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Part 31: CH25: Why is it that you have betrayed us?

CH25: Why is it that you have betrayed us?

It was time to go after Exodus and finish the job.

: I summoned them here, although fewer came than I had hoped.

: That fool. He abandoned his duty to Nia Khera.
: Your Highness, perhaps a few words.
: Once, we turned our swords upon each other and fought for control of Rieze Maxia.
Today, we come together not as enemies, but as allies.
We have already located the enemy's headquarters, a ship known as the Zenethra.
Fear not the battle to come, brothers. United, we will not falter.
Together, we shall reclaim our world!
Soldiers: Hoorah!
: Launch the ship.
: Of course, things started to go wrong immediately.
Female Soldier: Y-Your Highness!
We have detected a high-energy channeling circle surrounding all of Rieze Maxia.
Here it comes!

: What's happening? It's like my mana's being sucked dry.
: I know this feeling!
: They're using the Lance of Kresnik to absorb the entire world's mana!
: The Spirit-fuel Plan.
I won't let them hurt our people. I will protect Rieze Maxia!
Make us airborne!
: For the humans, the drain was painful but not immediately dangerous.

: It would seem the channeling circle has no effect at this altitude.
: Are you okay?
: I've got an awful headache.
: Better have you looked at in the infirmary. I'll come with you.
: What's wrong?
: Where did Milla go?
: I do not see her.
: I'll go find her.

Milla Side posted:

: Why can't I shake this dreadful feeling?
Is my doubt causing this, too?
: There you are. I've been looking for you.
Mind if I join you?
: Sure.
It's funny. I was once able to soar like this whenever I wished.
But I'm not sure I realized just how beautiful the world is until now. I suppose I took it for granted.
: Hey, Milla?
We talked about this before, but... When this battle is over...
: Yes?
: Actually, never mind.
: I see.
Jude, there's something I need to tell you.
It's about me, about who I really am.
: What do you mean?
: I never meant for this to happen, but in the end I lied to you.
: Hey! Loverboy! Get over here!
: Wait, what do you mean you lied?
: She's calling you. You should go. We can finish this conversation later.
: A-All right.

: Something up?
: "Something up?" Look who's tall and mighty now.
: We've found the Zenethra.
: So it's time.
: Jude!
: Bad news, kid. They say a whole fleet of flying battleships is gathering around the Zenethra!
: What?!

Milla Side posted:

: Am I afraid that Jude will learn the truth?
As if the Four could really come.
What's happening?!

: Jude, what was that?
: Sorry I'm late.
: It was just like the Lance of Kresnik, wasn't it?!
: No doubt the Zenethra was the actual source of that light.
: And I think that it put another hole in the schism.
: You're right. At least no ships were able to come through this time.
: Maybe they sent the mana they gathered back to Elympios.
: Looks like your fuel-plan theory was right.
: It seems like the only time that I'm right is when I'm talkin' about a worst-case scenario.
: Wait a minute.
Haha! Well, lookie there!

: Enemy ship approaching! Everyone, brace for impact!

: Incidentally, those airships have terrible gun directors. They can't hit a damn thing if they're moving much, even at less than a ship length.
: I'm surprised you know what a "gun director" is.
: Hey, I hung out around smart people.

: There's our welcoming committee.

: Silence all of them!

We fight a battle which I declined to show, because the enemy was

: They just keep on coming!
: (Is this all you've got? Pathetic!)
: Gaius!
: Helmsman!
Maintain course and ram into the Zenethra!
: All right, fine, if you say so!
Just don't try to blame me if we crash and burn!

THe Zenethra's got a sort of u-shaped semi-catamaran thing going on.

: I'm going to point out that, as smart as Jude is most of the time, he can do some really dumb things, like going first without checking to see who's coming with him.

: Fortunately Milla was able to save him.

: The nearby ships were pumping out a continuous stream of enemies. However...
: Enough!
Naughty children must learn to play nice!

: That was great. I really enjoyed that.

: Any reason you couldn't have just wrecked the Zenethra too?
: They could have countered it with the Lance of Kresnik if I used it on them directly.

: That was incredible.
: I seem to have regained my powers thanks to your tethering.
: I never imagined you would possess such power.
: Of course! She's your big sis!
: I'm glad you're on our side.
: I am happy to lend my power to your cause.
: What are you planning to do?
: The mission would fail if the ship were to fall, yes?
: I see. It sounds like we'll have to continue asking for your assistance.
: Thank you, Muzét. Take care.
: Be safe.
Milla, never forget that you are Maxwell.
: ......
: At that point, I flew off to hunt down anybody else who thought about interfering.
: We must act quickly, while the enemy reinforcements are being blocked.
: We should split into two groups.

