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Part 17: CH13: Gang's All Here

CH13: Gang's All Here

: Milla, Jude, and Leia returned to the town.

: Milla, you're awake!
: Thank goodness.

: Jude!
Are you okay? Is anything broken? You went to the mine, didn't you? Why didn't you tell us?
: I-I'm sorry, Mom.
: Jude!

: Honey, don't!
: What if something had happened to the girls? Did you think at all before charging off?
: I did whatever I could do to help. I tried, unlike you, Dad.
: Why, you little--

: Milla lept to Jude's defense.
: Please, don't be so hard on him. He did well accomplishing his task.
: You're on your feet?
: Thanks to these two.
: Try not to overdo it now. Hurry up and get back into the chair.
: Right.
: Darling.
: Leia, take her to the clinic at once.
: Yes, Doctor.
Well, you know what, Milla? You're going to need some serious physical therapy.
: Right. Sorry to be a burden, Leia.
: Hey, no worries! That's my job!
: Jude, are you okay?
: Yeah, I'm fine.

: I don't know why Milla needed physical therapy, but apparently without "adrenaline" or something the human body becomes a lot frailer.

: The seasonal winds are kicking in. Time sure flies.
But, I still can't believe Milla's being discharged today. I bet the doc was floored by her rapid recovery.
: Heck if I know. Dad and I barely talk.
: Milla will be along as soon as she's ready.
Care to explain this?
: What's that? A wanted poster?
: From honors student to fugitive, huh?
: It's not like it affects you.
: What did you do? The poster makes it sound like you stole something.
: Stole?
That thing Milla gave to Ivar. Was that it?
: Speak properly, young man.
: F-Forget it.
So, now what? You going to yell at Milla for corrupting me? You haven't exactly been nice to her.
: Jude, Jude... You're so naive. You still don't know what she is.
: She's finally out.

: Milla's walking still left a little to be desired. Personally I can't see the attraction humans have to walking, floating is so much better.
: Milla!

: I'm fine.

: She stood up again, somewhat more steadily.
: Ah, I've missed the fresh air. How about taking a little walk?
: Good idea. Let's stroll to the seahaven. We'll take it slow.
: She never stops moving forward under her own power, no matter what happens. Do you know why, Jude?
: He wasn't very interested in talking to his dad.

:What's this?

: No. Why now, after all this time?

: ......
: What's the deal with that wanted poster?
It has something to do with Fennmont, right? That's where you met Milla.
: She's trying to destroy a secret Rashugal military weapon.
It uses something called a spyrix. She swears it's her mission to save the world from those things.
: A spyrix.
: Huh?
: Jude, buddy, superpal! Slap me some face!

: Elize! What are you doing here?
: Well, we came to see you.
: We wanted to congratulate you on your recovery.
But we never expected a miracle. Nice to see you on your feet.
: It's all thanks to Jude and Leia.
: Rowen!
: It has been a while, Jude.
And a pleasure to meet you, young lady. My name is Rowen.
: Oh, uh, hello.
: Jude, Milla, and Leia filled them in on what had been happening.

: Will you be sticking around for a while?
: Lady Driselle insisted that I take a vacation.
And Miss Elize was most persistent in her desire to see Milla.
: Don't blame us, butler!
You're the one who's been getting sloppy on the job lately.
: That's not like you.
: It's true, this old butler has been quite distracted as of late.
Indeed, one concern in particular is at the forefront of my mind.
: I see. I wish we had more time to listen to the whole story, but...
: Milla and I are planning to leave Leronde as soon as possible. Probably tomorrow.
: I don't remember saying that.
: I know you well enough by now.
: ......
: But you are still recovering. What could be so important in Fennmont that you must leave at once?
: A weapon they call the Lance of Kresnik.
As long as it endures, mankind and spiritkind are doomed to extinction.
: Who built it? The King of Rashugal?
: You cannot reach Fennmont without once again heading for Fort Gandala.
Things ended badly for you the last time you visited that place, if you'll recall. Are you not afraid?
: No, I fear nothing in this world.
Except that one day I may lose the willpower to complete my mission.
: Why's this mission so gosh darn important to you?
: Because I am Maxwell. It is my duty to protect this world.
: Maxwell, you say?
: The spirit? Milla's a spirit?
: Is it true?
: *Nod*
: Wah-what?!
: But that doesn't matter, does it?
It's not going to change who we know her as.
: Come on everyone. No use standing around talking. Let's go back inside.
: Sounds like a plan.

: Milla found an interesting room at the clinic.

: Never realized you liked to read so much.
: Humans like to record all sorts of things. About the world, about others, about themselves...
There's no better way to learn about the human realm.
: So it's your main source of information.
I always thought that the Lord of the Spirits had the power to just know everything.
: The concept of an omniscient deity is a common notion. Humans long for beings of absolute power.
So much so that, at times, they'll even sacrifice their lives for the mere idea of one.
: ...
: You ok?
: Yeah.
: Never mind that humans only imagined such perfect beings to make up for their own imperfections.
: You may be right.
: At least, that's what I read in a book.
Now, this handwritten book looks very intriguing. "Jude Mathis: Developmental Diary".
: Wait, what?!
: Hmm. For some reason, it's been placed right next to "Bedwetting: Causes and Cures".
: C-Come on Milla, we don't have time for reading! We've got a world to save!

