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Part 18: CH14: Bloodsport

CH14: Bloodsport

: Xian Du is such a pretty city. All those statues and banners.

: Clans have warred against each other in Auj Oule since ancient times.
Such constant conflict has led people to build cities where they can, even in places such as this.
: The city seems especially lively. Are they having some kind of festival?

: These statues represent a fusion of international spirit faith and the local tradition of ancestor worship. Or so I've read.
: Huh.
: Yep, keep your noggin pointed in that general direction.
: Hmm?
: Don't look at me. Look up! This town is infamous for falling rocks.
: What?! Don't scare me like that.
: You speak as though you know the area.
: Been here before. Business trip.
: What's wrong?
: Hey, this place is familiar, ain't it, Elly?
: Yes, it is.
Umm... I think we were taken here, on our way to Hamil.
: Did you once live in this area?
: I don't know.
: Wha-huh? Where you headed off to?
: Duty calls. I'll see you all in a bit.
: Hmph! You're not much of a team player!
: You okay with this?
: Leave him be. I know he'll be back.
Let's look for those wyverns.

: Alvin's warning was well-timed.

: It's going to fall!
: Miss Leia!
: Look out!

Milla Side posted:

: Elize, are you hurt?
: I'm fine.
: I'm not fine! I'm not fine at all!
: Miss Leia, please, wake up!
: Haha, sorry 'bout that.
: I'll have you fixed right up.
: Rowen, you're hurt. I'm so sorry.
: Never fear. It is merely a flesh wound. You just worry about yourself.
: I'm a doctor. Let me help.

: Thanks so much. Miss, uh...
: The name's Isla. You're gonna be fine.
: Take it easy, Leia.
: You should sit down for a while.
: No, I'm okay. Thanks, everyone.
: Some super-pal Alvin turned out to be! He's never around when you need 'im!
If he were here, he would've been able to protect Leia!
: And who do you think just saved the young lady, you intolerable sock puppet?!
: Rowen, come on. Stop, okay?
: Ahahaha.
: Thanks so much, Isla. That was really kind of you.
: Yeah, that was very nice of you to help.
: Not at all. That's my job.
You folks don't look like you're from around here. What brings you to town?
: We're searching for wyverns. We heard we might be able to find some here.
: Wyverns, huh?
In that case, you should head across the river. You'll find some big ones in cages over there.
Go and see for yourself.
: That's great news! Thank you for everything. Isla.
: Hehe, I'm just glad I could help. Well, I've gotta run. Take care of yourselves. Bye now.
: Goodbye, and thanks again!

Skit Video: (Those Xian Du Statues)

: Let's make a pop quiz out of it!
: Hmm... Won't be much of a quiz if no one knows the right answer.
: Oh, then why don't I quiz you about the statues themselves?
: Like, "Jude! Name this famous figure!"
: No good?
: Sure, why not. Let's go check them out.

Skit Video: Close Call

: And yet, the cliff looks stable in the area around the statues.
: We have to be careful here!
: I'll keep looking up while I walk.
: Ah!
: Careful now. You still have to look where you're going.
: An abundance of caution can be as dangerous as a shortfall.
: R-Right.
: Got it! A bum dance often can be as dangerous as a short fall!
: Were you even listening?!

: They met a woman who didn't seem particularly important at the time.

: Hm?
: Or are you up to no good?!
: Oh, of course not. I was just researching the man behind this statue, Master Heming.
I'm a historian. At least when I'm not teaching.
The name's Karla. Karla Outway.
: Jude Mathis.
: Teepo. Two e's, one p. Get it right!
: And what's your name?
: E-Elize. Nice to meet you.
: Hehe, you know, some of the children I teach are right around your age.
And how old are you?
: Twelve.
: Twelve, huh? I know, why don't we have a little pop quiz? Think you can pass?
: A quiz? Okay!

