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Part 25: CH20: Yoked-Out Bazongas

CH20: Yoked-Out Bazongas

Skit Video: Crossing the Marsh

: I'm afraid not. During the Ragnome season, the marsh flow weakens enough to make a crossing possible.
But spirit clime changes have been thrown off-kilter. The marsh flow should remain active.
: What's this "marsh flow"?
: The marsh's many bodies of water are linked together, with their water flowing through underground channels.
: If you were to fall into one, you'd get carried off to who-knows-where.
: Aw, that wouldn't be a problem. I'm a great swimmer.
: The maze of channels is quite complicated. It could be ten years before you're finally pulled to the surface.
: Yikes. Dunno if I can hold my breath for that long.
: And yet the enemy intends to cross it with a full army. That leads me to one conclusion.
: That Auj Oule has a tactician even greater than the Conductor himself?
: Yes.

: There were a few preparations to be made before heading into the death marsh to fight in the gigantic battle.

: It should be. Orda Palace is said to have the largest collection of books in all of Rieze Maxia.
: If I had time to spare, I could spend decades here reading through it all.
: Rowan was the one doing most of the prep work, in case you were wondering.
: This is "Men and Women Beneath the Sheets -- Volume IV"! The publisher said it was banned, and the entire print run destroyed!
Something that's not even supposed to exist, just sitting here like it's the most natural thing in the world.
: Uh... And that's... good?
: We would never even consider the issue of whether it's good or evil if its existence had remained a secret.
Should it be known, I am sure opinions would vary. But debating right and wrong is itself a part of culture.
In fact, isn't free communication the very heart of all human culture?
: I suppose that it is?
: Great! Now that I know you understand, let's try reading a little.
: L-Let's do that some other time.
: I still make fun of her for this.

Skit Video: (Jude's Medical School Friends)

: Uh... Yeah, sure.
: Wait, you didn't make any friends while you were here?
: I made plenty of friends!
: It just... It feels like it's been forever since I went to school here.

: The Talim Medical school was near the exit from town they would be using, so they stopped by there.

: I couldn't believe it when I heard that the military was after you!
Oh gosh, where do I even begin?
: Take a deep breath, Prinn. It's okay.
Although, to be honest, so much has happened that I don't really know where to begin either.
: You weren't really a spy, were you? I can't imagine you being one.
: Are you kidding? Jude's smart and all, but I wouldn't hire this goofball to spy on his own nose.
: Haha, a harsh yet accurate appraisal.
: Hmph.
: You must be Leia. You're exactly as Doctor Jude described you.
You always showed up in his stories, you know.
: Really? And here I thought he'd forgotten all about me.
: I only mentioned you a few times!
: Hey, is that a sylphjay? Are you treating it?

: That's the same bird Alvin uses. I didn't know it was called a sylphjay.
: They're pretty unique. They can channel wind spirits with their mana lobe to help them fly long distances.
: Sylphjays also have the ability to distinguish between the mana lobes of different people, and can use that to sense a person's location.
Hence their popular use for military communication.
: Wow, little guy, you're pretty smart!
: Unfortunately this little one flew too far, too fast, and ended up hurting his mana lobe.
: Well, that was silly of you. But I like a hard worker.
: He'll weaken and die from the injury, and there isn't anything I can do to save him.
There is a treatment that uses Harmonica Grass, but it's impossible to get right now with everything that's happening.
: Hey, if that's the case, I'll find some Harmonica Grass for him!
: What?
: You know I have a weakness for the smart but bumbling type!
: You're still talking about the sylphjay, right?

Skit Video: Mastering The Staff

: Oh. That's some fine staffmanship.
: I'm still learning. I won't quit training till it's an extension of my body.
: Your dedication to your art is admirable. It puts mine to shame.
: Oh, I don't know about that.
: Now, don't get all psyched up just because she praised you.
: Whatever! I'm psyched! Heeeeyaaahhhh!
: Ow, my head!
: See? What did I just tell you?
: Owww. It really hurts.
: You'll be fine. Here, I'll take care of it for you.
: Hmm, Leia truly handles her staff well, but Jude handles Leia even better.

: They passed where they left the wyverns while searching for the grass.

: Maybe they were eaten by monsters!
: I doubt it. There aren't many monsters capable of taking down a wyvern.
: What should we do now? Yurgen entrusted them to our care.
: Don't worry. Wyverns are very intelligent monsters. It is quite possible they merely moved to avoid danger.
I'm sure Yurgen will understand once we explain the situation to him.
: I hope so.
: Me too.