Milla Side posted:

Thanks Feinne!
: ......
It's been awhile.
: Could've been longer. You got my message, right, doc?
She won't wake up, will she?
: Don't worry. She's worn out from weeks of physical therapy.
: Therapy, huh. Did you get her to spill the key's location?
: That's not my job. I'm finished with Exodus.
: Ouch, that hurts right here, you know?
: I owe this woman a great debt.
: Why? 'Cause she turned that pipsqueak son of yours into a man?
: Watch your mouth!
: Just tell me what you know, and I'll be out of your hair.
I'm just the messenger.
: Ivar.
It's possible she gave the key to someone named Ivar. That's all I know.
Now, never bother me again.
: See, that wasn't so hard.
: Did I really do the right thing?

: Yeah, believe it or not.
: To be honest, I'm still in shock that you're leaving. You could've given us a little more warning.
: Sorry.
: It's your decision, honey.
: What about Dad?
: Still fuming.
: I see.
: Well, I'm eager to get going. Shall we be off?
: Huh? We've still got some time until the boat departs.
: True, but Elize and Rowen came all the way here to wish me well.
It would be rude not to bid them goodbye before leaving.
: Yeah, I suppose you're right.

: Morning!

: My goodness!
: Sorry about that.
: Are you certain this is a good idea?
: Yes. I have a responsibility to my mission... To the world.
: And you wish to remain true to that burden.
You are such a strong, proud woman. Seeing your determination, it reopens some old wounds.
: What do you mean?
: Lord Cline tasked me with saving this country. His dying words have weighed heavily on my mind lately.
Am I even capable of such a task? Can I put a stop to Nachtigal's schemes?
: Back at Fort Gandala, it seemed like he knew you.
: He is a friend of mine. One of my oldest.
: So that's the source of your concern... Whether you can fight against a friend or not.
: No way! If he was a real friend, you wouldn't fight 'im!
: Fretting over it won't strengthen your resolve. Only willpower can do that.
For now, will you come with us?
: I'm sorry?
: You can still grapple with these issues if you like, but a human life is short. Time is of the essence.
You might as well keep moving forward while you worry.
Hesitation is a common human failing, after all.
: Why not come along, Rowen? I'd feel safer with you around anyway.
: Hohoho! Your words ring true. Caving to worry and doubt would only waste my time, and this old man is not growing any younger.
: Does that mean--
: Yes, please allow me to accompany you.
: I'll come too!
: Sorry, Elize. You should head back home to Driselle.
: Miss Elize, I need you to give the young mistress a message. Tell her that I have headed to Fennmont.
: But...
: Hmm?
: I will ask an acquaintance of mine in Sapstrath Seahaven to escort Elize home.
: But Elize is heading back to Sharilton, right? Won't we be heading in the same direction?
: I have an idea. Would you allow me to handle this matter?
: Sure.
Let's stick together until we have to board the ship.
: Okay.
: And here I thought we were superpals, Jude. Guess not!

: Good day, Master Sonia. Is Leia around?
: No, I haven't seen her all day. She hasn't even done her chores!
: She'll be home before dinner.
She won't want to miss my cooking.
: I see. It's unfortunate that we missed her.
: Yeah...
Master Sonia, Milla and I are leaving on another journey. Please tell Leia goodbye for us.
: Is that right?
: Well, don't worry, I'll tell her. You go on and have a safe trip.
Thank you.
: She's gonna get so depressed again with you gone.
: And then you'll see her getting depressed and get even more depressed yourself.
: Well come on, don't you feel sorry for her?
: I feel sorry for the poor woman who's stuck with a bunch of weaklings for a husband and daughter! And that would be me!
: I see your tongue is still as sharp as your fist is strong.
: Isn't that what you love about me?
: And yet I can't help but hope that Leia grows up to take after me. I wonder why?
: What did you just say?
: Interesting. This must be what they call a "domestic spat".
: Haha, I'm pretty sure this is how they express their love for each other.
: Not so different from your own family, eh, Jude? Don't forget to write them sometimes, okay?
: And send a letter to Leia while you're at it.
: Uh, sure.

: It was time to board the ship and head out.

: Where's Leia? I wanted to thank her.
: This ship is bound for Auj Oule. Is this part of the plan you mentioned?
: It is.
: If you hatched this plan, then we know it will work.
: You're not going to make amends with your father?
: What's the point, Mom?
We're minutes from leaving.
: Your father is just worried about you, honey. Please understand that.

: Someone from Sapstrath Seahaven will be coming to pick her up. Can you watch her until then?
: Oh, she's adorable.
Yes, of course. I'll take good care of her.
: This kind of abandonment could really stunt our emotional growth and stuff and things.
: Jude!
: Dad, I've made up my mind. I'm going with Milla.
: You're not going anywhere with that woman. The things she's gotten you involved with!
: Lookee here. I just can't get rid of you people, can I?
: Alvin?!