: I know. "Do what must be done," right?
: We will put a stop to their plans right here.
Our targets are Gilland and the Lance of Kresnik.
: At your service, Lady Milla.
: You again?
: Hey! Stay out of our way!
: Ha ha ha, but of course! I shall join Gaius' capable crew.
: What?
: Think you can fill Jiao's shoes in the Chimeriad?
: Easily!
: ......
: Just watch me!
: Let's go.
: Guess they know a winner when they see one, phony!
: Get over here, idiot.
: How rude! But, I shall let it slide.
: Al...
: What.
: Try not to die.
: Let's go.
We lose the ability to have Jude summon Muzet here.

: The ship was still full of Elympian soldiers and Exodus agents, of course.

Yeah these guys are chumps. At some point after this I bump the difficulty a bit.

: What is this?
: It's called a radio.
Handy gizmo. You use it to communicate far distances.
Soldier: We captured one of the intruders. Deploy all combat personnel immediately.
: Whoa, it can talk!
: Hahaha.
: What do you want with me? Who do you think you're talking to!
You can't do this! I will not lose again!
: Sounds like Ivar got caught. Should we rescue him?
: Only after we've finished everything else.
: BURN! Oh, and then everything started shaking.
: What's happening?
: A great number of spirits have perished again.
: Sounds like they used the Lance of Kresnik again.
: We have to hurry!

Skit Video: Aboard the Zenethra

: Sorry, kid. I don't know the way.
: Gilland and I don't really get along. It's been twenty years since I've been here.
: You always fail when we need you most!
: Aw, cut me some slack.
Look, I'll make it up to you. When we see that Celsius chick, I'll take her down.
: You said you wanted to kill Gilland!
: Oh, did I?
: I can't believe you!
: Well, if you do remember anything, let us know, okay?
: Truth is... I'd rather not remember.

Skit Video: On the Trial of the Four

: We have to find it and free the Four Great Spirits!
: Especially since they're Milla's friends!
: Yes... The Four might understand the reason I'm so conflicted.
: Milla?
: Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.
: Keep spacing out like that and we'll have to leave you here.
: Heh. Well now, you've grown quite brazen with the Lord of Spirits.
It is you who should worry abut keeping up with me!
: All right! That's the Milla we know!
: We'll be right behind you!

: It's like a mansion in here.
: I thought this was a battleship?
: No. The E.S.S. Zenethra was a cruise ship that plied Elympios oceans.
It ended up here twenty years ago when part of the schism ruptured.
: Wait a minute.
That's when the Elympion army broke through the schism.
: They did what?
: How could they break through from Elympios without the Lance of Kresnik?
: I don't know the details.
: The original Lance of Kresnik was developed by the Elympion army.
: What do you know about it?
: Not much more.
I know the current Lance of Kresnik was modeled after it.
: And your people made it because they wanted spirits?
: Elympios is a world built on and developed around spyrix.
They're the foundation of our entire civilization.
: Why can't you find a different foundation for your civilization?
: I bet all Elympios people are big, fat, lying barbarians just like Alvin.
: Oh, now I'm a barbarian as well as a liar?
: It's not as simple as just giving up spyrixes for some other technology.
We're not like you. We don't have mana lobes.
: Wait, what?!
: We can't wield spirit artes. We lack the ability to manipulate mana.
: So you used spyrixes instead.
: Exactly.

: Ooh, pretty!
: Careful. Touch one and you'll be sliced in two.
: What?!
: What should we do?
Engineer: Security report! We've energized the barrier bars in the central sector. However, we're having trouble activating them in other sectors.
Soldier: What?! Is something wrong with the generators?
Engineer: Negative. Both generators are functioning normally. The malfunction must lie elsewhere.
Soldier: We can't disengage the central barrier bars. Use every available soldier to guard the port and starboard generators. Defend them with your lives.
Engineer: Yes, sir!
: Good timing.
: It appears these bars will disappear if we disable the generators on the port and starboard sides.
: Okay, let's find them.

Skit Video: Milla the Conflicted

: Milla, you're bleeding! Stop for a second!
: Huh? I hadn't noticed. They must have caught me off guard.
: Haha, even the mighty Maxwell needs to keep her head in the game.
: As if I wouldn't know that!
: Sorry.
: It's okay.
: There you go, all taken care of. Let's keep going.
: ......

Skit Video: Elympions

: Ah, sorry. That was a lie. I don't have a mana lobe, so I can't channel anything.
: Yet your weapon doesn't seem to be spyrix-based.
: Even I'm not foolish enough to pack spyrix around the Lord of Spirits.
: What's it like to not have a mana lobe?
: It feels perfectly normal to me. What's it feel like to have one?
: Is it fun being able to control spirits?
: I wouldn't say "fun", exactly.
: It does have its downsides.
: Like, our skill with spirit artes pretty much determines our future.
: Ah, yeah, that doesn't apply to spyrix. It's the same for everyone.
: Indeed. It kills spirits regardless of who uses it.
: Aw, come on. Don't look at me like that.
We may not have mana lobes, but the people of Elympios are still the human beings you love so much.


