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Skit Video: Wingul's Words

: That was Long Dau, the language of the clan that used to rule Auj Oule.
: Do you speak it?
: Not really, but I can understand it to some degree.
: But what made him abruptly start speaking like that?
: It appeared to be some sort of battlefield transformation. A side effect of his booster, perhaps.
: Does that mean I'll start speaking some weird language too?
: Then you wouldn't be able to talk to anyone!
: Relax, that won't happen! His booster is totally different from Teepo.
: And if you did start speaking some weird language, I would totally learn it so we could still talk.
: Thank you.
: Are you good with languages though?
: Well, that's beside the point.

: There wasn't anything in the way of pursuit on their way back to Xian Du, so I'll skip over the journey.

: Careful. Word of our altercation in the capital may have preceded us.
: How was your audience with the king?
: I'm sorry, we'll have to talk later. Can we depart right away?
: Well, I guess that's possible.
You in some kind of hurry?

: No need to rush off.
: Alvin?!
: They're on a wild-goose chase in the mountains right about now.
: You threw them off our scent? Is this some kind of peace offering?
: What? It's only natural I helped you. We're friends, aren't we?
: ......
: Come on, you don't believe me?
I know you've put your trust in me before.
Would it kill you to give me another shot?
: I-I guess not.
: Attaboy.
: Welcome back. I'm glad that you're safe.
: Heh heh, thanks. You almost sound sincere.
: If nothing else, it seems that Alvin has bought us some time.
: I'd ask what's going on, but I don't think I want to know.
You people sure have a lot of drama in your lives.
I'll be in front of the wyverns. Come see me when you're ready to fly.
: It's finally time.
: We'll saddle up as soon as we're ready.
: Right.
NATURALLY it's sidequest time.

: Still having doubts about me, huh?
And it looks like you're not the only one.
Fine, fine.
Remember the first time the three of us went to Nia Khera, and I went off by myself?
: The time that I came out of my shrine and Jude was the only one there?
: That's the one. I was off meeting with Wingul.
: So you had a secret arrangement with them? To hand Milla over if she became a problem?
: How could you?! Stabbing Milla and Jude in the back like that.
: Hold it.
Yeah, I was working a few different angles back then, but this time I was just using that to our advantage.
You know, the only reason we were given permission to use the wyverns is because I arranged that with them ahead of time.
: Wait... So, when you betrayed us in front of Gaius...
: Yep. If I hadn't pretended to betray you there, they never would have let us ride the wyverns.
That's why I lied and told them you ran in the opposite direction of Xian Du.
: I want to believe you. But I can't. Not yet.
: That reminds me. That Presa woman we met at Kijara Seafalls. It seemed like you already knew her.
: What do you want to know?
: Who is she, really?
: ......
: How can we trust you if you keep hiding information from us?!
: Hey, all right, calm down. No need to get snappy.
: Do you even know what you're putting us through?
: I met her when I was working for Rashugal's intelligence service.
At the time, she was an Auj Oule secret agent working undercover in Fennmont.
: And?
: After that we became more personally involved. You probably don't want to know the specifics.
: Okay, I believe you. But I still don't trust you.
: Heh. You're so cute when you're upset.
: Stop that! I'm still angry at you!
: All right, all right.
: Alvin, can I ask you one last thing?
: Of course.
: Tell us why you're helping us. What's in it for you?
: You're asking that now?
Because I love the hell out of you guys, of course!
: More lies!
: How could you even think that? I'm hurt!

Skit Video: (The Oddly Popular Karla)

: Yeah, I did.
: Well your acquaintances are my acquaintances. Hook a girl up!
: Here she goes... Fine, fine. Let's head to Xian Du.
You can guess what sidequest this is a reminder for.

Skit Video: (Come on, It's Time for Bed)

This tells you to go to the inn, and Alvin's scene outside below continues the sidequest about the Rats from before.

Skit Video: (Wither Hamil)

: Are you okay? You look pale.
: I'm fine. I just keep thinking about Hamil.

Really wish I'd been able to get this out before Zestiria came out so people could get the reference.