: My new job didn't really pan out.
You know, I still haven't worked off the money I got last time, so I guess you're stuck with me.
: You're coming with us?!
: Y-You know this man?
: Yeah. We're old traveling buddies.
: Alvin! Can you believe these meanies are abandoning us?
: You poor little spud. You can fight just as well as they can!
Come on, let's bring the kid and her toy along.
It'll be just like old times.
: I'm just a little suspicious of his motivation.
: But, Alvin...
: Don't worry. I'll protect her if things get dicey. Come on, Rowen.
: You're stuck with us, butler!

: If we can't pry Teepo off, I guess they have to come.
: Well then, what are you waiting for? Hurry aboard!
: Yaaay!
: It seems I am no match for you.
: And now you two.
: Right.
: Yeah.
I better get aboard.
: Jude!
: Dad...
: Don't you have something to say to your parents?
: Goodbye.
: Remember.
Taking responsibility for your actions is part of becoming an adult.

: This tub's bound for Lakutam Seahaven? I thought you were heading for Fennmont.
: You're asking this now?
You really do go with the flow, huh? Like, literally.
: I couldn't care less where we wind up. I'm only here to look after Miss Elize.
: And me, me, me! The band's back together!
: You're not exactly part of the bargain.
: Ha ha.
: Rowen, please tell us your plan for taking us to Auj Oule.
: Very well. I believe trying to force our way through Fort Gandala now would be a suicide mission, to put it bluntly.
I saw the fortress' security golems being activated as we were escaping, right after Milla was injured.
: And those are?
: They're weapons made by humans using earth spirits.
: Hm?
: It would take an entire division of soldiers to defeat those automata, and only if they had a clever strategy.
: But the sea routes to Fennmont are still closed. So if we're heading to Auj Oule...
: You mean to cross from Auj Oule to Fennmont over land.
: Heh, that's quite a hike. What'll we do about Fezebel Marsh?
: Oh yeah, that's true.
That swamp apparently stretches forever north of Fennmont.
It's supposed to be the natural equivalent of Fort Gandala in terms of fortification.
: Isn't that marsh impossible to cross? Something about the spirit clime being too severe?
: Most of the time. But the interseasonal winds have blown, which means that Solum is upon us.
That means the spirit clime has shifted from Efreeta to Ragnome. Fezebel Marsh should be passable for now, anyway.
: If you say so.
: I'm not sure I understand, either.
: Uhh, in other words...
: We're good to go if we hustle through the marshes, right?
: Exactly. In any case, hustling is the order of the day. It seems we have little time left.
: Why? What's gonna happen?
: I have received word that even after you left Sharilton, the golems in Fort Gandala remain activated.
This does not bode well for us.
It's a clear sign that Rashugal is readying for open war.
: With who? With Auj Oule?!
: Why would they want to do that?
: I must destroy the Lance of Kresnik before it can be used in battle.
Sailor: Ah, aaaah!
: What's wrong?
Sailor: Th-There's a person in there.
: Huh....

: Friend of yours?
: Heh heh... Yeah, a real barrel of fun.

: Then you'll be well rested for the return trip home.
: Return trip? I'm coming with you.
: This isn't a game.
: I know.
Who're you?
: This is Alvin, our little buddy!
: Pleasure to meet you.
: I'm Leia. Pleasure to meet you too, little buddy!
: Little buddy?
: It's okay, right, Milla? I can come along?
: Hmm, perhaps. Why do you want to?
: Wait, seriously?
: Your strength really inspired me back at the mine. I thought to myself: I want to be just like you!
: Hmm...
: Well?
: Is that it?
: I thought you might say that.
Hold on.
: What is that?
: I filled this scrap of paper with all kinds of reasons. Take a look.
: Reasons why you should come with us?
: Yep. At least a hundred!
: Hehe, very well. You can come with us. I like you. You're so very human.
: You gotta be kidding.
: Okay, now that it's all official...
I'm happy to join. Thanks for asking!

Skit Video: The Conductor's Secret Shame

: You're in a fine mood, old timer.
: Oh! Did you overhear that? How embarrassing.
: That's a nice melody.
: What song is that?
: It's more of a visualization exercise.
I'm practicing the rhythm I use when channeling spirits.
: Huh. I knew you had an artistic flair to your channeling, but I didn't know you used music.
: So that must be why they call you the Conductor.
: Right, because he uses his musical talent when channeling spirits.
: Ah... Well, not exactly.
: I must confess that I can't actually read music or play any instruments.
: What? The Conductor can't even read music?
: Then what are you doing when you wave that baton?
: That's from a dance we used to perform in our town's summer fair.
: Hmm mmm mmm, mmm hmm mmm, mmm.
The steps of the dance are perfect for measuring the timing of my artes.
: Oh...
: I'd be so much happier if I hadn't asked.

