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Part 27: CH22: Meet the Muzet

CH22: Meet the Muzet

: Jude awoke in a snowy wasteland.
: Where am I?
Where is everyone?
: He'd drifted down river a bit.

: Hehehe.
: Who's there?!

: Yeah I snuck up on him. It's pretty easy when you can float soundlessly and teleport.

: Greetings to you, Jude.
: Wait, you're floating. And you look like... What are you?

: Is this before you read a book on personal space?
: She still doesn't respect personalYEEAEAAAARG
: You are the Spirit Muzét?
: Around that time he dropped the spirit fossil onto the spyrix case, and I turned to look at it.

: Start as I meant to go on.
: I am here on Maxwell's orders.
: Milla's orders?!
Tell me where she is.
: I must apologize.
I have drained a great amount of mana. I am unable to use my full power.
: So you don't know where she is then.
: I would, if you'd tether with me.
The mana produced by a human's mana lobe is the source of a spirit's power.
: So if we tether, you'll get your power back and you can find out where Milla is?
: All right then! Let's do it!

: He had no idea what tethering was, of course.
: I, uh...
Where is everyone else?
: Well, I can't help you with that one.
: I see. So what should we do?
: Whatever you wish to do.
: Oh...

So way back in Update 2 I had Milla summoning the Four, and this does more or less the same thing. A really strong if expensive attack, rather like the Final Fantasy pre-10 summon paradigm.

Skit Video: A Mysterious Spirit

: I wonder how far they pulled me?
: Who knows?
: Hey, do you know if Milla's safe?
: The Lord of Spirits is fine.
: Good. I mean, Maxwell couldn't ever actually die, right?
: That's right. Unless Maxwell were to use a mortal human body as a catalyst.
: You know, it's funny how different you two are.
: Is that so?
: Yeah. Milla's much more--
: No. Never mind.
: As you wish.

: Not a lot to see there. He took shelter from the wind in a cave.

: I can't help you with that one.
: Hmm...
Shall we take a peek?
: If you wish.
: What do you think?
: Whatever you like.
: ......
: Was there something wrong with you? No offense.
: Oh you have no idea. I meaAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
: Dude, spoilers.

: Quick, hide.

: Looks like they're moving on.
: Alvin.
: What, no "happy to see you"?

: Naturally she didn't assist him throughout any of that.
: He was fine.
: Uh, good to see you too, Teepo.
Elize, are you okay?
: I'm okay.
: Well done. Seems like every time I meet you, you're escorting a different chick.
: Err... This is... Uh...
: Blah blah summary.
: On Milla's orders, huh. So, are all spirits good-looking or what?
I'm Alvin. Nice to meet you.
: And I'm Teepo! Nice to meetcha!
: It's nice to meet you.
: The pleasure is mine.
: I hope the others got away. Should we keep moving?
Huh? What is it?
: You were always an Exodus agent, weren't you?
: Why bother asking? He's just going to lie.
: That's right! He's a big fat liar!
: Hey, I feel just as betrayed as you guys. Gilland didn't tell me about any of this.
: He lied to you?
: You got that right. The nerve of that guy, right?
: If you feel so betrayed, you wouldn't be so cheerful.
: Not necessarily, eh Jude?
: I don't know.
: Honestly, I don't know what to think anymore.
I could barely even concentrate on Gilland with that cold-hearted hottie floating next to him.
: What was her name? Celsius?
Do you know her?
: Celsius, that would be the Great Spirit of Ice.
: Great Spirit?
Why didn't Milla recognize her?
: Hmm. I know a Celsius around here. She bugged off a while back over some drama.
: Probably not the same Celsius. Anyway around this time there was a loud roar.
: M-M-M-Monster!
: I suppose we should wrap up the chit-chat.
: Didn't those strange soldiers head back toward the entrance?
: Indeed. No doubt they are waiting for us to return.
: What'll we do?
: Head deeper in?
: Oh? So I can tag along?
: If it's okay with Jude, it's okay with us. Not that we have to like it, though!
: Whaddya say, kid?
: F-Fine.
: Great. Then it's settled.