: Do you know who holds the record as the youngest champion ever?
: The youngest champion ever? Uh...
: Who gives a quiz before teaching a lesson? She can't answer if she doesn't--
: Oh, wait. Elize, look!
: Of course, the answer was on the plaque she was standing in front of.
: Master Heming!
: Correct! Good job.
: Wah-hah! I'm the quiz master!
: Oh dear, I'm afraid I'm running late. I hope to see you later!

Skit Video: The Spa Retreat Package

: Yep. The finest in Leronde!
: Hmm. I don't believe we saw more than a single hotel in our entire time there.
: That's false advertising!
: It is not! It's perfectly factual!
: Well, having a high-spirited girl like you behind the counter can't be bad for business.
: Got that right! In fact, I'm putting together a new package to pull in the tourists!
: Oh? What is it?
: First, my mom'll pound out their tension points with one of her chiropractic bo-staff massages!
: That sounds painful!
: Then a complimentary bowl of Dad's famous Hammerzamm Stew!
: Hammerzamm? Aren't those the monsters in the mines?
: It's a great deal, and I'll even give you guys the off-season discount!
: Ah... That sounds lovely, but I'll have to respectfully decline.
: Me too.

As the heartland of Beastcraft, the monster control arte, you can find various monsters people have tamed just standing around the city.

: The wyverns were just where Isla said they'd be.
: Who's a good wyvern?
Who's a good wyvern?!

Wyvern: *SCREECH*
: Ah!
: Gah!

: We've come to take them. I'm pondering how to break the cages.
: Whoa, Milla?!
: Uh, may we please borrow your wyverns?
Man: You can't be serious.
Woman: Ignore these outsiders. We're running out of time to find a champion.

Wyvern: *PURRR*
: Fortunately the wyverns could sense Milla's, well, Millaness.
: What? It submitted to her without the use of beastcraft.
These people might be our answer.
Woman: Wait, hold on. You can't possibly be thinking of recruiting these fools.
: I'm Yurgen of the Kitarl Clan. You outsiders have arrived in Xian Du at a crucial time for us. I'm sure you've noticed the crowds in the city.
Once every decade, Xian Du's clans hold a martial-arts tournament. That tournament is tomorrow.
Our chief is the clan's only fighter, but unfortunately he is leagues away in the king's service.
We're on the verge of having to forfeit the tournament. This is a desperate time for our proud and ancient clan.
And yet I sense a special power within you. Would you be willing to represent the Kitarl Clan as our champions?
: Heck yeah! Where do I sign up?!
: Leia, he's asking all of us.
: Ah, haha...
: If we enter the tournament on your behalf, will you let us borrow these wyverns?
: That's the bargain. But you must do more than just enter. You must win.
I'll need to see a demonstration of your abilities beforehand as well.
: We can do it, right Milla?
: Yes. We need those wyverns.
: Awesome! I always wanted to be in a real martial-arts tournament. I'm stoked!
: You're sure it's okay for outsiders like us to participate in the clans' tournament?
Man: That's not a problem.
Some clans have been known to recruit skilled warriors from the outside to boost their prestige.
: Huh. I figured you folks were bigger sticklers for tradition.
I'm gone five minutes and you get us neck deep in contact sports?
I can't take you people anywhere.
: Where've you been, little buddy?! We were nearly squished!
: Sorry about that, spud. I had a feeling you were all in trouble though, so I came running.
No harm, no foul, right?
: He a friend of yours?
: That's right. We're a package deal.
: Good, then you can show me your combat skills. Come to the aerial arena.
: Got it.

Skit Video: Favorite Pets

: I'd rather have a cute pet, like a dog or something.
: Oh, so you're a dog person? I am too.
: Same here! They're way funner to be around.
: Oh, come on. Cat beats dog any day. You dog types are just emotionally needy.
: Nowadays, it's cat owners who are the needy ones.
You put on fake cat ears and cat tails, saying "meow" after every other word. Absolutely ridiculous.
: What are you-- Who does that?! True cat lovers admire cats for their independence.
: What about you, Elize? I bet you're a cat person.
: I always wanted to have a pink rappig.
: But I thought you were a Teepo person!
: What's your favorite kind of animal, Milla?
: Me? You should know my favorite animal by now.
It's you humans, of course.