Skit Video: Leia the Stowaway

: Oh, really, Mr. Rashugal's Most Wanted.
: She does have you there.
: Don't worry. I gave the sailors free coupons to my family's lodge in exchange for my passage.
: By the way, how were you able to figure out that we were headed to Lakutam Seahaven?
: Hehe, funny story.
: I got on a ship that I assumed was going to Sapstrath. But it turned out to be Lakutam-bound.
: Wait, so you got on the wrong ship, and found us purely by chance?!
: Dumb luck is truly a frightful thing.

Skit Video: Super-Secret Tech

: You really have been looking good. Especially with that technique where you stretch out your staff.
: Right? Right? That's my super-secret tech!
: I want one.
: That's so cool! When I stretch out, that's my super-secret tech!
: That's not a super-secret anything. You're just made of stretchy material.
: Sorry Teepo, but mine's in a whole 'nother league.
: I guess that's fair. Leia must have spent a lot of time and energy developing that.
: You don't know the half of it! Installing the springs and the switch was a ton of work.
: The springs? Your staff is spring-loaded?
: That's just like a toy.
: That's all it is?
: What? Why's everyone so disappointed?! It took me forever to come up with that!
: Well, I'll give you points for the ingenuity.

Skit Video: (Getting it Over With)

: Shouldn't you go back home to see them? Your mom's probably still fuming.
: Y-Yeah...

Skit Video: In Good Hands

: Oh, I assure you that I'm not the only one looking out for her.
The house staff has served the Sharil family for years, and the citizens of Sharilton are always supportive.
It's all due to Lord Cline's fair leadership.
: It's not just that.
: Driselle works really hard to stay strong!
: She's so cool! No wonder she's Elly's friend!
: Indeed. We are all quite proud of our young Lady Sharil.
: Let's all strive to make her as proud of us.

Skit Video: Leia's Notes

: Notes? Oh, those weren't notes.
: Those were free massage coupons!
: What? But why?
: Case closed! Just let it go already!
: Hey, Milla, what was in all those notes Leia gave you?
: Notes? Oh. Those were...
: Free massage coupons!
: Huh? Oh! Yes. They were free massage coupons.
Perhaps I'll use one right now.
: One massage, comin' right up!
: Hmm, you sure are tense today.
: Am I? Hey, that hur-- Urggh... Oh. Whoa. Massages are not bad at all.
: I know, right?
: What is going on with these two?

: Leia noticed Jude clutching at Milla's pendant.
: Whatcha got there?
: This?
It's a pendant.
: I've seen that before. Isn't that Milla's? You said you treasured that pendant.
: I did. That's why I gave it to Jude.
: Hmm... A gift from Milla, huh?
: A treasured relic of Lord Maxwell herself. I wonder how much I could hock that for?
: It's just a bead made out of glass. Its value is purely sentimental.
: How interesting. Could we ask you to tell us the story behind it?
: Was it about fourteen years ago? I left Nia Khera, just for a day.
I remember happening across some children and playing games with them.
: I thought you just stayed in your shrine while people worshipped you?
: Normally, yes. That was the first and last time I ever played like humans do.
Even after I told them who I was, they didn't hold back in the slightest.
They beat me soundly at tag and hide-and-seek.
: I'm glad you didn't use the power of the Four to win!
: I might have, but I had ordered the Four away on a special mission that day.
: So if they had been there, you really would have used them?
: A special mission for the Four, fourteen years ago, huh.
: They were wild, rambunctious children, but when I left, they gave me that glass bead.
And said we could play again tomorrow.
: They must have wanted to be friends.
: You know, I never felt closer to humans than I did on that day.
That was when I knew I wanted to protect them.
: A lovely story.
: I know just how you feel.

: Alvin was making his play for president of the suspicious club.
: Hey, aren't we close to Nia Khera?
: Are we?
: Don't you want to drop by?
: Why? I have no business there. Is there some reason you want to go?
: No, of course not. I just figured the villagers might be worried. They worship you, remember?
: I appreciate your concern for the villagers' well-being, but we have no time for detours.
: If we follow the Lakutam Highroad north, we shall reach a city known as Xian Du.
We should head there first.
: Hold your horses. What about that monster that prowls the highroad? What's it called? The Lord of Lakutam?
: My, you are well-informed. Rest assured the Lord of Lakutam is a slave to spirit climes just like any other monster.
Now that we have shifted into Ragnome, the beast will be positively timid. I doubt it will venture anywhere near the highroad.
: See, little buddy! No reason to be scared!
: Don't expect me to pluck you from the monster's jaws, spud.
: Right then. Let's hit the highroad.
: They are so fighting it.
: Are you psychic?

: Come look at this! More wanted posters of Jude and Milla!
: Whoa, you both look so evil!
: Seriously, what was the military thinking when they made these? These jokers protect your country?
: Actually, they use a special spirit arte expressly for the purpose of creating these posters.
Instead of focusing on outward appearances, the arte renders one's deepest essence into physical form.
: Seriously?!
: So, this poster is actually showing how we are on the inside?
: Impossible!
: I can sort of see it, actually. Look how well this illustration captures Milla's callousness!
: And the one of Jude captures his surprisingly decisive side like nothing I've ever seen!
: The more I look at it, the more it really resembles Jude and Milla!
: Oh no! They'll be caught for sure!
: Wow, I didn't realize it was so bad.
: I was a fool not to fear this poster. To think that human aesthetics might be our undoing.
: Oh dear. How am I going to tell them that it was all a joke now?

