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Part 30: CH24: Space Battleship Xillia

CH24: Space Battleship Xillia

: So they had to infiltrate Kanbalar to steal a flying battleship. And by "they" I mean "we" since I was helping them.

: Not THAT much.

: Gaius was wrecking the enemy below. Mmmmhhmm.
: He sure is strong.
: You could say that again.

: Huh?!

: Gaius has that kind of range with a sword arte?
: Yep.
: You gonna gawk all day, kid? Let's go.
: Right.

I like that these particular Elympian soldiers bothered to bring warm coats and hats.

: Shouldn't we help them?
: ......
: Their diversion will be for naught if we join them.

Soldier: Don't let them lay a finger on His Highness or the civilians!
: The people really do love him.
: If I'm not mistaken, your job here is still to help Milla win.
: That's right.
Let's go, Leia.
: Gotcha.

: Not that it mattered, but they didn't put anyone on wyvern guard duty.

: Those things are way too overdesigned. All those exposed golden bits. So busy.

: That it up there?
Soldier: Repel the hostiles!

Unfortunately they don't do the thing they did for the battlefield before, where all the fights are part of one "fight" in-engine.

: Come on, how many soldiers does this tub carry?!
: Let's split into two groups.
One group can run over to the bridge and bring the ship to ground level.
: Good idea. That way Gaius and his crew can reinforce us. Then we can break through these troops.
: All right, then the question is, who shall go?
: I'll gonna stay here and fight. Milla, you should go.
: Are you sure, Jude?

: That's when I showed up to redeem myself for my past mistakes.
: Wow, you're actually admitting you made a mistake?
: I meant entrusting Milla to Jude, what do you think I meant?
: The thing with the lance.
: Isn't that--

: Nice entrance.

: For a clown. Honestly the whole thing was so shocking, they'd all stopped fighting.
Soldier: Hey, who the hell are you?!

: Ivar?!
: Oh, wow. That idiot survived?

: Have I mentioned how goofy you are?
: Thanks, Ivar! I'll rest. I could use a breather!
: No, no, no, no, no! This is all wrong! Now you're supposed to explode into a jealous rage!
: Uh, okay, then in that case...
I'll take care of it.
: Hah! You think I'm just gonna let you play the hero?!
: The whole time the Elympians were too busy not believing what was going on to fight. I threw a couple overboard, not even they noticed.
: You've gotten pretty good at handling him.
: Nah. That just kind of popped into my head.
: Well, he totally ignored Milla this time.

: Anyway, let's go!

Another fight.

: Finally.
: I have seized control of the ship! Drop your weapons and surrender!
: Ivar! Set us down on the ground!
: What do you think I'm trying to do? Fly loop-de-loops?!
Err... This button maybe? No? Hmm...
This must be it!

: Hopeless, as usual.
: Quite a predicament.
: Can you tell us anything about these things?
: Now's hardly the time to chat. You're under attack.

Hmm, something tells me this will be a recurring enemy in the future.

Those lasers have a good range, but nothing else going for them.

: Glad that's over.

: The Chimaeriad showed up to mop up.
: We'll take over from here.
: Gaius probably didn't need us after all.
: Lady Milla? Are you unharmed?
: Yes, thanks to everyone but you.
: What?
: Grr...
: The ship is ours!
Soldiers: Hoorah!
: Let's return to the castle.
: Here, let me help you up.

: A war council was convened in the capital.

: I have every available man working to get the ship's systems under control. It may take a few hours.
: Looks like we still have some time.
: Let's rest until then.

Skit Video: (Where Did I Hear of Kanbalar Before)

: Maybe She went back home.

: So naturally, they spent that time chatting and running errands?
: Hey! Who's telling the story, here?!?
: I wonder what those two are talking about?