This is probably my favorite dungeon in the game. It's atmospheric and has a decent length to it, but it mostly fits on one map screen (there's a little bit off to the right) and isn't utterly confusing. Your goal here is to get to the two far right rooms to disable the generators. You might want to take a quick look at the dungeon video to take in the ambience. You probably shouldn't watch all of it.

: How do you disable one of these things?
: It takes a gentle touch.

One down, one to go.

: Alvin.
:On it.

: Guess who was waiting for a climactic final showdown!

: How considerate of you to deliver Maxwell right to me.
Tell me, Alfred Vint Svent. Why is it that you have betrayed us?
: It's simple. Because the truth is I've always despised you.
: I see, so you're prepared to spend the rest of your life in Rieze Maxia.
: Like that matters to me.
: Heh heh heh.

: Huh? How'd you do that?!
: I didn't feel any spirits die!
What's going on?
: Eat this!

: There it is. It's that spirit again!

: I see, so you're Maxwell? You look quite a bit different now.

: Yes, master.
: What the heck was that? Why're you taking orders from that big jerk?
: It's only natural for tools to obey their wielders.
: The only tool here is you! Spirits and humans are supposed to live in harmony!
: My servant here is hardly your garden-variety type spirit.
She's actually a spyrite.
: What?
: We used boosters to recreate the spirit Celsius from the spirit fossil in which she lay dormant.
She is the physical manifestation of a spirit arte itself.
: So now you're using the spyrite's mana to perform artes?!
: Heh, and that's why she's a tool. Does it all make sense now?
: How could you?! You're despicable!
: So that's why you took Teepo's data?! How could you do that to him?!
: Little lady, I need to personally thank you for that.
It told us precisely how to give birth to the spyrites.
And how to turn Rieze Maxia into energy.
I take it those aren't tears of joy, little lady?
: ......
: How can you be such a monster?!
: Conductor. I thought the curtain closed on your career long ago.
Why insist on an encore even now?
: I'll have you know that I'm as stubborn as my king, Gilland.
And I'm not about to forgive you for toying with his life!
: We won't lose to you! No way!
: Hmph. Is that supposed to frighten me? You really should know your place, boy.
You don't have the power or ambition to make good on such threats!
: You of all people have no right to talk of power or ambition!
What do you know? You use them both for your twisted objectives!
: I have little interest at all in continuing this conversation, but answer this one question.
Do you know the difference between you and Jude?
: Hah! As if I care.
: As I thought.
And that's exactly what makes you a fool.
: The Lance is spooling up to absorb more mana.
Come Maxwell, I'll allow you to live.

: The rest of you will die.
: I will protect all in Rieze Maxia, people and spirits alike!
: That's it, Gilland. This madness ends right now!

Here we go.

Gilland is weaker than Celsius but has more annoying attacks, so he must go first.

He's got a gun, but unlike Alvin he has no sword.

Scatter Bolt hits a cone in front of him with electricity.

Ice-Claw Spin does what it says it does.

You've seen Swallow Dance before.

Incendiary Arc creates a volcano under someone.

Frost Spears causes a rain of icicles in a line.

These guys haven't healed yet, but I remember them doing so in the past (and it caused the fight to drag on for over 30 minutes) so fuck them, I'm taking all their stuff.

Zero Divide fires a shot up, which then comes in from off screen to the side

Thanks Leia, why don't you take a breather while I sub in someone who's good with elemental weaknesses.

Stalagmite sends several spears of ice up from the ground.

Ice Raid is some kind of charge attack. Celsius is out of luck though, we've got elemental resistances on. This is hard difficulty but it's not too bad.

I equipped a skill on Milla that makes her go to 100% life when revived, no matter how little HP is restored. No more life bottle whack-a-mole

I can't recall offhand, but I'm pretty sure Alvin has an identical Squall Shot arte.

Ice Blade Thrust leaps forward and stabs down at the landing.

That feather represents the Revive status, which means I'll auto-res when I die. Thanks Elize.

Celsius has an overlimit, but I don't think a Mystic Arte. They probably could have reused Rowens, which I don't think I've shown yet.

We're fighting in the Lance room, but the stairs up have a tendency to pop in and out.

Gilland likewise has an overlimit but no MA. I really wish he did, considering his importance.

Snare Shot has a large projectile but I don't think it actually, well, snares you. Well, it dazed Milla so maybe that's why they call it that.

Ice-Blade Deluge suuuucks because if it hits you even a bit you get frozen solid for a bit.

Merciless Trigger hits an area ahead of the blast 3 or 4 times per person.

