talk some more about. Rowen's mostly a spellcaster, and his gimmick is "arte tuning" aka...

...button prompts. We can get more fireballs per cast by mashing the circle button.

Splash's area of effect can be moved around with the L-stick.

Severed Fate is that move he used on the three idiot soldiers earlier. Nice to see some gameplay and story integration.

Rock Trine is similar to the spell-form of Milla's Grave, but his has a button you can push for extra spikes.

Like that. It's a different color for some reason.

Marche Waltz is a musical-themed series of sword slashes. It has a link arte with Elize's Pow Hammer.

Air Pressure is a wide-area arte. It's easy to miss its button prompt, I didn't realize it had one until I looked at the recording. I think it was also in Graces, where it was sort of my nemesis because it was justly slightly too big to clear the AOE in one quick-step.

Throwing knives on a NORMAL attack. Not bad.

There we go, Pow Pow Waltz.

Elize gets Negative Gate, which opens up a dark portal on the floor that tendrils of darkness come out of to slap some darkness into dudes.

Quake Breaker is a new Link Arte for Milla and Alvin, using Rock Trine and Terra Rupture. They stab their swords into the ground as one, and..

...giant fangs of earth erupt. Not bad.

Pulse Shot is, well, a lot of shots.

: It wasn't far from the Bermia Gorge to the city. Which was fortunate, those people couldn't walk very far!

: Don't worry about me. Someone get these people to a hospital.
Woman: Urgh...
Guard: Yes sir!

: You have my deepest gratitude, everyone.
: Mine, too! I can't thank you enough.
: I'm just glad everyone is okay.
: Well then, we should be going.
: Already? What's the rush?!
: We'll have to pass through Fort Gandala from here.
: Fort Gandala. Then your destination must be Fennmont?
: Yes. I have unfinished business there.
: How do you plan to pass through the fortress?
: We'll just have to fight our way through.

: Not the easiest of plans.
I shall send men to infiltrate the base. They will facilitate your passage.
: You sure you should be helping us? We are being chased by the military, after all.
: House Sharil has never been particularly loyal to Nachtigal.
In fact, I just issued a formal complaint with the military and ordered their troops to withdraw.
: In other words, you're pretty much on the verge of war.
: *Nods*
: Then we should take him up on his offer.
It's certainly more appealing than a suicide charge.
: I see... Very well. We accept your offer.
: Excellent. After what you've done for my people, it is the least I can do.
It will take some time to put the pieces in place, however.
In the meantime, please make yourselves at home.
Rowen, please remain with our guests. Make certain they want for nothing.
: As you wish, sir.
: Thank you.
: Wah-hooray! Sleepover party with Driselle!
: Hehe, you got it!
: You all must be tired. I will have rooms readied.
Speak with me when you wish to retire.
: Thank you, and sorry for being a burden.

Skit Video: The Pride of Sharilton

: Actually, we haven't had a chance yet.
: It's well worth your time. The view from the plaza is particularly striking.

: They ran into some guy at the windmills.

: As a servant of House Sharil, may I ask what your business is here?
Scholar: Oh, certainly. Forgive my intrusion.
I was just observing the spirit artes that you use to turn the windmills.
: Turn the windmills? What is he talking about?
: This again?
: What do you mean, "again?"
: I'll tell you later, it's a long story. Please continue.
: I think I'll let Professor Jude field this one.
: Well, the wind that makes Sharilton's windmills turn comes from channeling spirits.
The spirit artes are cast in a way that amplifies wind flow throughout the entire city.
And the enhanced wind power is funneled toward the windmills that need it.
: Remember kids, this will be on the final!
: Hmm. Fascinating.
Scholar: Wow, you really know your stuff.
Hey, I don't suppose you'd be willing to help me with my research?
: What are you looking into?
Scholar: I'm studying spirit clime changes and how they're affected by spirit arte usage.
My plan is to gather data from Sharilton, with its heavy usage of spirit artes.
And compare that to data from Bermia Gorge, which has high levels of spirit clime variability.
: That's an interesting idea.
: I'm pretty interested myself. I say we help out.
: Very well.
Scholar: Great! Okay then, could you use this spirit clime examination arte at Bermia Gorge's highest point?
This research could significantly impact the future of Rieze Maxia. I appreciate your help with it!

I'm not sure, but I think the Teepo's Family sidequest gave us an Echore, which I use to basically double the weapon shop's level. NICE. Mobs can get some.

So we have to climb back up to where we rode down into the experiment/boss fight area. Fortunately I enabled a shortcut.

: Uh, sure. Looks good to me.
: It seems ideal, in fact. Here, allow me!

: What, that was it?
: Correct. All the arte does is summon lesser earth spirits to record changes in the surrounding spirit clime.
: It sounds like it could take a while before it's done.
: So it's both boring and time-consuming.
: That's just how science is.
: That's not the stirring denial I expected from our honors student.
: Whatever.
: The spirits have done their job. Let's go back to Sharilton.
Also while we were here we got the Peachblossom for the Pinkists in Sharilton.