: You told me earlier you have a booster implanted in your body.
Why would you do such a thing?
: Why? Hah. If you have to ask, then you'd never understand.
: But you're still just a young man. How could you throw away your life?
: Heh, haha.
The answer is simple: I await my opportunity to kill the King.
: What? That is your reason?
: Gaius is worthy of the throne. That is undeniable.
So I was left with only two options.
Resist or submit.
: You are a strong young man.
: No, you're just a weak old one.
: I have given a lot of thought to what you said earlier.
It would seem that Gaius is capable of leading his people down the correct path.
: Are you saying you'll support him?
: Gaius may be Rashugal's only hope now that it has lost its king.
I shall summon Rashugal's finest warriors here before the battle with Exodus.
With your permission, of course.
: A wise decision.

: Are the others around?
: It's just us.
: You still trying to figure out why Jiao saved you?
: Yes. Milla and Rowen weren't any help.
: They were like, "Dead guys tell no tales!"
: That's not true! They didn't say it like that.
: Teepo's got a point though. When someone passes away, his secrets die with him.
: But, I remember something my parents told me once.
They said that people who die are reborn as spirits.
: If that's the case, maybe the dead are always with us, even now. We just can't see them.
And that means we have to protect them.
: I see. You're right.

Milla Side posted:
Hey, good lookin'. Come here often?
Think you can charm your way back into my life? You make me puke.
Cut me some slack, will you? After all, we finally get to fight side by side again.
I'd sooner kill you.
Easy there. Come on, it'll be just like old times.
You expect me to forget how many of us died because of you?
That's ancient history.
I was captured too, you know... Do you have any idea what I went through?
I thought I'd found my place in the world by your side.
Don't expect me to forgive and forget. Being tossed away once was enough.
Presa, I request your presence.
I need your opinion on how to integrate the Rashugal soldiers into our own.
Sure, I'll be right there.
See? Your new friends need you.
You've found your place after all.

So I hear the pimple wants to be a nurse.
I bet it's 'cause of that boy!
S-So what of it?
Don't play innocent with me. It's obvious that Jude gets you all hot and bothered.
What?! That's ridiculous!
But you know, I have to admit my opinion of you has improved.
Huh? Really?
If you think with your heart instead of your brain, you'll end up killing some patient on accident! It'll be hilarious!
You don't even care if your efforts end up killing people!
That won't happen.
Oh, that's right.
That boy's got the hots for Maxwell, the older woman.
That means no lovin' for you! Ah ha ha ha!
Huh? Who's there?
Hmph, lame.

: ......
: What's wrong?
: Nothing. Don't worry about it.
: Are you sure? Maybe you should sit down and rest for a bit.
: Yes, maybe this is simply fatigue. I'll take up your offer.
: Hm?
: Feeling any better?
: Not really, but don't worry about it.
Maybe if we just chat for a while, this will pass.
: Okay, sure... So, uh, what's the outside world like?
: Elympios? What do you wish to know?
: Well, stuff like the climate, how the people are... Things like that.
: I don't really know.
: Huh...
: Is that strange?
: No. I just figured you'd know something.
But, it sounds like it's been some time since you've seen it.
: Well, I don't think it's a matter of memory. I simply just don't know.
: Hmm indeed.
: Oh, don't worry about it. I was just curious, that's all.
: All I know is that spyrix use is rampant on Elympios.
: Why would the people there rely on spyrix instead of just using their mana lobes?
: Using spyrix is easier. No doubt the temptation was just too strong for them.
: I have a question for you too, actually.
: What is it?
: Do you... uh...
: Err... How do I put this?
: You sure everything is okay? You're acting weird today.
Soldier: The ship is ready for departure. Please return to the castle.
: I guess we should head ba-- Ahh!

: Muzét, don't scare Jude like that.
: Hehehe.
: Milla, may I speak with you in private for a moment?
: You two can catch up. I'll just wait back at the castle.