: On their way to the arena they checked out a balcony and had a talk with a scientist.

: Yeah, I'd say we've seen a good bit.
Woman: Then let me ask you a question. What do you think of the extreme spirit climes that exist throughout this world?
: Well, nothing really. Extreme spirit climes are pretty common, right?
Woman: That may be true.
: I'm sorry, who are you again?
Woman: My apologies. I'm a geographer. I've been studying spirit climes on my travels.
During my recent studies, I arrived at a new hypothesis:
Fennmont's night-clime, Lakutam's sunset-clime, Kijara's water-clime, and Bermia's wind-clime.
There may be a common reason for why these climes all evolved in such radical ways.
Perhaps what was once a single, uniform spirit clime has become warped by some unknown power.
: ......
: So what we consider to be normal may actually be an extreme deviation by historical standards? What an interesting idea!
Woman: Thank you. Most people say I'm crazy. But it's still just a rough idea at this point.
I mean, I can't even postulate the existence of a power so huge it would have that kind of effect on the world.
: But it's questions like that that lead to scientific progress, right?
Please tell us if you find out anything.
Woman: You got it.
: ......

: With that detour out of the way, they arrived at the arena.

: We're going to have you fight some of our clan's monsters.
Take care. This is strictly practice, of course, but accidents happen.
And don't hold back, either.
Speak to me again once you're ready.

: This way.

: Maybe you're a little too into this, Leia.
: Oh, come on. Aren't you ready to rumble?!
: I'm not sure I'd put it like that.
Your old wounds aren't acting up, are they?
: Huh? Uh, no.
It's fine! Now that we're doing this, it's going to have to heal whether it likes it or not.
: Time to start the test. Are you sure you're ready?
: Yes, go ahead.
: We'll be watching from the stands.

Oh hey a fight that's totally pissweak.

If I'd remembered to top off TP before going in that could have gone even faster.

: I was afraid we might have to jump in and rescue you, but clearly that wasn't necessary.
: Of course not! We're unbeatable!
: My apologies. I guess I underestimated you.
: Just me?!
: Hahaha. Pretty sure everybody underestimates you.
: Hey, don't make fun of my friend.
: Heh heh. Sorry.
: Tomorrow's tournament will be even more challenging.
They used to be fought to the death. It was the only way to determine the ruling clan.
: Whoa.
: Fortunately, things are different now. The current King of Auj Oule outlawed that old practice.
: Sounds like the king's a real prince!
: Oh wow. You should tellAAAARRRGGGGHHH
: Dude, spoilers.
: Should I heal him?
: Anyway, the real test will be tomorrow.
I've gotten you rooms at the inn. Make sure to get a full night's rest.

: Tournament time! Woohoo!
: You look bright-eyed and ready to fight. Good.
Today's schedule is packed. Because of the number of participants, the tournament organizers decided to cram all the fights into one day.
: One day? Sounds rough.
Man: We'll find out how many fights there'll be once today's matchups are announced.
: When you hear the bell tolling, come to the arena at once. That heralds the start of the tournament.
We'll be waiting up at the arena.
: I guess we have some time to kill. What should we do?
: I'm going to the plaza. Something's been bothering me.
: Oh, I'll come with you! I'll get too antsy just standing around here.
: Hmm, maybe I'll tag along, too.
: What should I do?
: Hey Jude, let's go sightseeing!
: I want to look around the city too.
: Oh yeah, you did say this place seems familiar.
: I shall escort Miss Elize. Will you accompany us?
: Sure, why not.
: Don't forget. Race to the arena when you hear the bell.

: *Shakes head*
: Me neither.
: How long have you been with Elize, Teepo?
: I can't remember. I know I've been with Elly since the laboratory, at least.
: Huh, the laboratory?
: Teepo coming from a laboratory doesn't surprise me at all.
: One of the people there gave Teepo to me.
: Rowen, do you know anything about this?
: Hmm...
: How come you always pet your beard, Rowen? Is it itchy?
: No, it simply relaxes me. It helps me focus.
Would you care to give it a try, Teepo? Any of you?
: Err... No, I'm good.