: That cargo looks pretty heavy.
Peddler: They're all books, and yes, they really are. Who knew paper could be so heavy?
But if you buy some from me, it would really help to lighten my load!
: What kind of books are they?
Peddler: Oh, I've got all sorts of rare finds.
Like this first edition of "The Chronicles of Kresnik"! This baby would fetch five million gald at auction, easy.
Next, we have the fabled book of battle tactics from the legendary Ilbert the Conductor, titled "The Complete Tactician".
Not only that, it's a limited edition that contains a supplemental volume of the Conductor's poetry, titled "Mad Screams of Love".
: The Conductor's poetry?!
: "Mad Screams of Love"?
: H-How did that get on the market?!
: You've got yourself a sale.
Peddler: Thank you very much!
: W-Wait!
Surely all of us have done foolish things in our youths that we'd be embarrassed to confront today!
Aren't we, as adults, supposed to turn a blind eye to such things in order to spare others from their shame?
: I've never seen Rowen like this.
I'm ashamed to say it, but that only makes me want to read it all the more.
I guess that makes me a child still.
: The only shame here would be abandoning that healthy, youthful curiosity in an attempt to seem more grown-up than you are.
Real men have to hold onto their childlike curiosity for as long as they can.
Which is why I'm going to indulge mine with this special-edition copy of Rowen's masterwork.
: Sounds good to me!
: H-How cruel!
Peddler: Oh no, I'm so sorry! This book has already been sold to another buyer.
Someone in Sharilton who already paid in full.
: Oh my... That was a close one!
: Aww. You've broken my heart.
Peddler: I am so sorry! Perhaps I could offer you a free copy of this book by way of an apology?
It's an equally rare treasure itself! Enjoy!
: What is this?
: It looks to be a Long Dau dictionary from the great clan of Auj Oule.
It's the same language that Wingul used after his booster-induced transformation.
: Oh, that was Long Dau?
: Sounds like that bookseller was pulling one over on us. If they're a great clan, why would a dictionary of their language be rare?
: Actually, she may not have been exaggerating much at all. You see, the Long Dau tribe operated under a dual-caste system of governance.
The upper and lower castes were divided not only by political power, but by cultural differences as well.
Even among the upper caste, only a few high nobles were permitted to speak the clan language.
: It was a privilege reserved for the elite.
: That makes no sense at all.
: Well, there's more than one reason Gaius was able to seize power. Long Dau was full of people huffing their own farts.
: So "hello" is "ana'lui". "Please forgive me" is "hidig'nun".
Ugh, linguistics just isn't my subject.
: I studied Long Dau during my time in the military, but just barely enough for light conversation.
: So what was Wingul saying?
: I wish I knew. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing if I even heard what he said correctly.
: It does seem pretty difficult.
: Well, maybe we can help jog your memory?
Jude, how would you say "Mad Screams of Love" in Long Dau?
: Oh dear. And I was so sure I had successfully changed the subject.
: Let's see. Mad, mad...
: You needn't actually look it up!

: Hi, I'm Karla Outway.
: I'm Leia. Leia Rolando.
: Hey, I recognize you. I've seen you here in the city before, haven't I?
: Name's Alvin.
I do get around. It's possible you've seen me before.
What about yourself? You must be from out of town if you're staying at the inn.
: That's right, I'm from Kanbalar. I haven't been home in a long time, though.
: Oh, we've been there. Not the most pleasant of trips.
: I'm sorry to hear that.
Were you able to meet with King Gaius?
: We did. He's a stern man, but clearly very dedicated to his people. In a way, he was kind of amazing.
: Kind of amazing, yeah, but super scary! Why can't he just be nice to people?
: King Gaius didn't always used to be that way.
Do you know about the Battle of Fezebel?
: Um... Well...
: It was a battle fought on the Fezebel Outback twenty years ago between Rashugal and Auj Oule.
The battle only ended due to a giant tsunami. No one's sure why it appeared when it did.
It ended up causing dramatic changes to the region's spirit clime.
That's how it became Fezebel Marsh with all its twisted marsh flows.
: Oh, right, right! That Battle of Fezebel! Yup, it's all coming back to me.
: Wow, you actually remember? I'm kind of shocked.
: Hmph.
: You don't need to be embarrassed if you don't know. It's never too late to learn!
: Oh Karla, you're so nice! You could learn a lot from her, Jude.
: Uh-huh.
: During that battle, Gaius led a battalion of Long Dau soldiers, even though he was a member of a different tribe himself.
At just twenty years old, he led his troops to victory against an entire regiment of the Rashugal army.
He was also the first to sense the oncoming arrival of the giant tsunami.
He advised the Long Dau chief to retreat, but the chief couldn't bring himself to give the order.
The tsunami ended up swallowing both armies and wiped out Gaius' entire battalion.
: So that's how he became the ornery fellow we all know and love.
Gotta hand it to him, though. It is true that most folk want a strong leader to guide them. And he's certainly won the trust of his people.
: Gosh, Karla, you really do know all about history!
: Well, at least when it comes to King Gaius.
: Is there a reason for that?
: There just might be. See you later, everyone!
: What do you think she meant by that?
: I wonder.