Milla Side posted:
This is actually a pretty big deal, so rather than put it in spoilers I'll just guess who's talking, then fix it later if I screw up.
: What did you want to talk about?
: You must never forget that the safety of the schism depends on your survival.
: I understand. Wait, is that it?
: Yes. I thought it best to remind you on the eve of a dangerous battle.
Heed my words and nothing will go wrong. Anyway, shall we go?
: Wait.
: You wish to ask me something?
: Lately, I often feel like my actions are fraught with contradiction.
This has never happened before. Do you know the reason why?
: Do you mean you feel you're putting people in danger when it's your duty to protect them?
You're imagining things. Elder sister knows best. Now, let us go.
: This isn't just my imagination. How did I always ignore these things?
It's clear that Maxwell's mission and my own actions contradict each other.
If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
Howe's Egg Principle.
In that case, who am I?
: Milla, what are you doing? Aren't we heading to the castle?
: Yes.
: Huh? Milla's not with you?
: She's spending some time with Muzét.
: Sorry to keep you waiting.
: Hm? That was quick.
: You could say that.
: The gang's all here. Let's go see Gaius.
: Hold on, everyone.
Gaius and the others are taking this fight very seriously. We must make sure we are fully prepared.
: Yeah, good point.
So yeah, time to run a sidequest or two.

Skit Video: Flying Ships

: You think so? I find the idea fascinating!
: I'm quite excited myself. Riding in a flying ship. It's beyond my wildest dreams!
: Bleh. Why are boys so into stuff like this?
: I fail to see the appeal myself.
: Hey, Muzét. Do these things ever fall out of the sky?
: I don't know. But...
: But what?
: But I don't really care. If it did, I'd just fly away.
: Well, that settles that. I'll be holdin' on to you!

Skit Video: The Ears of a Monster

: Why are you whispering?
: Because Ivar can hear a pin drop half a mile away!
: That's true. When he flew in on that wyvern, he was able to hear everything we said.
So what is it?
: I wouldn't worry, you two. It's the wyverns that have great hearing, not Ivar.
They navigate by channeling wind spirits to bring them every noise within miles.
They probably just told Ivar what they heard.
: Do you really think so?
: If your handmaid really had such good ears, don't you think he'd be a little less deaf to subtext?
: Oh!
: Oh!
: So, what about Ivar?
: Huh? Oh, I was just going to ask why he's so deaf to subtext when he has such great ears.
: Ah. A popular topic, apparently.

Skit Video: (Finding the Local Delicacy)

: Do you think so? It's awfully cold here.
: All the more reason to eat well!
: So you think they have something good? Let's go find out, Teepo!
: Hey, wait up!
: Haha, it puts an old man's heart at ease to see them enjoying themselves at a time like this.

: What's wrong?
: Uh oh. I've seen that look on your face before. It's Master Sonia, isn't it?
: Before I left, Mom asked me to run an errand for her, but I totally spaced!
: But that was quite some time ago. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about now.
: Snap out of it, Leia! We need to come up with a plan.
Remember the Gaius dumplings they have here? Let's send her some!
: That's it! We'll distract her with sugar! We'll make it out of this alive yet!
: Hey! Jude! Leia!
: Do they understand the situation we're in now?
: It appeared to be a family matter. It's not our place to interfere.
: Oh? You've become quite familiar with humans, haven't you?
: I've seen a lot on my journey.
: Well, I'm proud of the fact that the great Maxwell is a member of my family.
: That's right. You and I are family, aren't we?
I once thought about what it would be like to have a family.
: And?
: It was something I'd never felt before. Very different from my duties as Maxwell.
Of the feelings I've experienced, the one that comes closest is security.
: Heh heh.
: Why do you laugh? What am I to you, then?
: That's a difficult question.
I understand the idea of having a family, but I don't think it's the same as what you're feeling.
: That's not what I asked. Besides, didn't you just say that you were proud to have me as family?
: Oh? Is that what I said?
: Unbelievable. I'm beginning to doubt that you truly came here in response to my summons.
: All I can say is that there is nothing more important to me than fulfilling Maxwell's orders.
: Hey, sorry about that!
: We kind of got carried away.
: Don't worry about it.
: Hm?
: They seemed surprised by that.
: The most important thing to a spirit is the purpose of its existence. Its duty.
I believe the same is true for humans.
But sometimes, for humans, there are things that win out over duty.
: Over duty?
: Then again, perhaps it is just another kind of duty. The duty to survive.
: I see. I didn't really understand any of that, but I'm pleased that you were able to convince yourself.

