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Part 13: CH10: The Kingdom Strikes Back

CH10: The Kingdom Strikes Back

: Cline Sharil had made his decision.

: It's time to stand against these tyrants. It is the only way to protect this precious peace of ours.
: Are you going to rebel?
: Is there going to be a war?
: I am certain Nachtigal has consolidated his power for an invasion on Auj Oule.
He has already shown that he's willing to sacrifice his own people to satisfy his ambition.
If he isn't stopped, countless lives in Rashugal and Auj Oule will be lost, all for naught.

: I am the governor. And protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.
: That's not easy.
: You're right, but I'm responsible.
Now, will you lend me your aid?
: But, well I--
: Deposing Nachtigal is in everyone's best interest. We must unite for this cause.

: It's just too bad Nachtigal had made his decision first.

: Master!
: Cline!
: Damn it!

: That guy's such a good shot with that little hand-cannon. It's not the length that matters, it's how you use it.
: Heal him, quickly!
: Uh, right!

: Nachtigal was going to put all their work rescuing Cline to waste. I really hate it when that happens.

: This arrow is...

: No matter what Jude did, the wound wouldn't close.
: Some wounds are too much for ordinary healing artes.

: Rowen, you can't expect miracles.
We know that the wound is mortal. It's up to you to look after the country now.
: But I know that I'm not up to the task. It's impossible.
: You of all people can do it. I know that you can.

: M-Master, no! Don't go.
Guard: Lord Cline! *Gasp*

: Please, continue with your report.
Guard: Yes, sir! The Rashugal army has invaded the town. Our troops are engaged throughout the city.
: Things just went from bad to worse.
: Milla and the others are out there!
: Very well. We must protect Lady Driselle at all costs.
Master, please forgive me for having to leave your side.
We must defend the manor.
Guard: Yes sir!
: Let's go.

: By the time they got there it was already a bit late.

: Lady Driselle!

: I'll leave explaining how the mighty Maxwell lost to her fanboy here.
: Shouldn't you take your... hair off his mouth to let him explain?
: I want to finish my part first. Anyway...

: Let's clear out these goons!
: No! It will take too long and waste our energy.

I'm gonna complain about the shot framing here a little. The camera really should be pointed a bit more to the right.

And it should zoom in some in addition to panning up.

: Stand down this instant! What point is there in fighting after you've completed your mission?
Or are you mere savages who take delight in the suffering of your countrymen?

: I can't believe it. Actually reasonable enemies?
: Let us return to the manor.
: Right.

: Everything okay?
: Yes. I have made arrangements for Lord Cline's funeral, although the ceremony will be brief.
: How could this have happened?
: The arrow that took my master's life was of a unique design, one used only by Nachtigal's personal guard.
And considering the timing of the army's invasion, it's obvious this was all a plot by Nachtigal.
The assassination allowed him to seize complete control of Rashugal.
: Nachtigal does think big.
: I wonder where they took Milla and the others.
: Fort Gandala, most likely.
A single division of troops couldn't possibly attack multiple cities in a short time.
It's reasonable to assume that Sapstrath Seahaven remains safe and under Sharil control.
Thus, our attackers must have been ordered to return to Fennmont.
And Fort Gandala is the only place equipped to house troops between here and there.
: Good thinking. Makes sense to me.
: We have to save them!
: I like your moxie, kid, but we're talking about a fortress here. It's not like we can storm the walls.
: On the contrary. We do need to rush. Tonight may be our only chance.
The morale among those troops was visibly low, and now they've been forced to march home after battle with no rest.

: They'll be at their weakest, and don't forget we have a trump card ready and waiting.
: That's right! The men we sent to infiltrate the fortress!
: We should depart at once.
: A butler, huh... Who is this old man, exactly?

Skit: Milla's Champions

: Are you so surprised? These are the same thugs who snared the Four Great Spirits.
: And I let the same thing happen again.
: Let's get moving, gentlemen. We can't afford to suffer any more losses!
: Aren't you listening? These guys are way out of our league!
: Don't be ridiculous, they haven't a chance! Especially against a warrior of your considerable talent.
: Hmm? Didn't take you for the sort that props up comrades with sweet talk.
: That depends on the comrade. Does it seem to be working?
: A nice effort, but I only fall for flattery when it comes from the lips of a lady.
: Then let's go save Milla and the others. I'm sure they'll praise you.
: Oh yeah? Well then, I guess I'll put out a little effort.

: They encountered two merchants on the way out of the city.

Man: Don't you work for the governor?
: I do indeed. I am Rowen Ilbert, the Sharil family butler.
Man: Well, you really stuck it to them earlier. They should be ashamed of themselves for attacking civilians.
Let alone kidnap women and children!
Woman: At least they scattered off afterwards. I guess they're not used to having someone challenge them.
: They did seem a bit disorganized. Maybe their morale is low?
: That may very well play a part.
But the main reason they ran off is because they hadn't been ordered to kill us.
: If they had, would they have done it? Even despite their misgivings?
: That's what soldiers do.
: That's what all grown-ups do. Working isn't supposed to be easy.
: I guess so.

: So according to Rowen the "slight depression by the side of the road, combined with the opaque bottom of the fence, blocked the line of sight of the guards" or something. I don't do sneaking around in the dirt. It's dusty! Ick!

: So this is Fort Gandala. It looks like a steel castle.
: It was built to protect the trade routes. Ostensibly, anyway.
But now it would seem they have abandoned all pretense.
: So, how do we get in touch with your man on the inside?
: Follow me.

: Jude, I need you to climb into that shaft. Tap on the wall once, twice, and then twice again.
If you hear three taps followed by one, that means everything is ready.

: I got the go sign.
: Good. Let's proceed.

: OK Mr Thick-skull, this is the good stuff. Tell the story well or else.