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Part 24: CH19: The Frozen Throne

CH19: The Frozen Throne

: The palace and the lab were pretty close, so they got there in a hurry.

: I don't suppose we could just charge inside.
: That wouldn't be prudent. This is their stronghold.
: Rowen? What's the matter?
: I was just weighing options.
I think Jude might have the right idea here.
: Whoa, hey now, are you serious? For once, Milla is telling us to be cautious and not charge in.
: Do you have a plan?
: More of a hunch, actually. Shall we test it?
: If it's good enough for Rowen, count me in.

: Any normal attacker would be no match for those guys.

: But none of them were any match for the Lord of Spirits!
: I thought you'd gone and died or something.

: Any reinforcements?
: Looks clear.
: But this is the king's house. Shouldn't he have more soldiers?
: It could be a trap.
: No doubt the Rashugal army has already been deployed for war with Auj Oule.
: But wouldn't they tighten security around the royal palace in wartime?
: Except for the natural and man-made barriers that protect Fennmont in the north and south, it has few defenses in the event of a siege.
If the enemy army breaches its walls, the city is as good as fallen.
Troops are wasted here in wartime, so the majority of them are deployed to fortify the naval defenses and Fort Gandala.
: That makes sense. But it also means war is imminent. We can't waste this opportunity.
: Indeed.

Skit Video 1: Orda Palace

: I've never seen anything like it!
Unfortunately there's no portrait with them, but Elize is surrounded by sparkles there in the video.
: The entirety of Orda Palace was made out of a single lumen tree.
They channeled spirits to grow it into the shape of this giant palace in just five years.
: This is a single tree?!
: Wow. Their spirit artes are incredible.
: Oh? You guys actually believe me?
: N-No! Not at all!
: We just thought it sounded true!
: Isn't that the same thing?

Dungeon Video! Not very long.

: Who are these vermin?
I needn't have asked.

: All to stop you.
: Go wait by the Lance.
We'll obliterate those northern savages as soon as I'm finished with Maxwell.
: As you wish.
: Ilbert, will you really raise your sword against your master?
: My only master is Lord Cline. There is no other.
: I'm willing to forgive such insolence if you return to my side.
: Once, I thought you had the potential to be a great king, but now I see you've become unworthy of the throne.
: Hmph. No one in this world is more worthy to sit upon this throne than I.
: You still don't get it, do you? You lack the qualities needed to govern humanity.
: Foolish girl! A king only needs one quality: birthright. He is born into his power!
: So he can sacrifice his own people?
: Of course. Again, that is my birthright.
Now I'll extend my influence over the spirit realm, as well.
: You will control no one! No man and no spirit either!
: Foolish boy. Has Maxwell's impudence rubbed off on you as well?
: You can call me whatever you want.
Do you have any idea how much your actions have tormented Rowen here? Any idea at all?!
: Jude, please...
: You people think peace is some sort of right. You are mistaken. Peace is a luxury, not a right!
Surrender yourselves into my service. That is your duty as my subjects!
: You are beyond salvation.

: I now share all of the mana absorbed by the Lance of Kresnik.
: Once I believed that you and I were two friends who traveled along the same path in life.
However, now it seems we've reached our journey's end.
: With a philosophy like that, life must be convenient.
But your beliefs have become a royal pain to all of us. They're just delusions of grandeur!
: I can't believe that someone like this could be our king.
It's time someone knocked some sense in you.
: Jude and Milla and everyone.
I have to protect my friends!
: Off with his head! Off with his head!
: Someone needs to put a stop to your ambitions!
And that would be us!
: Prepare yourself, Nachtigal!

: Now I shall show you the power that will unite Rieze Maxia!

: It was on.

His arcane arte, in addition to being an aoe attack around him, is a buff to his giant lance thing.

Elize stood in the fire darkness, and now we have to weather this.

Ow. I don't have quite the darkness-blocking setup as I do fire, but I've got some.

Shadow Lance is a charge attack.

Destruction smashes the ground and creates a circle of earthen shards.

Apocalypse Toll is a 180-or-so-degree slash with the sharpened edge of that thing. I guess it's a hybrid sword-lance thing? He calls it a spear. It seems to be Darkness.

Close up of the Resurrection angel thing. We'll see it a bit more.

Dark Visitor creates a field of Darkness where a grim-reaper thing slashes stuff up. Elize can also use it.