Skit Video: (A Question for Karla)

: You make it sound so illicit.
: And poor sweet Jude's left out in the cold.
: Come on! You know that's not why I'm looking for Karla!
: Bet she's waiting in Xian Du.
: You think I don't know that?

: Karla, if you don't mind us asking, what's your relation to King Gaius?
: Now I sure wasn't expecting that.
: Come on. I bet it's a great story!
: I appreciate your interest, but I get the sense that Jude isn't asking out of idle curiosity.

: Around the time of the Battle of Fezebel, I was betrothed to a man from the Long Dau tribe.
It was an arranged marriage, but nevertheless, we fell in love with each other at first sight.
Naturally, my betrothed had to go to war with the rest of his tribe. But he never came back.
: Because of the tsunami?
: No.
: It wasn't Gaius, was it?
: My betrothed was one of the Long Dau chief's aides.
He wanted to make a name for himself before we got married. He must have thought that's what I wanted.
So when Gaius told the Long Dau chief about the incoming tsunami...
My betrothed told the chief that Gaius was out of his mind, and swore that a retreat wouldn't be necessary.
: And Gaius went after him for that?
: The few people who survived the tsunami said that my betrothed was still alive after it had passed.
And that Gaius was with him.
: I can't believe it.
: All I know for sure is that he never came back. They never even found his body.
I don't know for sure if Gaius did something to him.
When I asked the king about it, he refused to answer.
After the battle, my father died from an illness, and I never saw my brother Erston again.
I've been alone ever since.
: After all that, you'd be nuts not to hate the guy.
: Come on, Alvin.
: And I bet your hatred for King Gaius is pretty much the only thing keeping you going at this point.
: You may be right about that.
: I'm sorry.
: Now, it's time for me to leave Xian Du for a while.
: Where are you going?
: Somewhere in Auj Oule. See you all around.

: Reports of Hamil getting wrecked were not exaggerated. The buildings weren't badly damaged, but the place was eerily empty.

: Everyone's gone.
: Now I'm wondering what kind of elemental power could kill everyone while leaving the buildings mostly intact. I'd guess Darkness or Ice. Unless there are Great Spirits that aren't elemental.
: And now more of my memories are gone with them.
: But they weren't very good memories, were they?
: No, but they're still better than having nothing at all.
: Hey, come on. The fruit trees are still here, the mountains are still here...
: I don't have memories of fruit!
: I do! I remember having fruit curry for dinner once a week!
: Oh yeah. The mayor always put napples in it. It was her favorite thing to make.
Although, it was a little too sweet for me.
: Hey, wait a minute. Teepo can talk about things that Elize isn't even consciously aware of?
: I guess so?
: Then maybe, Teepo can help you remember the things you've forgotten.
Didn't you say Xian Du looked familiar?
If we use Teepo there, maybe you can remember something.
: That's very perceptive.
: If this works, Elize may even be able to learn something about her parents.
: That would be great!
: That's a really smart idea! Especially coming from you, Leia!
: Why thank-- Hey!
: Well, it's good to see Elize excited again. Well done.
: In Leia's case, I think that was probably half inspiration and half blind luck.

Villager: I can't believe it. Everyone and everything I've ever known is in ruin.
: Please don't give up. There's still hope.
There could be other survivors! Do you have any idea where they'd flee to?
Villager: The only place I can think of is Aladhi Seahaven.
I beg of you, could you go and see if any of the other villagers made it there?
: Of course. I'll go see if anyone from Hamil fled to Aladhi Seahaven.
Villager: Please, I can't survive out here all by myself...

: So they really are all dead.

: Teepo isn't a weird thing. He's Teepo!
Loren: Please excuse my daughter's manners. I'm Loren, a former merchant.
: Former?
Loren: I'm afraid so. My business failed in Fennmont, and we couldn't afford to stay in the city any longer.
We just arrived here in Auj Oule, hoping to make a new start in a new land.
: Then you should go check out Hamil! Everyone's gone, so the town's in trouble.
Loren: What do you mean?
: Well, uh...
Loren: I see. You know, I think it may have been fate that brought us together today.
We'll try our luck in Hamil.
: Are you sure?
Loren: To be honest, no. But as long as my family and I are together, we'll be okay.
And besides, my wife's always saying that I'm too passive, and I need to start taking life by the horns.
Lorelana: But Mommy always says she loves how easygoing you are, Daddy!
Lana: Lorelana, hush!
: You guys are the weird ones!
: But they seem like good people.
Loren: Ha ha. Here, this is to thank you for your help.
May we all meet again someday!