: Elize, what's wrong?
: Oh dear, I hope I haven't upset you.

: Is everything all right?
: Father...
: Your father?
You okay? Are you remembering something?
: I miss my parents.
: Ugh, looks like it's time already.
: Miss Elize, where is your family? Do you remember?
Perhaps someone in the city will recognize her.
If you wish, we could leave the tournament to the others and search the city for answers.
: It's okay. I want to stay with everyone. I'd rather be with my friends.
: Don't forget I'm your friend too, Elly! Wherever you go, I go!
: Thank you, Teepo.
: Then let's head to the arena. You okay to fight?
: Yes, I'll do my best.

Milla Side posted:

Thanks Feinne
: You didn't come here to examine the debris?
: It's unimportant.
: Isla!
: You seem to have healed nicely.
: Yep, thanks to you!
: You know Alvin?
: Uh, no.
: It's fine, Doctor Isla.
The good doctor here is actually taking care of my mother.
: Is that right? She's here in town?
: Oh, so that's why you have so much local knowledge.
: Her health's not so good.
My father's gone, and I don't have any brothers or sisters, so the doctor keeps an eye on her when I'm away.
: You just told us more about yourself in one minute than you have since we met.
: If you say so.
I just... I just want to make her better so I can take her back home.
: Where's that? Is it far from here?
: Farther than you can imagine.
: Well, if there's anything we can do to help, don't hesitate to ask.
: Sure, yeah, if I think of anything.
: Yurgen? Shouldn't you be at the arena?
: I had to run an errand.
I didn't know you were friends of Isla.
: Yep!
We didn't know you two were friends, either.
: We're more than just friends. Isla's my fiancée.
: Fiancée?
: Wow, congratulations!
: Haha, thank you.
Isla, these people are serving as our clan's champions in the tournament.
: Is that so?
: Oh, marriage! I know what that is.
May you breed like rats and produce many children that survive childbirth!
: Uhh...
: Heh heh.
: The tournament's starting.
: I'm sorry. I'd come watch, but I have to work today.
: That's too bad. Pray for our victory.

: They met back up at the entrance to the arena.
: Jude, guess what?
Yurgen and Isla know each other. They're actually engaged!
: You're kidding! When's the big day?
: Haha, come on, stop it you two. It's not for awhile.
: And get this: Isla is taking care of Alvin's mom.
It really is a small world.
: Wait, what's wrong with Alvin's mom?
: No need to worry about her, busybody.
: What about you? Learn anything about Elize?
: A little. She seems to have remembered something about her parents.
Not enough to give us any clues, though.
: I see.
: Playtime's over. We're just about to get started.
Head to the reception desk when you're ready.
Woman: We're expecting big things from you.
Man: Knock 'em dead!

: Ready steady go!

: Look at all the people.
: You won't be at your best if you're nervous.
: R-Right.
Announcer: They're the only combatants who won't be controlling monsters with beastcraft.
Their skills are a complete mystery. This'll either be a short fight, or an interesting one!
: Um, did he just say "monsters"?

: Stayed focused everyone.
That's not my typo.

OK, so here's how Leia's partner skill works. Some enemies have items you can steal. If you knock them down while partnered with Leia...

...she'll nick their stuff. The important thing here is that some humanoids can use the items they have infinitely until you steal them. Imagine a boss periodically healing 40% of its max hp. Leia is VITAL.

None of these fights are actually that hard. I bought new gear for a few people after THAT BOAR but these are just jokes compared to that fight.

I'm not giving you breakdowns of the battles for a reason. The reason is that they're weak.

Game, don't insult me by pretending that was tough at all.