: They encountered an argument as they were walking out.

Black-haired Girl: Who asked you?! I'm old enough to choose my own boyfriends!
Brown-haired Girl: Damn it, why won't you listen to me?!
Black-haired Girl: Outta my way!
Brown-haired Girl: I'm sorry. My little sister's in a bad mood right now.
Why must she torture me like this? If only our parents were still alive.
That boyfriend of hers has problems, but when I tell her not to see him... Well, you saw what happened.
: But isn't that her choice to make?
Brown-haired Girl: I know. But I can't bear to watch her make a mistake like that.
I'm sorry. I need to go look for her.
: I know you're hiding there.
Black-haired Girl: Give me a break. Where does she get off talking about me like that?
: So why do you stay with her? Just go off on your own.
Black-haired Girl: I can't. She's been sick and weak for as long as I can remember. She needs my help.
: Hmm...
Black-haired Girl: Besides, she's my sister.
: Interesting.
Black-haired Girl: Oh crap, there she is. See ya!
: Say, Milla. Do you have a family?
: No. Though the Four may be something close to one.
: Do you ever wish you had one?
: No, I can't say it's an idea that I've really thought about.
: I see...
: Having my own family, huh.
No... That's ridiculous.

Skit Video: Milla's Incantation Innovation

: Is it that surprising?
: No normal human could do that.
: When channeling a spirit, the incantation is supposed to serve as the contract between the parties.
: How do you channel spirits without a contract?
: I don't do anything particularly special. When I offer mana to the spirits, I just infuse it with my desires.
: "Get your act together and use your arte! And no back talk!"
: Something like that.
: That's not a contract.
: That's a threat!
: It's not good to coddle people, be they spirit or human. Wouldn't you agree?
: Y-Yes, ma'am!
: Wh-Whatever you say!
: Quite a surprising answer indeed.
: With Milla, when isn't it?

: I'm, uh, not sure of the order on these ones. This is where they are in my notes, anyway.
: You drop your notes more often than...
: What did I say I'd cut off if you made that joke again?

: ......
: Wait, isn't this...
: The building where Cline's assassin was hiding? Yeah.
: On Nachitgal's orders, I imagine.
: Regardless, the responsibility for Lord Cline's death lies solely on my shoulders.
: Why would you say that?
: It wasn't any of our faults.
: But unfortunately it is. Do you remember the arrow that pierced his heart?
: Yeah, I remember it being pretty unusual.
: It's a highly lethal design used by Nachtigal's personal guard.
It was an invention of a Rashugal military tactician.
He employed those arrows in his battles, and they brought him many great victories.
: Wait. That sounds like...
: Yes. I was that tactician.
Back then I was known as the Conductor, and cared only about flaunting my abilities.
: And now you've paid the price.
: Alvin, come on.
: No, he's absolutely right.
In the end, my abilities couldn't protect the one person I had sworn to keep safe. The only thing they're good for is killing.
: I don't think that's how Cline viewed you though.
Even in his last words, he wanted you to look over the country.
: If he believed you were only good for killing, he never would have said such things.
: Thank you, my friends.
I still have much to do before I can fulfill Master Cline's last request.
But my regret cuts all the deeper for knowing my arrows took the life of a man who trusted me so.
: ......

: Oh thank goodness. No one's here.
: What are you so afraid of? Isn't this your own house?
: Sonia is the scariest being I've ever met. If she hadn't gotten out of shape after she retired she probably could have mopped up the whole situation for Milla, Jude, and friends.
: Shhh! I left without telling my parents goodbye.
If they see me, they're gonna be furious!
: You got that right.

: How did you do that? There was no sign of anyone here at all!
: Well, she is a martial arts master.
: Leia! Do you have any idea how worried we've been?
Your father was bawling his eyes out!
: I-I'm sorry!
: Wait, please.
: Master Sonia, Leia was only trying to help us.
: Jude! Milla! You two should know better by now! If you let this child bend one rule in the morning, the world will be in chaos by noon!
: I-I'm sorry.
: I apologize.
: Miss Sonia, I understand your anger, but rest assured, I accept full responsibility for Leia while--
: That goes double for you! Keeping children well-disciplined is your duty as an adult!
: Y-Yes ma'am.
: Looks like all of you need a good stern lecture.
Line up at attention!

: All right, you're dismissed. I'll let you off the hook this time.
: I never thought a lecture could go on this long.
: Personally, I found it oddly refreshing.
: Trust me, it's a miracle that we got off this easy.
; You had better believe it.
: But Leia, doesn't this mean you won't be able to accompany us any further?
: No way! I don't care how mad she gets, I'm still going with you!
: Leia.
: Well you'd better! If you were to give up now, then you'd really be in trouble!
: Mom?
; I only scolded you because you left without telling us.
If this is what you've decided you need to do, I expect you to see it through to the end.
: Thanks, Mom! I will!
: Thank goodness.
: Everyone, my daughter may be a miscreant and a fool, but I'm counting on you to keep her out of trouble.
: Aw, Mom, don't get so sentimental. It's not like I'm getting married.

