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Part 22: CH17B: Setting Out Again

CH17B: Setting Out Again

: Jude talked with his friends to get their feelings on the matter, and to kill time until the Wyvern was good to go.

: Maybe this is none of my business, but how did you get mixed up with him?
: We first met when Nachtigal joined the army as an officer. He wanted to serve, despite his royal birth.
He and I were assigned to the same division. We fought in many battles together. We earned promotions and glory. That sort of thing builds a bond between men.
We were truly brothers in arms. It was a glorious time for both of us.
However, Nachtigal's growing influence began to threaten the power of his two elder brothers.
The older princes ostracized Nachtigal even as they feared him.
: I know what happened next: the Sleepless Night we all learned about in history class.
That brief civil war erupted when the late king passed away before naming a successor.
The Six Ruling Houses and the lesser nobles split into two factions.
It was the biggest political upheaval in modern Rashugal history.
And it lasted until Nachtigal slew his two older brothers with the help of the military. He was a war hero, after all.
For two days, the people rallied behind Nachtigal and his new regime.
: Nachtigal may have won the struggle, but he lost something dear to him.
He lost his only ally in the royal family, his beloved sister Princess Carrie.
It hit Nachtigal hard. He was overcome with grief.
: They didn't teach us that part.
: He expanded his totalitarian control once he became king, and there was no one left to check his power.
: Not even you?
: Many pinned their hopes on me to act as a moderating influence on the king. I chose to leave the army instead.
It has been a difficult decision to live with.
: You shouldn't blame yourself.
It's not even really Nachtigal's fault. His brothers caused all this.
: I agree, which is precisely why I failed to recognize when Nachtigal began to stray from the just path.
We turned our eyes away from our duty. He and I both.
Despite knowing that doing so would cause many of our people to suffer.
In contrast, the King of Auj Oule has never wavered from doing what must be done.
: You may be right.
Despite both being kings, Nachtigal and Gaius definitely left different impressions on me.
: The people no doubt see King Gaius as a superb ruler.
: He kind of reminded me of Milla, to be honest.
: An astute observation. They do share two things in common.
The will to do what must be done, and the conviction to do it for the sake of others.
: It sounds like they go hand-in-hand.
: Yes, I believe all truly strong people possess those two virtues.
But Nachtigal's convictions became warped.
And I lacked the will to stop him.
: If... And I'm not saying you will...
But if you decide not to fight Nachtigal, I wouldn't blame you.
: Thank you.
Would you mind leaving me with my thoughts? I will make my decision before it is time for us to leave.

: Teepo won't call me Elly like he used to.
: Wah-hey, Elize. You seem glum.
: Well, how about finding other people who can get close enough to call you Elly?
: You mean get closer to you and Milla?
: Yeah. Teepo should, too.
: Really?
: Hey, it's not like I have lots of friends or anything.
But I have enough to know they're pretty priceless. And the best part of friendship is sharing new experiences together.
: ......
: Jude sure is a smarty-pants!
: Hahaha.
Well, I am an honors student. I just think it'd be nice if we all got to know each other better. Don't you think so?
: Yes!
: Yep!

: Don't creep up on a girl like that!
: You okay? You look down in the dumps.
You shouldn't push yourself so much. You weren't the healthiest kid, you know.
: Do you have to keep reminding me? It's been ages since I've been sick.
: I know, but I still can't help but worry.
: I still appreciate it.
But I'm worried, too.
: About what?
: That do-gooder nature of yours. In case you've forgotten, it's what got us into this mess.
: Maybe you shouldn't have come in the first place.
: I'm here for my own reasons, thank you.
: Like what?
: Those spyrixes are trouble. I want to destroy them.
: Because Milla said so?
: That's part of it, but I've actually seen one before.
: Seriously?
: It was a really long time ago. I know how terrifying those things are.
Why are you trying to destroy the spyrixes and the Lance of Kresnik?
Because Milla said so?
: N-No. That's not why. If you need a reason...
: You don't have one?
: I-I do. I'd just rather keep it to myself.
: All right.
You know, destroying the Lance of Kresnik is the last thing on our to-do list.
: Huh?
: What are your plans afterward? Will you head back to Fennmont and finish becoming a doctor?
Or, will you come home to Leronde?
: I haven't had a chance to decide yet. One thing at a time.
We just need to finish what we've started.
: Yeah.
: You're right. Let's finish this job together!
: You got it.
(I wonder what Milla's going to do when this is all over?)