Skit Video: The Coliseum

: Do you not like competitive sports?
: I don't have anything against them, but I don't get the appeal, either.
I guess that isn't very manly of me, huh?
: I don't consider that a bad thing. It definitely defines who you are.
The world is far more interesting with people being different from one another.
: Thanks, that makes me feel a little better about it.
: But hey, don't get me wrong. I'm still interested in the tournaments from a cultural perspective.
: Don't they have some major significance in the history of Auj Oule?
: The clans have a history of lengthy conflicts, and a shared reverence for individual strength.
: The purpose of the tournaments may be a way to unify the clans under their common belief.
: Let's hope that belief binds them together, rather than causing more turmoil.

Skit Video: Runaway Teen
This is actually the skit that reminds you to go to Lerone Lodge to get your ass chewed out by Sonia, but we did that already. Whoops.

: Leia, did you run away without telling anyone?
: You're a juvenile delinquent!
: Ah, relax, relax. Don't people always say "if you have a cute daughter, show her the world"?
: I have never heard that expression before.
: Your parents must be so worried!
: Well, you might be right. But I really wanted to go with you guys!
: Hmm...
: Perhaps if I wrote a few words to your parents, it would help to put their minds at ease.
: Thanks. Dad's probably crying his eyes out by now.
: What about your mom?
: My mom?
: She's gotta be furious! She'd beat the living crap out of me if I came home now!

: There was a bit of a break between the last regular match and the finals.
: We did it! We won!
: It nearly went the other way, though.
: Come on, that was a cinch.
: I beg to differ. Those matches were quite demanding.
: Our little buddy Alvin's a big fat liar, right Elly?
: Yes, it wasn't easy at all.
: Aw, come on guys.

: Nice work out there! Those were some fantastic fights!
Woman: The finals begin after lunch.
All the other entrants will be there too though, so don't expect cheery company.
Anyway, you better grab some food.

: Well, yeah. Of course.
: What if you spy a cute little she-warrior? Someone who's totally your type?
: What?! Why would that make a difference?! I'm here to fight, not flirt.
: Heh heh heh.
: We've made it to the finals.
To be honest, I wasn't sure you had it in you.
: Why? We told you we'd win!
: Hah hah, fair enough.
Anyway, please help yourselves. You'll need to have enough energy to win the finals.

: Milla was feeling suspicious about something.
Man: Yurgen, we've got a problem.
Woman: What is it?

Man: Turns out that rockfall was no accident.
They found signs that someone destroyed the cliff intentionally.
: What?!
Don't touch the food!
: What? Why?

Man: What? What's happening?
: Do you detect that faint odor? I know of this. Yes, there can be no doubt.
It's metecinia, a poison that dissolves in liquid.
: Are you serious? Why would anyone do this?

: Do our opponents want to win that badly?
: No, it wasn't them.
Only one group would use such cowardly means.

: Alvin, wait!
: What's going on?
: Things were going so well. Why is this happening?
: Milla, do you know something?
: ......
Exodus is behind this conspiracy.
: What's that?
: It's an organization that has been trying to assassinate me for some time.
: Wait, so you're saying that poison just now...
: Was likely intended for me. I am truly sorry for those who died instead.
: Goodness. To think they would murder a room full of people indiscriminately just to kill you.
: Yes. They've never been very subtle with their measures, but this act was especially heinous.
: That's terrible! Why are they after you?
: Because I've been destroying their spyrixes.
Ever since Exodus first appeared with them, twenty years ago.
: Lots of stuff happened twenty years ago it seems.
: That's quite some time ago.
: Hold on. Does that include the Lance of Kresnik?
That weapon uses spyrix. Does that mean Exodus is involved?
: I suspect the Lance was originally made by Exodus, but I cannot prove it.
It's not easy to identify their members. They've blended into the populace.
Until now, I've only been able to do so when they used spyrix. I can sense the spirits dying because of it.
: Wait, what?
: Every time a spyrix generates artes, it drives spirits to their deaths.
Humans and spirits have a reciprocal relationship. You borrow their power to live, while spirits live off the mana produced by humans' mana lobes.
At first glance, spyrix might seem like a dream come true. In actuality, it throws this delicate balance completely off kilter.
As long as spyrix exists, neither humans nor spirits can live in peace.
: I feel like such a fool. This is all news to me.
: Of course it is. I've been dealing with these matters on my own while ensuring that humans remain unaware.
: Milla's been fighting this whole time?
: Yeah, she's been struggling all by herself. For the world. For us.
: Until recently, that is. Now that I've lost the power of the Four, I've dragged humans into my struggle.
For that, I am sorry.
: How is everyone?
: We were the meal's only survivors.
Naturally, the finals have been postponed. Don't expect to fight for two days, possibly longer.
: They didn't cancel them?!
: The tournament committee had a heated debate over the issue, but this tournament is only once a decade.
Any sign of Alvin yet?
: Unfortunately, no.
: I see. Well, please pass along the news. I'll return once the details are decided.
: Don't you think we should forfeit the tournament?
; I think so, too.
: You're probably right.
: We're all exhausted. Let's retire for the day and revisit this.
: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