Sidequests where we backtrack to places we have no reason to go, a Tales staple.

: You're okay...
: Of course he is. I've been with him the whole time.
: Jude, I need you to leave us alone for a bit.
: How come?
: Because I said so.
: Hmph.
: You know kids will rebel if you don't tell them what's up, right?
: You're the one who'd be in trouble if I told him "what's up".
: Come now. You make it sound like I'm holding Jude hostage.
: Aren't you?
: If anything, I'm protecting him from Exodus. Not to mention we're friends that trust and rely on each other.
: ......
: Believe what you want. No skin off my back.
But you know, your son may be a lot more grown-up than you realize.
: He's just a child going through a rebellious phase.
: Isn't that the phase that turns kids into adults?
Maybe he's not there yet, but he ain't no child, either.
: ......
: Must be tough being a dad.
Sacrificing so many things for your family, only to have your son grow up and leave you.
: That's just how it works. I accept that.
: You always were like that, Dr. Mathis.
I can see why Jude became an honors student.
: What were you talking about?
: Just chatting about our old-people diseases. Want the details?
: No, that's okay. You and Dad have a right to discuss what you want to.
: How very prudent of you. As always.
Guess he's still got some kid in him after all.

Skit Video: (The Sea at Sunset)

: Yes. There really is something special about it.
: I know, right? When I see the sky glow red like that, all my bad memories just get washed away.
: Just try not to forget anything important.
: Shut up!

Skit Video: The Aspyrixis

: I understand this aspyrixis device is quite advanced.
But, I can't imagine it could have healed such a grievous wound in so little time.
: When I first applied the aspyrixis, it caused such intense pain that she passed out.
But now that she's more used to it, she can tolerate it, as long as she doesn't exert herself.
: Doesn't sound like she's ready for any kind of battle.
: ......
: Sorry. I shouldn't give you such a hard time.
It's not like Milla would let a little pain slow her down, right?
: Thank you for the explanation. We'll take the lead for a while, and give Milla time to rest.
: As long as I'm on the battlefield, I'm sure we'll get by.
: Thanks, guys.

Skit Video: (Childhood Memories)

: For me, it's the ocean. The sound of crashing waves gets old memories flooding back.
: Interesting. Those have the same effect on me too.
: You have childhood memories?
: Of course I do. Doesn't everyone?
: I know I'd love to hear 'em!
: Heh. Well, if an opportunity presents itself, I'd be happy to share.
: "If an opportunity presents itself"? Like when?
: Hmm... Crashing waves at sunset?
This is actually the skit that tells us to go get the bead sidequest started back up at the seahaven. It's the one where Milla talks about the children she played with.

Skit Video: Unfamiliar Ground

: Nor I. In Rashugal, very little is known about the interior regions of Auj Oule.
: Well, if anyone has any questions, fire away. I've actually come here a number of times.
: Because you have a girl in Auj Oule?
: I came for work, mind you. Work.
But, sure, I may have met a few girls over the course of my duties.
: Not the most emphatic denial.

Skit Video: The Gentleman Mercenary

: I'm okay.
: You sure are friendly. I thought mercenaries were supposed to be gruff and scary.
: Haha, that's just a stereotype. Although there certainly are a few like that.
: A true pro uses good manners and a kind demeanor to compensate for the job's shadier aspects.
: Huh! I guess Alvin would be even worse if he was rude as well as devious!
: Hehe, I suppose.
: Man, you really are cool if you can let comments like that roll off your back, little buddy.
: Right? Sass from stuffed animals, cheeky teenagers calling me "little buddy". Nope, don't care one bit.

Skit Video: Elize's Strength

: Are you wounded? Let me see.
: It's not bad. I'm okay.
: Elly doesn't cry!
: Hmm... Bringing Elize may not have been such a good idea.
: Hey now! Stay sharp!
: There may still be enemies. You need to concentrate.
: Ah, indeed. Forgive me.
: Well, well. The legendary tactician, brought low by a child.
: Ah, but to see her grow strong like that does sweeten the sting.
: I imagine watching kids mature is one of the joys of old age.
: Indeed it is. And I'll be just as proud when it happens to you.
: Hah.

Skit Video: Golemology 101

: Golems are artificial constructs created by the Rashugal army through earth-spirit channeling.
They can only work within particular spirit climes, but they're very powerful.
: Impressive!
: Isn't she smart? Although she did just hear all that from Rowen.
: So she's just the Conductor's parrot.
: Elize learned spirit artes through intuition alone, so she hasn't made a proper study of the subject.
However, once she learns something, her ability to recall it is quite impressive.
: I learned a lot of other things too.
: Like, Fennmont is protected to the north and south by golems and the Fezebel Marsh.
It's an im-preg-ni-bull defense!
: Impregnable, huh!
: Can you tell me what that means?
: Uh... Um... Well...
: Perhaps it's time we expand our lessons beyond just spirit artes.