Skit Video: Human History

: For someone who doesn't meddle in human business, you sure seem to know a lot about our history.
: I read a book about recent human history while I was convalescing in Leronde.
: You read it in a book? Guess Jude's not the only honors student.
: The book confirmed my theory.
Humans haven't changed one bit since ancient times.
: And I suppose your impression of ancient times also comes from a book.
: Did you say something?
: Hmm? Oh, I just said that as long as humans never change, we mercenaries will never go hungry.

Skit Video: (Returning to Prinn)

: Yeah, let's hurry back to Fennmont.

Skit Video: The Decisive Type

: You sure do sweat the little things.
: I'm surprised you could handle being a tactician.
: It is a tactician's duty to consider and prepare for every possible complication.
: "Momentary oversights bring enduring wounds."
: But isn't it also true that "a moment's hesitation can lead to a lifetime of regret"?
: It is. Which is why a leader must make snap decisions without hesitation.
: Then I shall make the call.
We will continue to eat the provisions until two months past the expiration date!
: Yes, ma'am!
: You must love that about her.
The fact that she can cut through all your worries in an instant.
: Haha, are we talking about the way I feel about her, or the way you do?

: Leia found some of the grass pretty quickly.

: Please calm down, Lady Nadia! My friends will be back with Harmonica Grass for him soon.
: Blah, blah, friends this, grass that! Don't you get it? We need to get outta here.
: We got the Harmonica Grass!
: The hell?!
: Agria! What are you doing here?
: These your so-called friends?
: Yes.
: Ah ha ha ha! This is classic!
: How do you know Prinn?
: Because she's the liaison for us Auj Oule spies!
: Lady Nadia?!
: Aw, who cares! These chumps don't have the balls to rat you out.
Prinn's job is to pass all the juicy information I collect back to Auj Oule.
: Is that true?
: It... It is.
: And this sylphjay was your means of communication.
: No way.
: Ah ha ha, how does that feel, pimple?
How does it feel to know you tried your very best to help an enemy spy?
P------U! Not only do you stink of hypocrisy, you reek of stupidity too! Ah ha ha ha!
: ......
: Leia!

: I'd stay back if I were you. Wouldn't want to get my stench of stupidity on you.
: Come on.
: Excuse me. I just wanted to thank you for all your help.
If you hadn't brought the Harmonica Grass, Bobo would have died. Now he's going to be fine.
: Tell me. Do you have some connection to Agri-- Rather, Nadia's family in House Travis?
: I do. My mother was her nanny. I've known her since she was a baby.
: So Agria really is nobility.
: Sadly, Miss Nadia's mother was a commoner, and she was subjected to much abuse because of it.
: The Travis family has always been focused on privilege, even by the standards of the Six Ruling Houses.
: Eventually Nadia's mother, the only support Nadia had, became estranged from the Travis family leaders.
She died shortly after, and Nadia was convinced they had conspired to kill her.
: Is that why she became a spy for Auj Oule?
: It's no excuse for selling out her country, but...
: Who could blame her at that point?
: I suppose what Rashugal was doing would be unacceptable in any country.
: Um, Prinn, is Bobo the name of that sylphjay?
: Yes. Miss Nadia named him herself.
She's been taking care of him since he was an egg. She's always loved him.
: I see. Thank goodness he's okay.
Even if Agria did laugh at me, I'm glad that Bobo's all right.
: Yeah. We all are.
: You really are exactly how Doctor Jude described you, Leia.
: Indeed. She inspires smiles wherever she goes.

Skit Video: Jude's Growth

: Jude has grown into such a prudent young man.
: Really? Seems like he's been freakishly levelheaded since the day he was born.
: I wouldn't say that.
Heh heh heh.
: Milla?
: I'm just remembering the first time we met.
And how you panicked when I trapped you in one of Undine's bubbles.
: Oh, I haven't heard this story.
: Well, come on. Anyone would freak out if they were suddenly attacked by one of the Great Spirits!
: He does have a point.
: I know I'd have been terrified.
: What, so I'm some sort of monster now?
: Hey, it's okay.
: Meeting you taught me how to cope with difficult situations.
: So I helped you to grow?
Hmm... Well, I am glad I could be of service.
: Jude sure has gotten good at dealing with Milla.
: If growing up has taught him anything, it's that.

: Anyway they made it to the command center in enough time, despite Leia's digression.

: I am Rowen Ilbert, Chief of Staff, Rashugal Army.
: Funny story. When Rowen left, he never filled out a resignation form. Nachtigal would have to formally convene some kind of council or senate or something to fire him, and that would mean listening to them. So Gilland had been handling the whole military for years as the Deputy Chief of Staff.
Soldier: The Ilbert? As in, the Conductor?
: Correct. I wish to be briefed at once regarding our troop strength and deployment.
Soldier: Yes, sir! Please, proceed.