: Next morning...

: No.
: Where could Milla have gone?
: I learned from one of the staff that she left the building by herself early this morning.
: I doubt she'd do anything dangerous. I mean, not after what she told us yesterday.
: I hope she's okay.
: Yeah, I'm worried, too.

Milla Side posted:

: It's come to the point where I can't let him carry on any longer.
He said his mother was here in town.

: Oh, Isla. Good morning.

: I heard about your close call yesterday. You people sure are lucky.
: Yes, but all those other people weren't.
: O-Of course. What a terrible thing for me to say. Forgive me.
: Excuse me. Have you seen Milla?
: Well, this is the first time we've really spoken, isn't it?
She's not with you?
: It seems like she went off by herself.
: Don't I know you from somewhere?
: Hm?
: Are you perhaps acquainted with Miss Elize here?
: Elize?

: Wow that is terrible acting.
: I have an errand I need to run. I'll see you later!
: What was that about?
: ......
: Anyhow, we should get back to searching for Milla.
If Exodus catches her alone, she could be in trouble.
: Hey, Milla's not like you. She's one tough cookie!
It's not Milla who's holding us back!
: What is that supposed to mean?
: Come on, quit playing around. Let's get back to the search.
: Err, uh, right.

Milla Side posted:

Thanks Feinne
: Where'd you come from?
: Is this your house?
: Mom's, actually.
Look, I'm sorry I darted off like that. I was just about to head back to the inn.
: Oof! Aren't we frisky today.
: Tell me what you know about Exodus.
: Exodus? That some new music group?
: I heard you talking with Derrick that night in Leronde.
: You were faking it? That's cheating, you know.
: You're not one to talk. Answer the question: Are you a member of Exodus?
: Give me a break.
I hate those jerks as much as you do. They've blackmailed me into working for them.
I want out, but I'm stuck.
: Because of your mother?
: You believe me?
: Well, to paraphrase Teepo, you are a big fat liar.
: The spud's got that right. No point in roughing me up for answers.
Because you can't trust anything I say.
: ......
: Hey, where you going?
: To search for the Exodus agents.
: Mind if I tag along? You know, in case you feel frisky again?
: Do whatever you want.

: Hey there.
: Where've you been? We were worried sick.
: Sorry about that.
: You too, Alvin. Next time you storm off, tell us where you're going first.
: Simmer down, kid. Besides, looks like Elize wants to say something.
: Umm, I think that Isla might know something about me.
: Why do you say that?
: She took a long look at Elize and went pale as a ghost.
: She dashed off like she was all scared of us and stuff!
: I see.
: If we spot Isla, we won't let her get away this time. We'll ask her what she knows, okay?
: Okay.

Girl: The tournament's going to start up soon.
: Hey! We can't be late for our own tournament!
: We'll be disqualified if we don't make it back in time.
: Is that really so bad? Weren't you thinking of forfeiting?
: A wise woman once told me that hesitation is a common human failing. We must keep moving forward, even when the path is uncertain.
: Ah, I suppose so. Thank you.
: How did you know we were tournament fighters?
: Hm?
Old Woman: Why else would you be here? Outsiders are either combatants or spectators when it's tournament time.
Girl: That's just common sense around here.
: Why'd you ask them that?
: Sorry. Something just clicked in my head.
Let's head to the arena.