Skit Video: An Irksome Vessel

: Are you really Maxwell?
: I am. Had I not mentioned that yet?
: She isn't human! Run away!
: Having seen the strength of Milla's resolve, I have no trouble believing that to be true.
: So how come you look so normal?
: I have taken physical form by using the elements within a human body as a catalyst.
: Though it has proven to be an irksome vessel, with many limitations.
: So Milla is Maxwell in a human body.
: Well, it doesn't change who she is, right? Let's leave it at that.
: It's still a little scary.
: But haven't you always known Milla to be scary when she's angry about something?
: I guess that's true.
: Are they afraid of me? Or is that a sign of respect?
: Well, I suppose either will do.

: Anyway this is definitely the next section. They were walking along the sunset-painted hills toward Fezebel Marsh.

: Expecting a message, Alvin?
: Huh?
: I've seen him using that bird to send letters before.
To a woman, apparently.
: Sorry, folks. I'll be done in a jiff. Everyone, take five.
: Hey, Milla.
You gave something to Ivar a while back. Was it the thing you swiped from the laboratory?
: Yes. It was the spyrix used to operate the Lance of Kresnik.
: That little thing?!
But, shouldn't you keep it with you?
: No. In fact, it would be dangerous to get anywhere near the Lance of Kresnik with that spyrix in hand.
: Oh, well, you know better than me.
: There is a problem, however.
The channeling circle that bound and captured the Four... I believe it was generated by that spyrix.
I will need to generate a channeling circle of equal power to release them.
: In other words, you'll need that spyrix to save the Four Great Spirits.
: I may need the Four's power to destroy the Lance of Kresnik, too.
The real question then, is when should I retrieve the key from Ivar.
: Hey, does that mean you can also use spyrix to cast artes? It's not just for the Lance of Kresnik?
: Hmm, what's the simplest way to explain this... Remember the street lamps in Fennmont?

I'd imagine those labels are fairly obvious.
: But what happens if more powerful spirit artes are required?
: Those require a powerful caster, someone with a mana lobe of sufficient capacity. The greater the capacity, the more mana can be produced when using artes.
That capacity is determined at birth. It's immutable.
: Precisely. That's one of the laws of Rieze Maxia. But a spyrix doesn't rely on the caster at all.
A caster wielding a spyrix can power anything from a tiny streetlight to a gigantic object like the Lance of Kresnik.
Mana capacity ceases to be a limitation.
: But that sounds really handy.
: It is handy, and that's precisely why it's so dangerous. With a spyrix, anyone can wield artes potent enough to capture the Four.
And anyone can use that power to kill others, just as they plan to do with the Lance of Kresnik.
Anyhow, we should get going.
: (She's right about one thing. Weapons like the Lance of Kresnik must be destroyed.)
(But is spyrix itself really such a bad thing?)

Skit Video: Pen Pals

: Look, Alvin's writing another letter.
: My dearest, now that the interseasonals have blown their last, and the spirit clime has settled, my thoughts stray to you and your well-being.
: He's so formal!
: He's gotta be writing to a woman.
: That reminds me, Jude. How come you didn't answer any of the letters I sent to you in Fennmont?
: I didn't know what I was supposed to say. You only ever talked about yourself.
: Also, your penmanship could use some work.
: I can't believe you! You blow me off and still have the nerve to complain?
: But I could barely even decipher them! You yank the pen so hard it tears the paper!
: Well maybe I'll just copy you! Your cutesy little bubble letters are straight from a little girl's diary!
: What, guys aren't allowed to write neatly? That's sexist!
: I'm not being sexist! That's exactly how it looks!
: Then you've proven my point! You are sexist!
: Heh heh. I'll never run out of things to write about with these people around.

: Eventually they had another, more fateful encounter in the canyons.

: It's a miracle! You can walk!
: Ivar? What are you doing here?
: Who's this guy?

: Now that your legs have healed, you must return to the village at once. Please!
If something else were to happen to you, I don't know what I'd do.
: I cannot return yet. I have business in Fennmont.
: In that case, allow me to accompany you!
: That won't be necessary. I have all the help I need.
: From these people?
: These people, Jude and Leia here, helped me walk again.
They can be trusted.
: Jude again... Urgh...
: Uh, I'm Leia. Nice to meet you.
He's got some issues, huh?
: You must feel pretty pleased with yourself now that Lady Milla is on her feet again.
: Well, I did promise I would help her walk again, and here she is walking.
: How dare you take credit for this miracle! It was all due to Lady Milla's divine power! It must have been!
(Maxwell curse you! I was the one who was supposed to heal her!)
: Uh, sorry?
: That's right! Beg for your forgiveness, you phony! Atone for your blasphemy!
: What is he talking about?
: It would seem Jude keeps the most eccentric company. All of his acquaintances are so unique.
: Ivar, I gave you an important mission.
Why are you here?
: I've not forgotten about the defense of the village.
And the item you entrusted to me is safe! I have it hidden in a place known to no other.