: We believe the enemy base to be an enormous structure. All soldiers should review their indoor combat procedures.
Soldier: Yes, sir!
: I anticipate difficulty getting the word to everyone. Call in all of the relay team reserves.
Lady Soldier: Yes, sir!
: I see you're keeping busy.
: Of course. 99% of a battle is won before it starts.
: So at this point, the fighting is just a formality?
: I leave nothing to chance. That's why I haven't accounted for your group at all.
All I expect from you is a distraction. Should you die in the process, my plans will not be disrupted.
: What?
: Fair enough.
: Was that true for Jiao too? Did his death not disrupt your plans?!
: It was not, and it did. Jiao's strength was a trusted resource, not a destabilizing factor like your own.
He was a man who not only bested me, but even challenged Gaius one-on-one.
: Oh...
: Were you two friends?
: Friends? Ah, this must be how a child sees the world.
It doesn't matter what we were. What matters now is that our military strength doesn't waver from his loss.
: You certainly don't make your emotions easy to read.
: You'd be wise not to waste your energy trying.
The time of battle is at hand. Rest while you still can.

: Of course, back at the inn they ran into somebody else.

: Didn't I tell you? I haven't gone back home for quite some time.
Hey Jude, do you have a moment?
I'm going to start teaching again soon. Maybe you could help me practice?
: Sure, I'd be happy to.
: Wonderful. Okay, take a seat!

: Today, we're going to talk about the history of Kanbalar.
Last time, we covered Gaius' role in the Battle of Fezebel.
: Huh?
: Just go with it.
: Hehe, okay.
: Gaius, disenchanted by the inability of the great clans to guide their troops, formed a group called Taurus.
It was to be an assembly based purely on merit, unfettered by outdated clan traditions.
He believed that those strong in mind and body should be the ones to lead the country. Nothing like it had ever been attempted before.
: So it didn't matter what your tribe or position was, only that you were strong.
: Correct. And Gaius was determined to remake Auj Oule as a country that no longer sacrificed its weakest citizens.
It was after Taurus was formed that he took to calling himself "Gaius".
: Wait, so it's not actually his real name?
: Correct. Gaius is actually an ancient word that means "he who pulls the world behind him".
: So then what's his real name?
: Are you sure you want to know that?
: Huh? Is there some reason I shouldn't?
: King Gaius hides his real name in order to keep his family out of danger.
If you want to know it, you need to be prepared for the consequences.
: Wait, that doesn't sound right.
After all, you seem to know his real name. If it was that big of a deal, wouldn't you be in danger yourself?
: I'm a special case.
: Uh-huh. Let's just continue the lesson.
: Very well.
After Taurus was formed, King Gaius rallied its members against several of the larger tribes.
Fifteen years ago, he vanquished the young but brilliant strategist who led the Long Dau tribe, and forced him to submit to his leadership.
: A brilliant Long Dau strategist... Wait, you don't mean--
: Yes. It was none other than Wingul, who would come to be known as the Ebon Wing of Long Dau.
With Wingul at his service, Gaius seized control of Kanbalar five years later.
That was when he declared himself to be king of all the Auj Oule United Territories.
This is what would later become known as the Dawn of Auj Oule.
Which originally came from the tribes referring to Gaius as "the Dawn King".
He was only 22 years old at the time.
: That's not much older than I am. I can't believe he actually united Auj Oule at that age.
: Yes, it's impressive. He must be a very strong man.
: But, don't his friends and family miss him?
: Hm?
: Gaius may be so strong that it doesn't bother him, but surely the rest of his family misses him.
: Possibly, but I'm sure they understand he has a great burden that takes precedence over everything else.
Gaius belongs to the people now, not his family.
: I guess...
: And after all...
It's thanks to him that Auj Oule is now a much nicer place to live.
And with that, I must be going. Can't keep my students waiting, you know.
Thanks for helping me practice.
: Oh, sure. Good luck with your classes.
: Thank you.