: Oh, thank the spirits you came! The tournament committee suddenly voted to hold the finals.
Man: And they've decided to revert to the late king's rules.
: The late king's rules? You don't mean--
: I'm afraid I do. A fight to the death.
I didn't mention it before, but the old rules also mandate that fights be one-on-one.
: What'll we do?
: Hmm. Well, we need those wyverns, so forfeiting is not an option. But this is still very peculiar.
: Why would they revert to an older set of rules?
: Wake up and smell the poisoned coffee, kids.
It's pretty obvious this is a plot by Exodus, the people trying to snuff you out.
: Are you sure?
: Hold on! How do you know about those meanies?
: Is it okay for you to say this?
: My way of thanking you.
: What are you talking about?
: Alvin is working for Exodus.
: What?! You're kidding me, right?
: I wish I was. They've been having me do odd jobs for them.
: Don't tell me the poison was...
: That wasn't me! I almost choked down some of that stuff too, you know. I don't know who was behind it, either.
I worked for 'em, sure, but it was always small-fry stuff.
: Just tell me one thing. Can you promise us you'll never work for them again?
: Yes. You have my word.
: Good.
: ......
: Were you privy to Exodus' plans?
: Uh, yeah. I mean, I heard some things.
They hoped to change the rules for the finals and use it to kill Milla.
Even if you win, they have a backup plan. They figure you'll be worn out, easy pickings for their snipers in the cheap seats.
: How dare they stain our proud tournament with their foul tricks! This is an outrage!
: Heh, their plan is a house of cards. If any one of you fights as a champion in my stead, the whole thing collapses.
: Oh, good thinking.
: Still, I'll take their bait. Anything to drag them out of hiding.
: Are you nuts? Why?
: It is far too dangerous. I cannot allow you to risk your life just to bait Exodus into the open.
: Yeah, it's not worth it!
: Milla's gonna die!
: It looks like Jude agrees with me, at least.
: You want us to take care of the Exodus agents in the stands.
That's your plan, right?
: Exactly.
: Are you serious?
: Normally, we have no way of knowing when Exodus will strike. But now we have a time and a place. It's a logical plan.
: If we don't strike now, they'll slip away and find time to prepare a new plan.
There's no guaranteeing that one won't be even more devastating.
: You're really going to enter?
: The pride of your clan is on the line, isn't it? We both get what we want.
: You really are something.
: Very well. So we're left with no choice but to ensure that everything goes right. Your strategy must succeed.
: Correct.
Let's go.
: Milla.
Let's give Exodus a taste of their own poison.
: Agreed.

Announcer: Tragedy nearly put an early end to the tournament yesterday.
But cooler heads prevailed at the tournament committee, so today, the finals will go on!

Announcer: We will fall back on precedent and use the late king's rules.
: 'Cause that makes a load of sense.
: ......
: ......
: Uh? Wait a minute!

: What? He didn't channel that.
: And with that kind of power... Could it be?
: A spyrix...?!

: I can hear the spirits' cries. We're too late again.
: N-No! Stop! Give him back!

Man: Give up the doll, sweetheart!
: No, wait!
: Elize!
: What's going on, Leia?
: Someone kidnapped Teepo. Elize just went after them!

: Hey, what happened to just one-on-one?!
: Alvin!
: They weren't after you! Their target must've been Teepo all along!
There weren't any snipers in the stands either!
I didn't know! I swear!
: Then it's up to you to save her!
: What? Do you mean-- You're testing my loyalty?
: I'm counting on you to do this!
: Wha--
Just my rotten luck.
Don't blame me if it goes south!
: Is he going to help Milla?
: Perhaps there are no snipers in the stands after all.
: Let's go then!

: Exodus captured Teepo. Elize and Alvin went after them.
: Good heavens!
: Here we go.

Unfortunately this boss battle isn't that interesting. Each of the Spyrix Warriors has a different elemental weakness: wind, fire, water.