So this is part of a series of quests to repopulate Hamil.

Loren: Well, if it isn't the fine folk who told us about this village! It's good to see you again.
This is such a beautiful place!
We all liked it so much that we decided to live here.
Villager: And it's so nice to have neighbors again.
Loren was kind enough to make graves for everyone who was killed.
I don't know if I could have done that alone.
Loren: Like our new friend here, our family doesn't have anywhere else to go. But together, we can rebuild this village.
: Please let us know if there's any way we can help.
Loren: Well, since you offered, could we ask you to find us a cow?
System: Accept the request? Yes
: (I think we saw some cows in Nia Khera.)
Sure. And I think I know where I might be able to find one. I'll look into it.
Loren: That would be great. If we had cow's milk, we could make all sorts of things.

Young Herder: If I can be of some use to Lord Maxwell and her companions, I'm more than happy to do it.
I'll pick a real lively one for you and have it sent over to Hamil.

Lana: It's not much, but we want you to have this as a token of our appreciation.
Lorelana: Mommy made cheese stew out of the cow's milk! It's yummy!
: Wah-ooh! That does sound yummy!
Loren: ......
: Are you okay, Loren?
Loren: Oh yes. There's just one thing I'd like your help with.
System: Accept the request? Yes
Loren: We started growing dodurians recently, hoping that they could be Hamil's next major crop, like poranges and napples.
The fruit is delectable, but the husk is like cast iron.
No one wants to buy a fruit that they can't get open!
: Dodurians, huh? I think my dad used to make a dessert out of those.
But I don't remember him having any trouble getting the husks open.
Loren: Really?! If you can find out how he got the husks open, please let me know!
: I'm sure if we ask my dad in Leronde, he can tell us what to do.

: They're really good, but not many people grow them because of their husks.
But they're easy to peel off once you freeze them solid with an ice arte.
Best of all, the ice turns the fruit inside into sorbet, making for a perfect dessert!

: We found an easy way to peel off dodurian husks!
: All you have to do is freeze the fruit with an ice arte.
: And it turns into sorbet!
Loren: That's brilliant!
And freezing them would make them easier to ship and sell throughout the world.
I'm going to hire some people and start growing more right away!
: Right on! That's a great idea!
Villager: I can't tell you how grateful I am.
Thanks to you and Loren's family, my hometown will be saved.
: It was our pleasure!
: It feels good to help out the village.

Thanks to our efforts, Hamil is now repopulated.

: When you ask it like that...
: It's way too much pressure!
: Don't feel like you need to force it, Elize.
Hey, didn't Wingul use a booster too?
Maybe he has some connection to Teepo.
: That's possible, although his booster seems to be a different type. Do you know anything about him, Elize?
: Only that Wingul scares me.
: Wait a minute! I think I know him.
: You do?
: I've got it! Wingul was in the laboratory!
: He was? I don't remember him being there.
: He used to be waaaaaaaay thinner.
He was the guy who was always in pain from the prototype's side effects or something.
: You mean... Test Subject No. 1?
: Sounds like we're getting somewhere.
: Wingul must have volunteered to be a booster test subject.
: The people at the laboratory said they could've never made Teepo without him.
: Could that mean that Wingul is--
: My father?!
: Wingul said that the experiments had been humane, but can we really trust him?
: If nothing else, at least we know the experiments had a purpose beyond mere cruelty.

Skit Video: (Welcome to the Leronde Lodge)

: Yeah. Leia's dad is probably the best cook in town.
: If you like, you can come try it for yourself. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
: I'm certainly interested.

: How Jude found time to stop by Leronde before riding the Wyverns I have no idea.

: Mmm, this looks delicious.
: Leia's dad makes the best mabo curry anywhere.
: You always did love Dad's mabo curry, huh?
: That doesn't mean I could eat it every day though.
: What do you mean?
: Leia would always bring mabo curry over after a fight.
: Ah, so it was an excuse to make up.
: Yeah. My parents were always busy and didn't have much time to cook, so it really helped us out.
And because Leia and I used to fight all the time...
: You ended up having mabo curry every day.
Didn't you think to bring over anything else?
: Sure, but mabo curry is special because it's two kinds of food in one.
Just like two good friends getting along!
: So it was an edible symbol of friendship.
: And it kind of worked. From then on, I did my best not to let Leia get me angry.
That way I wouldn't have to eat mabo curry every night.
: Hey! That makes it sound like it was always my fault we fought!
: It wasn't always your fault. I'd say around 80%?
: Now, now. You two settle down.
: Enjoy some mabo curry together!
: ......
: ......

