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Part 35: CH29: Maximum Maxwell

CH29: Maximum Maxwell

: Huh, for some reason I forgot to get this in Fenmont. Oh well, I'll throw it in here.
: You scatterbrain!
: Where do you get off insulting anyone's brain?

: We've got an early start tomorrow. Be sure to get some rest.
: Will do!
But man, this constant Fennmont night is really messing up my rhythm.
: Come to think of it, I had trouble adjusting to it too.
The trick is to always eat meals at the same times you used to.
: Okay, I'll give that a try.
: And I'll be your alarm clock if you can't get up in time.
: All right, but don't get mad if I bomp you on the head when I want to go back to sleep.
Good night!
: Good night.
: Phew...
I could use a good night's sleep too.

: Anyway, where was I.

: Oh, yeah.

: It's scary how much spirit energy is here.
: I can actually feel the mana pouring out of that thing.

: It would take any number of cosmic coincidences to create this place.
: Doesn't it remind you of the channeling circles used in spirit artes?
: Actually, yeah, now that you mention it.
: More importantly, we should probably get inside that thing before Gaius and Muzét's battle bring it crashing down.
I'll go first.
: No, that's okay. Going first is kind of my thing.
: All right.
: Meh!
: Heh...
: See everybody on the other side.

: I'm lost without Lord Maxwell. Lost. No path. No purpose.
: A powerful spirit like you should think for herself.
: I don't know how!
Please, it can be anyone. It can be you. Give me purpose.
: You can't mean to betray Maxwell?

Dungeon Video! Short and kind of cool

It starts out pitch dark.

Then the lights come on.

Tidal Wave is Rowen's Arcane Arte, and he can extend it into his Mystic Arte like all our other characters.

Not bad.

Then we turn the lights all the way up.

That's the place Jude is standing at the title screen.

Hmm. There's also one of these for Apple Gel and Life Bottle.

: It was time.

: What a strange place.
: Who's there?!
: These are the Temporal Crossroads, which connect the human and spirit realms that I created.
: Are you Maxwell?
: Indeed. I am Maxwell, Lord of the Spirits.
I never thought humans would reach this place.
: We've come a long way to ask you something. We want you to tell us about Milla.
: Hmm?
: We heard that you used Milla as bait.
: Can you tell us why?
: I see. You must have been her companions.
: Yes, we traveled together. She taught me to think about many things.
About power, and what I must do.
And then she died.
That's when I finally realized what I should do.
What I have to do!
: And what is that?
: Destroy the schism. It's the only way to save both Rieze Maxia and Elympios.
: Fool! The outside is overflowing with spyrixes! Do you wish to destroy all of Rieze Maxia?!
: Her reason for choosing death had eluded me until now.
But now I am certain.
You lot tempted Milla away from her mission. It is because of you she took such foolhardy actions!
And now, you plan to dispel the schism and bring about the end of the world.
: Maxwell, please listen!
: Bane of my creation, begone from my world!

Sooooo. Maxwell's gimmick here is that he constantly swaps his elemental weakness/strength for new ones. He'll always be weak to the opposite of his strong element.

His flare bomb resembles Agria's low-hp version.

If you miss the notification, hit R1 to check his stats.

Not a lot of originality there. You've seen all this before.

This is new.

Oh hey it's Time Stop.

After that he uses Sunburst, I think this is scripted, because...

We interrupt this battle to bring you a cutscene.
: Do you really understand? Can you possibly comprehend what you are attempting to do?
: We know precisely what we are doing! That is why we do it!
: Why do you think we came to ask you about Milla?
: We want to know the truth behind Rieze Maxia, and why you would use Milla as bait.
: What difference does it make? What would change if I told you?
: We don't know!
But not knowing certainly hasn't gotten us anywhere!
: Two millennia ago, spyrix appeared in this world.
Spirits perished. Nature withered and died. Humans began following the path of annihilation.
So I saved all the spirits and animals I could, and I gathered humans born with the ability to produce mana.
It was then I created Rieze Maxia and sealed them all inside it, to provide a haven from the spyrix.
The world is an ark that must sail until Elympios falls. No one may disembark until then.
: So what? We just twiddle our thumbs until Elympios dies?
: That can't be the only way to save humans and spirits?
: It is.
: But at this rate, the people in Elympios will all die.
: Pity them not. I had my human allies warn them that spyrix would bring nothing but annihilation.
Yet the humans persisted in its use.
Furthermore, once they realized that the spirits in their world were going extinct, they took drastic measures.
They launched their assault upon Rieze Maxia.
: You must be referring to what happened twenty years ago.
: That must've been when the massive hole opened in the schism.
: Yes. I cannot leave this place, so I created Muzét as my replacement to eradicate any intruders.
: And yet, some folks snuck right in under your nose.
: And those folks were Exodus?
: A clever lot. They avoided my detection and went into hiding.
So I came up with a plan.
Exodus knew that if I were to die, my schism would die with me.
I realized that with the proper bait, I could lure my prey out of hiding.
: That can't be right.
: Wait, you don't mean...
: Yes. I created a life I could expose to my foes that would lure them into the open.
You know by now who that is.
: Milla.
: How could you?
: But, did she know she was an imposter?
: I am not so careless. I engraved my words into her heart, and I had her raised to believe she was truly Maxwell.
: But that means her mission meant nothing.
: Did she even mean anything to you?!
: Of course. She was an essential cog in my machine.
: Don't you dare call her that!

: Hmph. Nothing has changed. I have given you the gift of the truth, yet your response remains the same.
You let your emotions control you, and seek to destroy that which you do not understand!

More battle. Wind Cloak is a teleport spell. Each of these segments is triggered by reducing his HP, and he starts the new segment with that level of HP

Trinity Drive appears to be a mortar attack.


While we're here, note that the Eye at the end of Maxwell's chair's "tail" has a color corresponding to his current strong element.

Huh, that's not right. He's supposed to be using Meteor Storm. That's probably a mistranslation or something.

So for all its fury, it's not actually that damaging. Probably because we resist all the elements. I think one of them is actually healing Elize.

Naturally it's more effective in the cutscene.
: It makes no sense. How could people such as these have twisted my cog from her purpose?
: The hell are you talking about?
: Milla never changed! Not an itty-bit!
: Impossible!
: Do you really not get it?
: You've got it all wrong!
: What?
: Did you really create Milla?
: Indeed, he seems to know nothing about her. Milla change? Preposterous.
: What are you talking about?!
: We all know Milla would never abandon her mission!

: Then how do you explain her actions? Her mission was never to destroy the schism!
: Milla sacrificed her life trying to save everyone.
She obeyed only her own heart. Nothing she did was for you!
: What complete nonsense!

Another battle segment. His Binding Sphere, unlike Milla and Muzet's, creates four spheres, one on each side of him.

Maxwell's using Roche Waltz from Rowen.

This again.

: No matter how many times you regain your feet, I will simply knock you down again. Your life ends here!
: That may be what you think, but it's not for you to decide!
: Ridiculous! Look at yourself, fool! You can barely even stand up!
Do you really think you have the strength to resist me?!

: Yes, I do. I know that I do.
: What did you say?

: I call this "the importance of aiming."
: This is impossible! You must... You must die!

: Isn't that right...

: Jude alone stood no chance against Maxwell.

: But he's never been alone.

: The hell?
: I wasn't lying before. Or now.
: Explain.