He shares Air Pressure with Rowan.

Searing Arc seems to be a more symmetrical Apocalypse Toll

Terra Pike is an Earth version I guess?

Cloud Pierce is Milla's arcane arte, it's basically herself supermanning into the air sword-first and taking any enemies she hits along for the ride. It's like being stabbed with a Saturn V.

Massacre Arc is nuts. He's impaled Jude on his spear...

...and turns around to do an overhead smash.

It's damage isn't THAT high though.

Tidal Wave is Rowen's arcane arte, if I haven't mentioned it.

: Going 1v6 against Milla and Jude and friends was the height of arrogance.

Most of the party get two levels from this.

: Nachtigal was beaten.

: You fools. If you kill me, then you will be unwittingly handing Rashugal over to Gaius.
: Regardless, as king, you must answer for your crimes.

: That's enough!
Mankind wasn't meant to wield such power. It would destroy the world as we know it.
And you as well.
: Urgh...
: Milla, wait!
This man is Rowen's friend so... Rowen should handle it.
: Nachtigal, a country without its king is doomed to chaos.
You have turned away from the responsibility you must bear. We have both turned away.
King Nachtigal.
: Ilbert, you're not saying that I should...
: Let us build a new future for Rashugal. Together.
: You mean... you would bear the burden of my crimes, as well?
: It's of no consequence.
: Rowen...
: Milla told me later she was thinking she'd actually give Nachtigal another chance if he accepted.

???: Yes, master.
: But it wasn't to be.

: Guwaaaaah! Ah... Ah...

: Nachtigal!

: Who is it?! Who's there?!
: No, they must be after--
: The Lance of Kresnik!

Skit Video 2: Nachtigal's Death

: Poor Rowen.
: I'm sorry for your loss.
: I'm fine, everyone.
Fighting such an impassioned battle gave Nachtigal and I a chance to understand each other again.
: We have walked different paths, but it was good to remember a time when we called each other friend.
: I have no regrets whatsoever.
: I see. Then there is nothing further for me to say.
: Do you think that King Nachtigal felt the same way?
: For Rowen's sake, I sure hope so.
: Yes. I do believe he did.
: Thank you. All of you.

: The teleporter behind the throne lead to the chamber above, but even that wasn't fast enough.
: We're too late.

: It's gone!
: Are you sure it was even here?
: Nachtigal absorbed the Lance's energy before fighting us.
It had to have been here.
: Gilland's gone as well. Maybe he moved it?
: If the Lance made it outside, it could be anywhere by now.
Let us leave the palace.

Skit Video 2: A Cold Shadow

: I have no idea. But for an instant, I sensed a strength that was equal to the power of a Great Spirit.
: Well, it's definitely not your pals since they're trapped in the Lance.
: Wasn't there also talk about a "Great Spirit"-like presence in the attack on Hamil?
: There are two possibilities.
: Either the enemy has found a way to control the Four, or there are other Great Spirits of which I am not aware.
: So we're going to end up fighting a Great Spirit either way. Wonderful.

Soldier: Halt! Identify yourselves!
: Uh-oh. This ain't good.
Soldier 2: Hey, hold on.
Aren't you... Aren't you Chief Ilbert?
: That is correct.
Messenger: I have a message! Let me through!
Soldier: What is it?
Messenger: Auj Oule's army is on the march! The enemy force is said to exceed fifty thousand men!
: The war. It's started.

Wingul: Forward to victory!

: The troops blocking the advance had enough spirit to try to countercharge, but they weren't going to win without help.
Soldier: Fifty thousand? From Sapstrath?
Messenger: No! They're coming from north of Fennmont! They're in Fezebel Marsh!
: Impossible! How do they intend to march across such impassable terrain?
The spirit climes have stopped shifting!
Messenger: Chief Ilbert.
We are unable to decipher their method of transportation.
: This is bad, isn't it? All our soldiers are concentrated in Fort Gandala and at sea.
: At this point, we may not have time to move our troops into position.
Messenger: You need not worry.
Deputy Chief of Staff Gilland foresaw this attack. He is transporting our new weapon to the battlefield as we speak.
: I knew it.
: Soldier, who ordered you to carry this message?
Messenger: The Deputy Chief himself. Is something wrong?
: No. You are dismissed.
: Gilland is up to something.
: Whatever it is, we must head to Fezebel Marsh at once.