: However, I recently received this.
: "Maxwell is in grave danger. You must rescue her at once."
: I rushed forth immediately. I only just now caught up with you, Lady Milla.
: Who could've written something like this?
: I wonder.
But in any case, it's mistaken. As you can see, I'm perfectly fi--

: Huh?

: Spoilers, he survives being trampled by a giant boar-monster.

: So are giant boar monsters ever not a pain in the ass to fight?
: Nope.

So weakness to water is pretty good for Rowan, less so for everyone else. Milla's water attack is kind of meh and Elize and Leia don't have any that I recall. I really need to remember that party member swapping is a thing and put Jude in instead.

Hip Stun has him shake his booty into your face. It is unblockable.

Using Death Knell to make him hold still for a splash seems like a good idea, but enemies (and party members) take reduced damage while knocked down.

He's got an attack where he smashes his horns into the ground...

...and flings out a clump of rock.

He'll charge and deal continuous damage, but unlike many similar attacks, this one IS blockable.

He has an arte called "Call Out" that makes adds come in. They make things a little more interesting.

These are mostly just standard trash mobs.

I think "burrow and then burst out of the ground" is my least-favorite battle mechanic in all of Tales, although I'm sure there might be a worse one somewhere.

Sever Link does what you think it does, and also inflicts a status that prevents you from Linking. It didn't land on Milla, but Leia's got it for the moment.

Unfortunately in my zeal to get this damn boar dead I let 3 adds pile up.


Uh, free run abuse time is now.

Keeping Leia up is priority because she's got a skill that lets her and anyone linked to her use items while moving. The advantage of that in this scenario is obvious.

The tension between healing and reviving is pretty annoying here. Just healing myself won't help if I'm getting gang-banged by monsters. I managed to get one killed though.

I assume this does what it says it does, and makes him run faster.

wdarkk what are you doing?

I kicking ass. :texan:

The boss's add summoning isn't based on HP but time and how many adds are on the field. So you can't get rid of them forever without getting rid of him. Time to revive Leia again.

Even without life bottles, she knows Resurrection anyway. Also, note the four adds.

Rest in piss. I used a +100% xp food for that fight, so our party members gained 2-3 levels.

: Fortunately, Ivar was saved.
: I saw your lips move! You uttered "un" under your breath.

: Ow.
: You call that timid? I thought you said the monster would be a pussycat now that it's Solum and Ragnome is here.
: That should be the case... Unless!
: With the Four Great Spirits missing, the spirit climes have essentially stopped shifting.
: Great. How will we cross Fezebel Marsh to get to Fennmont?
: ......
: Cross Fezebel Marsh?
Hehehe... Hahaha! You people are out of your minds!
Only a wyvern could reach Fennmont at this point!
Fortunately, it just so happens that I, the redoubtable handmaid, can be of assistance to Lady Milla.
: You know a way to get there?
: I have in my possession a wyvern faithful only to me. I would be happy to transport Lady Milla to Fennmont.
: Ivar, is there any other way?
: Huh?
Uh, well, err...
: There is, isn't there? Tell me.
: Even then she was eager to avoid your company.
: I... I don't care anymore!
: I have heard of a clan in Xian Du that can control monsters. They raise wyverns there, apparently.
: I guess that's our next stop.
: Onward to Xian Du.
: Ivar, thank you. Ivar?
: Uh, shall we go?
: Yeah.
: You lying phony fraud!

: It's not like there was anything vital in there anyway.
: Krrrrr!

: That's the bird that delivered the letter.

: "When Milla saves the Four Great Spirits, she will need the key in your possession."
"This will be your chance to beat Jude once and for all."
"Wait until I contact you again. Then, you will free the Four Great Spirits and become Lady Milla's true champion?!"
Hahaha! You won't get the upper hand this time, phony!
: How'd that turn out?
: Whoa, spoilers.

Skit Video: Unusual Taste in Friends

: Apparently he's Milla's "handmaid". But perhaps we shouldn't be surprised at her unusual taste in friends.
: They don't get much weirder than that.
: Haha, you're one to talk, Teepo.
: He scared me. He was so mad at Jude.
: Well, he does attract the weird ones.
: Haha, you're one to talk, Leia.
: Hey! What's that supposed to mean?

Skit Video: The Problem with Wyverns

: Wyverns are a special breed of flying monster native to a remote region of Auj Oule.
They're quite intelligent, but very rare, and only those who have mastered a special arte can train them.
: Is it really safe to ride one?
: That depends. I've heard that if a naughty child tries to ride, the wyvern will gobble her right up.
: Is that true?!
: Don't worry! Elly's a good kid!
: Yeah, she'll be fine. But what about you?
: Hmm... It would be a shame to see Teepo get eaten. That can't be good for a wyvern's stomach.
: Huh?! No! You can't let it eat me!
: It's okay! You're a good kid too!
: Haha, well, he's a gullible one. I can tell you that much.