: Don't worry about it. It was my slip up.
: Yeah, but still...
: Huh?
Woman: You having problems casting spirit artes lately? I've failed like a million times by now.
Old Woman: You too? It's like the spirits aren't even there to help us anymore.
: Just like back at Fennmont. I bet this is the Lance of Kresnik's influence.
: Hey, this guy's saying the spirits are disappearing, and it's the King of Rashugal's fault!

Woman: Honestly! Do you get a kick out of spreading tall tales?
: They don't believe me.
: Of course not. You can't just tell them something like that out of the blue.
: I guess I'm just a shady guy. The townspeople don't trust me, and neither do you.
: Hey, that's not true.
: Oh? I save your life and suddenly you trust me again?
: You're still a big fat liar.
But a trusting one. Throughout this whole trip, you've never doubted a thing I told you.
Even when I said the spirits had disappeared, you believed me on the spot.
: Because it's the truth. When someone uses a spyrix, spirits die. It's cause and effect.
: What are trying to say?
: It's no skin off my nose if spirits wink out of existence, but it's another story if the result is we humans suffer.
: But spirits are living things, too.
: Listen to you. You're sounding more and more like the great Maxwell every day.
: That wasn't the point. Don't make fun of me.
: I'm not trying to.
I just mean you've finally started talking like a bona fide grown-up.
: Huh?
Like Millla, huh. I wonder if I can protect humans and spirits too.
: Hmph, times like this I miss being a kid. Life was so simple.

: It seems like forever ago that you were injured.
: Have you figured out your mission? What you must do?
: I...
I just want to help you out.
: I see.
: But that's not all! I want to protect the spirits as well.
You go to such lengths to protect humans, so it's only fair that I become strong enough to protect spirits, too.
: You will strive to be our protector.
A bold statement.
Maybe I've been wrong about humans after all.
: Hm?
: I never imagined one of you wanting to protect our kind, let alone making it his mission.
I'm almost speechless. I've never felt this happy.
Now I really must destroy the Lance of Kresnik. For all our sakes.
: That reminds me... What are you planning on doing after you've destroyed the Lance?
: Destroying the Lance and the spyrix devices is merely one facet of my mission here.
My whole reason for existing hasn't changed.
: So you'll return to Nia Khera and live the way you did before?
: Most likely.
: B-But with Exodus around, won't your life still be in danger?
: Hmm. Also likely.
: What you need is a bodyguard, someone to watch your back.
: Are you offering to stay with me?
: ......
Is that possible?
: If that's what you decide to do, then you should do it.
I'll need to create some story to keep you by my side.
: Really?
Thank you.
: It's the least I can do. You're the reason I am standing here right now, preparing to fulfill my mission.
I'm the one who should be thanking you.
: Huh? Oh, no, you don't have to do that.
We haven't even gotten to the real fight yet.
: Heh, good point.
: Oh, just the pair I was looking for. Your wyverns have fully recovered.
: Let's return to the plaza.
: Okay.

: He hasn't shown up yet.
: He's probably figuring out his next lie.
: That's not true.
: What does everyone else think of Alvin? Would you feel safe going into battle with him?
: He's just trying to help out his mom, right? I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.
: I worry he himself will be unable to deal with that way of life much longer.
: Hmph.
: Don't forget, Alvin was the one who saved me from the bad guys.
: What do you think?
: We'll need to keep up our guard around him until he reveals his hand. He remains trustworthy in battle, at least.
: Now, now, it's not polite to talk about someone behind his back.
: I don't care.
: What can I say? You guys are my only allies.
: That makes everyone. Let's be off.
: Please wait!
: Rowen, are you really going to fight with your old buddy?
: It is my fault that Nachtigal became the man he is.
I am prepared to fight him when the time comes.
: You have our support.
: Don't worry. I'll be right behind you!
: I've got your back, too!
: Thank you, everyone.
: Don't worry. I'll pick up your dentures if you drop 'em, grandpa.
: Please do.
: What, no pithy retort?
: I guess that means we're all ready.
: Let's make our final preparations before setting off.