Officer: That division is taking part in a special operation being led by the Deputy Chief of Staff himself.
Agria of the Chimeriad attempted to block them, but it appears they broke through.
: Gilland's operation?
Officer: Yes. He should arrive at the operation site a little after 1300 hours.
We've been given no details, although we hear this operation will turn the tide of battle in one fell swoop.
We've been ordered to concentrate as many troops as possible around that site when the operation commences.
: Oh boy. I see where this is going.
: Hmm, with this route, his destination must be here, correct?

: I do not like where this is heading.
: Yes. No doubt he has plans to use the Lance of Kresnik.
Yet why did he leave his own army in the dark?
: Do you think we can catch up to them before they use the Lance?
: I don't know. I hope so.
: I stole the key required to activate the Lance. I entrusted it to Ivar.

: We figured that would be enough to stop anyone from using it.
: Nevertheless, it has been deployed, and they are likely readying it for use. That can only mean one thing.
: They may have created a new key.
: How is the Auj Oule army marching across the marshes?
I don't believe Ragnome ever arrived.
Officer: Are you familiar with the boosters that Auj Oule has developed?
: Hey, quit staring at me like that! I hate being objectified!
Officer: The enemy is using them to amplify their mana output and alter the spirit clime in their immediate area.
: In other words, they used mana to summon vast amounts of earth spirits and force the spirit clime into Ragnome.
They've actually changed the seasons. A brilliant strategy. One only Wingul could have conceived.
: How has Rashugal responded?
Officer: We, too, have boosters.
: So you issued one to every soldier, and assigned one man in every squad with the job of altering the spirit clime.
Officer: Yes, sir. Exactly as you said.
: That sounds like a job for us, Elize!
: No, this is Rowen's turf. He's an expert in the use of earth artes.

: We have no time. We must intercept Gilland's division.
Might I borrow one of your spare boosters?
Officer: Chief Ilbert. There's one thing I should mention about the boosters.
We keep hearing rumors that their use leads to a serious side-effect.
: Which is?
Officer: They say prolonged use saps your strength.
: You mean, it leeches away your very life?
Officer: The severity of this effect seems to vary wildly among those afflicted. Just to be safe, I suggest you avoid using the booster for long periods.

???: ...sent off the bird... ...won't... ...any problems...
...why... ...move the Lance instead... ...killing Maxwell?
Because... ...will kill... ...Max... ...for sure. say so...
: Alvin?

: Wait, what? But I swear I heard you from over here.
: Say what? You hit your head or something?
: Making up lies again?
: Geez, Elize. Gimme a break.
: I'll give you a break, all right! You big fat liar!
: You ready to string me up, too?
: ......
: Come now. Given the circumstances, it's only natural for us to become suspicious when you wander off on your own.
: Just stick close to us from now on.
: Seriously! Promise us!
: Fine, fine.

Skit Video: Rashugal's Battle Plan

: You believe they will set the Lance of Kresnik there?
: It seems likely. From there, they can snare the entire enemy army while they're all gathered together.
If the Lance of Kresnik truly is a mana-powered weapon, it would be a very advantageous location.
: But to think Deputy Chief of Staff Gilland could pick out that spot so accurately is quite a surprise.
: Such a man must not be taken lightly.
: I had always thought him a talentless lickspittle who won his position by flattering Nachtigal.
: But it may be time to reassess that opinion.

Skit Video: Side Effects

: We can do it!
: Are you feeling well?
: Huh? Why do you ask?
: At your age, you should be worrying about yourself!
: Oh, it's nothing important. But if your health changes, please tell me right away.
: What he probably means is "if you gotta pee, do it before the war breaks out."
: I… I'm fine!
: Mind your own bladder!
: Well, certainly no sign of side effects yet.

: The war zone was just up ahead.

Booster on.
: It's hard to see anything. The enemy could be anywhere.
: Maybe we should try to find a safer route.
: No, we don't have time for that. We just need to charge straight through.
: Hold on! This sounds like suicide!
: W-We'll be okay. Jude says so.
: Don't be afraid.
We have nothing to fear but failure. The fate of humanity and spiritkind hangs in the balance.
: Nice, I'll have to write that one down!
: Let's go, everyone.
: We will destroy the Lance of Kresnik.
Don't stop for anything else!