Dungeon Video! Technically this starts earlier (and continues after the second plot video) but whatever, this is where I'm putting it. Also has some shots of me organizing my skills and upgrading the Lillium Orb, since I don't talk about that all too often.

Skit Video: Soldiers from the Sky

: It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Perhaps it was all a dream?
: Come on.
: And when Jiao died, was that a dream too?!
: If you forget all about it, it might as well be.
Just let it fade away in the morning light. No need to lug that baggage around.
: So do you know something about who those people were?
: You know, I feel like I may have had a dream about them.
: Haha, what an amusing fellow you are.

: We'd come to a beautiful central chamber in the cavern.

: You sure this is the right way?
: What're you asking me for?
: What do you think, Elize?
: I'm just following Jude.
: Well, which way do you think we should go?
: Like you'd really trust any of my suggestions.
: You got that right, you lying liar!
: Yeah. What the spud said.
: Do whatever you like.
: Uh, right.
: Everyone! Something's in the water!
: Huh?!

: Oh, Aquadragons. What a menacing display.
: What're you smiling about?! This isn't a petting zoo!
: Here they come!

OK so honestly my performance in this fight is kind of bad. I haven't played Jude in a while and we're missing Leia and Milla, so he's got a lot fewer linked skills here. Thanks for not giving all character combinations equal access to link skills, lazy developers! Xillia 2 sort of fixes this, aside from Ludger getting the most with everyone.

Summoning Muzét causes her to show up and stab the enemy with blades made from her long hair. This attack hits multiple elements.

Dragons have breath weapons. The dragon in the back is using Splash Breath.

They can link, and have a linked arte called Spiral Breath where they spin around a few times.

Coral Blade attacks with the rings of swords around their heads and tails. I gotta say I like fighting human bosses a LOT better than monster bosses. Most of them can't attack your AI buddy behind them as easily.

Mental Slash damages your TP in addition to your HP.

I'm not sure if I've gone over Swallow Dance, but it's an arte of Jude's that lets him jump into the air and then kick people.

He can link it with Alvin to do Inferno Dance.

Sometimes having two frontliners for two big monsters sucks. Right now Alvin is constantly telling me to "stay on guard" as I struggle to get a Swallow Dance in to start an Inferno Dance.

Savage Roar is Jude's Arcane Arte, and you know what that means. It starts with a kick up...

...and then a slam down.

Mystic Arte Time

Jude's mostly seems to be doing martial arts moves while time is stopped or something.

I'm gonna level with you now, Milla's is the best out of all of them.

Although that last punch does send the baddie flying. Oh, and it's called "Final Fury", I forgot to say that.

Fight is otherwise routine. I blew through a LOT of orange and pinapple gels refilling my TP because I was using expensive attacks and the bastard was using the TP drain.

: Rieze Maxia to Jude! This is no place to space out!
: Oh, uh... S-Sorry...
: Don't sweat it, kid. No skin off our teeth.
: What's wrong?
: Just thinking about Jiao... Why did he give his life to protect me?
: Maybe because he cared about you.
: I don't know.
: You don't think so?
: I think--

: You don't want to talk about it?
: I still need time to think about it.
: Okay, sorry I can't be of much help.
Maybe Milla or Rowen can figure it out.
: I'm sorry, too.
: Don't worry about it. Let's keep pushing forward.

Skit Video: The Aquadragons

: They must have been half-starved or something. I bet there's not much to eat in this spirit clime.
: Um, it was probably my fault. I fought them before we all met.
: You fought the Aquadragons by yourself?!
: I had to!
: They were trying to eat me! I was so scared!
: Oh? Are Aquadragons drawn to garish trinkets?
: Teepo isn't a trinket.
: As you say. I suppose it does appear to be somewhat edible. And looks quite tasty, in fact.
: No! Don't eat me!