Alternate Milla Conversations posted:

Thanks Feinne again.
: Come to pick my brain?
: You still can't bring yourself to fight against Nachtigal.
: I know he must be stopped. I know I must help stop him.
I know these things as facts, and yet...
: Are you concerned about what would happen afterward?
: Yes. Things will get complicated.
Do you have any idea what a coup could mean for Rashugal?
: Best-case scenario: mass confusion and chaos. In the worst-case scenario, the nation itself will dissolve.
: If we reach that tipping point, I'm not so sure I could stem the tide.
: Somehow I doubt you've spent all these years letting your talents go dull.
: Sometimes, experience is a hindrance rather than a help. I see all possible outcomes with such painful clarity that I'm unable to act.
: Only you can decide what to do about that.
: I see you have a lot of faith in me.
: And why not? I'm quite fond of you.
: To think the Lord of Spirits would say such words to me. I am not worthy.
: Is that sarcasm?
: No. It's just that at times you treat us the way a master might coddle a beloved pet.
: I do?
: Yes. So please, just think of this as the foolish pride of a lowly human.
: Hehehe, you certainly are an adorable human.
: Anyway, returning to the topic at hand.
Might I ask you to look after the others once this battle is over?
They are all so young. I know Miss Elize and Miss Leia have bright futures awaiting them.
Alvin concerns me, however. He is far less mature than he believes.
Jude, on the other hand, he is so taken by you that he is desperately trying to become an adult as quickly as possible.
Please, watch over them all.
: Are you planning on dying along with Nachtigal?
: Certainly not. But I need to be prepared for such an outcome.
: Very well. You have my word.

: You seem in better spirits.
: Our buddy Jude cheered us up!
: Of course he did. It's what he does.
: Milla, um...
: Teepo, is Elize trying to tell me something?
: Yep. But I think she'll say it on her own.
: Oh. Very well, then. I'll wait.
: Let's do our best.
Let's do our best to destroy the Lance of Kresnik!

: Huh?
Wh-What are you doing?
: I'm not sure. You're just so cute, I feel an irrational need to pinch your cheeks.
:Please stop.
: Hehehe.

: Why so forlorn?
: Forlorn? You mean sad? N-No, I'm-- I'm fine.
: If you say so.
: Hey, what's Fennmont like?
I've never been out of Leronde before, so I'm kinda curious, you know?
: A lot of people live there, but no one really seems to know one another.
I actually prefer places like your hometown, where everyone is... What's the phrase? Right neighborly?
: Huh. I guess that's just how cities are.
: Perhaps.
Actually, something's been bothering me. May I ask you a question?
: Sure! Ask away.
: Do you have some experience with spyrix technology?
: Wh-Why do you ask?
: I saw the surprised look on your face when you first heard the word spyrix. It was a different expression than what I'm used to seeing.
: You're perceptive.
You see, I was a really sickly kid. I spent a lot of time getting treated for my illness.
It all started when I was hurt in an accident.
And that accident was caused by a spyrix.
: Was it Exodus' doing?
: I don't really remember.
Maybe the accident caused a bit of amnesia, or maybe I was just too little.
Still, someone said that a spyrix explosion caused the accident. That much I remember, at least.
: I see.
Are you all better now?
: Oh, yeah. Fit as a fiddle!
But it was a long road to get here. I almost gave up on my treatment a few times.
I felt hopeless, like I'd never get better no matter what the doctors tried.
I started to believe there was nothing anyone could do for me anymore.
But every time I felt hopeless, Jude would try to cheer me up.
: So that's why you're here.
: Right. Now it's my turn to help Jude out.
: "I'd hate it if Jude got hurt." "I'd hate it if Jude couldn't become a doctor."
It appears that Jude is your primary motivation.
: Hey! Don't read those aloud! Put that away!
And don't you dare tell Jude about any of this! It's embarrassing!
: Embarrassing? Why? I think Jude would be happy to hear this.
You humans are so confusing sometimes. Hehe.
: Whatever. Just promise you won't tell him!
: Very well. I promise.
: Funny thing, though... At a certain point, I realized that my reasons were all for myself.
I wonder why I really came along.
I mean, I'm just extra baggage for you guys. Even Elize carries her weight around here.
: You're doing your best, aren't you? You have nothing to be ashamed of.
Whether you succeed or not isn't the important thing. It's whether you try.
: Now you sound like Jude, trying to cheer me up. But you have to admit, success sure beats failure.
: I suppose I can't deny that.
But I do think what matters most is having the will and the heart to do what must be done.
: You think so?
: Absolutely. That's what I believe, at least.
: Huh. For some reason, when you say it, I can't help but feel it's true.
Well, nothing to do but my best, right?