So this is interesting, we're thrust into a series of battles that are actually one big battle with in-battle scenes. By "one big battle" I mean that there's only one xp/battle results screen. You probably don't remember, but way back in the second update, I transcribed the in-battle chat. I didn't do it much thereafter, because , but it's important here, so I will.

: Watch out!
: Huh?

Soldier: Save it! We've received orders directly from Deputy Chief of Staff Gilland.
Conductor Ilbert has defected to the enemy and must be stopped by any means necessary, including lethal force!
: What?
Soldier: We won't let you destroy the cornerstone of Rashugal's strategy!
: Ugh, why did it have to come to this?!
: Gilland obviously wants us dead, it is not particularly surprising, given his past track record.
: You know how it is. When you want something bad, the end really justifies the means.
: Although, I'm starting to believe victory is not his ultimate goal.
: I have a bad feeling about all this.
: Yeah, let's hurry along.

The Rashugal and Au Joule forces will fight each other as well as you.
: Let's make this quick.
: I'm right here with you Milla!
: How can you keep putting your life in danger like this. Don't you realize you'll throw everyone's lives into chaos if you end up dying?
: What's that?
: Nothing. Better stay focused on the battle.

: I'll take them down, no matter what.
: Hey, you're pushing yourself too hard. Fall back and rest.
: I'm ok.
: Alvin's right. We still have a ways to go.
: I told you, I'm fine. Let's just focus on our task. Please.
: Alright. I'm glad you're on our side, Jude. I'm counting on you.
: I have your back. Don't worry, I can do this.
: What.

: Nnngh. When will this end? We're so damn close.
: Hey, are you ok?
: C'mon, this isn't enough to take me down.
: Alvin, are you sure you're all right?
: Would I lie at a time like this?
: Well, I don't know.
: That part of me is gone.
: I'm sure that's a lie.
: Gotta be serious sometimes.
: Uhh.
: Hey c'mon guys, less talking more fighting!

: Nnngh. We're so close.
: Are you all right, Jude?
: So this is war.
: It's nothing but a scythe that cuts down the dreams and lives of our youth. I take no pleasure knowing most of my years were on the battlefield, and despite my efforts, such travesty continues.
: Rowen, you can't give up. We'll find a way to stop all of this.
: You're right, of course. Our destination is just up ahead. Let us make haste.

: Uggh. Dammit, just leave us alone already.
: If only battles could be ended by simply asking.
: We could always wish.

: *Huff* *Huff*
: This is so rough.
: Don't worry, I've got your back Elize.
: No one asked for your help.
: You should be alright with that much energy.
: But hey, thanks Alvin.
Teepo's VA is really off for that line.

: Out of my way!
: Leia! Don't rush forward lest you be completely surrounded!
: Things are not looking good, Milla.
: I know, but we can't rest here. We must keep pushing onward!

: Nngh.
: Hang in there!
: You too, Jude.
: I'm not giving up.
: Good. You hear that? None of us will give up.

I liked that scene/battle, it's one of the most inventive things they did in Xillia.

: Some familiar figures greeted them up ahead.

: Is that Gilland?
: Doesn't look like it.
: It's the Chimeriad.

: More troops? They'll make us late for our rendezvous with Agria.
: Doesn't bother me. Let us at 'em, Wingul. Pretty please.

: Understood!
Officer: There are only three of them!
Take them out!
: Hmph. He leads from the rear.
: And off he goes, rushing in again.
Not that I mind.
You're out of your depth.
Officer: Get the woman! Stop her!
: Hwaah!
Nice to get the blood boiling for a change!

: Checkmate.
Although this king was no better than his pawns.
So you've come, Maxwell.
: It appears we must face each other on the battlefield after all. What a sad end to this tale.
: Thanks for wasting our time with that search in the mountains.
: My pleasure.
: Have you taken out Gilland?
: I don't have to answer that.
: Then let's change the subject. Step aside so we can pass.
: Hehehe. I don't think so.
: We will destroy the Lance. With it gone, Auj Oule's victory is assured.
Why keep us from our task?
: It is the will of His Highness.
: This battle is merely a stepping stone toward our true goal.
: But it is an unnecessary step, one that could cost your lives.
Who would be left to support the king?
: His Highness can look after himself.
: Unlike some people, he would never fight feebly from the rear.
: And what is that supposed to mean?
: Don't play dumb, Chief Ilbert.
You were meant to lead, not hide. It was your duty to fight, not carry the rear.
Nachtigal became a tyrant because of your inaction. Your only recourse was to stain your hands with his blood.
: Word spreads fast.
: That wasn't Rowen's fault. Nachtigal was responsible for his own actions.
: Do not pass the blame. Individual fault is a petty thing when weighed against the good of a nation.
: What do you mean?
: ......
: The people need a leader to guide them. Otherwise they will go astray.
: Rowen is fully capable of handling that.
: It is not that simple.
I am just a military strategist. I'm unworthy of the throne.
: But our king is.
: And he has seen the path he must take to lead the people.
: The Lance lies on that path. We will take it and add it to his power!
: Don't make me say it again.
We won't hand over the Lance of Kresnik no matter what your reasons are!
: And I won't let you interfere with Milla's... with Maxwell's mission!
: (Hmph! It's time to end this!)
: Ready yourselves!
: So be it.
: Everyone, stay sharp!