Skit Video: (A Family Affair)
This skit is a little weird since it won't show up if you see the scene a while back between Jude's dad and Alvin.

: What are you talking about?
: Your fight with your dad. You shouldn't just leave it like that.
: It wasn't really a fight.
: Hmm... They say the longer people avoid reconciling, the more difficult it becomes.
: You too?

: Jude's relationship with his father was... complicated. Mmm, daddy issues.

: .......
: Is something wrong? Aren't you going to go inside?
: Looks like somebody's lost his nerve.
: It's not any easier with you staring.
Kid: Jude! You're here!
: Hey! What did I tell you about yelling here?
Kid: But they told me to run and get the doc!
They meant Dr. Mathis, but you're a doctor too! You can handle it, right?
: Handle what, exactly?
Kid: Come on, hurry up!
: Maybe we should go see what happened.

: Jude.
: What happened?
: Our patient was just brought here. They said she abruptly collapsed.
She's in serious condition, but we'll have to wait for your father to examine her.
: Is he on a house call?
: Yes, at the edge of town. It'll be a while before he gets back.
: I... I'll take a look.
I think her mana lobe is hardening. She'll die if we don't do something.
: Then what are we waiting for?!
: There's too many possible causes for it.
She needs to be examined at a real hospital.

: Dad?!
: Her mana lobe is hardening from anomalous spirit activity. Ellen, get me the mustar and the miquas.
: Right away!
: But Dad, if it turns out not to be a spirit anomaly, that medicine would only make it worse!
: Help me or get out of the way.
: ......

: The patient is regaining consciousness. She should be fine now.
: Thank goodness.
: Your judgment was flawless.
: That's my job.
: But if you had made the wrong diagnosis, she wouldn't have survived.
: Of course. I take full responsibility for my decisions.
: Because that's what a doctor has to do?
: No. Because it's what an adult has to do.
: ......

: Jude couldn't keep her sidetracked for too long.

: You can't possibly land right in Rashugal's capital.
You'll probably have to touch down on a highroad nearby or find some other suitable spot.

Screaming intensifies.

: Eeek! Stop this wyvern! I wanna get off!

: Help! I think I'm gonna barf!
: Teepo! Shut it!
: Are we there yet?
: No, not yet.
: Huh?
: Urgh!

: It's amazing.
: It's so pretty.
: Wow...
: It's sparkly!

: Wh-What the hell is that?!
: It's so huge!
: Urgh!
: It's right on our six!
: Everyone, dive!

: Watch out!
: Huh?!

: Alvin, are you okay?
: No time to chat now, kid!

I'm disappointed in this boss after that cutscene.

His reach is pretty good, he can attack a very large area.

Splendid Laser.

Elize's Ignite Terror is the same thing but better looking.

Gotta hate on that damn wing spin.

In Vesperia and Xillia 2 the tail would be a weak spot, but not here. I feel like an idiot in retrospect for not swapping Leia for Rowen.

Unlike a boar you can totally block its rush.

Tail Hurricane launches tornadoes with its tail.

At low hp it pulls out the fire spit it used in the cutscene. I bet you all were wondering where that was. It's called Carpet Bombing

I don't think I did particularly well there but that wasn't a very good boss either IMO. Elize only got 1 level from that

: Please, no one panic! Women and children, seek shelter in your homes!

: Elly? What are you doing here?
: I'm home.
: Young madam.
: Rowen?
Everyone's back?
: Good to see you again.
: Umm, nice to meet you. I'm Leia.
: Uh, hi.
: I'm sorry to alarm you.
: I heard all the commotion. I thought Auj Oule was invading.

: Seemed like no big whup at the time, but now, it's really hitting me.
: Help us carry him.

Trainer: My lady, I'm just a horse trainer.
: Which makes you the most qualified to help.
Trainer: ......
: Young madam, please forgive me for the heavy burden I placed upon you when I left Sharilton.
Woman: Isn't that Ilbert-- the former chief of staff? He was a tactician for the Rashugal army, you know.
Man: Really? And he's on our side? That's great!
: ......
: All these rumors of war have everyone on edge lately.
Let's head back to the manor before we cause any more commotion.

: You all should rest here in the city while you can.
: That may be for the best. We're on the eve of a great battle, after all.
Everyone should get as much rest as they can.
: Huh?
: What's wrong? You look as if I just spoke Long Dau.
: Ho ho ho. Milla is making perfect sense. We have had little rest since our departure from Leronde.
: And you could use some time to gather your thoughts.
: As you say.

I was going to have the talks here, but this update is already long enough.