: We used the arte in Bermia Gorge, just like you asked.
Scholar: Wonderful. Thank you!
Now I can document the connections between my Sharilton data and your Bermia Gorge data.
: You know, I find it pretty hard to imagine that human spirit artes could affect a spirit clime that much.
: It's the kind of thing that adds up over time.
Scholar: I used to think so too. But Bermia Gorge's spirit clime changed dramatically right after these windmills were built.
Some scientists even believe that Fennmont's expanding night-clime may be connected to its urbanization as well.
: Wow, I had no idea!
Scholar: It's only a hypothesis, but it's worth gathering data to investigate.
: I agree. It would be great to learn how spirit climes change.
: Jude has a real affinity for learning, doesn't he?
: Yes. I imagine that was his true calling.
: Hehe. Either that, or... that'd be a spoiler.
: Sheesh, whoever heard of a kid who actually likes studying?
: I'm glad I was able to help you with your research.
Scholar: You were an enormous help. If I find out anything interesting, I'll let you know.
Thus we finish part 1 of this sidequest.

: Personally I'm not much of a fan of pink. I'm more a fan of cyan.

: Now show us the cute pink thing!
Girl: Hmph. This barely qualifies you as a pinkist amateur.
Your next task is to bring us a Peach Elephant Tusk.
: A Peach Elephant Tusk?
: That sounds cute, but dangerous!
Girl: Giving up so soon? Well, that's up to you.
The way of the pinkist is not for the faint of heart.
Girl: It's super not!
: This is proving more difficult than I had anticipated.
: You can do it, Elize!
: Okay. I'll look for a Peach Elephant Tusk.
Yeah we'll be back later.

: Anyway after a day of helping random people they turned in for the night.

: Allow me to see you to your chambers.
Your chambers are prepared. Feel free to rest anytime.

: This is all wrong. You're supposed to do the late-night chats with your true love.

: Ah, not yet. I need some air.
: You seem burdened. Perhaps I could offer some counsel.
: Maybe. It's kind of personal.
: Is it about Miss Elize, perhaps?
: Huh? Err... Yeah.
: My young mistress was kind enough to recount how Miss Elize came to accompany you on your journey.
: Elize told Driselle about it?
She's my responsibility. She has nothing to do with Milla's mission.
I don't want to get her involved any more than she already is.
Rowen, would the Sharils be willing to take in Elize?
She and Driselle get along so well.
And you and Cline have been so nice to her.
: The girl is little more than a stranger to you, and yet she weighs heavily on your mind.
: Everyone teases me for being a do-gooding honors student, and maybe they're right. I just can't let things like this go.
: Hoho! Indeed. Please, leave everything to me.
I will discuss this matter with Lord Cline and Lady Driselle personally.
Now, you should rest. You need not add sleep deprivation to your list of burdens.
: Thanks. Good night.
: But of course. Good night.
Rowen also has a scene with Milla. I filled in guesses for who's speaking, if Feinne posts the scene I'll edit this.


: You have my gratitude, Rowen. I learned more than I thought I would.
Alvin is a fine instructor when it comes to swordsmanship, but I haven't had any opportunities to study spirit artes.
: Happy to help, although I suspect I taught little that you didn't already know.
: I'd never used techniques to control spirits before. I always did it by feel.
: You're that skilled despite a lack of formal instruction? Impressive, indeed.
: I hope we might practice together again sometime.
: Nothing would please this old man more.
: Is that Jude?
: He is no doubt thinking of Miss Elize. She is a great source of concern for him.
I saw it all over his face when he was looking at her earlier.
: He's caught in his own vicious cycle. He feels compelled to help people, but then he can't stop worrying once he gets involved.
Hehe. He's just so human.
: Allow me to handle this.
: (They were trying to create a new key.)
(I may not have much time left.)
: As we suspected, he was doting over Miss Elize.
He would like my master to take her in.
: I see. Despite his failings, Jude takes his responsibility seriously.
: Yes, he is a most clever boy.
: That he is.

: I imagine you're growing impatient. Would you like me to dispatch Rowen to check on the preparations?
You get a yes/no option here, hitting "yes" will split up the party for a bit. As Jude we get a lot more flexibility.
: Very well. I will send him at once.

: I'm counting on you, Rowen.
: I will not let you down.
: How long until you return?
: Let's see. It should take me no less than a day to get to and from on horseback.
: Oh, I suppose that means we'll have to bid farewell to our new friends tomorrow.
: Looks that way, if everything's on track.
: That settles it! Today, Elly, Milla, and I are going shopping!
: Shopping?! For real?! Hooray!
: Time's a-wasting. Let's go!

: Even the mighty Milla Maxwell is no match for some girl power.
: I promised to take Elly shopping, silly.
If you're leaving tomorrow, today's our only chance.
: Ah, very well. You two carry on with your consumerism.

: To the shops!
: Wait, put me down! I have no need for trinkets!
: It's not gonna kill you to tag along.
: Yeah, you might actually enjoy acting like a human girl for once.

: I merely took the form of a woman upon manifesting in this realm--

This would be the last peaceful day, and Cline knew it.