4v3. They've got a wind, earth, and water elemental dude.

I decide to prioritize Wingul so I can avoid having two guys who are strong to what the other is weak on the field. I don't target Jiao for... reasons.

Honestly it's not that tough a fight. I might have been slightly better equipped than I should or something, but I don't think I was ever really in danger. I'm playing pretty badly, but I upgraded everyone's weapon and Milla's armor pretty recently, and I dumped all my "misc" category items into the weapon and armor shops to make sure I could get the strongest gear possible. If you feel disappointed, check back next update.

Now you've seen two enemies with Mystic Artes so far. Now here's one of ours. So the Arcane Arte for everyone is on the second Lilium Orb, which you get when you fill in three segments on the last ring of the first orb. The second orb's basically more of the same with higher numbers. If you use that Arcane Arte while in overlimit, hit something, and hold the "regular attack" button... do your character's Mystic Arte. I do not like this system for activating Mystic Artes, since it competes with the Link Arte system so badly. It would be much better if you could chain a Link Arte into a Mystic Arte or something. Xillia 2 agrees with me on this.

As the Lord of the Elements, Milla attack with fire...



...and finally all four at once.

Dammit Wingul.

Dude has a lot of fire attacks for a wind guy. Anyway he drops right after this.

Jiao wants to get in on this Mystic Artes thing.

Poor Jude.

All that took Jude to half HP? Jaio buddy you gotta work on this Mystic Arte thing. OK actually the secret is elemental resistance, as you might have noticed.

Presa is dropped by a Teepo to the face.

Jaio is gonna get shadow-clawed where he doesn't want to get shadow-clawed (anywhere).

Jude makes a comment on how it would be really hard to fight the whole Chimaeriad at once. Place your bets on if we'll be doing that.

: Wingul, where is your booster?

: You were willing to go that far to serve Gaius.
: Sorry. I'm not interested in any last words.

: Alvin!
The battle's over!
: Fine.
I'll let her go, if you insist.
: This is really how you live your life, huh?
I'd watch your back around him. He's just playing with you now, and someday he'll throw you away.
: I'd like to think Alvin knows how I feel.
: I have to know... Why do you seem to care so much about me?
: Speak up, big guy!
: ......
: Why won't you tell me?
: Hey, it's okay.
: The Lance of Kresnik is just ahead. I know you all have a lot on your minds.
But I must push onward.

Skit Video: Strength is Beauty

: Especially you. You've really improved.
: I appreciate the increased strength, but I worry I'm bulking up too much.
: Never took you for one to care.
: Of course. The Lord of Spirits needs a suitable vessel.
: Better to be toned than to be out of shape.
: Totally! Strength is beauty!
: I think it's a good look.
: Buff Milla is the best Milla!
: Haha, well, if everyone thinks so, maybe I will try to tone up a bit more.
: Do it Milla! Yoked-out bazongas!
: Okay! Yoked-out bazongas!
: I'm not sure you'd want that.

Here it is everyone, the moment many of you are waiting for.
Skit Video: The Secret of Bazongas

: Oh-ho! He finally asks. It seems you're ready to take the first steps towards becoming a man.
: Why do you have to make everything so weird? Forget I even asked.
: Bazongas are the burning fire at the heart of manhood.
: Bwa! Rowen?!
: Jude, there are times to play it cool, but a man who fears his own passions is no man at all.
: Yes! Exactly what I was trying to say!
: I'm not even sure I know what we're talking about.
: Then you will never know bazongas. You have to want it, Jude. You have to need it.
: Then, teach me about bazongas.
: I can barely hear you. You have to mean it!
: ...
: Whoa! Don't go shouting things like that!
: Don't scold him, Leia. I read about this in a book. It's called "puberty".
: We're supposed to be understanding and supportive.
: ......
: Don't hate us.
: There's no shame in being burned by the fire of manhood.