For some reason they seem to be using fire attacks rather than the electrical ones in the cutscene.

They can spin around to flamethrower an arc. They can also smack you with their weapons, but they just don't DO very much.

They can TRY to use Apple Gels but I don't think I saw him heal once. Probably because I'm knocking him around too much. I haven't touched the difficulty settings since THAT BOAR.

I used a +60% xp food since I spent money on armor and couldn't afford +100% xp food right now.

Announcer: Amazing! Is this a victory for the Kitarl Clan?!
: Milla couldn't hear the announcer or the roar of the crowd. She could only think about one thing.

: Stamping their Spyrixes out of existence.

: Any idea where Alvin and Elize ran off to?
: I sent members of the clan after them, but I've yet to hear back.
: Let's go look for them, too!
: Hold on. We know they left the city. You won't have much luck finding them if you're not familiar with the area.
Let us locals handle this. We'll find them. Just promise me you'll wait here until we do.
: Very well.
: Okay.

Skit Video: Levels of Spyrix

: It is. But there are many types of spyrix, which can employ different amounts of mana.
: The spyrix we saw in the arena is at a far lower level than the type I encountered earlier.
: To command that much power at even a low level is a terrifying concept.
: And unfortunately a reality. Even worse, such power was obtained from murdering spirits.

Skit Video: Too Close for Comfort

: Leia, your hand is hurt.
: Ah, that's nothing! A few licks and it'll be as good as new.
: I doubt that. Here, let me see it.
: You're not my mom.
: Spare me the bravado. I can always tell when you're faking it.
: Ha! Ladies' man Jude can peer right through a woman's heart. As if.
: And yet, I can read you like a book.
: Oh really? What am I thinking about right now?
: Let's see...
: *Stomach growls*
: Ah, got it. "I'm soooo hungry!"
: Hey! That doesn't count!

: This is taking much too long.
: You don't think that Alvin turned on us?
: ......
: How could I have let Elize leave her seat like that?
If I had just noticed sooner...
: It's not your fault, Leia.
: But...
: We found their trail!
: Where does it lead?
: We were too careless. They've gone into the Royal Hunting Grounds.
: Where is it?
: It's a forest near the city that kings have used as their private hunting grounds for generations.
It's a sprawling, primeval place. The Kitarl Clan looks after it.
: Thank you, Yurgen!
: The hunting grounds teem with dangerous monsters. Please be extra careful.

Unfortunately this is unvoiced.

MC: You have my deepest sympathies. I wish there was something I could say to make this easier for you.
: Make what easier for us? We won, right?
MC: You mean you haven't heard?!
I'm so sorry you have to hear it like this, but the final match was scheduled as a one-on-one duel.
And because of everything that happened, I'm afraid the judges ruled it to be invalid.
: What?! But they broke the rules first! We were only defending Milla!
MC: Yes, I know. That's why your team's violation of the rules was overlooked.
: I should hope so! Come on, Milla, give him a piece of your mind!
: I don't particularly care.
We failed to round up all of the Exodus members, but we largely accomplished our goal.
Plus, I was able to test the extent of my power.
: Are you sure about this, Milla? I mean, you put your life on the line.
: I don't particularly care.
But I do have one question.
Our opponents and the tournament organizers were colluding with some other group, correct?
MC: I... uh...
I'm afraid that's true.
They were the ones who arranged to have the rules changed and those strange weapons smuggled into the arena.
When I found out, I tried to have them arrested, but they got away.
: I knew Exodus had to be involved.
: Indeed. It's good to know for sure.
: So everything that happened was their fault, and we're the ones getting disqualified? No way!
MC: Please understand. This tournament is a long and hallowed tradition. We can't allow this disgrace to become public.
: So you'll announce that our match ended in disqualification, and everything will be covered up.
: That's the adult world for you.
MC: In exchange we'd be more than happy to give you a top seed in the next tournament.
If you like, we can even provide you with information about your opponents.
: I'll pass.
I don't intend to risk my life for a trophy.
MC: ......