Banishing Ray sucks because he sweeps it back and forth across an arc and can hit you multiple times, even far away.

I think Heal Shot is supposed to heal Celsius, but I either interrupted him or didn't notice it.

Poison Shell didn't poison anyone, so your guess is as good as mine.

So Milla's Mystic Arte's final damage seems to be either all-elemental or non-elemental. I'm not entirely sure why Celsius is resisting it.

: They were hoping Gilland going down would make Celsius stop, but no such luck.

Milla's Sunburst spell just isn't as effective as it looks like it should be.

Cold Prison summons one big ice stalagmite.

Icy Calamity encases her in a shell of ice, which then explodes.

Three levels for almost everyone.

: Guh!

: It was over. Milla's team won, and Gilland had lost.
: No, not now. Not when we finally created a spyrite. Damn it.
: The only thing you really want to do is gain favor with the outside to boost your influence.
What's the point in making these spyrites, or whatever you call them?
: Spyrites are different from spyrix devices. They allow us to wield incredible power without consuming spirits.
Elympios is overflowing with people and technology. And we need spyrites to sustain ourselves.
: What're you talking about?

: So that is why you implemented the Otherworld Reactor Plan.
: But it's your fault for getting hooked on spyrix to begin with. Now you have to live with the consequences.
: But if spyrites become commonplace, the people of Elympios will have all the mana they need.
: Isn't it a bit late for that?
You were the ones who chose to rely on spyrix 2,000 years ago!
: That wasn't me!
: ......

: Hey, are you okay?!

: Ergh! Ahhhh!
: Is he dead now?
: Perhaps that was the price he had to pay for using Celsius.
: It was a high price to pay, even for that much power.

: Has everything been settled now?
: You just missed it.
: This doesn't feel right. Not at all.
: Exodus must abandon their plans. They must be forced to for the sake of Rieze Maxia.
: Right.

: Milla released the Four from the Lance, then resummoned them.

: Good to see you all again.
: Maxwell.
: Even you won't interfere here.
I'll destroy it.
: But as Milla ordered the Four into position...

: ...something began to attack the entire area.

: (Such power!)
: What the hell is this arte?
: It hurts. Make it stop.
: Did Gilland set a trap for us?!
: Come on! Use your artes, for crying out loud!
: I can't. It's far too powerful!
: Grrrr!
This is nothing I can't handle. I'll break through this arte!
: Break through?
That's it! Use the Lance of Kresnik! It has the power to dispel artes!
: That's true.
: Can we even do that? Isn't it out of mana?
: If everybody here can just focus their mana into the Lance, then maybe...
: Ah ha ha! So you're saying we should willingly give that thing power?
: It could mean the death of us.
: We're dead either way. We have no choice.
: Uuuuuurgh!

: Milla could still move (with a little help from the Four and the Aspyrixus).
: Damn it! Hurry up already!
I... I can't take it anymore.
: Now Maxwell, activate the Lance.
: Milla...
: There is no need for everyone to risk their lives.
: Wait, what?

: The arte's crushing grip was beginning to break the glass floor.
: What are you doing?! Aren't you supposed to stick around, to help protect the world?
There are still so many things left you need to do!
: With the schism gone, Exodus' plan will come to an end.
Isn't that right?
: What?
: No!
I want you to win, but not if that means losing you!
: Let it go.
: What are you doing?! I have to save her! Can't you see! Milla's going to kill herself!
Don't do this! Please!

: Milla...
: Don't do it!
: Please reconsider!
: Urgh.
: You can't do this.
: Huh?
: Milla.
If you leave us, then what?
You can't!
: You'll be fine without me.
: ......
: Farewell. Goodbye, Jude.

: She used all her own mana, as well as contributions from the Four.
: Mi--

: The arte was dispelled.
: Millaaaaaaa!

: Nothing left at all.

: The damage to the ship had been done however. They couldn't save her, and they might not be able to save themselves.
: Nooooooo!

: Uh...
: Hey, don't give me that look.

: Anyway, there's no way Milla was actually dead.
: Nope. She was totally dead.

: Life crushed, body dissolved, soul moved on. That's about as dead as you can get.

Milla Side posted:
I'm not 100% sure what the deal is with these lines, or even if all of them are in the actual game experience. I'll see what Feinne records.

You're still here? I told you to leave with Jude and the others.
I'm sorry. I dragged you into this.
Well, well, you've certainly changed, haven't you?
I just want to live as Maxwell, that's all.
And that's an excuse to off yourself, huh?
I know it conflicts with my mission.
Then don't! Don't do it!
I don't want to disappoint Jude.
When he's watching me...
I want to be like this. I want to be the Maxwell that he respects.
What does Maxwell have to fear?
So that's what it was. I finally understand. I've become afraid. Afraid of loss.