: What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be recovering from your injury?
: Maybe I'm just plotting the best way to betray you again.
: Hmph. At this point, I can't tell if you're joking.
: Ooh, ouch. That's a low blow.
: Drop the phony indignation.
Tell me, what are your true intentions?
: We went over this already. I want to take care of my mother.
: And I believed you at first. Now, not so much.
: Why?
: You haven't severed all ties with Exodus.
And yet you've never attempted to assassinate me like the other Exodus agents.
: Maybe the opportunity never presented itself. Maybe I'm plotting your hit right now.
: ......
: That's it? You're not even gonna get mad or anything?
: Being murdered would be unfortunate.
I wouldn't be able to protect this world anymore.
: Unfortunate, indeed.
Then get out of my face and you won't have to worry about me killing you.
Alvin draws a gun on Milla as she walks away, but she doesn't react.
: You truly are Maxwell, through and through.

Since it's been a while, let's check in real quick on Artes we haven't looked in on. Or maybe that I forgot we have looked at. Whichever.

Sigil Spear creates a channeling circle in front of Milla, which fires spears of energy through the enemy.

Whirling Assault is a series of fast slashes directly in front.

Rabid Lunge is a, well, lunge attack that's Earth elemental. I just realized I failed to record Cyclone Strike. Gotta get that next time.

Teepo Spray fires a blast from Teepo's mouth in a line forward.

Teepo Quake causes Teepo to burrow through the ground and pop up under a dude, doing Earth damage.

Teepo Roar emits a cone attack in the form of a giant Teepo.

You can Link it with Milla to create the Teepo Invoked linked arte, a channeling circle...

That fires a really big Teepo.

Teepo Squash makes Teepo get big and stomp on a dude.

I don't always talk about skills (mostly because I don't think about them much), but I'll go over Morale Support. Elize's spells are more effective when Teepo is "On" and less effective when Teepo is "Off" whereas the reverse is true for her non-spell attacks. Since I'm using Elize for her spells, like most right-thinking people, I use this skill to prevent the AI from being dumb. Wizard 2 up there provides a FORTY PERCENT bonus to casting speed, while Wizard will provide a 50% bonus to effectiveness. Yikes. And yes, I remember to set Wizard 2 after this.

Talon Storm is a lot like Whirling Assault, but with kicks and punches instead of sword swings.

Dragon Shot is a sweet uppercut.

Recovery Ring lets jude cure ailments, and the description indicates that it's a medical spell that he learned in school. Too bad it isn't as good as Elize's, which hits the whole party AND makes you immune to ailments for a while.

Swallow Dance is an old Tales staple-ish arte, unleashing a series of kicks.

Punishing Shot knocks a dude into the air with the sword...

...then blasts him with the gun.

Terra rupture splits the ground with the sword, then it erupts with jagged shards to deal Earth damage.

Tornado Drive does a spinning uppercut with a sword.

Air Pressure, despite its name, is IIRC an Earth spell. I think you get extra damage by pressing the circle button.

Meteoric Waltz has Rowen throw five orbs, which hit the ground...

...and erupt for Earth damage.

Shimmering Toll deals Light elemental damage, you can rotate the stick to increase the number of hits.

Blue Sphere can be enlarged by tapping the x button.

As you might guess, it does Water damage.